Why Avengers Infinity War Will Succeed Where Justice League Failed - The John Campea Show

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Tuesday, December 5th 2017) John discusses the following topics:
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    Jerry Montgomery - I was one of the people who got frustrated at the Frozen short that played before Coco. Loved Coco, and the short wasn’t bad, but at north of 20 minutes long it just made for a lot longer evening for the kids than I was banking on. Did Disney actually hear the complaints and pull it from the screenings?
    Hussain Shah - Hi John, congrats on 100,000 subs just waiting for the other 900,000 to find your fantastic channel. I'm wondering your thoughts on Netflix's Oscar chances? Do you feel they'll have a chance or do the academy just have a prejudice against online streaming? They're releasing a film a week next year, surely one will get recognised at least.
    Victor - Hi John, awesome show. Super baffled by 20th Century Fox’s decision to fire Bryan Singer from the Bohemian Rhapsody movie - especially after reading Singer’s comments about needing time for family health issues. Is this a smart move by 20th Century Fox? Why not keep him on board in some advisory capacity, whilst bringing in a co-director who can complete shooting? Something doesn’t add up... Thanks!
    ZR J-Ro - My question was could Tarintino’s Star Trek be Rated R since most of, if not not all, of his movies are?
    Rebecca VanDerween - I’m seeing a lot of excitement for Avengers Infinity War. The trailer was just amazing. But after the recent choke job of Justice League, should we be nervous that Infinity War could crash and burn like it did? Why should we feel confident that Avengers will work where Justice League failed?
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  • Javier Belmer
    Javier Belmer 10 months ago

    I didn't watch JL because I don't want to it to ruin some of my favourite heroes. Kevin Feige should get an Oscar for leading the MCU the way he has.

  • Javier Belmer
    Javier Belmer 10 months ago

    22:05 The answer of this question is an absolute highlight.

  • Now i get likes
    Now i get likes 11 months ago

    Why would we "be nervous?" Theres no need to be because the difference is this is a Marvel movie not a DC/WB movie

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen 11 months ago +1

    Why we can assume Infinity War will succeed? 2 words: Kevin Feige.

  • Carl Drogo
    Carl Drogo Year ago

    What an idiosyncratic analogy.

  • Mieknara
    Mieknara Year ago

    John, it's pretty much Agents of Shield season 4 with Ghost Rider and LMD. I think they made Dasiy/Skye way too centric and she really can do everything. They need to crossover more strongly into the MCU. Agent Coulson needs to be the real anchor of the show.

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    52:05 the Family Guy reference is much appreciated

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    holy shit I thought the MX means that's the maximum you can donate on superchat

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    would see a movie of a vengeful Qui Gon Jinn reincarnated as a Porg

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    Disney Animation isn't a cinematic universe, but Pixar is #PixarTheoryisfact

  • FrOsTGiANTgaming
    FrOsTGiANTgaming Year ago

    mar ja Bhosdike

  • aa311
    aa311 Year ago

    how do we know Infinity War will succeed? simple it's not the first infinity war we know they have done a great job before they will do it again. in the other hand WB fucked up before with Suicide squad and Batman V Superman, so it was spected for them to fail yet again.

  • Durell Reid
    Durell Reid Year ago

    So will Fox still have Gotham

  • boopiloopi
    boopiloopi Year ago

    i mean if disney´s buying the marvel stuff it´d be up to them if they want singer or not.
    is there an upcoming star trek in theaters soon and this is a marketing ploy? the tarantino thing. wrath of quentin.
    but john isn't it easier to write a 2h movie rather then a 13h episode season? less to write...
    spoiler fo hateful 8?
    i liked hateful 8, like a murder she wrote/poirot in the west. or at least one of the seqments felt like it.
    yea that martha scene wasn't optimal... gonna check your martha vid later.
    strange is a better movie than jl!? no, really!? they have better management, not really that weird john.
    what should happen to the wb exec? apart from being fired, what punishment? if true. also should fans get
    their money back from wb? not seen jl.
    i wish i could donate a 100 bucks, good man. he does deserve milk campea ;)...
    tommy wiseau the scarecrow? green goblin? that clock guy?
    i´ve said a porg horror is in order, teeth like piranhas. a murder of them wouldn't be nice... how many live in the water?..
    well ok if it was pesos... milk anyway?
    spielbergs nice.
    spoilers for agents of shield.
    i liked the beggining of the new season, a little concerned about the time travel though. but i´m sure it will eventually play into avengers or marvel
    tough she´s in the past... perhaps shield should use more superpowers for the characters that have them?
    love the shows.

