• Published on Feb 9, 2017
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    Dear friends and followers, today´s video will be about two strange and mysterious objects you most certainly have seen on your last flight with an Airbus A320.
    We´ll talk about a small little triangle which you can within the cabin, indicating the wings leading edge and trailing edge, but why is that important? The main reason for the triangle is, to help the pilot or a flight attendant find the leading/trailing edge quicker in case there is a problem with the flaps or slats. Especially during night it will make it easier to find the window to look out of. But see more about that in the video.
    The second mysterious object I´ll be talking about is the little yellow hook installed on the Airbus wing. I´ve heard many funny rumours about the hook and it´s purpose. It´s all about the Airbus escape ropes in case of an emergency. See for yourself as I try to explain these two strange objects on the Airbus :)
    Thank you very much for your time, and I appreciate your positive comments and thanks for subscribing to my channel.
    Wishing you all the best, and see you next thursday. At 19:00 UTC I´ll upload the next video.
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  • Justin S.
    Justin S. 2 days ago

    정문호 최승호님 감사합니다

  • Uvraj Ram
    Uvraj Ram 6 days ago

    2:23 An Airberlin Plane but with OLT express tail.

  • Uvraj Ram
    Uvraj Ram 6 days ago


  • Tim Deger
    Tim Deger 13 days ago

    But the hock on the wing is used for the overwingexit slides. If the slide hasnt inflated, you can still use the slide by attaching a carabiner onto the hock on the wing so that the slide is taut. People on the ground have to hold the slide and passengers can slide down to the ground.
    -> there's a nice video here on yt
    I think the escape rope is only available on boeing planes (->but i am not totaly sure)

  • ajay shokeen
    ajay shokeen 15 days ago

    Hello sir,
    In latest cfm leap 1a engines, what is the purpose of shark fins on engines cowlings?

  • Sunny Wu
    Sunny Wu 18 days ago

    It means they serve McDonald Happy Meals on the plane. lol

  • Michael Mccarthy
    Michael Mccarthy 22 days ago

    So those rope hooks have never been used before.

  • Azuqueca Televisión
    Azuqueca Televisión 23 days ago

    Por que las ruedas de un avion no giran antes del momento de aterrizar para minimizar el roce al tocar tierra?

  • DragonFly360
    DragonFly360 24 days ago

    #Troll Why is airbus better than boeing ? 😂

  • Merton Hale
    Merton Hale 25 days ago

    Who attaches or installs the rope?

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B 26 days ago

    I'd seen the yellow anchors demonstrated in the safety card but I always thought it was to maintain structural integrity during an "unfortunate" landing. Interesting to learn differently. Thanks!

  • Makan Tahi
    Makan Tahi 29 days ago


  • Avery Emmanuel Chauncey Serrano

    The triangle actually is a seal of approval of the Illuminati

  • Jack La Lone
    Jack La Lone Month ago

    We clip to them as fall protection with a harness when servicing the engine when a stand is not handy.

  • Steve Zeleny
    Steve Zeleny Month ago

    What do you call the loose nuts behind the controls?

  • FancySteve64
    FancySteve64 Month ago

    100 50 40 30 20 10 Butter

  • Samantha Willmer
    Samantha Willmer Month ago

    dear joe i have a question about engines how they looks inside and how the fuel is delivered into it and how is the place where the kerosene are burned

  • Bud Aviation
    Bud Aviation Month ago

    oh really helped, because i thought it would let through air, like an airflow or something but oh well thanks :D

  • PC GUY 1241
    PC GUY 1241 Month ago

    Mysterious airbus objects *S I T S I N 7 4 7*

  • Gaming Twins
    Gaming Twins Month ago

    I saw that black triangle yesterday on an A320 too!

  • Sivan Sharma
    Sivan Sharma Month ago

    What are those giant cylindrical things under the wings?

  • Tim Gxxx
    Tim Gxxx Month ago

    I have a other myth:These little gaps In every Windows

  • XxZionicxX
    XxZionicxX Month ago

    Captain joe, what airline do/did you work for

  • ARRUE Ricardo
    ARRUE Ricardo Month ago

    Thanks for

  • KubeCzek
    KubeCzek Month ago

    What are thooooose?

  • Gingka Hagane
    Gingka Hagane Month ago

    Question: Why does Airbus have joysticks and not yokes???

  • AirsoftSlo
    AirsoftSlo Month ago

    I always thought it was to lift the wing while instalation and assembly kinda like it is on excavators.

  • Muhammad Nawaz
    Muhammad Nawaz 2 months ago

    Why there are same triangular signs outside of some aircrafts

  • divyansh sharma
    divyansh sharma 2 months ago

    Make a video related to aircraft engineer

  • Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

    Why does my A318 call me a retard when I land it?

  • Meikle
    Meikle 3 months ago

    What is that big barrel under the wing that makes a lot of noise?

