Using the FLYING GLITCH... (Epic plz fix)

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
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Comments • 5 651

  • josh4451 josh4451

    Only noobs take the high ground

  • Charles Thompson

    I am

  • Jackson Delong
    Jackson Delong Day ago

    I mean 081

  • Jackson Delong
    Jackson Delong Day ago

    8:50-8:57 my name for FORTNITE is Streamer_BTW_108

  • Stacy M-J
    Stacy M-J Day ago

    Next-door are idiots

  • Stacy M-J
    Stacy M-J Day ago

    Yeah leather skirt going to be a yeah it's going to be

  • Happyfaceiam Izaiah
    Happyfaceiam Izaiah 2 days ago

    Ur stupid and a bot

  • Building Legend
    Building Legend 2 days ago

    He should put the turret on it so the floor has 1000 health

  • DiamondKoala14
    DiamondKoala14 2 days ago +1

    Muselk is actually low key not good at building

  • Ghostemane ll Gho
    Ghostemane ll Gho 2 days ago

    Who Heard Muselk Say I Need To Go In The Storm When He Meant To The Circle Like If U Agree

  • William Soto
    William Soto 3 days ago

    9:00 if that is ur try hard mode ur trash but u know that

  • shred
    shred 4 days ago


    btw I went to take a drink and my cup was empty 😢

  • XXX Zach XXX
    XXX Zach XXX 5 days ago +1

    Muselk had a stream delay

  • Coby122
    Coby122 7 days ago

    TikTok is probably paying him to make an account

  • ep1phany62
    ep1phany62 7 days ago

    What if you put a turret on the platform?

    ITZ GABEZ 10 days ago

    Wait how does he have a hunting rifle

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 10 days ago

    Elliot sucks

  • Matty Pybo
    Matty Pybo 11 days ago +1

    5:40 “ you got 6 elims you twat “ I lost it lmfao

  • ramin king
    ramin king 12 days ago

    You d**k hhahahah

  • Hidden_ shootout
    Hidden_ shootout 13 days ago

    Muslk is a good player

  • Zac Ward
    Zac Ward 13 days ago

    How to enter muselk code in tiktok?

  • Maria Orozco
    Maria Orozco 13 days ago

    How does that work?

  • TaZe_sweat
    TaZe_sweat 15 days ago

    12:25 clean

  • Kyle Merrick
    Kyle Merrick 18 days ago +2

    Sum1 should make a covered bring in the sky because that’s the only thing I remember from Jason
    And they should destroy it if people find them cuz there adversaries can follow them

    CLUMSYTOMBOYLOVE$ 18 days ago

    15:53 he aimed into the med kit lol

  • Nolan Love
    Nolan Love 18 days ago

    4:04 an ad made that a perfectly cut screem

  • Daniel Da Dude
    Daniel Da Dude 20 days ago

    Can someone explain this code to me because I want a loot crate

  • Margaret Washnock
    Margaret Washnock 20 days ago

    I was doing this in creative since it came out lol

  • James Hadi
    James Hadi 20 days ago

    Y u laughing u got 6 kills u twat

  • Jerri Drain
    Jerri Drain 21 day ago

    Do the sky base with turret

  • DMario Hopkins
    DMario Hopkins 21 day ago

    7:40 “lets get in the storm” what?

  • DMario Hopkins
    DMario Hopkins 21 day ago


  • Caden Gonzalez
    Caden Gonzalez 21 day ago

    9:20-9:32 scared me

  • jaystercraft
    jaystercraft 21 day ago

    Unsub to muselk

  • Justice Piatt
    Justice Piatt 23 days ago

    You have the most fucking annoying voice ever damn bro quite TVclip you sack of crap

  • Fiery Smile
    Fiery Smile 23 days ago


  • Brandon Thai
    Brandon Thai 23 days ago

    5:37 “what are you laughing? You got 6 elims you twat!” 😂 that got me dead

  • xLegend
    xLegend 23 days ago

    Cheating in game to win. NAH

    Cheating in a game to win but say it's a meme so you don't get banned 👍

  • Lori Ketcham
    Lori Ketcham 24 days ago

    How to make a hacking video without getting banned: put in (epic plz fix)

  • Ido Kant
    Ido Kant 24 days ago

    Did anyone’s were able to get that free loot crate??

  • WongMa Wong
    WongMa Wong 24 days ago

    Anakin won XD

  • Chad Sorichetti
    Chad Sorichetti 25 days ago

    How do I get a free loot crate? I don’t understand

  • Aiden 2.0
    Aiden 2.0 25 days ago

    Who else saw a fortbyte at 8:51 on the right of the screen

  • Ashley Miranda
    Ashley Miranda 26 days ago

    I love how in 18:01 Fresh said “ oh shit “ then “ whoops “ LMAO 😂

  • RaVn lodsy
    RaVn lodsy 26 days ago

    Soon 8 mil like now!!!

  • Nicolas Riffon
    Nicolas Riffon 26 days ago

    What's a lootcrate

  • Tony Mertens
    Tony Mertens 27 days ago

    Tiktok sucks

  • Chris Cifuentes
    Chris Cifuentes 27 days ago

    How do you redeem the code

  • Sonic8bits
    Sonic8bits 27 days ago


  • Sonic8bits
    Sonic8bits 27 days ago


    KURRUPTION 27 days ago

    I was going to give this a like but then I heard u did a tiktok

    FINLEY- SAN 27 days ago

    6 elims you twat

  • BoLT_YSG G.0.A.T
    BoLT_YSG G.0.A.T 28 days ago

    If u saw the fortbyte

  • tKG254
    tKG254 28 days ago

    i want the crate did he troll me?