  • Scottoest
    Scottoest Year ago

    The only question for Infinity War (unless it's absolutely awful, which is unlikely given the track record of the studio, and the directors), is whether it makes the kind of money that puts it up there with a new Star Wars movie (i.e the $2 billion neighborhood), or whether it simply finishes with a great total for an Avengers movie ($1.5-$1.7 billion). The trailer views alone suggest there is a huge appetite for the movie, at the same time Justice League is flopping.

  • G Martin
    G Martin Year ago

    Fox is distancing themselves from Bryan Singer before he goes down like Kevin Spacey. Brian probably knows he's not going to be able to dodge the bullet forever.

  • Rene Ferrer
    Rene Ferrer Year ago +1

    28:10 Here's another reason. The Russo Brothers have so far delivered two fantastic Marvel movies so far, while Snyder delivered two mediocre DC movies. So we can expect their third movie to continue that trend, while Snyder, sadly, continued his own negative trend with his third movie.

  • seiza adams
    seiza adams Year ago

    what happens to Gotham, its a DC property

  • Even Hartwick
    Even Hartwick Year ago +2

    DC is going to end up killing the super hero movie renaissance, i mean just look at the facts since the Dark Knight Trilogy ended from Green Lantern to Justice league they have done nothing but put out rotten film after rotten film and at best they are desisive. (excluding Wonder Woman their only real win in years) MCU always hits it out of the park, Fox puts out a few bad ones like F4 but make up for it with film like Logan and Deadpool, DC is and has been the only real dead waight for this genra

  • David Zeto
    David Zeto Year ago

    Net neutrality is foremost a social, business, communications, entertainment and connectivity issue. Political actors are the primary causal agents for recent net neutrality developments, but I think it's something that is so far reaching, I think it's more than fair game for an entertainment channel like this one.

  • Syzygy Darklock
    Syzygy Darklock Year ago

    come on John the Martha scene is indefensible.

  • Super Saiyan Wilch
    Super Saiyan Wilch Year ago +1

    Not sure what kind of yardsales you go to but I never come across 80's porn mags at the ones I've been at! 3:40

  • six10six Asercion
    six10six Asercion Year ago +1

    Hi John, please talk about Batman Ninja Trailer..

  • Exist Outside The Box

    Batman returns was amazing

  • Cullenprime
    Cullenprime Year ago +3

    Avengers has ALREADY succeeded where Justice League failed! It's called The Avengers!!!! The movie already came out!!!!

  • Blake Hamilton
    Blake Hamilton Year ago

    I enjoyed JL

  • Paul Nelson
    Paul Nelson Year ago

    I actually dig the longer format John. It was always a shame only having a few topics talked about at length. Longer means more topics covered. Good job dude!

  • Agent SuperArgo
    Agent SuperArgo Year ago

    Anything the MCU has coming out next year will make more money than Justice Lag.

  • Anthony Billings
    Anthony Billings Year ago

    Lovable mistakes?... Really? WTH is wrong with people?

  • Mufti Hossain
    Mufti Hossain Year ago

    Remember that report that said we'd hear more movement on whether or not to move forward with Flashpoint after seeing how well justice league did

  • Branfaol1
    Branfaol1 Year ago

    He brought up a good topic. While everyones focused on Disney getting x-men back. No one is discussing Disney getting the right to the original Star Wars cut back.

  • Khairul Rizal
    Khairul Rizal Year ago +2

    There's only one reason: The one and only Lord Kevin Feige.
    In retrospect, I don't bash DCEU. I kinda liked them but somehow Marvel just nails the execution of their story telling. I was hopeful with Geoff Johns as the head, they'll be on the right track but all these rumours of infighting and corporate nonsense doesn't do any good.
    Heck, even Kevin Feige himself would rather want DCEU to succeed. It gives legitimacy to superhero movies as box office success and it'll push both studios to come up with better movies.

  • Cerius Deluge
    Cerius Deluge Year ago

    So it is official, even TVclip is "pay-to-win."

  • eyefallz
    eyefallz Year ago

    I went to see Coco thinking the Frozen short would be gone, and it was still there ={
    If Coco was not as good a movie as it is that Frozen short easily would have killed the movie for me. The start of the short was ok, and it should have ended there but it just kept going on and on and on. Besides the length, the songs were not all that good and certain things happened which were demeaning and/or just outright stupid. Seriously considered walking out.

