Improve Your Sense Of Humor & Personality | 7 Tips To Be Funnier

  • Published on Jun 25, 2015
  • Can You Laugh At Yourself?
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    In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, shares with you 7 ways to improve your sense of humor. This is a how to be funny tutorial that will help you increase your ability to be funny. Sense of humor can be developed and improved if you know how to do it. This video will give you the tips and tools you need to start improving your sense of humor immediately.
    A sense of humor indicates you can perceive humor or appreciate a joke. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that this a sixth sense. Not everyone possess this sense, however. You know someone like this, and the problem is that they don't realize they're lacking this sixth sense. Keep in mind that humor and what someone finds funny can be subjective- not everything thinks the same person is humorous.
    Hot To Increase Your Level Your Humor
    1. Watch more comedies and comedians - learn timing and delivery
    2. Surround yourself with funny people - you will feel better and you can recognize funny situations better.
    3. Practice your timing and delivery
    4. Look for humor in everyday situations
    5. Don't overdo it! - don't always be *on* trying to crack a joke and make people laugh
    6. Don't make fun of people for things they can't change - that's being mean spirited
    7. Have the ability to laugh at yourself
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  • ASIAn Geeks
    ASIAn Geeks 9 days ago +3

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    It’s the police ma’am, your sons been run over by a drunk driver, he’s dead

  • Nikola Mitić
    Nikola Mitić 9 days ago

    Imma improve mine...

  • Nevermiss
    Nevermiss 11 days ago

    You look like spider man villain 😂😂😂

  • Dylan Bowers
    Dylan Bowers 12 days ago

    i love you

  • Sierra Jackson
    Sierra Jackson 12 days ago

    I'm here because I lost my sense of humor tbh this is sad that I have to watch a video

  • ZaAwesome
    ZaAwesome 13 days ago

    wait so how do I be funny this guy wasn't clear got dick stuck in a fan

  • RaZoR InStiiNcZ
    RaZoR InStiiNcZ 14 days ago

    Older Alpha > Younger Alpha and that’s big facts

  • Jellyjinn
    Jellyjinn 14 days ago

    My sense of humor is a huge as my bible.

  • Jellyjinn
    Jellyjinn 14 days ago

    My sense of humor is a huge as my bible.

  • Invluo
    Invluo 21 day ago

    Antidotes surely you mean anecdotes

  • Suhas Sutar
    Suhas Sutar 22 days ago

    I want to be funny

  • sarunghakan feng
    sarunghakan feng 24 days ago

    Just look at youtube. Mindless drones.

  • Palak roy
    Palak roy 27 days ago

    *4:23* I want to show you my middle finger.

  • i'm shai
    i'm shai 28 days ago

    its just that i need to be comfartable enough to talk to be funny iguess. cz pple seems to laugh when i make comments

  • Isis Zepeda
    Isis Zepeda Month ago

    I’m so funny that others sometimes forget how to laugh!!

  • Tyler Sanders
    Tyler Sanders Month ago

    Q: what is the worst part about breaking up with a Japanese girl
    A: you have to drop the bomb twice before she actually gets it

  • Skinny Bones Jones
    Skinny Bones Jones Month ago

    People who laugh at other ppl getting injured are friggin weird. You don't like Kevin Hart (me either) but ya looove folks breaking their tailbone??

  • One Indian
    One Indian Month ago

    Quack quack quack quack quack

  • Bee
    Bee Month ago

    Telling antidotes lol :)

  • Michelle Cerioni
    Michelle Cerioni Month ago +1


  • Max Power
    Max Power Month ago

    Links.... what link do you have for *HAIR* ? LOL

  • Christian Leitel
    Christian Leitel Month ago

    Step 1: Snort Tiege Hanley
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit

  • gouthami GB
    gouthami GB Month ago

    I luv d way u talk....u r always high on energy...

  • IBoxedYou
    IBoxedYou Month ago

    this dude talkin on my tyler perry but this guy is the opposite of funny

  • Bob Cat
    Bob Cat Month ago

    I wanna improve my dark sense of humor.

  • David Cortez
    David Cortez Month ago +1

    Why is this guy yelling

  • Claire W
    Claire W 2 months ago +1

    Tyler Perry movies weren't made for you that's why you don't find them funny

  • name surname
    name surname 2 months ago


  • Blue Phoenix
    Blue Phoenix 2 months ago

    My humor is dark ._.

