TOP 5 GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain's Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • The Best!? Watch ALL GOLDEN Buzzer auditions on Britain's Got Talent 2018. Who was your favourite buzzer?? Let us know in the comments below..
    ▶︎ Singer Donchez:
    ▶︎ Magician Marc Spelmann:
    ▶︎ Singers Jack and Tim:
    ▶︎ Singer Gruffydd:
    ▶︎ Singer Lifford:

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  • Movies Under The Surface

    23:00 in this clip, Simon Cowell proves why he has this show and the rest of us do not

  • Robert Rath
    Robert Rath Day ago

    at 27:10 you can see the true friendship

  • Mimouab
    Mimouab Day ago +1

    Mdr the subtitles

  • モッコ
    モッコ Day ago

    Word by word of Simon is very cool.

  • nader ragab
    nader ragab 3 days ago
    tell me if you like my voice

  • La Donna Strang
    La Donna Strang 3 days ago

    When he gets less angry; doors will open. A xo.

  • mutinta sibalwa
    mutinta sibalwa 3 days ago


  • nividi kevichusa
    nividi kevichusa 4 days ago

    3:15 Simon about to cry....

  • Phương Lều Bích

    Love the way they pressed the button without saying any word

  • mikode
    mikode 4 days ago

    Wow the way the dad stepped back to allow his kid to be the center of attention... what a wonderful dad and a true gentleman

  • Erra Jay
    Erra Jay 4 days ago

    "I am 60 years old-"
    THat is literally the funniest thing to me wtf

  • Coleson Monnier
    Coleson Monnier 4 days ago

    Number 3 he was so talented and happy and humble it was awsome

  • Gabriel Sarkodie
    Gabriel Sarkodie 4 days ago +1

    The magician looks like Arya Stark of Game of Thrones .

  • Gabriel Sarkodie
    Gabriel Sarkodie 4 days ago +3

    I thought he said "I'm dad, I'm 10" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Schmone Reynolds
    Schmone Reynolds 5 days ago

    Yeah love the friends in the last one omg

  • Arnel Ameng
    Arnel Ameng 5 days ago

    I like watching this recapped😭

  • Victorina Waworuntu
    Victorina Waworuntu 5 days ago +1

    does anyone cry on all of them? no? just me? ok:")

  • Matt Carney
    Matt Carney 5 days ago

    america really does have talent

  • Axrorov Sherzod
    Axrorov Sherzod 5 days ago +1

    it's very very good

  • Surjeet singh Sandhu

    I am x hope😎😎 this guy is lit

  • Will Hastings
    Will Hastings 6 days ago

    I just wanna know how this was done and don't say magic.. however he did it was AMAZING

  • PuLzE_ 5god
    PuLzE_ 5god 6 days ago

    The magic trick is so amazing but sad at the same time

  • Chérubin Lusangi
    Chérubin Lusangi 6 days ago

    Thank you for all

  • Rabi Jiji
    Rabi Jiji 7 days ago

    Every thing is fake

  • Mark Lloyd Magcalas
    Mark Lloyd Magcalas 7 days ago

    I like wiggle wine...hehehehe so impresive

  • Karon Woods
    Karon Woods 7 days ago

    So amazing

  • Karon Woods
    Karon Woods 7 days ago

    They're truly Lucky I lost everything

  • Karon Woods
    Karon Woods 7 days ago

    When that young man sing it took me to another place

  • LeylaGee
    LeylaGee 7 days ago

    Everyone realizes they watched a 30 minute video of people having success in their lives while most of us are home watching this 😂😂😂

  • Tracy Singh
    Tracy Singh 8 days ago

    Did everyone just use their golden buzzer in this one episode lmao

  • InfoBroker
    InfoBroker 8 days ago +1

    Wow that Father Son duo in the beginning was thee most amazing magic i've ever seen.

