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  • Remus
    Remus  14 days ago +9

    Check out Sylas Actual Voice parody:
    Really cool champion, great interactions with the ult! :D
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  • DarkliteTM
    DarkliteTM 3 hours ago +1

    Neeko steals looks, Sylas steals ults, next champ steals your account I'll bet

  • David Noel
    David Noel 18 hours ago +1

    So if u stole teemo ult, how many bombs u put down?

  • Cappujhino
    Cappujhino Day ago

    I don't want to meet this on summoners rift. Keep it away from me.

  • Matthew Choi
    Matthew Choi Day ago

    Basically a easier version of rubick, just like the game itself, a easier version of dota.

  • Invoy
    Invoy Day ago

    Nice vid!!

  • Theo Quinn
    Theo Quinn 3 days ago

    *Yeah, Rubic*

  • GamesGirlsMovies
    GamesGirlsMovies 5 days ago

    Watered down rubick

  • BlackKanyeWest
    BlackKanyeWest 6 days ago

    Fucking mages i thought he was a fighter
    I think he can be a top laner
    Build will be like rod into a tank item with mana like ice born and then go vesage and mrellos as usual boots and last item will be what is necessary for u maybe more ap more armor more hp
    And runes i think comet 1st and resolve 2nd

  • Jeremy Koster
    Jeremy Koster 6 days ago

    Few more ults I'm wondering about the interaction xD If you steal teemo's ult does it end after 1 use or can you stack shrooms and cancel until you got 0 left. Shaco ult do you get a shaco clone or a sylas clone. Vayne ult, do you get to tumble or did you just waste your ultimate because you can't ever get into stealth with it. Stuff like that will be really interesting to look into :P

    RASH ASMR 6 days ago +1

    Rubick 😶

  • Nicusor Vasilache
    Nicusor Vasilache 6 days ago

    esti roman ?

  • juhi Emberman
    juhi Emberman 6 days ago

    I like this rubic skin

  • Corey Mckay
    Corey Mckay 6 days ago

    10.05 and four ads. Scum.

  • Lazy
    Lazy 9 days ago

    6:55 you've been looking for a champ that steals ults?... AND YOU'RE GLAD THAT THEY DID IT???


  • Tsuki Al’garun
    Tsuki Al’garun 9 days ago

    Can someone gift me 4k rp?

  • mehmet çelik
    mehmet çelik 9 days ago

    Rito pushing the game too hard. guys u gotta stop in one point or u r gonna be crushed by your own weight.

  • Ros Lee
    Ros Lee 9 days ago

    Mid lander my ass he’s a Jungler 100%

  • Lee ZhenXian
    Lee ZhenXian 9 days ago

    How about orianna ultimate?

  • Kpacka23
    Kpacka23 9 days ago

    Sorry but ootmate

  • Kristine Oasin
    Kristine Oasin 10 days ago

    What is the combo

  • Ottfried Garmut
    Ottfried Garmut 10 days ago

    Copied from the series "Heroes". The character 'Sylar' who can take and copy abilities from other heroes

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear 10 days ago

    Ok so one for all sylas on both team ult sucks ahahhahaha

  • Goth Ginger
    Goth Ginger 10 days ago

    Pyke 2.0 with that Q-not liking it.

  • bartimaeus N
    bartimaeus N 10 days ago

    Do anyone ever wonder what took them so long to steal (or so called, copying or mimicking or whatever it called) rubick ult and also the character responses interaction system?

  • jan willem
    jan willem 10 days ago

    lol why not name him Kratos?

  • Berimar
    Berimar 11 days ago +1

    seems to me he could be a good jungler

  • Jony Jovany
    Jony Jovany 11 days ago

    RO 🇷🇴

  • Samuel Heng
    Samuel Heng 11 days ago

    Cho Gath stacks is permanent on Sylas. Wonder if its a glitch or its deliberate! Damn cool

  • Vara Satoshi
    Vara Satoshi 11 days ago

    That's pretty cool and all, but is he viable as a spellthief's edge support?

  • David
    David 11 days ago

    LoL rubick but only ultimates

  • Josh Antiado
    Josh Antiado 11 days ago

    Really? Adding the emotes at the end with slower speed? Lol

  • Bleach Is Cool
    Bleach Is Cool 11 days ago

    This would be an op champ if you're fed as sylas and the enemy has an urgot or malphite

  • Samuel Dagmil
    Samuel Dagmil 11 days ago

    TMB LIL Samyboy

  • Chris G
    Chris G 11 days ago

    The question is,why is he not black?