  • Twitch twitch187
    Twitch twitch187 2 months ago +1

    i am the funny kid and i havent laughed in 5 years :(((((

  • Lora Massegee
    Lora Massegee 2 months ago

    I don’t like jokes with bad words in it.
    It doesn’t help that I have a “dry” since of humor. And sometimes I feel like I inherited it. :)

  • AZN Kingoffun21
    AZN Kingoffun21 2 months ago

    People call me dog eater to make it funny it was funny at first but later it got seriously too far. After I can’t take jokes anymore and eventually have no friend that can make me laugh

  • lucifer
    lucifer 2 months ago

    im here because i literally laugh at "eyeballs rolling down the road" and i need to laugh at something that's actually funny

  • Gamefreak
    Gamefreak 2 months ago

    i find everything boring except for crude jokes unfortunately

  • Igor Lerinc
    Igor Lerinc 2 months ago

    "or even you arent even funny"
    Yea, exacly what one in our schol thinks, he thinks he is funny, but literally nobody is laughting and not even care.
    I wanted to beat him up,because he hurt people and he thinks it is funny.

    BIG14 SNIPPETS 2 months ago

    Cody ko?

  • Save Democracy
    Save Democracy 2 months ago

    Highly annoying. And, yes, I do have a sense of humor. You are just not funny.

  • Chenthuran Siva
    Chenthuran Siva 2 months ago

    Why is this idiot making a video about how to be funny, he’s not funny lol

  • Shaeid Patwary
    Shaeid Patwary 2 months ago

    My problem is that no one accepts my weirdness and uniqueness 😂

  • thefunkyclanger
    thefunkyclanger 2 months ago

    My name's Phil and I've been a recovering humour -holic for 28 years.
    Last year my Dad called me a disappointment because of my beer-belly. I didn't say anything but I remember thinking "that's nicest compliment I've ever had".

  • Enigmaa
    Enigmaa 2 months ago +1

    Again, why the hell am i here

  • wtf iswrongwithher
    wtf iswrongwithher 2 months ago

    hmmm. ok. try as you might, humor is just something God either gives you or he doesn't, be comfortable with yourself, don't force it, and everything will be ok :)

  • Hassan Jirani
    Hassan Jirani 2 months ago

    I rarely write a comment, but you deserve it.
    Keep going, what you offer is great👍.

  • Pika Holyshit
    Pika Holyshit 2 months ago

    School Clown at home be like: :(

  • Jeff the killer
    Jeff the killer 2 months ago +2

    Just imagine someone walks in on you sitting in front of the mirror smiling like a creep 😂🤣🤣

  • Cookie Goat
    Cookie Goat 2 months ago

    I don’t have a sense of humor nothing it’s funny to me

  • Dead Meme I Guess
    Dead Meme I Guess 2 months ago +1

    him: Ok, If people dont laugh at you, your probaly not funny"
    Me: The heck man?!

  • I’mAPotato
    I’mAPotato 2 months ago

    I watched this after I found out people just think I’m annoying as fuck

  • Little/ \ Bishcuit
    Little/ \ Bishcuit 2 months ago

    I'm watching this because I feel like I'm not funny enough to make friends. People just see me as "the annoying kid who's trying to get attention".

  • gabru
    gabru 3 months ago +2

    Want to hear something funny

    Donald trump

  • miscellaneous • stuff

    i’m a gril lolololololololololololololol

  • Jess xo
    Jess xo 3 months ago

    I laugh at everything but my bf makes me laugh way too much but I feel like I don’t make him laugh like I make other people laugh like I just don’t know ugh

  • P. Nice
    P. Nice 3 months ago

    I don't find Tyler Perry funny at all either

  • shah faradis
    shah faradis 3 months ago

    Video starts from 2:12

  • Tolulope Olugbenga
    Tolulope Olugbenga 3 months ago

    First video I have seen without an ad =D

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 3 months ago

    i have all of my friends dying of no air cause I'm making them laugh 95% of the time and when its girls it 40%

  • Riz Kler
    Riz Kler 3 months ago

    Alpha you Rock'd da Ether 🤟😎👍

  • Just Army Stuff
    Just Army Stuff 3 months ago

    My brother is funny he has a lot of friends, but I don't know what happened to me ;-; *sighs* WHY?!

  • John Ranjit
    John Ranjit 3 months ago

    The comments are interesting than the video .

  • Kevin Sqout
    Kevin Sqout 3 months ago

    I cant luag when u see comedy 0___0