Acting amb. to Ukraine's testimony paints 'disturbing' picture for Trump

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • The Washington Post reports outrage and bewilderment coming out of Ambassador William Taylor's closed-door House testimony. Fox Business' Hillary Vaughn and Fox News Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram report. #YourWorld #FoxNews

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    MASTER BLASTER 9 days ago

    Socialism coming to America

  • Daniel Robledo
    Daniel Robledo 10 days ago

    Cavuto needs to go to CNN where he belongs.

  • Shirley Andrews
    Shirley Andrews 11 days ago

    The REPUBLICAN COMMUNIST PARTY is a threat to America’s freedom. They must be stopped.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Steven Van Ostran
    Steven Van Ostran 11 days ago

    Behind closed doors, not to be released to the public? So, where is all the information coming from that is being reported by the news media?

  • musicmaster101
    musicmaster101 14 days ago

    Eddie Munster cavuto

  • Mary Mayer
    Mary Mayer 14 days ago

    What a joke clowns

  • G Louez
    G Louez 16 days ago

    SCIF...Sensitive Compartment Information Facility. NOT Secure Intelligence Facility.

  • Santroff
    Santroff 16 days ago +2

    "The Washington Post reports--"
    It should have ended right there. The washington post is a cesspool of bias, lies, and hyperbole.

  • guitarplayer639
    guitarplayer639 16 days ago

    He said that she said that he said....

  • K
    K 16 days ago

    The ambassador is a sold out rat.

  • mrswimmyboy
    mrswimmyboy 17 days ago

    According to Gordon Sondland's lawyer, Donald Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to open an investigation into Joe Biden’s son before a White House meeting amounted to a quid pro quo. Gordon Sondland was APPOINTED TO HIS POSITION BY DONALD TRUMP.

  • Facts Matter
    Facts Matter 17 days ago

    The President of the United States engaging in treason by conspiring with a foreign gov't to engage in election fraud in the 2020 election is more than troubling. If what Trump says is true and his call to the Ukrainian President was "perfect" and "innocent" then why after the call did White House attorneys immediately try to hide the entire transcript by locking it up in an ultra high security data base that no one has access to? Why doesn't Trump release the entire transcript of his "innocent call" to American voters?

  • Doc Tom
    Doc Tom 17 days ago

    WP has been Bewildered for all of this century.

  • Roger Elder
    Roger Elder 18 days ago

    What kind of a corrupt CIA swamp creature would somebody have to be to be appointed ambassador to Ukraine to start with?

  • Dennie Thompson
    Dennie Thompson 19 days ago

    Build the wall in New Mexico? Why? To protect us from each other? Laughable!

  • Dennie Thompson
    Dennie Thompson 19 days ago

    Well I guess you'll be calling John Bolton a traitor next. Staunch Republican with a conscience, is that too much to grasp? Bless your heart John, go getter done man, tell the truth about the grifter in chief.

  • Samantha Young
    Samantha Young 19 days ago

    Fox = CNN... Everyone ratio the hell out of this leftist garbage!

  • doc retrofuturo
    doc retrofuturo 19 days ago

    the world is a stage, we are watching a scripted show crafted to divide and distract folks year after year, a fictional 'left v right' soap opera circus presented by the one and only political party... folks keep buying it, so they keep selling it... its not complicated

  • James Angle
    James Angle 20 days ago

    Apparently; The only crime is, Trump not playing into this entrapment, of false charges. So that make it obstruction of congress? What kind of lame BS is that!

    NIGHT2PWN 20 days ago

    Bill Taylor is a West Point graduate that was first appointed as Ambassador to Ukraine by George W Bush.
    Just wanted to make that known before the right wingers launch into their smear campaign against him. Good luck.

  • Barbara H
    Barbara H 20 days ago

    Is this the best conservatives could come up with. Intimidation? It failed and now approval rating has dropped.

  • Russell Taylor
    Russell Taylor 20 days ago

    So-Democrat/leftists can selectively leak to the MSM and anyone they want to from this inquiry but Republicans will stick to the agreement and not leak, leaving the Dems./leftists to further brainwash the people. Okay, I get it.
    That is all.

