Top 5 Coolest Looking Rocks ever Found

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
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    Nature can create some beautiful things! Today we're doing the top five coolest looking minerals ever found! Let me know whether you liked this video in the comments
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Comments • 799

  • Amar Fawwas
    Amar Fawwas Day ago

    Maybe we life in a rock? Who know?

  • Roman Allen
    Roman Allen Day ago

    Dude, cut your nails!

  • Jacob Eras
    Jacob Eras 2 days ago

    That place is fucking amazing!

  • Applelynn Dietz-Ala-blu

    I never thought fire opals were very pretty before seeing it raw.

  • Plank
    Plank 3 days ago

    Turn the music down next time?

  • Alan Carifelle
    Alan Carifelle 3 days ago

    2:23 damn a hammer drill would of been nice

  • Amanda Stephens
    Amanda Stephens 4 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you

  • DepressedPandaz
    DepressedPandaz 4 days ago

    The second one is pronounced tour ma lean

  • DepressedPandaz
    DepressedPandaz 4 days ago

    This is honestly the worst video on TVclip

  • Joachim moczko
    Joachim moczko 4 days ago

    Kamienie też mogą być piękne!!

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson 5 days ago

    And we are destroying that planet .

  • clwbchbabycakes
    clwbchbabycakes 5 days ago

    The last few they showed, the round ones. Are those inside glass, or was the clear part rock?

  • cins1 420k
    cins1 420k 6 days ago

    on here because I found a rock / gem piece like the clear kind that look like marbles but they aren't... lol cool vid

    MEMES 6 days ago

    I have an azurite like that

  • Katt
    Katt 6 days ago

    This video is nothing but false information.

  • Christian Vazquez
    Christian Vazquez 7 days ago

    I got a titanium chords that I wish I could show it to you ️

  • Monique Harris
    Monique Harris 8 days ago

    #2 looks like black opal...🤔

  • collie man
    collie man 9 days ago

    Auro quartz doesn't exist in nature, it has to be heat treated to get this effect

  • Dakota1gt McMichael
    Dakota1gt McMichael 10 days ago +1

    ⚠️WARNING CLICK OFF NOW ! tHIS VIDEO IS FILLED WITH LIES! As a rock hound myself, I know the following: For the 1st one. He found a piece of lapidorite. On the second, they were finding green and red tourmalines. Titanium quartz is man made and is just a waste of a beautiful quartz stone. That is not a “sunset fire opal” but rather a non-precious Mexican fire opal since it has absolutely no fire in it. That clip after the terrible extraction is of an Ethiopian opal. Not a Mexican fire opal. Galaxy opal doesn’t exist. This video is so full of bullshit and lies. Just click off NOW. This guy needs to get his facts straight and he needs to stop getting his content straight off of freaking Wikipedia. It makes me sad to think that kids actually watch this and believe this bull crap.

  • Michael Mitford
    Michael Mitford 10 days ago


  • Blossom KittyluvsBTS
    Blossom KittyluvsBTS 11 days ago

    One time I found something that look liked an emerald when I was young at the beach but I lost it while playing in the water and Before I lost it I showed my grandma ;-;

  • Calcaware
    Calcaware 11 days ago

    Don't be lied to. Those super rainbow metallic crystals weren't naturally occurring. It is made by metal vapor deposition in a partial vacuum in a laboratory.
    The titanium quartz the guys were digging up is called rutilated quartz and it has small needle-like crystals of titanium oxide growing in it.

  • The Cakekappen Show
    The Cakekappen Show 11 days ago +1

    Just saying that asurite piece would at most be 2000$ from my supplier pretty sweet amright

  • cherry cherry
    cherry cherry 12 days ago

    What is pink stones

  • FRED THE LLAMA the Goat

    A have a Opal

  • Lainie Roho
    Lainie Roho 14 days ago

    This thing is rigged

  • Josi
    Josi 14 days ago

    Some of these created pieces are hideous

  • Athos Minaj
    Athos Minaj 14 days ago



  • Dbanggg khan
    Dbanggg khan 14 days ago


  • Rio Illustrates
    Rio Illustrates 14 days ago

    OMG *titanium quartz* does not come out of the ground. Quartz and various other minerals are coated with a form of titanium via a plasma deposition process to bond the metal to the crystal on a molecular level. It’s a mineral _treatment_ called aura (aura quartz, aura amethyst, aura obsidian, etc). This is also often done with platinum and/or silver (angel aura quartz), gold (aqua aura), cobalt (cobalt aura), and so on. There is a lot of other suspicious shit in this video. Go look at (Mineral Database) if you want to see some _real_ amazing shit that you can dig up practically in your backyard.
    The only mineral that comes out of the ground looking anything like that is rainbow hematite (and I don’t mean those smooth rainbow colored hematite stones you see in gift shops (those are also treated). Natural rainbow hematite is found at Graves Mountain in Northern Georgia. There’s a guy here in TVclip that found some fairly recently and put it up on eBay. Probably gone from eBay by now, but I’m pretty sure he put up a video of when he found it.
    For other really shiny and reflective natural stuff, check out labradorite, moonstone, and sunstone. Cool stuff. There’s so much out there, something for everyone to fall in love with.

