Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sweet Pickled Celery | Gordon Ramsay


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  • hiddenXposed xxx
    hiddenXposed xxx 39 minutes ago

    recipe plss

  • Democeil
    Democeil Hour ago +1

    Gordan: Your sister is eating chicken with knife and fork
    Jack: *NICE*

  • AniMae eee
    AniMae eee 2 hours ago

    *Jack X Oona*
    *Still remembers that ship*

  • Trix _YT
    Trix _YT 2 hours ago +1

    gordon:oh yeah yeah

  • Backsavage B
    Backsavage B 8 hours ago

    How do tgese people only eat one chicken wing, bro i would eat like 20

  • Violet XD
    Violet XD 12 hours ago

    Jack: NOICE!

  • Joao Ricardo
    Joao Ricardo 14 hours ago

    Gordon : Y
    Jack: Nice

    PETR DOLEZAL 16 hours ago


  • Travis V
    Travis V 16 hours ago

    Jack: can we eat this everyday?
    Gordon: what the Fuck kid! You wanna have a heart attack when your 15?!

  • Zenbai Plays
    Zenbai Plays 16 hours ago

    You sure do like wellingtons/beef but totally unrelated to the subject

  • Alejandro Felipe Arguelles Cano

    Lo malo es que no sé inglés pero se ve apetecible

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss 16 hours ago

    Ramsay : Slaps Jack in the thigh and calls something moist

    Jack : Nice

  • Trasha The Trashiest
    Trasha The Trashiest 17 hours ago


  • David the NerdyOne
    David the NerdyOne 18 hours ago +1


  • Royof Bakrei
    Royof Bakrei 18 hours ago

    Is this food enough for the family?! And a friend

  • G1 Morningstar
    G1 Morningstar 20 hours ago

    What temperature am i supposed to cook it at

  • Sour Strawberries
    Sour Strawberries 21 hour ago

    All the comments are about Jack saying : Nice

    Jack : Nice

  • Joseph Leatherbarrow
    Joseph Leatherbarrow 22 hours ago

    So many "nice" comments...

  • Lovina S
    Lovina S Day ago

    I wonder if jack ever read this comment section😵


    Well well mr. Gordon Ramsay i have one job to you.........................Slip on my DM'S 1 l
    1 like=gordon suck ur dms

  • Mrs Shazia Ali
    Mrs Shazia Ali Day ago +1

    Gordon:Jack me teri bund lu ga

  • Nero Scout
    Nero Scout Day ago

    Overcock chiecken. hmm.

  • m a y o
    m a y o Day ago

    Jack still looks like a kid here compared to him now lol

  • Afshan Tase
    Afshan Tase Day ago

    Gordon : i raped the chicken which we are going to eat
    Jack : Nice

  • TigerPepper
    TigerPepper Day ago +1

    ** n o i c e **

  • Alex
    Alex Day ago +1

    O yeah yeah

  • Menames Nstheboss90

    Imagine their Christmas dinner tho

  • Ilman Azwan
    Ilman Azwan Day ago

    lol who eat chickens with fork?