  • PyroxVEVO
    PyroxVEVO 28 days ago

    Aladdin 3 looks promising

  • SKY OAK Co
    SKY OAK Co 28 days ago

    251 m shot with the infantry 6:41

  • Classification Jayden
    Classification Jayden 28 days ago

    Fortbyte in 8:50

  • Tom
    Tom 28 days ago

    You can see the pain in his eyes as he announces his tik tok account.

  • Ricky Naron
    Ricky Naron 29 days ago

    I see a guy

  • Kayvon Scott
    Kayvon Scott 29 days ago

    At 12:3or 12:35 was lit so cool

  • Kayvon Scott
    Kayvon Scott 29 days ago

    It is a fort by at your time on TVclip that u can see 8:52

  • ItsHyper-77
    ItsHyper-77 29 days ago

    Muselk: THAT WAS EPIC!

    *has 2 kills*

  • Gísli Guðfinnsson Stefans

    Me hearing muselk say i have a tictok account me👎👎👎👎👎

  • Louise Stott
    Louise Stott 29 days ago

    Why the boombow

  • Olivia Emata
    Olivia Emata 29 days ago

    Best VID yet dude keep the awesome work

  • ItsAngie
    ItsAngie 29 days ago +1

    6:12 she a tato we got bitches shake ass in the lato (if yk yk😂)

  • Mr Panda
    Mr Panda 29 days ago +1

    5:12 yeah i told someone to try it and his arms and legs were cut of

  • Cody Walters
    Cody Walters 29 days ago +1

    Why do you call this glitch a meme it's not a meme and how would it be a meme a meme is something funny.


  • GD _Chronic
    GD _Chronic 29 days ago +8

    Muselk: The goal is to be inconspicuous.
    Also Muselk: *plAtFORms iN tHE sKy*

  • Twitch Brouilmt432
    Twitch Brouilmt432 29 days ago

    If u put the turret on it it will make it stronger

  • Dadingo Sningo
    Dadingo Sningo 29 days ago

    Tik tok = gay

  • Keegen. Erickson
    Keegen. Erickson Month ago

    Is this glitch patched

  • Plazzmic
    Plazzmic Month ago +1

    I am a fellow ikonik skin

  • Octavio Rodriguez Sada

    I follow you in tik tok!

  • Kud998
    Kud998 Month ago

    Muselk: Everybody follow my *tik tok*
    Me: Jesus Christ the world is ending..

  • SeCrit
    SeCrit Month ago +1

    Sell out

  • JGVC
    JGVC Month ago

    7:42 alright let’s get in the storm?

  • King J
    King J Month ago

    Muselk and Draw with Jazza have similar voices and talk the same way

  • rãyrãy deñmârk
    rãyrãy deñmârk Month ago

    He did the woah or I’m trippin 🤨😭❓

  • CoolKidGoCrazyyt
    CoolKidGoCrazyyt Month ago

    Comes second twice alright fresh where are you

  • Usual Sisjsi
    Usual Sisjsi Month ago

    Nobody but Squidward NOT THE TVclipRS

  • Rachel Garcia
    Rachel Garcia Month ago

    I already follow you on tik tok

  • jeff peffy9
    jeff peffy9 Month ago

    Wtf the crate didn't work?

  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago

    Kinda pissed he didn’t take dat fortbyte

  • Fortnite Thief
    Fortnite Thief Month ago

    I might be getting ikonik

  • NastyPushes
    NastyPushes Month ago

    Dont say epic pls fix so that way we can use it😂

  • Pickle boi
    Pickle boi Month ago

    Use code LazarLazar

  • Valkiria Zavala
    Valkiria Zavala Month ago +1


  • Connor Mayhew
    Connor Mayhew Month ago

    How is there a hunting rifle in this vid when it got vaulted

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski Month ago

    “You should have shot the truck...IDIOT”
    *Snipes truck*

  • itz_drake1
    itz_drake1 Month ago +1

    Ur forgotten

  • Cat CatBrain234
    Cat CatBrain234 Month ago

    Muselk: I finally have a tiktok account!
    Me: What has the world come to?

    TEST ACCOUNT Month ago +2

    Muselk: I have made a tik-

  • Treasured Earth
    Treasured Earth Month ago

    How do I get the loot crate please explain

  • Finning
    Finning Month ago

    Fortbyte 8:50

  • Denzel Chang
    Denzel Chang Month ago

    I am a programer and i know how hard it is to fix something like that
    I can t fix that crap so might as well leave it. And thats why i quit being a programer in the first place

  • Yoinker YT
    Yoinker YT Month ago

    once he said he had a tic tac account i subscribed then un-subscribed

    • andrea thames
      andrea thames Month ago

      What's wrong with tic tac? It makes my breath smell good and the orange once tastes goood.

  • DJ DoubiezZ
    DJ DoubiezZ Month ago


  • Sam Gornall
    Sam Gornall Month ago

    “Shoulda shot the truck idiot”
    *shoots truck*
    “Oh god.”

  • Adele Dazeem
    Adele Dazeem Month ago

    Muselk partnering with Tiktok.. fuck he must be so desperate.. Sell out.