  • Rebecca ART. AKA ClayFeathers

    Hate the background,round music. Love the stones.

  • Sage Oblouk
    Sage Oblouk 15 days ago

    The music is way too loud

  • sbarnett37tiger Barnes

    Awesome rocks. Wish I could spend my days just searching for rocks like these instead of doing tedious b.s work in a stupid shopping mall. This is why adults become disillusioned with life. In reality, you can't do these things you just have to work all the time. I hate it.

  • Lincoln Fong
    Lincoln Fong 15 days ago

    wow ~ the large azurite that you show at the start of your video is awesome ~ beautiful cluster ~ and nearly faints at the sight of the gorgeous titanium quartz cluster, envying the find ~ (O: can not not admit that i just salivated with eyes gazed on the firery orange opals and, to top it off, went totally flabbergasted at sight of (your?) Galaxy opal ~ thank you for sharing the sights ~

  • KristaL Mac  LeoD
    KristaL Mac LeoD 15 days ago

    I have a Stone that Predate's theDesign of a RocKeTShip by many Million's of yrs, (Unique) it consists of 3 mineral's (orange- black- gold ) RETIRED physicist looked at thestone and remarked that the gold looking stuff could actually be a Fibre (what is a fibre) it is 1 of Thee RareisT Stone's on thePlaneT and No 1 has Ever said they have seen another like it and a LOT of rockhounds have seen it, Would You like to see 2 Stone's that are Beyond Rare . ThanK You

  • Elona Elona
    Elona Elona 17 days ago

    საოცრება!! ❤❤❤

  • Abb Par
    Abb Par 17 days ago


  • István Hajduk
    István Hajduk 17 days ago


  • Ravi Sg Shivarampura
    Ravi Sg Shivarampura 17 days ago


    KRISTARA TERRAZAS 18 days ago


  • Quwyn Iscoool
    Quwyn Iscoool 18 days ago +1

    Anyone watching this to make Steven universe oc’s

  • Ella Xu
    Ella Xu 18 days ago +1

    I don’t get anything

  • Dark Code
    Dark Code 18 days ago

    Better hide those gems or Thanos will get them lol

  • Otto Pinillos Salazar Pinillos

    I would literally just grab any mineral I saw.

  • Kali_ Graf_2132
    Kali_ Graf_2132 19 days ago

    Boo! This is not true stuff! What the heck are you people talking about? The 'Galaxy Opal' at 8:59 is just wood, normal opal, and resin! I'm not even a pro and I know this. Quite depressing.

  • Tovux Plays Random Games

    I have a question for you rocks experts if ur really one

    What is a rock

  • jean-sebastien Rock
    jean-sebastien Rock 19 days ago

    First one ,the one the guy got in his hand , look like labradorite to me....
    Clickbait , stop video now,.......

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison 21 day ago +1

    1) labradorite and the second museum piece has azurite (the blue part) malachite and some other minerals included
    2)TOURMALINE GOD SAKES One of those minerals (the pink branchy one is something else don’t know tho)
    Also he says it like three different ways
    3) Aura Quartz is coated in metals, not natural. The quartz mine is just regular quartz/ smoky stuff. I’m impressed he didn’t include anything where these geologists said the minerals
    The rest of the titanium quartz was probably metaphysics people displaying them
    2) the poor giant fire opal? If that was even real... I’ve never seen opal mined.
    The first cabochon is fire opal
    The faceted stone isnt (not sure what tho
    The third resin ??
    Fourth probs actually opal
    The fifth not sure ...
    1) half of these are resin pieces
    This video was great to see and learn from but now The inner mineralogist in me is crying

    • K S
      K S 14 days ago

      The geologist in me is offended that the video is titled top 5 rocks when discussing minerals as they are not the same thing by definition. While a mineral can be considered a rock that is not what he is discussing

  • Boktorpower6
    Boktorpower6 21 day ago

    Can someone spel the name of the last one for me??

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  • bubba luv
    bubba luv 21 day ago

    my friend went to coober pedy and found an opalised fish skeleton, then he bought heaps of drugs

  • Perry Perry
    Perry Perry 22 days ago

    The fire opel is beautiful, does look like its a fire inside the stone

  • Barnes Built
    Barnes Built 22 days ago

    I made the sphere with the Welo opal. It’s on my Instagram 😊 @barnes_built

  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele 22 days ago


  • Thaiz Betanzo
    Thaiz Betanzo 24 days ago


  • DeepByteDigger
    DeepByteDigger 24 days ago

    1:56 when I was a kid I saw similar stones like that near a shore it's like dozen of it but idk that it was a gemstone I thought it was just a common stone around it was in beach we went when it was my father's birthday.