  • FK A
    FK A Year ago +4

    Marvel and DC fans fighting over which brand is better...it only comes down to one person, Kevin Feige!! Unless Warner Bros do not separate themselves from DC by creating DC studios like marvel studios and install a CEO with same autonomy like Feige, we will never see justice done to the DC characters and stories. DCEU will remain at best mediocre until that day.


    Netflix has some movies that were pretty good. Win It All, Gerald’s Game, I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore and The Meyerowitz Stories were all really good.

  • mrcooldeadly85
    mrcooldeadly85 Year ago

    So you have to pay to get your question heard?

  • Joe McKim
    Joe McKim Year ago +1

    What I don't understand about QT and Trek is what is the deal with the writers room? Tarantino has always been the sole writer on all of the films that he's done. So why would he want and/or need the help of a writers room? Is it because he's going to be busy with the Manson movie for the next year plus and he just won't have time to also write the Trek movie outside of the basic story outline?

  • Glen Be
    Glen Be Year ago +1

    Is it possible that with the current talks to sell Fox properties, Singer is seen as a bit of a potential liability (the enduring rumours surrounding him) and that a behavior they have enabled in the past, is now a good excuse to distant themselves from him?

  • mrcooldeadly85
    mrcooldeadly85 Year ago

    Disney definitely don't want to buy Fox news

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford Year ago

    According to your old buddy the Outlaw John Rocha, who on the last movie talk I watched came out and said some scathing things about Bryan Singer, from my understanding he basically thinks Fox is separating itself from Singer due to a shit storm of potential allegations against him based around his sexual conduct. I don't know the guy and I don't know your knowledge of him, but if the way Rocha was talking about him is anything to go by, I am surprised you haven't heard anything about him on the grapevine being as in touch with the movie scene as you are, if Rocha has. If you have heard anything, I am surprised you would say your a fan of his. For me if it comes out that he has done anything that violates anyone elses well being, then for me I would never watch anything of his again. I respect anyones right to disagree though.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez Year ago

    But Joohn... you shouldn't buy 1980s porn magazines at a yard sale. That's disgusting! Who knows what Terry did with those!

  • J-Rod2014
    J-Rod2014 Year ago +1

    Love the comment @checheyigen1

  • MzMaloNZ
    MzMaloNZ Year ago

    Thanos I did not take the infinity gauntlet I DID NOT...lmao John you crack me up

  • Tommy Mårtensson

    I agree that the idea of the Martha scene is great. If you wanna chock Batman to his core his parental-issues are the ventilation shaft of his deathstar.
    Its just that like much of the movie the execution was bad, and I personally care more about how ideas are executed than the ideas themselves.

  • Michael Santarin
    Michael Santarin Year ago

    I'm excited for Nathan's question :)

  • CavalierTunes
    CavalierTunes Year ago +3

    There have been numerous allegations (that never really went anywhere) against Bryan Singer regarding his relationship with underage boys. Supposedly, he's even part of the pedophile ring that Corey Feldman says he wants to expose. Considering all of the actors, directors, media personalities, and producers who have been accused of sexual assault over the past year, my guess is that Fox knows that accusations against Bryan Singer are imminent. I think they're separating from him now so they'll be "less connected" when those inevitable accusations finally make the front page.

  • Jens
    Jens Year ago +1

    Rebecca....I respect your opinion. But your question was down right dumb and idiotic -__-

  • Tony Castro
    Tony Castro Year ago

    MVP of the day is Nathan for the $100. 👊🏻

  • amazo88
    amazo88 Year ago +1

    well, the ultron trailer was amazing too. bfor it came out, marvel fanboys would kill anyone who said ultron would suck. look at how that turned out. even JL was better than ultron. but no, ofc they would scream "NO FUCKING WAY IW WOULD FAIL!!". i thought they would have learnt their lesson by now. lmao

    • amazo88
      amazo88 Year ago

      well, u have your opinion, n i have mine. mine is, JL is better than ultron. n yes, when JL trailer came, it looked so good. but to be fair, there r so many scenes in the trailer ended up not in the movie. we all have problem with that, but take that to WB, not dc. they r the one who kept butchering their own movies. they did with bvs, they almost did with WW, n now they did it again with JL.

