The Worst Gift Giver | Anwar Jibawi

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  • Anwar Jibawi
    Anwar Jibawi  3 months ago +1522

    Thanks for watching! Don't forget to LIKE this video!

  • Josue Murillo
    Josue Murillo Day ago

    I hate anwar

  • Josue Murillo
    Josue Murillo Day ago

    I hate you

  • yadira tapia
    yadira tapia Day ago

    Hey google

  • Maria Urena
    Maria Urena Day ago

    I swear I want to just kill Anwar his soooo anoyying like shut the f up b

  • Lee Thao
    Lee Thao 2 days ago

    Hi I just want to say that I like your videos like you make some good videos you know but I like it and I like your TickTock and way and I like your Instagram to but I very love your styles so I just want to say that I love you I want to turn on the top of the Tatian in click on the light button and I was describe you see you lee

  • GG Flames
    GG Flames 3 days ago

    The toilet paper is a good gift these days

  • The Goat123
    The Goat123 4 days ago

    Nintendo bitch

  • mandeep brar
    mandeep brar 4 days ago

    Higtd7duduft was not a good player in his first game with his first round draft record of his career and the second most of all season in the yard he gave him the first round pick of his first game of a career in a game of his career as

  • Pahemata Jones
    Pahemata Jones 5 days ago

    I will have the toilet paper 🧻

  • A10
    A10 5 days ago


  • A10
    A10 5 days ago


  • Jorden Hervens4
    Jorden Hervens4 9 days ago


  • leyla rivera
    leyla rivera 9 days ago


  • zaki asghari
    zaki asghari 10 days ago

    this video deserved to be liked!!!

  • Dylan Duarte
    Dylan Duarte 11 days ago

    If someone gives you a Apple Watch Gucci backpack would you sell it 😂😂👌

  • Esteban Castillo
    Esteban Castillo 12 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Shakir Ali
    Shakir Ali 12 days ago


  • Life with Ciaa
    Life with Ciaa 14 days ago +1

    Omg he's funny😂😂

  • Cody Myers
    Cody Myers 14 days ago

    fakerrrrrrrrrrrrrr 3:33

  • Daniel Lobo
    Daniel Lobo 14 days ago

    Lol 😂

  • Rothschild family YOUR MOMS PUSSY TASTY

    He's bloody stingy 🤣

  • Mr. PuppetMan and Fortnite

    The other guy you know the one with the elephant , I have two words for him.
    *hes queer*

    YEASIN ARAFAT NAHID 28 days ago

    Sorry bro
    I can not but love you😃😃

  • seth everman
    seth everman Month ago +1

    "I can barely get by"
    *Pulls out iPhone 11 pro*

  • Jarleny Duran
    Jarleny Duran Month ago

    He almost made me cry

  • Dzenis Lulic
    Dzenis Lulic Month ago

    Anwar: I am brokeeee........
    Security:Sir....your helicopter is waiting.......
    The frends:Wtf are we joke to ypu

  • LYB Rebel
    LYB Rebel Month ago

    Believe or not literally have this friend! Son of a millionaire but he is most broken dude ever! Unreasonably stingy bastard 😂

  • Redditz Gaming
    Redditz Gaming Month ago

    All ways anwar jibawi have is crying story

  • DeMarielle Johnson
    DeMarielle Johnson Month ago


  • Jacque Lerazan
    Jacque Lerazan Month ago

    Anwar ur so cringy

  • elsa kapllani
    elsa kapllani Month ago

    1:41 she sounds like KIM

  • ObscuredEntity
    ObscuredEntity Month ago +1

    E specifically made for flamingo a.k.a albert

  • Brett Sprang
    Brett Sprang Month ago

    Definitely the worst gifter ever

  • Sputnik 46
    Sputnik 46 Month ago

    You dumbasshole

    • NC7 Vlogs
      NC7 Vlogs Month ago

      Aztec Alpha I love you so much you don’t understand how much I miss you babe please come back 🥰🥰😍😍😍🥰I’m sorry

  • Mohammed Riaz K
    Mohammed Riaz K Month ago

    Anwar celebrates Christmas?