  • Jake's Gems
    Jake's Gems 24 days ago

    laughable at many levels. Unprofessional and definitely misleading. It was funny to watch though.

  • IbogaineCuresPTSD
    IbogaineCuresPTSD 24 days ago

    what was that music?
    or music that sounds like this?
    Iwant to just have this playing when I draw.

  • Radion
    Radion 24 days ago

    We could've just given Thanos these stones

  • dalittestvlogs
    dalittestvlogs 24 days ago

    I think its safe to say that fortnite save the world atually exists

  • Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty 25 days ago

    When it's polished, the fire opal doesn't look like the "milky opal" cabochon (7:07) at all. It looks like the red stone following the images of the cab. The spherical green opal (8:59) is the most beautiful one, to me.

  • Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty 25 days ago

    Tour-mel-line? Dumb robot voice. Can't even pronounce Tourmaline (tur-muh-leen). LOL (The thumbs up is for the gorgeous crystals.)

    RED MOBILE uk 25 days ago

    My kind of job

  • T Tuathal
    T Tuathal 25 days ago

    7:46 The most amazing stone i have ever seen,

  • RuthlessXodre 13
    RuthlessXodre 13 26 days ago

    Oecean's Heart is more better.

  • Nicholas Bet
    Nicholas Bet 26 days ago


  • PokeVids
    PokeVids 27 days ago

    8:43 NO WAY

  • PokeVids
    PokeVids 27 days ago

    who else is deciding whether they should be a geologist astronomer vet or grandma when they grow up
    if they grow up

    I LlKE TACOS 27 days ago

    Just show the dam rock finds dont gotta voice over

  • rare alexandrite
    rare alexandrite 28 days ago

    alexanrite for sale finland

  • rafia taj
    rafia taj 29 days ago

    Nature is full of unbelievable beauty... liked and subscribed😊

  • M.mustafa Türker
    M.mustafa Türker 29 days ago


  • João Marcos
    João Marcos Month ago +1


  • salman ali
    salman ali Month ago


  • Duyên Võ
    Duyên Võ Month ago


  • Mochamad Hafid
    Mochamad Hafid Month ago


  • TheReal YB
    TheReal YB Month ago

    Number one.1 “”Medical”” Moonrocks🧟‍♂️🤩

  • Second Unit Aerials

    Ever thought of using a mixer for your audio? The music drowns out the speech.

  • Second Unit Aerials

    The piece being washed off at 5:00 is a different piece as shown in 5:15. Completely different structure.

  • Roy Sandiford
    Roy Sandiford Month ago

    i have something like that but its a goldish rock kinda

  • Turkey PH
    Turkey PH Month ago

    imagine walking on abandoned mine and you found a real chunk.. huge chunk of diamond

  • Tish Smiddy
    Tish Smiddy Month ago

    Thank you ! 💋

    IXI KNIVES IXI Month ago

    Well they were saying interesting stuff but I couldn’t hear any of it because of the damn music. Probably didn’t want to get demonetized.

  • Asmr Aki
    Asmr Aki Month ago

    Now I already have thoughts about digging on my backyard. 😂

  • Jame Pem
    Jame Pem Month ago

  • dondurma dondurma
    dondurma dondurma Month ago

    8:39 I shit my pants

  • Romeo Manza
    Romeo Manza Month ago

    Don't show this to thanos 😂

  • Robert Becker
    Robert Becker Month ago

    I know nothing about digging rocks, but I knew enough to know the guy chopping away at the fire opal ruined something magical. Then I came to the comments to confirm.

  • Littlefizzz
    Littlefizzz Month ago +7

    “The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles”

  • Deny rabbit
    Deny rabbit Month ago

    Number 1 not rock but is resin ,,🤣

  • tl cd
    tl cd Month ago

    I went 😲😲😲 when I saw 7:45 & 8:41. I was flabbergasted. I have never seen anything like that before. This is one of those moments I'm totally in love with mother nature. Not because of the valuables or the money those valuables gives us. But because of what she can create, the beauty, the purity of it. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for this video. I really enjoyed watching it.

  • Stone Dwi Sdr
    Stone Dwi Sdr Month ago

    Nice ,,, please my video

  • Cristina Fernandes
    Cristina Fernandes Month ago

    É lindo

  • kolam renang
    kolam renang Month ago

    Indonesian akik is better

  • Folk Market Gems
    Folk Market Gems Month ago


  • Amos ren
    Amos ren Month ago

    I hve stone tht look like daimond n contain water insde it been 12 years I m seing stll water is insde any idea guys wht stone tht will be..

  • Connor Duncan
    Connor Duncan Month ago +1

    Wow, those are Opals were gorgeous!

  • Connor Duncan
    Connor Duncan Month ago +1

    I have a giant piece of titanium quartz! It's beautiful!

  • Kevin Ashley
    Kevin Ashley Month ago

    For the second stone, where are they digging??? It looks like someone stuck a bunch of crystals into a pile of cocaine.