    • Ryan Theog
      Ryan Theog Year ago

      Remember when the trailer for JL came out and all dc fans (even myself) got extremely hype cause it looked good Well wtf!!!! Was that on the big screen DC better stop with the good trailers cause the finial product is shit

    • Ryan Theog
      Ryan Theog Year ago +1

      LMFAOOOO “learned their lesson” LMFAOOOO ironic I’m fucking dead yes definitely Ultron was meh but for fuck sake it was better then JL

    • Edgar Nyembwa
      Edgar Nyembwa Year ago

      Justice league Better than ultron.... ok

  • Robin Nadji
    Robin Nadji Year ago

    Click bait much lol

  • Jessica Segura
    Jessica Segura Year ago

    Of course Infinity War is going to do better than JL.

  • Justin Burgess
    Justin Burgess Year ago +1

    If Tarantino does a Star Trek movie. I gotta see Samuel L. Jackson in a scene saying "Mother Fucker".

  • Gehrig Harris
    Gehrig Harris Year ago

    Singer was fired because Fox knows that everyone will soon find out that he's a pedophile.

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams Year ago

    America say's Wonder Woman is our favorite DCEU film(Top grossing DCEU film of all time in the US) but China says. Justice League is our favorite DCEU film( Top grossing DCEU film of all time in China)..These are the two biggest movie markets in the world and China is projected to surpass the US in a few years....This is an interesting development and im sure it put's WB/DC in an odd position moving forward lol.

  • Lachy Roberts
    Lachy Roberts Year ago

    YES! F4 will finally get a good film. Give us the MCU 'Fantastic' phase 4 haha.

  • Byron Kennedy
    Byron Kennedy Year ago +1

    Hearing Tarintino might direct Star Trek, I immediately imagine him hiring Samuel Jackson and him yelling "Beam me up mother f**ker."

  • Akeem
    Akeem Year ago

    Nathan Freeman rocks! Edit: it’s only pesos lol

  • Aaron Alejos
    Aaron Alejos Year ago

    Who the hell complains about getting to see a free movie???? 😒😒😒😒😒😒 Smdh . . .

    I remember a time when, If someone gave you something free, you said "Thank You", shut up, and accept it.

  • TheFlickinCritic
    TheFlickinCritic Year ago

    Altered Carbon tease is AWESOME! LOVE the Blade runner look and vibe! Also a little bit of Total Recall and Westworlds future stuff! Can't wait for it

  • Aaron Alejos
    Aaron Alejos Year ago +1

    If Disney buys Fox Studios and gets the rights to the X-Men, here are my casting choices for some of the X-Men in the MCU:
    1 - Bradley James Allan as Logan Howlett aka Wolverine
    2 - Alyssa Milano as Jean Elaine Grey
    3 - Matt Damon as Scott Summers aka Cyclops
    4 - Russell Crowe as Hank McCoy aka The Beast
    5 - George Clooney as Xavier aka Professor X
    6 - Christoph Waltz as Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto
    7 - Isla Fisher as Raven Darkhölme aka Mystique
    8 -Rosario Dawson as Ororo Munroe aka Storm
    9 - Kim Kold as Cain Marko aka The Juggernaut
    10 - Shemar Moore as Tyrone Johnson aka Cloak
    11 - Malin Akerman as Tandy Bowen aka Dagger

  • Portu
    Portu Year ago

    Went to see JL for a second time the other day. Was pretty excited because I enjoyed it the first time, but found that I didn't nearly as much the second time and came away feeling that it was a far inferior movie than I had initially come away with

  • Portu
    Portu Year ago

    Lol Got it this time with Mr Robot. Sorry J for getting pissed in the comments on other video about it

  • Joseph Owczarek
    Joseph Owczarek Year ago

    Pulling the Frozen short was definitely reactionary. I think lying about it makes them look petty. Kudos for pulling it though.

  • MIKE da BEE with kNOwledge

    How do get john to get into agents of shield

  • Bob W
    Bob W Year ago

    Netflix only puts out crap? What? Gerald's Game and 1922 are two of the better films I've seen this year. And Mudbound looks amazing. If this year's embarassing box office proves anything it's that theatrical releases are going the way of the dodo bird. Accept it.

  • Tested
    Tested Year ago +2

    Infinity war 22:00

  • David Valdivia
    David Valdivia Year ago

    Imagine avengers 4 with Hugh jackman's wolverine....

  • maisha eugene
    maisha eugene Year ago +2

    Tommy wiesau as Bizarro

  • T Bone
    T Bone Year ago

    Campea and Grace Randolph just like to play both sides.

