McDonald's Secret Menu Hacks

  • Published on Jun 21, 2017
  • Today we're showing you how to make some new McDonald's menu hacks we created. GMM #1153!
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Comments • 4 938

  • Michael Yoo
    Michael Yoo 3 days ago

    Big Sloppy Ron

  • Ethan Shrum
    Ethan Shrum 7 days ago

    Just need a mcgangbang. It’s a McDouble with a mcchicken in the middle. You can order it from certain McDonalds in my hometown.

  • Smokez_EXTRUSIVE 14
    Smokez_EXTRUSIVE 14 7 days ago +1

    Where I'm from in England our mc flurrys are like half the size of americas

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark 14 days ago

    How did they get those mythical mcflurries?? Oooooh I get it “MYTHICAL” Mcflurries. Lol

  • Blaine Trarop
    Blaine Trarop 15 days ago

    I never knew the Apple Pie McFlurry was a Secret menu item! Gotta try it now

  • Brandon polin
    Brandon polin 16 days ago

    The mcfriddle is the best thing I've ever seen!

  • Casey Flentye
    Casey Flentye 27 days ago

    Rhett super Whiney in this one.

  • deloreanfan81
    deloreanfan81 Month ago

    If you wink at the mc donalds get a free knuckle sandwich...

  • Kojiwafu
    Kojiwafu Month ago

    Link's beard needs a good trimming

  • timmaybee84
    timmaybee84 Month ago

    Funniest video I've seen.. OMG! The chopping war was a killer!

  • Klovod
    Klovod Month ago


  • Mad Max
    Mad Max Month ago

    It’s all about the mc pengburger “plain double cheeseburger” + “chicken mayo” = match made in heaven. Thank me later peeps x

  • hi i’m sophia
    hi i’m sophia Month ago +1

    I myself am i sloppy control freak

  • Due Unicycle
    Due Unicycle Month ago +1

    Links beard tho

  • Sky Avenger
    Sky Avenger Month ago +1

    #1 facos

  • Keven Pacheco
    Keven Pacheco Month ago

    Bro the McDonald’s sloppy joe looks good to be honest all it’s missing is the fries and a drink and I can see it being a big seller

  • Andrew Melad
    Andrew Melad Month ago +1

    link you look so bad

  • Seward's-Jolly
    Seward's-Jolly 2 months ago +1

    Food + Artists= Fartists

  • Alistair Wheatland
    Alistair Wheatland 2 months ago +7

    I dunno if it's just me but the crew laughing just makes my day

  • Lennart Niehof
    Lennart Niehof 2 months ago

    This intro is probably the best

  • Joshua Sauser
    Joshua Sauser 2 months ago


  • Andrew Rocklin
    Andrew Rocklin 2 months ago

    Yhe apple pie one was more mealry because apple pie is hot. Nothing to do with the oreos lol

  • Carson Thiel
    Carson Thiel 2 months ago

    *Furiously pounds on slap chop with duck face* “see what I can do?”
    -Link Neal

  • Kai Thongsavanh
    Kai Thongsavanh 2 months ago

    McFriddle, make it at home and assemble it. Rewrap it and put it on your freezer for a bit and that’s your ice cream sammie

  • Anna M
    Anna M 2 months ago

    That is too much Big Mac sauce

  • the turtletron
    the turtletron 2 months ago

    *slap chop*

  • tanner meche
    tanner meche 2 months ago

    Links stripe it’s gone. He dyed it why. Why would u do this

  • Delenn Vidican
    Delenn Vidican 3 months ago

    The great food they create will only exist on GMM.

  • Keegan Kadwell
    Keegan Kadwell 3 months ago

    The eating noises

  • Haley H
    Haley H 3 months ago

    Lol I think they just ate like 3,000 calories

  • 僕は誰です
    僕は誰です 3 months ago

    it soooooooooo weird when link had a beard

  • iLikPlaydo
    iLikPlaydo 3 months ago +1

    Link, you got a little something on your chin...

  • Joe Spaulding
    Joe Spaulding 3 months ago +5

    I love how often the wheel lands on gifticality, your channel is amazing.

  • Myla Phillipes
    Myla Phillipes 3 months ago

    You are geniuses

  • Jordan Huemoeller
    Jordan Huemoeller 3 months ago

  • Aurora Partridge
    Aurora Partridge 3 months ago

    Link with. A beard what the heck I’m so not use to this

  • Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts 3 months ago

    Do they ever specify what fish that the filet of fish consists of?

  • John Fdoe
    John Fdoe 3 months ago


  • JD Fuzz
    JD Fuzz 3 months ago

    I put cheese on my sloppy joes.

  • Haley Ann
    Haley Ann 3 months ago +1

    Link with a beard? Iconic 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Gevorian
    Gevorian 3 months ago

    I wish they got cookies instead of the mcgriddle but the mcgriddle definitely made it more interesting

  • Mateo casillas
    Mateo casillas 3 months ago

    Things get a little sloppy💕
    That line was everything

  • Chicken Wang
    Chicken Wang 3 months ago

    Ive always wanted a taco made with a filet o fish

  • Sam Liz
    Sam Liz 3 months ago

    We have a burger place near us that's signature sandwich is thousand island dressing, bbq sauce and cheese.

  • madison mariee
    madison mariee 3 months ago +1

    imagine seeing someone do this in the restaurant tho 🤣

      MASTER MEME 3 months ago

      I wouldn't mediately run over and start assisting them knowing exactly what to do

  • Randomninja47
    Randomninja47 3 months ago

    I've only now found the sloppy ron and I'm so down to try that.

  • snake
    snake 3 months ago +6

    "The sloppy Ron"

    It just got real awkward for me.

  • Jacob Balvin
    Jacob Balvin 4 months ago


  • Goose Wayne
    Goose Wayne 4 months ago

    I hope McDonald's puts this on the menu.

  • BigE_Z
    BigE_Z 4 months ago

    I liked when yall had Tai Lopez hosting GMM.

  • Owen Keenan
    Owen Keenan 4 months ago

    For the slapchopper, you could just take it to go

  • Kip Colbert
    Kip Colbert 4 months ago

    How do these MFZ and the Hodgetwins eat all this shit and never get fat ?

  • BRT Playz
    BRT Playz 4 months ago

    11:39 I love it when my buns are still warm.

  • Jason Zeng
    Jason Zeng 5 months ago

    Link clickbaited his beard

  • Miss Dire
    Miss Dire 5 months ago +1

    The mouth noises in this episode though... lol

  • Matthew Fike9021
    Matthew Fike9021 5 months ago

    Why not just get 2 cookies and a mc flurry

    BIGZIG THE REDNECK 5 months ago

    i promise you Mcdonalds is going to hire them lol "why do we have all these highly paid food scientist when these guys are creating magic?"

  • Catherine Matthew
    Catherine Matthew 5 months ago


  • Catherine Matthew
    Catherine Matthew 5 months ago


  • Itsnotjahi
    Itsnotjahi 5 months ago