  • Godz Agario
    Godz Agario Month ago

    I recognize some of the actors

  • Moner Adlby
    Moner Adlby Month ago

    Fack theat 🤣

  • History girl Tube
    History girl Tube Month ago

    I mean I have to agree with the cookies

  • Frank Matthew
    Frank Matthew Month ago +22

    “Helicopter fuel isn’t cheap”
    He is right !

  • Verohxz
    Verohxz Month ago

    i love you lmao every single vid makes me pee myself lmao

  • Abishek Bista
    Abishek Bista Month ago

    Seeing someone from dhar Mann lol

  • Supreme Z0N3 ツ
    Supreme Z0N3 ツ Month ago

    Chas is also from Dhar Mann.. How Cool

  • Michael Philpott
    Michael Philpott Month ago

    He reminded her how much she owes him for the steak? And the worst part is that he has a helecoptor

  • the vide guide
    the vide guide Month ago +1

    this is how many times anwar says *its all new to me....*

  • Competitive _612
    Competitive _612 Month ago

    Guys I’m doing really bad wrote now with my money
    Pulls out I phone 11
    Me. BOI

  • wassup itssecretmrbeast

    Anwar aint broke hes poor with money he has an iphone 11

    LEFANG Month ago

    If I did get Anwar's handwritten notes, it would be the best gift I have ever had

  • EthansMix
    EthansMix Month ago


  • XoneUnknown
    XoneUnknown Month ago

    U have a beautiful mindset bro....nice videos so far nothing boring atall🥰

  • Berrise Bear
    Berrise Bear Month ago +1


  • faze gamer
    faze gamer Month ago

    He is sooooooo selfish

  • Shifty 67
    Shifty 67 Month ago

    Anyone notice he’s poor but he’s got a iPhone 11

  • Ruwayda Sawadi
    Ruwayda Sawadi Month ago

    Lol 😂

  • Jennifer Jacobson
    Jennifer Jacobson Month ago

    Iphon 11 pro

  • Joseph Suda
    Joseph Suda Month ago

    You stupid bich

  • MxntyFrxsh
    MxntyFrxsh Month ago

    Hey the blonde long hair guy performs with dhar man

  • MS J
    MS J Month ago

    Helicopter fuel isn't cheap ! LOL

  • Spxctlxss & escaper146

    0:24 is that guy one of Daar mans vids?

  • Aqil POYA
    Aqil POYA Month ago

    That guys from Darr man!

  • TöaLym
    TöaLym Month ago

    She:i thought you were broke
    Anwar:Helicopter fuel isn't cheap😂

  • Julian Candido
    Julian Candido Month ago

    Wuat. The. Fuk🧐

  • MewtwoYT
    MewtwoYT Month ago +6

    Not gonna lie I almost cried when he said "Times have been tough for me" till "Mr jibawi, your heli is on the roof"

  • Rita Zaccheo
    Rita Zaccheo Month ago

    Nintendo switch is cost $500 in Australia

  • Ronald Burgess
    Ronald Burgess Month ago

    Why are you so mean

  • Cant think of a good name either

    wait.. chaz is also the guy in dhar manns videos right?

  • Jorge Hijuelos
    Jorge Hijuelos Month ago

    i fucking love you dude

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod Month ago

    A blender is probably cheaper than all those boxes and wrappers.

  • Enedina Munoz
    Enedina Munoz Month ago

    This is a messtup video

  • Jennifer Hall - Wihl

    It’s the cutest little box

  • My name is Johnson Dion


  • Blue Raptors
    Blue Raptors Month ago

    I want to die hahaha blod 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

  • Emily-Rose Mill
    Emily-Rose Mill Month ago

    Why don't you do something from reel life

  • Nicole Fayssoux-Bautista

    The guy with the long hair is from darr manh

  • Beast boy 42
    Beast boy 42 Month ago +3

    He sold it more than he paid for 😂

  • brady murphy-canto
    brady murphy-canto Month ago

    Bad friend

    SKONJI GT Month ago +2

    He is from dhar mann search it

  • Elena Fernandez
    Elena Fernandez Month ago

    Wow a Ernie the elephant so expensive it’s $10 😂 (If you couldn’t tell i am being Sarcastic )

  • Iza's World
    Iza's World Month ago

    Everytime you post a video it really exceeds my expectations

  • Mahamed warsame Ismail

    fuck off youre not 5'9