  • Peter Lemmon
    Peter Lemmon 20 days ago +1

    *This is all staged impeachment. It is secretive like Nazis, planned by intelligence agents and theater to cause an unConstitutional event. Stop it, immediately, as even Hillary Clinton’s, Biden and Obama’s Crimes are treasonous.* That’s the real problem here. We have no law in this nation - lawless Congressmen working for Central Bankers Of The BIS.

  • Fuck Donald Trump Phonky ass lol pos

    I hope you trump supporters Kids drown

  • Sven Cornette
    Sven Cornette 20 days ago

    why ''disturbing'' in quotes? did they not read the same testimony as the rest of us?

  • Rachid Halilou
    Rachid Halilou 20 days ago

    Keep disliking... Maybe the truth will go away

  • Chaille Smith
    Chaille Smith 20 days ago

    Republicans can't subpoena witnesses and are being locked from even cross examining witnesses. They are being blocked out of the hearings, which is illegal. It's not even be rightful committee doing the so called "investigation." Finally, so far every witness brought forth has hear say information AKA not admissible in court

  • Bruce Bryant
    Bruce Bryant 20 days ago

    Trump was so disturbed by this testimony that he decided to extend his border wall through Colorado....

  • Troy Rodarmel
    Troy Rodarmel 20 days ago

    Gonna Be funny when all you click bait lovers who are so quick to call out Trump for NOTHING, Get him for 4 more years by landslide. Trump 2020, How do you not see the lies the media feeds you? Or do you all believe there is no difference in Genders? Nuff Said!

    • Bruce Bryant
      Bruce Bryant 20 days ago

      We'll be the ones laughing at lemmings like you....

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse 20 days ago

    How absurd! How could Ukraine not know about the delay when they hadn't got the money yet???? How do they call this trump propaganda news???

  • Eric Clapper
    Eric Clapper 20 days ago

    Blah, blah, blah. First it was Russia and Comey had the goods on Trump, then Mueller, then Ukraine, ect.....The media is a joke and they dont even believe themselves. Always counting their chickens before they hatch. This Schiff impeachment hearing is a joke and he doesnt want it out in the public because it will prove there is no law that was boken.

  • Alex L
    Alex L 20 days ago

    Let's impeach this red head stupid Pootin's puppet!

  • andy. hello.
    andy. hello. 20 days ago

    Impeachment dies in the senate, next dubious scheme?

  • Joseph Van
    Joseph Van 20 days ago +1

    More fake news from the once-proud Washington Post. No self-respecting journalist uses unnamed news sources.

  • MakeOrwellFictionAgain
    MakeOrwellFictionAgain 20 days ago +3

    Fox is having a difficult time spinning this . . . .

    • Santroff
      Santroff 16 days ago +1

      Because the Washington Post (the source of this report) is a cesspool of bias, lies and hyperbole. Whether or not there is any truth to it has not been established or verified, even to this day. This report is fading away into the abyss of fake news.

  • Nicole Valiente
    Nicole Valiente 21 day ago

    Cavuto listen and pay attention here.

  • Dr D
    Dr D 21 day ago

    Tainted Taylor........Dem opportunist.

  • Sam4yeshua
    Sam4yeshua 21 day ago

    Ambassador Taylor was a friend of the woman ambassador to Ukraine who was mad she got fired . Never mind she was bad mouthing Trump behind his back , oops , the Ukrainians told us . Never mind she denied visas to Ukrainians who wanted to talk with FBI about Ukrainian interference in 2016 election . And never mind that Taylor was part of a group in Ukraine with with known ties to Soros and BURISMA . The company that was paying BIDENS coke head son 83000 dollars a month to do nothing . Never mind he presented NO , zero , nada evidence . Just his opinion based upon not upon first hand knowledge or second hand or third hand . Heard from a friend who , heard from a friend who , heard it from a friend who . Never mind . Funny how democrats are upset about their fellow congressmen were breaking into a double secret star chamber SCIF room when according to some republicans who were allowed to be there , said NOTHING classified was brought up . So , why the fake outrage ? Why the secrecy ? and did you notice how fast Taylor's LONG , carefully crafted statement was LEAKED to the Washington POST ? hmm and why isn't the media talking about Taylor's lawyer ? Rapid anti-trump guy ? hmmm

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse 21 day ago

    When trump first took office & began his lying, committing crimes, underhanded policies.....he started the chant that anyone criticizing him was a "Democrat who hated him" It wasn't true , like all things he says but a lot of his brain dead cult followers believed it. God arranged for this man of honor to be the one he's ultimately up against. It is not a standoff between Republicans & Democrats but of good against evil. Honor & honesty against the father of lies.