  • Vaishno Kumar Tiwari

    Gordon: yer mum hey
    Jack: noice

  • The Miz Gaming
    The Miz Gaming 2 days ago


  • Yrn from the 4
    Yrn from the 4 2 days ago +1

    Gordon: gently season the chi-
    Jack: nNniIicCeEe

  • Tristan Dagalea
    Tristan Dagalea 2 days ago

    Gordon: The ice caps are melting
    Jack: Nice

  • Neiden kroa
    Neiden kroa 2 days ago +2

    Plot twist: the buttermilk is semen

  • Neiden kroa
    Neiden kroa 2 days ago +1

    Gordon: im from somalia
    Jack: nice

  • Neiden kroa
    Neiden kroa 2 days ago +1

    Gordon: i'm gay
    Jack: nice

    FERENZO JENARD POL 2 days ago

    Lets play a game everytime jack says yep drinkkk

  • Gabriel Henson
    Gabriel Henson 2 days ago

    I’d rather go to KFC and get a bucket of extra crispy

  • CalisthenicsTraining For3years

    Jack will grab a lot of pussies thanks to his wonderful dad

  • Hi I am a potato
    Hi I am a potato 2 days ago


  • Jelly 2.0
    Jelly 2.0 2 days ago +3

    Gordon: eats the fork

    Jack: nice

  • IIIrandomIII
    IIIrandomIII 3 days ago

    Quang has better fried chicken game

    SCHUST3R 3 days ago

    I can eat that all on my own lol

  • BlaZe_Birtrude
    BlaZe_Birtrude 3 days ago

    Anakin Skywalker:NO I am your father


  • Luckytron asmr LuckyFri

    One piece of fried chicken every 3 weeks is a treat?especially with only pickled cellery as side.

  • Wong Kee Them Wong Kee Them

    Gordan: we are having pickle only

    Jack: fuck off bitch

  • chezboi
    chezboi 3 days ago


  • Jimz
    Jimz 3 days ago

    5 pieces of chicken for dinner?

  • Neutral Karma
    Neutral Karma 3 days ago

    Roblox: You are banned from Roblox for 14 days because of adult content and offensive language
    Offensive Item: Nice
    Jack: Nice-
    *Roblox: You have been banned from Roblox for offensive language and adult content*
    *Offensive Item: double nice*

  • DJ/ /Morris
    DJ/ /Morris 3 days ago

    Now we can say that Jack is a *Nice guy*

  • carlos regis julian Martinez

    The recipes are great I follow him from his programs I want to know if he can be subtitled in Spanish or thanks a genius

  • Diego Del rio
    Diego Del rio 3 days ago

    Why am I coming back so many times?

  • nearly there foundation dot com

    I want to eat fried chicken with sweet pickled Ramsay.

  • Matto Films
    Matto Films 3 days ago

    Going to Gordan Ramzy house
    you think that you are going to eat like 200$steak than you eat...pickels...

  • AbstraX
    AbstraX 3 days ago

    Lmao Jack sounds like *BOI*

  • Jay -
    Jay - 3 days ago

    Gorden: Jack you're a idiot sandwich
    Jack : nice

  • Terrencelovesfriedchicken

    Gordon: Jack YOUR GAY

    Jack: NIOCE

  • Vi Hoàng98
    Vi Hoàng98 4 days ago

    Who is jack?

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 4 days ago

    Gordon: Jamie Oliver is your father. Not me

    Jack: Nice.


    Gordon: Hey jack
    Jack: nice
    Gordon: What do you mean nice I’m trying to ask u a quest-
    Jack: Nice
    Gordon: jack I’m being dead serious you will be grounde-
    Jack: Nice
    Gordon: that it
    Jack: Nice
    Gordon: *pulls out ak47*
    Jack: Nice
    Gordon: *shoots*
    Jack: Nice
    Gordon: what the Fuck how are u not dead
    Jack: Nice

  • ExtremeCringe TV
    ExtremeCringe TV 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey: NICE!
    Jack: *NICE!*

  • mimiko kim
    mimiko kim 4 days ago

    The question us did jack wash his hands

  • protizemo s
    protizemo s 4 days ago

    But why

  • Simon_Jansson
    Simon_Jansson 4 days ago

    gordon adopt me please

  • Cosmic Phoenix
    Cosmic Phoenix 4 days ago

    Jack be like:
    *”Nice noises”*
    Lmao epic

  • Movie Buzz
    Movie Buzz 4 days ago

    even his childrens are the result of nice seasoning

  • Sham sham Flynn
    Sham sham Flynn 5 days ago +1


  • Cerdaspedia Indonesia
    Cerdaspedia Indonesia 5 days ago +7

    *Gordon:* Name a city in france.
    *Jack:* Nice.

  • rat
    rat 5 days ago

    gordon ramsay's a weird fuckin guy

  • lucy connor
    lucy connor 5 days ago

    I have a theory Gordon owns kfc 🤔😮

  • YOUR tingfrombarking

    Gordon: JACK the chicken is my right testicles
    Jack: nice

  • YOUR tingfrombarking

    is that all they have for dinner. JEEZ

  • sattu z
    sattu z 5 days ago +1

    I heard jack say nice only 4 times.....

