GIANT Japanese Aluminum Foil Ball Vs. GALLIUM!!

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
  • Playing SPIKEBALL With GLASS Challenge! | REKT vs. Get Good Gaming ➡
    World's BIGGEST Game Of SKEEBALL!! ➡
    We make a Giant Japanese aluminum foil ball in a Fun DIY science experiment! Gallium is able to make the aluminum foil weaker using a safe kid friendly, family friends reaction! It proved to be challenge for us to make the experiment work. But the funny moments are ahead. STAY TUNED!
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Comments • 758

  • REKT
    REKT  Year ago +164

    We decided to do a fun science experiment today! Let us know what you think! What other science experiments would you like to see!!!!

    • xXsgt SNIPER66Xx
      xXsgt SNIPER66Xx 3 months ago

      Do elaphant tooth paste

    • •Euphoria•
      •Euphoria• 8 months ago


    • Nathaniel Roberts
      Nathaniel Roberts 10 months ago

      REKT is the best

    • xor007 k
      xor007 k 11 months ago

      Johnson gallium isn't toxic unless you are around it everyday with no protection. And the acidic part Is over exaggerated.

    • xor007 k
      xor007 k 11 months ago

      The gallium needs around 3 to 4 hours to work. In a room over 30c

  • Lucy MacLellan
    Lucy MacLellan 6 days ago

    The idiot in the background though at 8:29.

  • tyhir Phillips
    tyhir Phillips 10 days ago

    That was the day poof and rip where born

  • Samwisegamgee The Brave

    This video is way too dumb.

  • potatoe god
    potatoe god 2 months ago

    I remember that

  • Titanimus Prime
    Titanimus Prime 3 months ago

    4:13 Autobots roll out

  • julianto frastio
    julianto frastio 3 months ago

    Dont do an experiment with out knowledge, !!!

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf 3 months ago

    Did you know the brain name it self

  • James H.
    James H. 3 months ago

    I don't understand how these guys have more than a million subscribers. It feels like they're trying way too hard with their comedy-- I felt embarrassed for them after each lame joke didn't hit the target. *wamp*wamp*

  • Missy Morbid
    Missy Morbid 4 months ago +1

    1:34 so... this is the power of ultra instinct

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 4 months ago

    apparently they don't know about aluminum oxide....

  • Haegarr
    Haegarr 4 months ago

    It didn’t work because it takes hours for it to work. You should have gone to the steakhouse and have a nice relaxing dinner then gone to see a 3 hour movie. If you had done that then you would have seen it be more affected. The foil ball should have been sanded too.

  • felopater hanna
    felopater hanna 5 months ago

    Gunner you look like a 13 year old dude

  • Secret Spider577
    Secret Spider577 5 months ago

    The can needs to be emptu

  • Matthew Mingo
    Matthew Mingo 6 months ago

    i remember that

  • Miss Chooken
    Miss Chooken 7 months ago

    Fave part of this whole video. Don't know why it made me laugh so much. 😂😂

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell 7 months ago

    Were yous making fun of queen with galliao plus who even is galliao

  • Diz D
    Diz D 7 months ago

    Douchebags and science do not mix

  • Greg Z 3
    Greg Z 3 7 months ago

    Idiots needed to let it harden for 45 mins, they talk to much and are annoying need to fix and be a little bit more professional filming. Hard to watch and I'm a huge fan of most Hi5 vids.

  • Tank a.k.a. Me A.k.a. Murican

    #gunner-and-woods band oh and tanner

  • Lauren James
    Lauren James 7 months ago +1

    He said oh the coke can is doing something to and I heard cocaine 🤣

  • 「Rainy Froggy」
    「Rainy Froggy」 7 months ago

    I remember that episode of fairy odd parents! Lol

  • Film Random
    Film Random 8 months ago

    I would totally buy merch if that jacket was on their website 😍😍

  • Brian Mullen
    Brian Mullen 8 months ago

    I had to laugh soo hard when Woods start singing a song to the beat of Gunner's hammer!! 💯

  • Kittenslover99
    Kittenslover99 8 months ago

    I think the can needs to be open

  • Sofia Aranda
    Sofia Aranda 8 months ago +6

    Gunner:did you almost hit me
    Tanner:not even close
    Now we know who lies the most 😂

