SNIPER ELITE 4 (Honest Game Trailers)

  • Published on Feb 14, 2017
    HGT: PAYDAY 2 ►►
    From the studio that's been making aliens fight predators since the early 90s, comes the 4th installment of their popular franchise about an american sniper - and his one man vendetta against Nazis. It's SNIPER ELITE 4!
    Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see...
    Honest Game Trailers: Sniper Elite 4
    Executive Producers: Matt Raub and Spencer Gilbert
    Episode Written by: Andrew Bird, Max Song, Spencer Gilbert and Matt Raub
    Edited by: Max Song
    Voiceover Narration by Jon:
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  • Runtime: 4:10
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  • Quinton TV
    Quinton TV 3 days ago

    Lmao, Paramedic.

  • Aaron Maclean
    Aaron Maclean 7 days ago

    Honest trailer on what we would like in next game ?

  • Nikec Lahajner
    Nikec Lahajner 11 days ago

    1:37 music? Please say the name of it with your voice.

  • Adam Hollingsworth
    Adam Hollingsworth 12 days ago


  • Yvan Brunel
    Yvan Brunel 18 days ago

    a baby could do headshots ! XD

  • Kemily Play
    Kemily Play 21 day ago

    mega beijosss

  • V K
    V K 29 days ago

    "Just an excuse to shoot people guilt free"
    Make no mistake, nobody needs an excuse to shoot literal Nazis guilt free. Nobody feels guilty killing Nazis.

  • Bryan Verstappen
    Bryan Verstappen 29 days ago

    I have to be honest this is better than the original game trailer!

  • Alexis Lopez
    Alexis Lopez Month ago

    4 Dollars, that Bullshit

  • benjamin kilton
    benjamin kilton Month ago

    Best game trailer I'v seen in a while

  • André Yuri Vicente de Pádua

    3:16 But then "Wolfenstein: The New Colossus" happened!

  • E
    E Month ago

    Got like the weirdest boner rn

  • NIMM TEIL, oder STIRB.

    I want to shoot Allies in the balls.

  • Isaac W
    Isaac W Month ago +1

    Rinse & Repeat's actually a pretty good title.

  • dosduros
    dosduros 2 months ago

    Mortal Komba.... now wait...

  • Duy Bui
    Duy Bui 2 months ago

    This should have featured shots if lasercorn shooting balls

  • Philip Gillespie
    Philip Gillespie 2 months ago

    What’s the music used at 1:00

  • Mathew Godfrey
    Mathew Godfrey 2 months ago

    Funny, I actually thought that guy looked like Mr. Rogers too.

  • Mathew Godfrey
    Mathew Godfrey 2 months ago

    The only way to cure someone from National Socialist Fascism is to be shot in the balls.

  • Samuel Martinson
    Samuel Martinson 2 months ago

    please do a game trailer on SERIOUS SAM

  • crzymn246
    crzymn246 2 months ago

    Hey man, $4 was a lot of money back then...

  • hamez bonder
    hamez bonder 2 months ago


  • Aarth Sierra
    Aarth Sierra 3 months ago

    do rainbow six siege

  • Outrage News Network
    Outrage News Network 3 months ago +1

    Say exploding Nazi testicles five times fast.

  • GamiFiction
    GamiFiction 3 months ago +1

    Do ASSASSIN'S CREED Syndicate. Bitch, plzz

  • bryan li
    bryan li 3 months ago

    "Spoilers: the Allies win"

    History lessons spoiled CoD, Battlefield, Sniper Elite, and any ww2 games

  • Adnan Ornab
    Adnan Ornab 3 months ago +1

    Say"I am Ornab and I love Orpa"

  • Adnan Ornab
    Adnan Ornab 3 months ago

    Say"I am Ornab and I love Orpa"

  • TehAnonymous
    TehAnonymous 3 months ago

    Did you just whimper over guy camping in a corner with a sniper rifle in a game called Sniper Elite? Isn't that exactly what snipers do?

  • frank jones
    frank jones 3 months ago

    The Nazis won, it just took 70 years and an orange freak

    • Chino Cocoa
      Chino Cocoa 3 months ago

      I can't tell if you're kidding or not...