  • DriftyWingss
    DriftyWingss 5 days ago

    4:16 god I love fried chicenhh

  • Samuel Doss
    Samuel Doss 5 days ago


  • Thata's World
    Thata's World 6 days ago

    I want to try to cook your menu here but I think some of your ingredients are not here in the Philippines.. So love to watch your shows always.. I love everything about it 💖💖💖

  • Aditya Verma
    Aditya Verma 6 days ago

    Has the greatest chef who has unlimited 5 star level food recipes as dad
    "Why don't we eat fried chicken everyday"

  • Reddblue
    Reddblue 6 days ago

    God damn they are eating fried chicken with knife and fork

  • _ elincyt _
    _ elincyt _ 6 days ago

    Jack:I love fried chicken!


  • Alvino Viando Putra
    Alvino Viando Putra 7 days ago

    "Yeah.....Sounds....Great to Me"

  • 09nob
    09nob 7 days ago

    I'm not impressed he didn't call him a donkey once.

  • Aussie Dumpling
    Aussie Dumpling 7 days ago

    Gordon: ITS RAW
    Jack: Nice

  • xxxandus 666
    xxxandus 666 7 days ago +1

    Gordon: Nice tits
    Jack: Nice

  • Cosmin Lungu
    Cosmin Lungu 7 days ago

    Gordon ramsay is a great father no lue say what u want

  • khan khan
    khan khan 7 days ago

    5 pieces fr 5 ppl lol

  • FBI
    FBI 7 days ago

    Gordon: you like pickles right
    Jack: I like pickle onion
    Gordon: ok we’ll do pickled celery

  • Adam Wilkinson
    Adam Wilkinson 7 days ago +1

    4:57 to 4:59 Yeh sound good to me but on the inside screeming

  • Adam Wilkinson
    Adam Wilkinson 7 days ago +1

    WHere Is ThE lAmB SAUCE! 😤 😠 😰 😱

  • IOS Terraria God
    IOS Terraria God 7 days ago


  • _-Ťäđâś-_
    _-Ťäđâś-_ 7 days ago +1

    Ahmm.. Ahmmm. Nice

  • Stu
    Stu 7 days ago +27

    *Gordon looks at Jack*
    ... a moment's silence falls over the kitchen. The droning murmur of the extractor fan and lightly bubbling pickling vinegar is all that can be heard. Gordon's piercing eyes continue to gaze, unbroken, at Jack. A distant siren, muffled through the £40,000 double glazing, rings out over west London as 'chips' the cat hurriedly escapes through the cat flap. The gaze is held. The feint yet staunch aroma of the mustard seeds causes a single tear to trickle down Jack's face. The camera crew quickly shuffle out of the room. They know what is coming.
    Gordon takes a deep breath, his bright red face begins to swell. A vein on Gordon's wrinkled forehead emerges from a single crevice. *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*. Gordon lets out the loudest fart Jack has ever heard.
    Jack: Noice.

  • Tyrik Rice
    Tyrik Rice 7 days ago

    Fuck this I need some Mac and cheese and a extra piece of chicken some bread maybe another side item this was to small for dinner for a family

  • Best Information
    Best Information 8 days ago

    80% are talk about the dialog, 20% common comment

  • Reaper Main
    Reaper Main 8 days ago

    Police : where's the shooter ?
    Gordon: it's in thaaire

  • Lun Xiao
    Lun Xiao 8 days ago


  • TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed

    Gordon: What’s 9+10
    Jack: Yeah
    Gordon: Are you f**ken listening
    Jack: Mmmhu
    Gordon: I wish your mom signed the paperwork kill you
    so that I wouldn’t have to do it (grabs knife)
    Jack: Nice

  • Rizki Maulana Akbar
    Rizki Maulana Akbar 8 days ago

    Gordon : I don't finy any original comments
    Jack : Nice.

  • BookOfAccount BookOfAccount

    Gordon: *Jack, you're Grandma just passed away.*
    Jack: *Nice*

  • Iz Muhd
    Iz Muhd 8 days ago

    Gordon: It's Rawwwww!!!

    Jack: Nice..

  • Tang 7
    Tang 7 8 days ago

    Every like this comment gets, ill add a 👌 tribute to Jack’s nice. I’ll start it off.