  • Luiz Araujo
    Luiz Araujo 8 days ago

    Brs são fodas akakaka

  • 90 09friendzy
    90 09friendzy 8 days ago

    We the lucky ones

  • 아가리
    아가리 8 days ago

    저 한국인인데 해석좀 해주실분😢😢

  • Purrfect Cookie
    Purrfect Cookie 9 days ago +1

    That first guy.... taht was incredible omg bless this family and every persons family’s who is reading this

  • Руминдар Тналиев

    Арю затекен мнау.

  • Paco Bernal García
    Paco Bernal García 10 days ago

    Alguien me puede decir que canción suena cuando le dan el pase de oro al último chico

  • UH UM
    UH UM 10 days ago

    17:20 o sh** a rat!

  • HydrOxygen
    HydrOxygen 10 days ago


  • WeißderGeier01
    WeißderGeier01 10 days ago

    Black Man? Sorry - i am tired and go to sleep

  • Karl Jhopyl Ambas
    Karl Jhopyl Ambas 10 days ago +1

    judges:i like your the golden buzzer!!!

    janitor: nooooooo!!!

  • arief muhammad
    arief muhammad 11 days ago

    garut indonesian brooo

  • arief muhammad
    arief muhammad 11 days ago

    ngomong naon ey te kaharti

  • Gimsam Samsung
    Gimsam Samsung 11 days ago

    Spectakuler,,,luar biasa,,

  • joe joe
    joe joe 11 days ago +1

    i love the 2nd performance

  • Ayanda Myeza
    Ayanda Myeza 11 days ago

    I wish x factor to come back in our TV channels

  • ميرفت ابراهيم

    يا شباب مين عربي الله لا يوفقكن فضحتونا قدام الاجانب

  • Raeonna Bates
    Raeonna Bates 11 days ago +1

    Wow I got the goosebumps on the magician act! Holy cow! No wayyyy🙌🏻🎉❤️😳😱

  • Mustafa Ammar
    Mustafa Ammar 11 days ago


  • Anna Kaminski
    Anna Kaminski 12 days ago


  • X' O
    X' O 12 days ago

    The second one he deserve it ❤

  • La Pèrdua De Pes Dietista

    I'm having fun watching! Thank you guys!?

  • Aris Haralampos Tokatlidis

    So , in conclusion the majority of golden buzzers are people who had a sad story of them or a sibling . Or they had a life threaten disease but now they are healthy and stuff like that (my opinion doesn't have to do with only this video and this show but all talent shows) I don't want to be a bad person by saying this but if they are not good at what they do just don't push it , because they say or show something that hits you right in your fillings doesn't mean they have to go throw.

  • Chaaarz
    Chaaarz 13 days ago +2

    That was so rude of Simon to say, why don’t you live with your parents? In the last act.

  • yoderd 20
    yoderd 20 13 days ago

    Simon is a genius!! That is all!!

  • pilategrove
    pilategrove 13 days ago +4

    I’ll need to contact TVclips customer service:

    This video is making my eyes leak

    PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS 13 days ago

    Name song minute 12:30?

  • まろまよ
    まろまよ 13 days ago


  • Marx Pozest
    Marx Pozest 14 days ago

    That i am X holy ahit!!


    "Hat"... no more questions... no more words.

  • McMahon 04k
    McMahon 04k 14 days ago

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate David while Donchez was performing? He absolutely loved it 😂😂😂

  • McMahon 04k
    McMahon 04k 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice that David kissed Simons cheek in the first one? No? Just me? Ok

  • Steven Khanimov
    Steven Khanimov 14 days ago

    only word...LOVEEE

  • im batman
    im batman 15 days ago

    12.10 all the single mums go wild over silly babys ..sad tbh

  • Pinky Chan
    Pinky Chan 15 days ago


  • Atomic_Claw
    Atomic_Claw 15 days ago

    Wiggle wine ur body

  • talal aldegaither
    talal aldegaither 15 days ago +4

    3 years ago calum Scott didn’t win BGT and now they use his song on golden buzzers

  • Seth Rollins
    Seth Rollins 15 days ago

    6:11 Jeff

  • I eat memes Lol
    I eat memes Lol 15 days ago

    10:57 no one expected that book would be important but now with x being revealed it’s all so clear

    THERESA THOMAS 15 days ago +1