Adam Savage Incognito at Comic-Con 2012


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    ANTAR 3 months ago

    are these armor for sale in anyplace?

  • Pedro soliano
    Pedro soliano 4 months ago

    in 2020 comic con. go balls out , let all the crew wear what you wore. and let the crowd figure if its adam or not xD

  • RK35
    RK35 7 months ago

    Wool?! Should have used Linen!

  • EarthPower 19
    EarthPower 19 7 months ago

    i need a set of armor like that!

  • 1xoACEox1
    1xoACEox1 Year ago

    Reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas future or whatever from Muppets Christmas carol.

  • MrAtilla6666
    MrAtilla6666 Year ago

    Gotta be honest,thats a shitty ringwraith costume

  • Celarc Gaming
    Celarc Gaming Year ago

    I don't think anyone knows how jealous I am of Adam for having that costume...

  • malof
    malof Year ago

    you can og as thirteen from boku no hero academy. this might not be a Cold costume of itselfe but you can make it big so there is alot of room for cooling. he is in a Space souite not traditional and a good thing is hes helme is black and the eyes are on the helmet so yor head is completly hidden wth no need to figure oute how to be hidden.

  • Sweet Jaysus
    Sweet Jaysus Year ago

    3:31 this needs the caption
    "first you get The Ring
    then you get the power
    *then* you get the women..."

  • Kiros
    Kiros 2 years ago +2

    3:36 That person who askes every masked costume they see "is your name Adam?"

  • Hil0
    Hil0 2 years ago

    the doctor found Adam :-D

  • Jørgen Nielsen
    Jørgen Nielsen 2 years ago +2

    What do they win , the first One that find him

    • Axle
      Axle 2 years ago +2

      Jørgen Nielsen a morgul blade to the chest

  • Eden Jay Collins
    Eden Jay Collins 2 years ago +81

    I n e e d t h o u s e g a u n t l e t s

    • Nick Hoyos Twomey
      Nick Hoyos Twomey Month ago

      "i need t'house gauntlets"

    • Clay Schwanebeck
      Clay Schwanebeck Year ago

      Same but I don't have 2000 dollars to spare

    • thejimyyy
      thejimyyy Year ago +1

      they are made by a canadian props maker and cost like 2k

    • Dorne
      Dorne 2 years ago

      Eden Jay Collins you added a u in those

  • Cuck Commander
    Cuck Commander 2 years ago +14

    ring wreath or a Muslim woman, you be the judge

  • GlAz Samurai
    GlAz Samurai 2 years ago +1

    I never watched the LOTR movies. I only saw the hobbit so is ring wrath from LoTR.

    • King Wacky
      King Wacky 2 years ago +1

      yes but they do not look like in LOTR in the hobbit, they do not have all the armor and are walking around they are more like ghost figures only.

    • GregerB
      GregerB 2 years ago

      They are mostly in LOTR but they are in the third hobbit movie

  • Robert's Video Madness
    Robert's Video Madness 2 years ago +10

    The young lady cheated! She used her Tardis to go back in time and find Adam. Lol

  • Simo wood
    Simo wood 2 years ago

    your job is do much fun

  • Aardi the Fennec/Wolf
    Aardi the Fennec/Wolf 3 years ago

    If only I could use my Morgul Blade replica at SupaNova. That would be awesome! But, badass costume, Adam! Wish I had the full armour set

  • FinlayLavery303
    FinlayLavery303 3 years ago

    Looks more like The Ghost of Christmas Future from The Muppet Christmas Carol

    • Joanna W.
      Joanna W. 3 years ago

      +FinlayLavery303 I was thinking Dementor from Harry Potter!! Without the armour of course~

  • social3ngin33rin
    social3ngin33rin 3 years ago +1

    All this time i thought he made it himself >.>
    This is good. Now i know I can pay a fortune to have one made for me :D
    The sword seems off

    • Moonykins
      Moonykins 3 years ago +3

      +social3ngin33rin That's because it's the Morgul Blade, which is a knife, not a sword.

    • Joanna W.
      Joanna W. 3 years ago

      +social3ngin33rin that sword seems tiny!!

  • KunoMochi
    KunoMochi 3 years ago +4

    ...Not until 2 years later did Adam find a great costume in which he was able to trek around the floor comfortably without sweating much all while being able to check out the panels he wanted to with less distractions. lol (Comic-Con '14 Mercury Program Space Suit)

  • Connor Zomer
    Connor Zomer 4 years ago +27

    Too bad you didn't have the Witch-Kings kickass helmet

  • Kyle Elliott
    Kyle Elliott 4 years ago

    Great price was really interested in this when I saw discovery post about it thanks again for the link! TESTED FTW!