  • One Nine
    One Nine 21 day ago

    They'll never ever find out anything from this impeachment. The dems are just wasting our tax money. These people are seriously sick people. I'm done with them. They're gotta stop this insanity.

  • Linda Bianchini
    Linda Bianchini 21 day ago

    Wily, beguiling, crafty, cunning, scheming, dodgy Neal. He exudes rot from his core.

  • bobby wilson
    bobby wilson 21 day ago

    Hearsay testimony.....produce 1 real legit witness

  • bobby wilson
    bobby wilson 21 day ago

    Watch ur words idiot

  • bobby wilson
    bobby wilson 21 day ago

    Take their head off...really......cavity why r u talking to this clown

  • Faison Howard
    Faison Howard 21 day ago

    Of course this is brought by red state hater

  • inga robinson
    inga robinson 21 day ago

    The only disturbing person is Bill Taylor himself , his hate for Trump is so obvious he is as sick as he looks !
    He is a stiff necked know nothing Fool and know he exposed himself to this 2.0 impeachment Scam that is all he needed for his political resume !

  • Jorge Arteaga
    Jorge Arteaga 21 day ago

    Ima fox news viewer and my ears are melting ! They are melting!😭

  • Presto Change-oh
    Presto Change-oh 21 day ago

    Wasnt talking about obama...the comment was nixon. Sucksvto be you.

  • Waylon Valnes
    Waylon Valnes 21 day ago

    Americans that believe these Democrats that have to go behind closed doors because they LOOKED SOOOO BAD IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS FROM ALL THE LYING 🤥 SETUP OF A PRESIDENT!!! Are BRAINWASHED, and SPINELESS!!! TRUMP HAS BEEN SETUP SENSE BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE!!! That alone should give Americans with a brain a clue that the Democrats Are Corrupt and NEED TO BE TAKE OUT!! TRUMPS INNOCENT OF ANY WRONG DOING OF ANY KIND!!

  • Donna McQueen
    Donna McQueen 21 day ago

    So Cavuto is reporting? We already know how crooked this is going to look! Don't even have to watch. He ought to go get a job with CNN and do us and Fox a favor!!!

  • Waylon Valnes
    Waylon Valnes 21 day ago

    He’s a lying 🤥 read the texts messages!!

  • Monserrat E
    Monserrat E 21 day ago +1

    Trump is doing his job!

  • M R
    M R 21 day ago +1

    Fox news fake news, funny how their guests are never experts on the topic. What is their agenda I wonder, take down the democracy of Fox working with Russia??

    SARGE BULLDOG 21 day ago

    Anything CAVUTO is exactly the same as MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or NBC etc., etc. FAKE FAKE, MORE FAKE. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  • Potterson Okwabeya
    Potterson Okwabeya 21 day ago

    I thought Mr. Presi said African leaders were corrupt and infected. I thought the US leaders are angels directly from Above....Wait a minute, we are all humans, oh! I forgot.

  • Yes It Is Political
    Yes It Is Political 21 day ago

    Hillary really FOX?

  • Shawn Lauderdale
    Shawn Lauderdale 21 day ago

    Sheesh how does anyone in America still support their president. He all of a sudden hates FOX news and all other media. He hates the citizens, soldiers and all his fellow politicians. He hates America allies and lives their enemies. Hope America can get past his actions and crimes. Such a divisive hateful person.

  • John Console
    John Console 21 day ago

    Can't watch neil much more sounds like a liberal simpifier

  • Hardeststyler BR
    Hardeststyler BR 21 day ago

    All political BS aside! Which by the way is meaningless... Can yall balance the like/dislike count. We need about 1k more likes.

  • Sky G
    Sky G 21 day ago

    Hey lefties, your bias is showing - hope you enjoyed the video. Maybe you will get more real news in your feed, fingers crossed.