  • Lovely Emily
    Lovely Emily 8 months ago

    We still watch bill ny the since guy

  • donald hatmaker
    donald hatmaker 8 months ago

    bill nye the natzi spy

  • Purple furnace labs
    Purple furnace labs 8 months ago

    I never noticed u guys used mat gas mat gas is 2 times hotter than a normal bowl torch

  • Wrigley Watson
    Wrigley Watson 8 months ago +1

    Bill nye the boring guy bill bill bill nye the boring guy

  • FlipInn Birds
    FlipInn Birds 8 months ago

    The side conversations in this video ❤️❤️

  • Katrina Kinnear
    Katrina Kinnear 8 months ago

    I remember that

  • Sappy SunFlowers
    Sappy SunFlowers 8 months ago

    If you go to Texas road house you need to just get bread (TRUST ME )

  • Angelo Pesina
    Angelo Pesina 8 months ago

    10 out of 10 for the save

  • Dr. Fortnite
    Dr. Fortnite 8 months ago +2

    Bill bye the science guy bill,bill,bill today we are learning about tanner and his super naturally annoyingness

  • dakota loomis
    dakota loomis 8 months ago +1

    Woods will u be my best friend

  • Jessica Carvalho
    Jessica Carvalho 8 months ago +6

    & this has been the episode of “Woods & Tanner Screw Around While Gunner Is Actually Focused”

  • Slime_Faith Goofy_One
    Slime_Faith Goofy_One 9 months ago

    I think the can has to be empty

  • Skylar Cole
    Skylar Cole 9 months ago

    Bill Nye the science Fry

  • Amazingly Amazing YouTube

    Ooh... It's peeing.
    Woods 2018-9

  • Hais Crozier
    Hais Crozier 9 months ago

    This is just Woods and Tanner's talk show basically. Also, this is how group work is when you're the only one working on the group project 😂

  • Stephen Baker
    Stephen Baker 9 months ago

    I remember the fairly OddParents episode

  • Kendra Knoke
    Kendra Knoke 9 months ago

    0.01 I thought he said "oh the coke Caine is doing things to"

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf 9 months ago

    literally takes about 3 hours for anything significant to begin happening... takes over night for it to react further its a slow process.

  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 9 months ago

    Not all experiments are gonna work.

  • lighthorse3215 :
    lighthorse3215 : 9 months ago

    1:56 anyone else think that some heavy ass metal was gonna start no pun intended

  • Danny_jh137
    Danny_jh137 10 months ago

    Do a time lapse of gallium in a door lock or something then just have tanner crash through the door like that duck thing at the end

  • oldendayscarriage Roy Bean

    at 7:13 i thought i heard someone say jackass

  • Xd Break Ya Neck
    Xd Break Ya Neck 10 months ago

    the can isnt supposed to be filled

  • Rose Wolf
    Rose Wolf 10 months ago +1

    8:27 😂
    Aaa “spits all over wall” Why did I open my mouth so wide?

  • super Jackson playz
    super Jackson playz 10 months ago

    Bill Nye the Russian spy

  • Rashadord
    Rashadord 10 months ago +1

    Galileo, Galileo
    Galileo, Galileo
    Galileo Figaro
    -Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen-

  • Talia Lehr
    Talia Lehr 10 months ago

    5:31 buy it on iTunes now 😂😂😂

  • Leidenfrost
    Leidenfrost 10 months ago

    Yay science totally half assed!!!!

  • james machiele cruz
    james machiele cruz 10 months ago

    The cartoon name was Timmy turner

  • Sasha vs The Alpaca
    Sasha vs The Alpaca 10 months ago

    9:44 i think Woods inhaled too much fumes from the metals and the blowtorch.

  • Luke Lucky
    Luke Lucky 10 months ago

    When he said coke can I heard cocaine

  • Momo The Cat
    Momo The Cat 10 months ago

    Our WiFi is called BillWiTheScienceFi

  • Kippatan Senpai
    Kippatan Senpai 10 months ago

    Ohh its peeing
    I love how this whole episode is Woods and Tanner bullshitting and Gunner is the one actually doing the work.

  • Jessalynne Sutton
    Jessalynne Sutton 10 months ago

    i love hoe woods and tanner is haveing a convo. and gunner is doing all the work