Slipknot’s Corey Taylor reacts to NXT TakeOver: Toronto

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • The lead singer of Slipknot, whose song “Unsainted” was an official #NXTLOUD theme for TakeOver: Toronto, weighs in on the black-and-gold brand’s latest signature event.
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Comments • 228

  • Zamkuma
    Zamkuma 18 days ago

    Corey Taylor

  • millionfish animation

    The intro to Takeover Toronto was epic! I'm glad I attended live and captured it on video (it's on my channel).

  • Euronymus Hell
    Euronymus Hell Month ago

    Love You Corey ❤🔥🤘

  • Subscribe to PaymoneyWubby

    Corey's head is b i g

  • kaneki death
    kaneki death Month ago

    Triple H has a good taste of music! Aside from being closest friend of MOTORHEAD, he is also a MAGGOT!

  • Leo Rios
    Leo Rios Month ago

    When nxt has better music than raw and smackdown combined gotta love slipknot

  • Mick IV
    Mick IV Month ago

    We Are Not Your Kind.. Best Album Ever.

  • Zombieman26
    Zombieman26 Month ago +1

    Comment stone sour Corey Taylor or like for slipknot Corey Taylor

  • Wrecking Rim
    Wrecking Rim Month ago

    🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Wearenotyourkind🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • vme mve
    vme mve Month ago +5

    Damn. Did he just cut a badass promo without even realizing it!?

  • Snoofle
    Snoofle Month ago

    I love Slipknot

  • Rock Infatuation
    Rock Infatuation Month ago


  • Chaz1134
    Chaz1134 Month ago +5

    Seems like Triple H pulled the trigger on "All out Life" for the NXT theme song.
    Then "Unsainted" comes out and he's like " Goddamn, THAT would've been perfect." Uses it for the next Takeover.
    Slipknot has done no wrong lately and they keep pumping up amazing single after single.

  • Player 7421
    Player 7421 Month ago +2

    NXT + Slipknot is like a dream come true!

  • Lauren W.
    Lauren W. Month ago

    *Corey Taylor is so freakin’ cool* 👏🏽



  • Buzz Me Mulatto
    Buzz Me Mulatto Month ago

    Im still kinda upset they didnt give the song to Bray Wyatt

  • اكش افلام صينيه مصارعه بنات

    ماهاذ الوحش. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jordan Dufault
    Jordan Dufault Month ago

    But what does Corey taylor think

  • ImThatKneeger
    ImThatKneeger Month ago +1

    Why does he look Like boot-leg Star dust?

  • mixalis tziouvaras
    mixalis tziouvaras Month ago


  • can I get to 2k subs for no reason please


  • pvr killerjason
    pvr killerjason Month ago

    Corey Taylor Lets see the theme song

  • The son Of chuck norris

    Slipknot you should make the theme song for smackdown the current one is horrible

  • Brahim Mechetem
    Brahim Mechetem Month ago +1


  • Real Deal
    Real Deal Month ago +1

    They tryna bring Satanists to WWE now like its a good thing lmfao

    • Faren Sabri
      Faren Sabri Month ago

      they're not satanist you weak idiot

  • MeatN2Vedge Gaming
    MeatN2Vedge Gaming Month ago

    I love the thought of wwe promoting my favorite band

    • Rz_Dragunov
      Rz_Dragunov Month ago

      Slipknot doesn't need WWE to promoting them. Slipknot already a household name in metal scene. They already drawn their line through music, backstage heat, relationship among members, stage performance and of course the masks. Truthfully, it's all about money, beside Corey is also a wrestling fan. That's all

  • packleader87
    packleader87 Month ago

    More like a plain comment than reaction according to our digital age standard

    the SUBMARINES Month ago

    Fortnite season X

  • ChemicalCheezWhiz击


  • tylerstreams2003 now
    tylerstreams2003 now Month ago +4

    We should just stick with slipknot that would be amazing

  • shahzaib ali
    shahzaib ali Month ago

    ok so today's india independence day but wwe never wished pakistan happy independece day what is this is this a joke?

  • Magma Lavasioth
    Magma Lavasioth Month ago

    TMW Two of the things you love the most get together.

  • Arturo McNeil
    Arturo McNeil Month ago

    Slipknot is the coolest

  • Isaiah Mariscal aka bray wyatt fan

    Cory Taylor what's wrong with the camera and also yowie wowie

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Month ago

    Wtf is that thing

  • Jeevan J
    Jeevan J Month ago


  • kingofbrawl3000
    kingofbrawl3000 Month ago

    See the screen effects? Bray Wyatt to Slipknot confirmed!

  • Raging Kiwi TV
    Raging Kiwi TV Month ago +2

    If only main roster had songs this good for ppvs.

    • FamishedYoshi
      FamishedYoshi Month ago +1

      I didn't mind the black keys song WWE used for SummerSlam. But the main theme used in the intro of the PPV was kinda lame

  • MrCookie925 Gaming
    MrCookie925 Gaming Month ago +1

    Tell Corey to lose the mask and get a new one

  • Luca Deeley
    Luca Deeley Month ago

    Unsainted is an incredible song.

  • aaron maxim
    aaron maxim Month ago

    The ad for Skittles wad almost as long as the damn video. Jesus Christ

  • FunkMonk
    FunkMonk Month ago +1

    Can we have Slipknot to preform live at a Takeover?

  • Elyon Kunda
    Elyon Kunda Month ago

    Dont let this distract from the fact that in uncaged they decided to release problem solver over At Last V1

  • Drew Daniel
    Drew Daniel Month ago +65

    I think we've established Triple H has the best music taste in the McMahon family

  • Mukesh Srivastava
    Mukesh Srivastava Month ago

    Why WWE main roster doesn't gives such matches...

  • Emily A
    Emily A Month ago

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WANYK

  • Technical Earning
    Technical Earning Month ago

    Jo bhai india mai independence day india me clcebrate karta hai uskne agar ye comment padhi hogi to mere profile pe clcik karke mere channel ko SUBCRIBE karo.
    Aapko aapki ma ki kasam

  • Technical Earning
    Technical Earning Month ago

    Jo bhai india mai independence day india me clcebrate karta hai uskne agar ye comment padhi hogi to mere profile pe clcik karke mere channel ko SUBCRIBE karo.
    Aapko aapki ma ki kasam

  • Red Neck
    Red Neck Month ago +3

    when Vince gets involve in NXT on FS1 it will be the end for NXT

  • Mike S
    Mike S Month ago

    Wwe is pure satanic garbage, they are casting spells onto you fans.

  • Cavallo Stupefacente


  • The Fiend
    The Fiend Month ago +14

    I like corey taylor
    Let Me In

  • Wally & Tony !!!
    Wally & Tony !!! Month ago

    This new Bray Wyatt gimmick is terrible.

  • Alexander Asher
    Alexander Asher Month ago

    15 second ad before a 30 second video. Do I blame TVclip or WWE?

  • [HG4U] Terminal
    [HG4U] Terminal Month ago +1


  • Syn Drone
    Syn Drone Month ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a Fortnite skin😂😂

  • Amy Louise
    Amy Louise Month ago