  • Twenty After Four
    Twenty After Four 4 years ago

    Beautiful work on the armor.

  • Mirage
    Mirage 4 years ago +27

    go as yourself, nobody will ever know

  • snoopycomputer
    snoopycomputer 4 years ago +3

    Adam's next costume should be that of a giant walking AC unit.
    Or a Robby the Robot/Water Cooler hybrid.

  • alvinperlas
    alvinperlas 4 years ago

    oh man!! you can reuse the armor for Berserker Armor Guts, from Berserk.

  • DizzyGamer
    DizzyGamer 4 years ago

    Is there a video of him walking the floor as the Joker?

    • kimaboe
      kimaboe 4 years ago

      That was before Adam began working with Tested, so it is unlikely. I'm pretty sure I've seen all the recorded Mythbusters panels from SDCC and can't remember seeing a video of that costume.
      They did display his Joker costume at the Tested Incognito party at this year's SDCC though. :)

  • Jacob Lucas
    Jacob Lucas 4 years ago +1

    I laughed out loud when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man started attacking Adam.

  • Nimra gnalalak
    Nimra gnalalak 4 years ago

    OMG thats is so awesome costume! :)

  • John Pugh
    John Pugh 4 years ago +1

    I'm thinking of giving armour making a go and making myself a set of armour like what the witch king wore at the battle of the pellenor fields. would anybody give me any tips?

    • EJ.
      EJ. 4 years ago

      I'm working on learning to make armour right now for my work, its harder then you would think... even using modern tools, (I'm in a period venue, so i can only use period tools) and i would say that if your going to make it from steel, make 2-3 practice suits, and sell them online (or keep them) before you try the witch king, if your ok with dropping steel, use EVA foam, lots of How-to videos on how to make that look like good armour,

  • Oprah2020
    Oprah2020 4 years ago +27

    Girls in bikinis and guys wearing huge warm cosplay gear in the same room. No way you can have it good for both. =/

  • Charles Jevons
    Charles Jevons 4 years ago +3

    Scott Maple's >>subcontractor's

  • Samuel Chaparo
    Samuel Chaparo 4 years ago

    where can i buy that armour??? help

    • ptlofts
      ptlofts 4 years ago

      Its a costume. search Kropserkel. they sell the full costume.

  • Daniel Kemnitz
    Daniel Kemnitz 5 years ago

    lol that costume is epic - dear santa

  • ltlocus
    ltlocus 5 years ago

    ring wraith is so awesome. those things in the old cartoon from the 70's scared the crap out of me when I was little.

  • Albino Dragonite
    Albino Dragonite 5 years ago

    i saw masterchief

  • Jack Dyason
    Jack Dyason 5 years ago

    This is just an Adam Savage popularity discussion

  • Lord OMNOM
    Lord OMNOM 5 years ago

    Man. New zealanders. I'm glad to be a kiwi.

  • Figi
    Figi 5 years ago

    Love that smile. Adam enjoys this so much!

  • ZeOnlyMellem
    ZeOnlyMellem 5 years ago

    That is true

  • Cloudy Tee
    Cloudy Tee 5 years ago

    that would be "Video Cam all around"

  • ZeOnlyMellem
    ZeOnlyMellem 5 years ago

    I meant as an comic-con costume :)

  • Cloudy Tee
    Cloudy Tee 5 years ago

    Already did in MB show

  • ZeOnlyMellem
    ZeOnlyMellem 5 years ago

    Cosplay Jamie Hyneman :D

  • SethHesio
    SethHesio 5 years ago

    What do you mean? :)

  • RDPproject
    RDPproject 5 years ago

    3:32 ...woahh!...PAUSE and back track...
    Sweet :-)

  • smc1417
    smc1417 5 years ago

    A legend of Korra costume (Amon or Equalist) would be a cool costume to go incognito, and it would also be comfortable

  • Adam Bussey
    Adam Bussey 5 years ago

    hey adam savage next time wear a special ops under armour shirt the really help i used one when i was in the army cadets and we were running about and i stayed cool

  • agfagaevart
    agfagaevart 5 years ago

    Oh Adam...Now you have jumped the shark!

  • Triscuit407
    Triscuit407 5 years ago

    I was inspired by his No-Face cosplay and made one myself. That was my first ever cosplay and it was at this past Megacon.

  • HansBricks14
    HansBricks14 5 years ago

    Adam Savage is nerd Royalty

  • Kazuko Poirot
    Kazuko Poirot 5 years ago

    why when i see Adam i always think Gordon Freeman XD

  • Joe Nieto
    Joe Nieto 6 years ago

    Your youthful enthusiasm and such love for your craft means a lot to me. I as well love to imagine and build costumes and especially love ,the performance like you say in this piece, absorbing the spirit in which people at comic con display their youthful exhuberance at event such as this. Is a unique understanding of human nature. Thank you for your videos and good luck.