  • ExTY
    ExTY 12 days ago

    GREAT VIDEO !!!!

  • Jacob E Larsen
    Jacob E Larsen 12 days ago

    Gona try and jungle him

  • King James Laurel
    King James Laurel 12 days ago

    Hamster 🐹 what about the hamster? Steal dragons?

  • aldo prifti
    aldo prifti 12 days ago

    You speak england

  • Cowter_4 Whit
    Cowter_4 Whit 12 days ago

    Any idea on runes? I’m thinking sorcery and then domination, but I’m not sure

  • Zmice
    Zmice 12 days ago +1

    Love how half the comments are about Rubick XD

  • Louie Gequillo
    Louie Gequillo 12 days ago

    e + w + q = Combo

  • pilipinas candaba
    pilipinas candaba 12 days ago

    nice her0

  • Popoy
    Popoy 12 days ago

    How about the ult of ur team

  • S.A. Morales
    S.A. Morales 12 days ago

    Can he Hijack Karma’s ult?

  • Shanks 1708
    Shanks 1708 12 days ago

    What will happen when you steal the ult from karma or temp ? How long lasts the planted mushroom? How will the ult from yasuo work without having a knock up ability ?

  • nPika nCHU
    nPika nCHU 12 days ago

    Nice Video man

  • Alex Stefan
    Alex Stefan 12 days ago

    Ba ești țigan ?

  • Phil Swift Religious Sect

    Behold, the most overpowered champion in one for all

  • Simeon Kuzmanov
    Simeon Kuzmanov 12 days ago

    What happens when he tries to steal Heimerdinger's ult? :/

  • Beker АА
    Beker АА 12 days ago

    stealing trynda's ultimate would be...

  • Soann Segta
    Soann Segta 12 days ago +1

    13 sec cooldown for his ultimate in late?
    Thats insane!

  • Nominatus
    Nominatus 12 days ago

    Rubik detected.....

  • ljupce trninkov
    ljupce trninkov 12 days ago


  • Head Phones
    Head Phones 12 days ago +2

    Finally LoL gets Rubick! A weaker and more boring Rubick, but a Rubick nontheless

    • yoronjo
      yoronjo 12 days ago

      rubick for noobs really.

  • Lorskyn
    Lorskyn 12 days ago +1

    You didn't try it on zed??? Pls try it and tell me if you keep the bonus ad for killing someone

  • Raphael Joseph Fensantos
    Raphael Joseph Fensantos 12 days ago +1

    Sylas ulti and rubick's ulti is the same but in different ways because rubick's SS randomly steals of enemy skills while sylas steals only in ultimates

    • Ken Ken
      Ken Ken Day ago


    • Zmice
      Zmice 12 days ago

      +yoronjo and Is much cooler :D

    • yoronjo
      yoronjo 12 days ago

      +Zmice which technically requires more skill

    • Zmice
      Zmice 12 days ago +1

      Not randomly,Rubick steals the last spell casted...

  • Asap Rocky
    Asap Rocky 13 days ago

    Thank god he is not black guy

    GHOST 13 days ago

    What about jayce?

  • asd asdas
    asd asdas 13 days ago

    casual rubick lul

  • Stefan Pavlovic
    Stefan Pavlovic 13 days ago

    Just wanted to say thank you for the video, loved the way you presented everything!

  • SorgaM Man
    SorgaM Man 13 days ago

    what if sylas stole other sylas ultimate??

  • Andrius Ridikas
    Andrius Ridikas 13 days ago

    if you make 10 min video for more ads try to fill all 10 mins with content :D now its just stupid

  • PolarBear VG
    PolarBear VG 13 days ago

    Wow rubick

  • Gaming Kiltz
    Gaming Kiltz 13 days ago +13

    Sylas copies other’s ulti while L.O.L copies dota

    • Seraphim Daniel
      Seraphim Daniel 5 days ago

      +karl bayal it is not a map from frozem throne. It is a map from Starcraft.