  • cc and more
    cc and more Year ago

    I think most of you people fail to understand the word 'nuance'. Please listen to what John says before commenting.
    1. He is pointing out why Marvel will have a much higher chance to succeed as compared to JL. (i.e. strong vs weak foundations)
    2. He is saying IW has a POSSIBILITY of sucking; but that he doesn't know because he can't predict the future. Of course, the odds are very much in favour of Marvel succeeding with IW due to how they have had a. A strong foundation b. Strong corporate structure with Feige in the lead to ensure a consistent vision and great characters in great stories. But he is NOT discounting the (no matter how remote) possibility that it could suck. If he said in a cocksure manner that IW will definitely succeed, all you idiot DC fanboys go "MARVEL PAYS YOU OR WHAT?!" and now he adds nuance to his argument, all you Marvel fanboys go "JOHN SUCKS DC'S DICK" so wtf is he supposed to do?
    3. John LIKES all the DCEU films (and he LOVES MoS) but he also acknowledges that the DCEU has its problems and he pointed out what they were
    So please actually use your ears to listen. You may have your own opinions but John isn't advocating indiscriminate Marvel > DC or vice versa. It IS A FACT; i repeat; FACT - that JL was a failure. You can't avoid that. And it definitely breaks his heart more than any of us because he is a DC fan. He loves Marvel films too. BUT ABOVE ALL, HE IS A FAN OF SUPERHERO FILMS. You may like one over the other, that's your prerogative. That's what he's been saying for like, forever. So please fucking listen.

  • NewDrew2
    NewDrew2 Year ago +4

    I love DC and Marvel but Infinity War will succeed because of the Russo Brothers! Those dudes are amazing!

    • Saheel Habib Ullah
      Saheel Habib Ullah Year ago +1

      I agree. it's because of their efforts. Not because it's Marvel or whatever comic book property is

  • Turc18
    Turc18 Year ago

    Bryan Singer would not have a future again with Fox. They would be selling to Disney soon

  • carmineglitch
    carmineglitch Year ago

    Thanks for the content Campea. Ill help you out as a Patreon supporter after the holidays. Good content and a positive attitude

  • Rasqache Art
    Rasqache Art Year ago

    There is no defending the "Martha" scene. When rewatching BvS I came across 3 unforgivable "strikes" and "Must save Martha..." "Why did you say that name?!" is the 3rd strike. And that was before "I thought she was with you?" after Batman had been emailing Wonder Woman back and forth. None of the DCEU movies not titled "Wonder Woman" make any sense.

  • Andres Moran
    Andres Moran Year ago

    Lmao straight to porn

  • Nightshade Novels
    Nightshade Novels Year ago +1

    With all due respect to John Campea, he's still missing out on the big picture. The main reasons why JUSTIC LEAGUE bombed is because it was horribly cast, had a lousy Director, had an incredibly weak villain, was poorly acted, and badly scripted. Gal Gadot NEVER should have been Wonder Woman, especially when you consider all the prettier, better actresses out there that would have been a better choice. Cyborg is a lame character, and should've never been in the film (Green Lantern would have been a better choice for that spot). The actor who plays the Flash isn't nearly as good in the role as Grant Gustin. And, Aquaman was NEVER meant to look like Rob Zombie (Zac Efron would have been a more appropriate choice). Finally, Zack Snyder should have been fired from WB LONG AGO. These DC movies will continue to suck as long as the Snyders are involved.

  • Rasqache Art
    Rasqache Art Year ago

    Just to put things into perspective: "BvS" comes in 2.2 Million Dollars under "Secret Life of Pets" on Box Office Mojo's Top 100 list. Ouch!

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos Year ago

    Avengers already did a succesfull version of JL 5 years ago, and then did it again 2 years ago

  • Foxen Anime
    Foxen Anime Year ago +19

    *Awesome, time to checkout CoCo* 😂

  • mali mall
    mali mall Year ago +3

    I think Infinity War will be a success because the MCU also has firmly established characters we've seen for over ten years now.

  • BurstAngel
    BurstAngel Year ago

    Marvel will succeed because we fell in love with the heroes. DCEU never gave us the heroes we loved.

  • mahmud murad
    mahmud murad Year ago +1

    Tarantino could be in the top 10 of the 21 century but no way in the top 10 or 20 of all time. Thats is just stupid and ignoring film history.

  • HPTRK Kreed
    HPTRK Kreed Year ago

    I like Mamoa's Frontier series. Season two was released some time ago and was pretty good. My only complaint is that both seasons are short(6 episodes).