  • zan 3:16
    zan 3:16 3 months ago

    When I first saw the yellow things , I thought the airlines was sponsored by Macdonald’s

  • Mark Gerad
    Mark Gerad 3 months ago

    I think its for mooring. 🤔 correct me if I'm wrong

  • Ahingge
    Ahingge 3 months ago

    Number of engine on an commercial airplane should be odd number or even number?

  • Anna Fink
    Anna Fink 4 months ago

    On a recent flight, my friend noticed the escape rope anchor point. He asked why a ninja turtle was peeping up from the wing.

  • Srikanth P
    Srikanth P 4 months ago

    Capt Joe, It is really nice for amateurs like us to know the details of the aircraft.. Thanks so much for making it simple and interesting. One question I do have is the wings look so thin and when flaps are deployed we can actually see there is nothing below.. where exactly is the fuel tank in the wing.? how can it store close to 100 tons of fuel?.

  • David M
    David M 4 months ago

    why do I repent of my sins when im on a plane but when it lands safely I forget about my repentance and continue to sin?

  • Yen Catequista
    Yen Catequista 4 months ago

    And why does airbus call pilots retard?

  • Yen Catequista
    Yen Catequista 4 months ago

    Ive boarded a ryanair before... When its time to land the plane got whiplashes

  • Nhutal LPO
    Nhutal LPO 4 months ago

    I got a question for you Joe it is: What happen when the plane or an aircraft is all painted in different colour? Will it make it more heavier? Or it will require more fuel?

  • Ahmad Sayyed
    Ahmad Sayyed 4 months ago

    Very well explained

  • Ricky Rica
    Ricky Rica 4 months ago

    Captain Joe. Just observe on Airbus 320-200 theres a seats on the wing exit way. But why its not detachable or have a special lever to pull to detactch the seats and throw it outside to make the exitway more spacious?

  • Pedro Fondevila
    Pedro Fondevila 4 months ago

    Muchas gracias Ahora tienen sus vídeos subtítulos en español. Buen vuelo.

  • DsYkX Plays games
    DsYkX Plays games 4 months ago

    Just now there was a #FlyANAToJapan video *Sigh* more about airplanes

  • random happens here
    random happens here 5 months ago

    You know how he was talking about o Ryan air well o Ryan air SUCKS

  • CSRT4 Ever
    CSRT4 Ever 5 months ago

    So Airbus has made plans to crash.. great!

  • ando a
    ando a 5 months ago

    What is that red thing on top of the wing

  • kate lewis
    kate lewis 5 months ago

    i was on a plane yesterday and i was wondering what the hooks were during taxi- during the flight i read the safety manual and low and behold i found out! honestly, i was quite proud of myself haha

  • TheWhiteAsian YT
    TheWhiteAsian YT 5 months ago

    I have a question for you captain, do Ryanair pilots get as much training as a regular southwest pilot? Because every video I see of them landing the let it go down hard

  • Artsy Drawings
    Artsy Drawings 5 months ago

    I thought that the yellow thing was a mcdonalds sign 😂😂

  • Agustin Misael Melendez Jr.
    Agustin Misael Melendez Jr. 5 months ago +33

    When I was little I thought it was a McDonald's happy meal stuck in the wing of the plane

  • Ana Catarina Matos Pereira

    the Airbus A310 also has inverted T’s so we can check the status of the main gear. If the main gear is down and locked red pins will pop on the surface of the wing

  • Michał Bawołek
    Michał Bawołek 5 months ago

    The triangle is illuminati

  • Rubik
    Rubik 5 months ago

    why are you sitting in boeing plane?

  • Captain Alex
    Captain Alex 5 months ago

    I have a question.
    how do you get into flying school and do flight simulator hours count of it was a present and could those hours be used to help get a job

  • Faze Gaming
    Faze Gaming 5 months ago

    Hi Joe um what are those holes in the window on a plane

  • Kunju Kunju
    Kunju Kunju 5 months ago

    Captain joe, How the airplanes turn in air...?

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 6 months ago

    What about the lip on the engine of the a321 that says no step, if it isn't a step then what is the point of it surely it adds drag??

  • Heng Khong Woo
    Heng Khong Woo 6 months ago

    Why planes toilets are very noisy when we flush out

  • Phantom Aviator
    Phantom Aviator 6 months ago

    Its not mysterious, its a happy meal!

  • BrickFan
    BrickFan 6 months ago

    A cool attraction with these orange attatchments on wings would be to attatch a rope there thats connected to you with a harness and being draged behind the plane while flying. But I think a better spot to exit and access the plane would be a cargo ramp in the back. : ) Nice videos by the way, interesting themes, wanna become a pilot too. Go on like that.

