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Boeheim rips Reggie Miller

  • Published on Mar 16, 2012
  • Jim Boeheim rips analyst Reggie Miller. Hear what he has to say.
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  • SammyTV
    SammyTV 6 years ago +1

    the big east was the best bball conferance for a long while. people that say acc etc haven't watched the tapes. every year duke unc and one other team are good but the rest of the acc was chump change. in the big east there was steadily 7 to 8 teams to go to the ncaa tournament.

  • TheChaztor
    TheChaztor 6 years ago

    How's that working for ya Artie?

    • nikeathlete23
      nikeathlete23 Year ago

      TheChaztor according to history it’s the most successful defense ever

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 years ago

    Boeheim is a dick. Yeah 900+ wins at one school, and ONE title. Even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut.

  • Connor Okeefe
    Connor Okeefe 6 years ago

    against shitty teams?

  • Terry L Jones Jr
    Terry L Jones Jr 6 years ago

    Hey Jim, enjoy your summer off.

  • Thomas Dennis
    Thomas Dennis 6 years ago

    900+ wins. At one school.

  • andrianosm
    andrianosm 6 years ago

    if you havent noticed syracuse doesnt get 5 MCD's every year we get one maybe two, NO coach has done more with less in the history of CBB

  • nysguy07
    nysguy07 6 years ago

    One championship in 36 years (going into this year); how is that even close to "winning every year"? He should thank god every night that Melo came to SU for one year; otherwise he would have zero titles. Calling him one of the best coaches ever is a joke.

  • nysguy07
    nysguy07 6 years ago

    Boeheim is one of the biggest pricks ever. Just retire already and go away.

  • phelps243255
    phelps243255 6 years ago

    @arther1045 sorry what? Underachieve? First off learn to spell before you insult one of the best coaches to have ever lived, especially if you call him a moron. Not to mention he won a championship, do you want them to win every year? Sorry that doesn't happen, not with any team. He is rude when stupid comments or questions are made or asked. So he would be rude to you for sure arty.

  • Bubba Gray
    Bubba Gray 6 years ago


  • Bahia82
    Bahia82 6 years ago


  • Mark Blessing
    Mark Blessing 6 years ago

    They play man-to-man about as often as they graduate players.

  • airpro869
    airpro869 7 years ago

    "rips" LOL

  • maclen44
    maclen44 7 years ago

    child molesters? funny thing that only one person has gotten accused - there were four accusers at one point and now we are down to two - one admitted he lied and the other was proven that he lied - not saying that it didnt happen but you for sure seemed like it did - you hold a grudge much?

  • drvn8
    drvn8 7 years ago

    he grabbed his genitals at him too... you gotta admit that's pretty good.

  • thestarsandstripes
    thestarsandstripes 7 years ago +1

    He reggie, how does that dick taste?

  • TheTruthiest
    TheTruthiest 7 years ago

    Reggie should have told him "I know you guys don't play man-to-man. Just like you don't turn in child molesters or players testing positive for drugs either. Maybe you should start doing it every once in a while".

  • Tom
    Tom 7 years ago

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I like Reggie Miller for is the choking gesture he gave to Spike Lee.