Glenn Close - Golden Globes - Full Backstage Interview


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  • Aries Snake
    Aries Snake 17 days ago

    She is so cute. I’d love to know her so much.

  • Tantil Drum
    Tantil Drum Month ago +1

    Gaga is Ambitious Madonna didnt had an Oscar and Gaga wants it what a wanna be....

  • Nattawut V
    Nattawut V Month ago +3

    It's time to her . I hope she will win Oscar

  • panospinx
    panospinx Month ago +3

    Oscar for Glenn Close!!!

  • aj pat
    aj pat Month ago +3

    After all these years, Glenn Close finally got that recognition at the Golden Globes. Next stop for her is the Critics Choice Awards, SAG, BAFTA, and finally the OSCARS. Make the win for Glenn Close a reality.

  • June giovani
    June giovani Month ago +5

    I love gagas performance but Glenn Close has been in the business for 45 years and never won a Oscar, she has been nominated so meny times and its long over due...She is the second greatest of our time in my opinion, Meryl Streep & Her are the top. It so sad she hasn't won a oscar. I could've swore she won 2 or 1 before but finding out this mite be her first Oscar is shocking. She is one of the greatest ever.

    • aj pat
      aj pat Month ago +1

      It's all about to change when Glenn Close gets the Oscar. Overdue actors and actress are granted with the Oscars after a long period of time. Just look onto the case on Leonardo DiCaprio and Gary Oldman.

  • Armando León
    Armando León Month ago +8

    Such a deserved award.

  • Philippe Hunt
    Philippe Hunt Month ago +2

    Anybody but Gaga and I’m happy. But Glenn winning is just bittersweet

  • Darren Wells
    Darren Wells Month ago +8

    Finally! She is amazing

  • PeaceFan1
    PeaceFan1 Month ago +16

    She had BETTER win that DAMN OSCAR!!! She is AMAZING!!!

  • HinHwood
    HinHwood Month ago +2

    The closest comp to Gaga is Cher, and she pulled off a few strong performances (including going head-to-head with Jack Nicholson in "Witches of Eastwick") before winning for Moonstruck. Gaga prob thought she might win because she bizarrely and prematurely won an acting award for American Horror Story, which she was mediocre in. Her Ally was far more deserving.

    • Patrizia Cavaliere
      Patrizia Cavaliere Month ago +2

      Totally agree. I mean, common, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson? And Lady Gaga wins?? That just felt wrong and their performances were objectively and completely on another level.

  • Daniel Barrientos
    Daniel Barrientos Month ago +11

    And now for the Oscar, this time is your...¡¡¡Congratulation!!!!

  • Utsab Das
    Utsab Das Month ago +24

    glenn was long overdue.. its her 1st globe win for film..after 45 years in business .. gaga can win later if she does more good works

    • aj pat
      aj pat Month ago +1

      Regarding Glenn Close's golden globe win, that wasn't her first. It was her third win. The two wins were the tv ones and the other win that she just received was for the film, and that was her first.

  • steven mcguire
    steven mcguire Month ago +10

    “Lady gaga has left the chat”

  • Eric Strickland
    Eric Strickland Month ago +20

    What a wonderful delight to see such a great actress acknowledged for a really good piece of work. Take note Oscars!!!!

  • Fernando Sampaio
    Fernando Sampaio Month ago +20

    And Oscar goes to ? Glenn Close

  • Lita Coppola
    Lita Coppola Month ago +9

    I love Glenn.

  • Rose Vlogs
    Rose Vlogs Month ago +31

    Glenn yes, Gaga no 🙏

    • aj pat
      aj pat Month ago

      +Benita Ginting I know the fact that it's her 3rd golden globe win. However, whereas the two wins were the tv ones, this win is for the film and that was her first.

    • Benita Ginting
      Benita Ginting Month ago

      This is her 3th win in golden globe not her first. Use your ear clearly or just go to wikipedia

    • aj pat
      aj pat Month ago

      Make Glenn Close win the Oscar.

    • Osiel Escalante
      Osiel Escalante Month ago +1

      Rose Vlogs
      It was a close race for me. Either way I’m happy!

    • Utsab Das
      Utsab Das Month ago +4

      +Lita Coppola and also gaga won for song anyways . glenn was long overdue.. its her 1st globe win for film..after 45 years in business

  • Timeless Teasers
    Timeless Teasers Month ago +26

    Congratulations she's timeless !