  • Metin Rousian
    Metin Rousian 6 months ago

    Super wirklich super flockig erklärt hehe liebe es

    ALEX CANALES 6 months ago

    I really enjoy listening your explanation you have such amazing personality

    ALEX CANALES 6 months ago


  • made4change94
    made4change94 6 months ago

    I went on a Boeing 737 and I saw that yellow thing on the wing and I thought it was FOD

  • Malik Howell
    Malik Howell 6 months ago

    I found out about something else about the A320, the FOPP(Fuel Over pressure Protector).

  • Patrick Dorion
    Patrick Dorion 6 months ago

    That's the most ridiculous implement i ever.. rofl

  • de rutser
    de rutser 6 months ago

    4 minutes talking about Airbus in a boing simulator

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo 6 months ago

    If it's slippery then how do you expect the Escape Rope to be installed?

  • Ozan
    Ozan 6 months ago

    Why not use retractable hooks for such rope?

  • Dan Gaming
    Dan Gaming 6 months ago +2

    Flight simulator paused on final 😂😂😂

  • Carson caswell
    Carson caswell 6 months ago

    What are thoes boxy things under the wing

  • K.A. Avanith
    K.A. Avanith 6 months ago

    i once heard the ptu during landing ..why is that like that???

  • TheOziasmidwinter
    TheOziasmidwinter 6 months ago

    'inconvenient aircraft/ground conjugation'

  • Jakob Panduro
    Jakob Panduro 6 months ago

    Now I can sleep again. Thank you ;-)

  • Agim Agimi
    Agim Agimi 6 months ago

    Welche ist die maximale speed wo eine pilot darf fliegen

  • Salembier El Madania
    Salembier El Madania 6 months ago

    Hi captain what is your nationality?

  • Abdul Moiz
    Abdul Moiz 6 months ago

    Why don’t the windscreen vipers blow away off a flying plane?

  • Ultimate Music
    Ultimate Music 6 months ago

    Also Just out of curiousity, If a boeing 737 had a power outage, where the engines stopped working, and then power came back on 1 minute later, would the plane be able to recover from a vertical nose dive?

  • Ultimate Music
    Ultimate Music 6 months ago

    Hey Captain Joe, why does an airplane with a rudder need to tilt in order to turn? I mean A boat has a rudder too and it doesn't need to tilt on turns. So whats up with planes?

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball 6 months ago

    what is that crazy thing that spins around in the nose of cessna 172?

  • Joel Jok Disun
    Joel Jok Disun 6 months ago

    Which one is your favorite captain...Boeing or Airbus??

  • Chicken_Nugget391 ROBLOX

    Hi captain joe great channel! Love the facts!! Can you describe the dangling thing outside on the wing on a sky bus twin otter please?

  • cuhyah
    cuhyah 6 months ago

    I've spent hours staring at one of those things wondering why its there!

  • ashok jha
    ashok jha 6 months ago

    what is the round things on the top of the aircraft mostly at the nearest back (like water tank cover)

  • Thorsten Dörnbach
    Thorsten Dörnbach 6 months ago

    Are you german? 🤔

  • AviaTem_RBLX
    AviaTem_RBLX 6 months ago

    Why are you in a 747 cockpit!!!

  • eeskaatt
    eeskaatt 6 months ago

    inflight entertainment should add your videos to their catalogue sir. very entertaining!! :)

  • salko
    salko 6 months ago

    joe, why some airliners have one wheel on the front gear and 6-8 wheels in the back

  • Matt C
    Matt C 6 months ago

    3:12 "If you find another questionable thing in an Airbus or any other plane..." Is that gremlin on the wing normal? He keeps taking stuff apart and breaking stuff, but no one can see him but me.
    (J/K obviously. Twilight Zone reference.)

  • Shashikant Chaudhary
    Shashikant Chaudhary 6 months ago

    U r the Best Joe!!!!

  • Abandoned
    Abandoned 7 months ago

    What are those holes on passenger windows

  • Sanath saleelan
    Sanath saleelan 7 months ago

    What is the arrow mark in the wing near the window???

  • sedrv gyhky
    sedrv gyhky 7 months ago

    Only illuminati can sit in those rows because of the triangle sign.

  • Varyani Paresh
    Varyani Paresh 7 months ago

    Do we get sufficient time to pass the rope from the hole ?

  • Ricardo Rueda
    Ricardo Rueda 7 months ago +2

    Did anyone notice that he was on a Boeing 747?

  • Micah James
    Micah James 7 months ago

    Answer my question please u. Don’t have to if u don’t want to

  • Micah James
    Micah James 7 months ago

    Do pilots ever use autopilot

  • Sumin Shizzles
    Sumin Shizzles 7 months ago

    Cool. My assumption was spot on then. Its for ropes.

    RYVOX 7 months ago

    i was correct, it looked like it would have had a rope but never thought how it will work since all the cables are underneath the plane.