  • Mr makes million 1234
    Mr makes million 1234 3 months ago

    Its a italian sniper

  • online gamer
    online gamer 4 months ago

    Honest game trailers destiny 2

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis 4 months ago

    So basically, this is the type of game that The End would play (the grandaddy of sniping).

  • F2H
    F2H 4 months ago

    Main character in Sniper Elite isn't American, he's British. Pretty much every cutscene and dialogue between characters makes it abundantly clear.

  • Pjt R
    Pjt R 5 months ago +1

    That's why I play only in "Authentic" difficulty.

  • Lord Of Darkness
    Lord Of Darkness 5 months ago

    Honestly, HOW is this a 16. SERIOUSLY.

  • Denis
    Denis 5 months ago

    LMAO that Solid Snake refference was golden,I also see how you're great at imitating Duke Nukem aswell,Keep up the good work dude :D

  • Harika Mohan
    Harika Mohan 5 months ago

    Do Return to Castle Wolfentsein!!!

  • Vin Guevarra
    Vin Guevarra 5 months ago

    Say "I. Am. Gundam"

  • Monkey Reaf
    Monkey Reaf 5 months ago

    I already know there gonna be a testicle joke before i watch it

    • Monkey Reaf
      Monkey Reaf 5 months ago

      Lol 30 seconds in and he said it.

  • Lews Therin Talamon
    Lews Therin Talamon 5 months ago

    "That one asshole who sits in the corner, and snipes the whole map"
    Anyone else played Serpuhov CTF...?

  • Emerson Cooper Music
    Emerson Cooper Music 5 months ago +1

    SO true! But I still LOVE this game series!

  • Sir Gamessin
    Sir Gamessin 5 months ago

    Honest sniper ghost warrior 3

  • Hunter12365
    Hunter12365 5 months ago

    where on earth is warframe trailer?????

  • Pclone 501
    Pclone 501 5 months ago

    Say "I am Rogal Dorn."

  • Clint Woodley
    Clint Woodley 5 months ago

    Man I can't stop getting an image of baby getting headshots out of my head.

  • KidGamingChannel
    KidGamingChannel 5 months ago

    I don't even sniper I use the most powerful weapon in the games the lugar most people don't even sneak they run out and start shouting people turning into call duty world at war campaign

  • ihaZtac0
    ihaZtac0 5 months ago +1

    Dude just do the Hotline Miami series.

  • Carro's Grave
    Carro's Grave 5 months ago

    "B. J. Blaskowitz"

  • jhoggard71
    jhoggard71 6 months ago

    boom beach

  • TheSilverLanternCorp
    TheSilverLanternCorp 6 months ago

    Do a zombie army trilogy trailer

  • Uncleqrow
    Uncleqrow 6 months ago

    I thought karal was suppose to be British and just has a American accent for some reason

    PAYDAY PLAYER 6 months ago

    Testicle shots

  • Manal Amer
    Manal Amer 6 months ago +1

    plz make an honest trailer for town of salem

    • Manal Amer
      Manal Amer 6 months ago +1

      say my burrito is singing despazeto

  • Feby Matram
    Feby Matram 6 months ago

    you forgot the testicles shot

  • Tom Hauser
    Tom Hauser 6 months ago

    What's the music that plays at 4:00 of the video? Love it!

  • Black dragon Kalameet
    Black dragon Kalameet 6 months ago

    I'm a fascist

    MC RHYMES 6 months ago

    I never heard of this game

  • r w
    r w 7 months ago

    This game looks awesome!

  • Dominus Mammon
    Dominus Mammon 7 months ago

    do smite!

  • Godwyn Emmanuel
    Godwyn Emmanuel 7 months ago


  • Ahmet Semih YILMAZ
    Ahmet Semih YILMAZ 7 months ago

    Well, speaking about wolfenstein, when will you make an honest trailer about wolfenstein 2009 or the new order or the old blood or the new colossus?

  • Adam Bushfield
    Adam Bushfield 7 months ago

    I've GOT to know the music they use.

  • Jlox
    Jlox 7 months ago

    My history teacher spoiled this entire game.

  • Hayden
    Hayden 7 months ago

    still a better love story than twilight.

  • Hayden
    Hayden 7 months ago

    "wait, so I just took out a million nazis, a tank, and a railgun and only got $4?!?!! Thats Bull*#/?. I want a raise."