    • Jeremy Koster
      Jeremy Koster 6 days ago

      +NeoredXII whatever you wanna call it lol. Point is that it's perfectly normal because if we had to write every piece of code ever made again ourselves everytime we'd probably not be using half the software we can use today today.

    • NeoredXII
      NeoredXII 6 days ago

      +Jeremy Koster It's not stealing, It's called refactoring XD

    • Jeremy Koster
      Jeremy Koster 6 days ago

      In conslusion, everyone steals everything from everyone. Welcome in the world of programming, if you do it any different you're a bad programmer cus you're wasting time and thus your bosses money lol

    • A wild potato appeared
      A wild potato appeared 8 days ago

      One of the people who made Dota made LoL after the two who worked on dota split

  • Skeeter .101
    Skeeter .101 13 days ago

    Thier are no strings on me

  • PhaceplaM
    PhaceplaM 13 days ago

    Wait rubric?

  • Erdrick Loto
    Erdrick Loto 13 days ago

    The weaker version of rubick in dota haha

    • Boi Boi
      Boi Boi 13 days ago

      Preety sure everything is weaker in lol, because of the general powerlevel of dota characters >.

  • Hayden W.
    Hayden W. 13 days ago

    What if he stole another sylas ult in normals?

  • WItherstalk
    WItherstalk 13 days ago

    How to counterpick, pick Nidalee, Zoe, Jayce, Elise and Udyr Lmao xD gg

    • WItherstalk
      WItherstalk 13 days ago

      Also you should definitly try champions with interesting ults. would be fun too see, what about Syndra Ult, will it only deal 3 orb dmg? or how about Twitch ult, how would that look? other interesting ults would be heimerdinger, how does it work with that champion? also try out Le blanc ult. @remus

  • ehnrichh Aban
    ehnrichh Aban 13 days ago

    dont copy dota skill thanks much better different ultimate

  • haydenkiller
    haydenkiller 13 days ago +18

    So a weaker Rubic ultimate, cool.

    • mrtyler603
      mrtyler603 3 days ago

      It is not weaker. In some ways it is worst compared to Rubick ulti, in other ways it is stronger. Rubick Ulti gives you overall more versatility, being able to steal any spells, but Sylas ulti is more consistent when it comes to getting ultis seeing as it always steals the ulti. If there were game changing ultis like black hole and echo slam in league, Sylas would be downright OP.

    • DatDerp Derping
      DatDerp Derping 11 days ago +1

      Running out of ideas for skins and champions. A lot of LoL players i know are mad they arent nerfing the new champs and are just releasing more new ones for money. Ever see the new Soraka crystal maiden skin lol

    • Erdrick Loto
      Erdrick Loto 13 days ago

      Yrah haha

  • Griffonksx Ex
    Griffonksx Ex 13 days ago

    Need a video where he steals ALL the ult. I lolol when I thought if he stole Jayce’s ultimate

  • Christian Hermida
    Christian Hermida 13 days ago

    Is this shitty rubick

  • Mir S
    Mir S 13 days ago

    What about yasuo ult riven zed

  • Garret Woeller
    Garret Woeller 13 days ago

    i wanna see jayces getting stolen

  • Dušan
    Dušan 13 days ago +1

    What if Nidalee is in lion form,and now shes ult is to become human , will u become Nidalee human?

    • mrtyler603
      mrtyler603 3 days ago

      Sylas does not work like Rubick. It doesn't matter what spells they cast before hand. If I had to guess, the game would treat nid and elise human form as the base form, and the turn into lion/spider as the ulti regardless of what form they are in. Do need to be tested though.

  • Techno Duck
    Techno Duck 13 days ago

    I thought you said kink slayer

  • Techno Duck
    Techno Duck 13 days ago


  • Avintix Lyuubi
    Avintix Lyuubi 13 days ago


  • Caswell Vlc
    Caswell Vlc 13 days ago

    foarte interesant champ si ult,la one for all ma intreb cum o sa fie :)))

  • error plays
    error plays 13 days ago

    What about heimerdinger ult?

  • Yahya Nael
    Yahya Nael 13 days ago +8

    Rubick ulti.

    • Yahya Nael
      Yahya Nael 3 days ago

      +mrtyler603 I agreed.
      Rubick ult is harder to cast due to its timing mechanics and you could get a normal spell instead-of a gamechanger ulti.