  • ObiTrev
    ObiTrev 6 years ago

    3:34 John Belushi reincarnated as a black man!

  • Mr Moowaffles
    Mr Moowaffles 6 years ago

    if i saw a ring wraith walking towards me at comic con, I WOULD RUN THE OTHER FUCKING WAY!

  • Danielle Stalter
    Danielle Stalter 6 years ago

    I am in love with this man...

  • oishisakana
    oishisakana 6 years ago

    must... buy.. ring wraith costume.....

  • Candace Savage
    Candace Savage 6 years ago

    Datsu uncle! uncle adam!!!

  • Ricardo Candido
    Ricardo Candido 6 years ago

    it blows my mind that adam is such a big cosplayer :3

  • notasfarwest
    notasfarwest 6 years ago

    It's spelled kropserkel

  • nightshade616
    nightshade616 6 years ago

    Domo-kun full of fans would be incredably cool actually. just a thought adam.

  • MyCarGoZoomZoom
    MyCarGoZoomZoom 6 years ago

    Fun job. I wish it were mine.

  • Just Bread
    Just Bread 6 years ago

    Does anyone else think Adam will be hilarious when he's geriatric, he'll probably play it up just for the entertainment value.

  • maxjrigby
    maxjrigby 6 years ago

    I would wear those gauntlets around the house. They're just so cool!

  • shim2dawg
    shim2dawg 6 years ago

    hmm, maybe it was the cameras following him around that gave him away.

  • Darren
    Darren 6 years ago

    You can buy a cool vest at racers edge

  • waytomuchsparetime
    waytomuchsparetime 6 years ago

    Thank you very much!

  • kimaboe
    kimaboe 6 years ago

    Kropserkel, their site should be the first result on google.

  • waytomuchsparetime
    waytomuchsparetime 6 years ago

    What company group made it? Sounds like prop circle but I'm not sure. If you know please tell me!

  • kimaboe
    kimaboe 6 years ago

    I'm pretty sure that he handed out coins to non-winners as well last year, before he was "found". The prize this year was passes to the Mythbusters panel, I suspect that was the main prize last year as well.

  • OCDLibrarian
    OCDLibrarian 6 years ago

    Last year it was prop coin from Spirited Away (If I remember that right) so the prize was probably something related to the theme of his costume.

  • LM_Zamora
    LM_Zamora 6 years ago

    XD I love the costume

  • Springfart
    Springfart 6 years ago

    zombie fat elvis is from a game called lollipop chainsaw that came out recently

  • anbuninja17
    anbuninja17 6 years ago

    Ahh darn! I missed him! Maybe next year! Nice work Adam!

  • djAnakin
    djAnakin 6 years ago

    Me too. Google for "8-bit bounty Hunters". Shirtoid has it.

  • Satchboy71
    Satchboy71 6 years ago

    From Adam's twitter... "The two who found me out will get passes to the Mythbusters panel on Saturday night! Whoo hoo! ‪#adamincognito‬) "

  • GasparLewis
    GasparLewis 6 years ago

    That is some INSANE hat-hair.

  • CrashBurn24
    CrashBurn24 6 years ago

    Excellent costume, Adam! (A cooling tip- put a small computer fan, powered off a 9v battery, inside the head. It won't weigh much, and makes a HUGE difference! I'm a costume builder for an amusement park.)

  • rusty merritt
    rusty merritt 6 years ago


  • hornylink
    hornylink 6 years ago

    I miss testiclies!

  • Revanide
    Revanide 6 years ago

    Passes to the behind the myths shows
    He tweeted it

  • Streamtronics
    Streamtronics 6 years ago

    Awesome armor! wow...

  • Spoddy999
    Spoddy999 6 years ago

    @3:57 - Is that what Adam looks like in the morning?

  • DruidBerserker
    DruidBerserker 6 years ago

    Awesome costume! I would love to see a how-to on making one

  • 49th
    49th 6 years ago

    Really cool.

  • Mário Branco
    Mário Branco 6 years ago

    Nice to meet you Adam, now i can die !

  • allluckyseven
    allluckyseven 6 years ago

    Awesome, awesome costume.

  • Tom Scarborough
    Tom Scarborough 6 years ago

    norm you and adam should have gon as mario and luigi :D i need to see that happen

  • BIGGGY305
    BIGGGY305 6 years ago

    lol adam looked happy to see that water.

  • Mark Khoo
    Mark Khoo 6 years ago

    NORM! I walk passed you in Comin-Con and I wanted to meet you! But it was to late!