  • Rommel Garcia
    Rommel Garcia 7 months ago

    Dude, it's the fucking 40's with 5 bucks you could spend one month in food and beers.

  • PsykoNinjaGamingNL
    PsykoNinjaGamingNL 7 months ago

    fascists and NAZI's are not the same...
    just thought you should know

  • bo jackson
    bo jackson 7 months ago

    So basically the only reason Manhunt got an AO rating is because of the story?
    Cause this is some fucked up shit right here. Like the X-ray moves in Mortal Kombat.

  • Tsar Nicholas II
    Tsar Nicholas II 7 months ago

    Nazis were fascist, Learn your history, NSDAP= National Socialist German Worker's party

  • Rupin Mathur
    Rupin Mathur 7 months ago

    if you got the balls, do Dragon Ball

  • Rama Surya.R
    Rama Surya.R 7 months ago

    u know the real satisfaction of sniper elite is shooting Nazis in the balls, right?

  • Chino Cocoa
    Chino Cocoa 7 months ago

    "Everything in this game...explodes." Did Mike Bay make this?

  • Hana LeDea
    Hana LeDea 7 months ago +1

    GUYYYSSSSS!!!! U haven't done a single silent hill.

  • NateLB
    NateLB 8 months ago

    This was 120% accurate

  • Schnellemeyer
    Schnellemeyer 8 months ago

    Great vid. - Hard to find any mods for this game, but I made one:

  • Ian Hislop
    Ian Hislop 8 months ago

    Do naruto

  • Ami Mim
    Ami Mim 8 months ago

    please do far cry

  • AlterExo
    AlterExo 8 months ago

    1:35 is the starting of metal gear honest review

  • Tamás Budai
    Tamás Budai 8 months ago

    Say "I need healing"

  • WaitForAdi
    WaitForAdi 8 months ago

    Please do Fallout New Vegas.

    POTATO -AIMS 8 months ago

    seems legit

  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo 8 months ago

    This video makes me feel good about being shitty at stealth games. Thanks awesome voice guy

  • I'm a geek, not a nerd
    I'm a geek, not a nerd 8 months ago

    Just picked up this game a few days ago. "So easy a baby could get headshots" doesn't really apply when you're playing on the hardest difficulty. Playing on Hardcore mode actually makes the game require some thought.

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest 8 months ago

    Modern russian kids prefer previous games, where you slaughther russian soldiers as nazi sniper.

  • Ferris
    Ferris 8 months ago +1

    This game is just disturbing! I mean, there's an actual "human being", that came up with the idea to show the kills like that! What the fuck?

  • nilesh mahadik
    nilesh mahadik 8 months ago +1

    please say "i am tired, i need a new job in ass ass in creed."

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE 8 months ago

    dude you can Just adjust the difficulties

  • Chino Cocoa
    Chino Cocoa 8 months ago

    Who else laughed when the Epic Voice said "one-man vendetta against Nazi testicles"?

  • DasIstWalter
    DasIstWalter 8 months ago +4

    do Rainbow Six Siege!

  • Bernardo Andres Cartes Romero

    can you do space channel 5? or marvel avengers alliance?

  • easymode666
    easymode666 9 months ago +34

    ".... and his one man vendetta against nazi testicles!"
    hahahahahahaha i lost it there :D

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo 9 months ago

    2:11 , you are playing the easiest settings, in harder settings, that aim assist is non existent. that aim assist kills the game.

  • pdf s
    pdf s 9 months ago

    Can anyone tell me where the music is from, that starts at 1:31?
    I know it but I just can't remember where from... Thanks.

  • braq662
    braq662 9 months ago

    I finally found that song at 1:00 after literal months of searching just because some people do not put in the description what the names of the songs are.

  • jesus monzon
    jesus monzon 9 months ago

    Honest S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl

  • Devastating Joke
    Devastating Joke 9 months ago


  • Stephan Connor
    Stephan Connor 9 months ago

    you saying nazis are not pretty? hugo boss uniforms m8 :V

  • Lord Nox
    Lord Nox 9 months ago

    Do Star Wars The Old Republic

  • Xpart Dreemurr
    Xpart Dreemurr 9 months ago +1

    did we saw hitler?!