  • Amonkai
    Amonkai Year ago +1

    Anything marvel will be lauded , Age of Ultron was a meh movie and had great ratings and great box office marvel can do no wrong same with Ironman 2 and thor 2 whether deserved or undeserved

    • Amonkai
      Amonkai Year ago

      Nella J ive seen a lot of good movies get rotten scores so i dunno what i suspect is that right now movie critiquing is more of a popularity contest that goes viral and the mob follows than a measured rubric objectively judging its merits and failures.i think thats why a "meh" movie whereas historically it would get 65-75 now gets low 20s

    • Nella J
      Nella J Year ago

      True. Those are my least favorite MCU movies but I can still see why they are well made and written movies which is why they get higher critics’ ratings.

  • Kewlzter TC
    Kewlzter TC Year ago

    There is a difference between "Assets" and "Divisions". Assets are x-men, divisions are branches like 20th century Fox. So yes, Disney could use the 20th logo if they wanted. Because they will own the brand they won't own the general Fox name. But 20thcf is different.

  • Thomas Edwards
    Thomas Edwards Year ago +1

    I don't consider the Disney animated movies a shared universe except for Frozen and Tangled as the 2 lead Tangled characters are in Frozen.

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Year ago +2

    Could you timestamp these vids?

  • Vikas Ahuja
    Vikas Ahuja Year ago +2

    I loved The Hateful Eight.. actually liked it more than Reservoir Dogs and Django (both of which I loved)!

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore Year ago +24

    Infinity War makes more than double Justice League guaranteed.

    • xavier jaramillo
      xavier jaramillo 7 months ago

      sebastian guerrero Answer yo you again, looks like nobody hate the movie haha.

    • james peter
      james peter Year ago

      how to make a marvel fanboy cry. forget DC. remind them how great del toro is as a film maker and that he made 2 great hellboy movies. (his new film is getting oscar buzz.) while shitty wheodn makes crap like AoU.
      the new hellboy movie is being done by the guy who did the decent. one of the few modern scary horror movies.
      meanwhile meanwhile edger wright would rather make a movie with kiddie fiddler spacey then waste his time with ant-man. only for that film to be better then anything marvel ever did. also produced by sony while the marvel produced spiderman sucked more hairy balls then a wookie's lover.

    • james peter
      james peter Year ago

      ha. sad troll. seed of destruction is a masterpiece. meanwhile marvel turned to SJW shit. made iron man a black woman because they need a black woman. not because it is a good character

    • Gary K
      Gary K Year ago

      James Peter yeah, I remember reading Seed of Destruction when it came out... average, at best. Then I read Almost Colossus, and that sucked. Hellboy as a character is overrated. The movies were, meh, nothing special

    • james peter
      james peter Year ago

      hellboy is gonna destroy shitty marvel film. get 100% on RT. Dark horse rules marvel and DC sucks so bad.

  • Mixey Boy
    Mixey Boy Year ago

    I bet the DCEU/Justice League cast will watch Infinity War, to see what is truly missing in their "struggling to succeed" universe.

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill Year ago +1

    BvS is the only not great film for me in DCU the rest are awesome! JL and MOS are my favs WW very close behind

    • Mike Hill
      Mike Hill Year ago

      Richie Manuta SS is probably behind WW BvS is last at any rate the final half hour or so of BvS is amazing the rest meh :/ lol

    • Richie Manuta
      Richie Manuta Year ago +2

      Mike Hill What able Suicide sqaud

  • Issack A.
    Issack A. Year ago

    Wish Nolan could have continued after Batman movies and setup the DCEU. Justice League could have been something special. Such a shame!

  • criixt
    criixt Year ago +13

    the 1st avengers already wiped the floor with justice league

  • AKennerson
    AKennerson Year ago

    I remember seeing an announcement last week on Cinemark's website for the Frozen short being limited to being shown until Nov 30.

  • conchudo2010
    conchudo2010 Year ago

    You know what would be awesome timestamps for your vids not interested in everything that goes on in Hollywood just an idea

  • BushidoBrownSama
    BushidoBrownSama Year ago

    I wonder if Disney would even make a 60 Billion dollar without a Tax holiday happening first? either way I don't like it

  • K.C johnson
    K.C johnson Year ago

    Marvel and Disney sound like the patriot way

  • HeatForce
    HeatForce Year ago

    Meh it's okay. We still have DC comics. Mcu fans new to comics will read that shit and be like wtf, this is marvel comics!?

  • ryan smith
    ryan smith Year ago +1

    John I think you might be my favourite youtuber.