    • mrtyler603
      mrtyler603 3 days ago +1

      Nah, Rubick is more versatile that is true, but Sylas gets the granteed ulti.

    • Yahya Nael
      Yahya Nael 9 days ago

      +SHameful Games true

    • SHameful Games
      SHameful Games 10 days ago

      Rubick is much better he gets every spell but no evolution some and morphling

  • Rilind Salihu
    Rilind Salihu 13 days ago

    i have a question if he use vayne s ulti how he can use her q to be invisible? and same for illaoi if he use R how he can use W to make those tentacles to attack?

  • Rilind Salihu
    Rilind Salihu 13 days ago

    this was the last reason i need to delte league of legends i am going to play OverWatch i recomand OverWatch for all of you guys delte League and play OverWatch(Balanced Game)

  • markarth city guard
    markarth city guard 13 days ago

    his dance got me crying ya boy be moving like Shakira 0:09

  • The Universe
    The Universe 13 days ago

    Very cool champ I think he is balanced

    • Rilind Salihu
      Rilind Salihu 13 days ago

      this game is out of balanc this is 0 logic ok he can steal magic ultis but what about lee or darius or graves cait jinx those ulties are not magic are weapons and skills he need to have weapon to use same ulti or need to have same traning as lee did to use that r and same for darius

  • Lol Alex
    Lol Alex 13 days ago

    Where from does the roccet come if he steals jinx‘s ult?
    Have he a roccetlauncher somewhere😅

    • Rilind Salihu
      Rilind Salihu 13 days ago

      yeah i think the same too he don't have weapon and the rocket where did he get weapon its says come ultimate not your weapons

  • corvin yves sadiwa
    corvin yves sadiwa 14 days ago

    Remus Try zed pls?

    • Rilind Salihu
      Rilind Salihu 13 days ago

      zed has box that gives him power of shadows and he can control shadows with out box than all champions need to control shadows with out r

  • Nilo
    Nilo 14 days ago

    a sweet jungler....

  • The King
    The King 14 days ago +6

    Damn it, I wanted a bruiser at least.
    Just gotta wait. Gonna get a tank inevitably.

    • NeverNedDead
      NeverNedDead 13 days ago

      honestly I think you can play him bruiser like. He is melee and has no real escape. So he is neither assassin nor long range mage. I think he is optimally played as a mage bruiser. Although I think the items are too shit for that to work sadly. Maybe they bring something new

    • The King
      The King 13 days ago +1

      +Youness Ben Hlima
      Well, he has nearly no cc but strong defenses that need AP to work and damage that requires a combo.
      I think you may be right, he's like Mordekaiser in a way.

    • Youness Ben Hlima
      Youness Ben Hlima 13 days ago +1

      They hate bruisers dude, we gone wait a lot for it, imagine this as one tho

  • DeathGun
    DeathGun 14 days ago

    Where are you from man?

  • Naitsab 20
    Naitsab 20 14 days ago +29

    Imagine both teams having sylas in one for all ^^

    • Marwan Shublaq
      Marwan Shublaq 13 days ago +9

      Their ultimate will be completely useless :)

  • agentwuppe
    agentwuppe 14 days ago

    whats with twitch ultimate? or yasuo? might look awkward or stuff like vayne draven or caitlyn i dont know how to visualize ultiamtes like this?

    • Stelian
      Stelian 14 days ago

      i can only see twitch's ult awkward

  • Marion Jay Balan
    Marion Jay Balan 14 days ago +2

    W8 what if he steals the enemy sylas ultimate??

    • MW Shadow
      MW Shadow 12 days ago

      Marion Jay Balan I think he‘ll geht the ultimate that the enemy Sylas stole

  • Eun Garcia
    Eun Garcia 14 days ago +6

    If you use it on teemo, do you get to use only one shroom or the full 3 stacks of it ?

  • Chunyin Liu
    Chunyin Liu 14 days ago

    is his R point and click or skill shot?

  • Nojel G
    Nojel G 14 days ago

    Imagine u hace 1 karthus in team and enemy team 2 then u steal the r and u just have double khartus ult 0.0

  • Nojel G
    Nojel G 14 days ago

    What is he steals karmas ult or when 1 sylas ults the other?

  • Jumin Han
    Jumin Han 14 days ago

    Try leb
    Just wanna know hehe