The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  24 days ago +14417

    Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.

    • Mez media
      Mez media 3 days ago

      Unbox Therapy my issue on my xs max is that when in portrait mode, my depth “f emblem” doesn’t appear. Nor when I take a picture and try to edit it there isn’t a depth symbol or adjustment of depth. Even after I updated everything, still didn’t appear. Any tips on how to fix this?

    • Typical Nico
      Typical Nico 7 days ago

      The first thing I say when I see all the iPhones all I need is one!

    • Erik Woodwork
      Erik Woodwork 14 days ago

      Unbox Therapy I really a fan of apple I was thinking of getting the xs

    • Alger Basic
      Alger Basic 24 days ago

      This happen to me too

    • Jay Brown
      Jay Brown 24 days ago

      Lol apple beef

  • alex learnard
    alex learnard 21 hour ago

    My XS charges great :)

  • Alex Yallop
    Alex Yallop 22 hours ago

    The dramatic music lol.....

  • Oxzy __12
    Oxzy __12 Day ago

    give me one:(

    GRIZLY Day ago

    Hey can i have the gold iPhone xs max

  • Dan Reshef
    Dan Reshef Day ago

    At least our phone doesn’t explode.

  • Divine
    Divine Day ago

    ok now go back to 8plus

  • Jocelyn Pena
    Jocelyn Pena Day ago

    It’s actually happening with my iPhone 8 it’s very annoying.

  • Papp Mark
    Papp Mark Day ago

    It is really a huge invention the greatest feature Apple finally made it... You can't charge your phone anymore when it dies so you can go out and have a life see the world 😂😂 I'm staying home I'm an Android user 😪

  • clorox wipes
    clorox wipes Day ago

    Hey can I get one of those?!

  • sayujya Dahal
    sayujya Dahal Day ago

    Can we update iOS 12 if we forgot our iCloud password

  • Gabriel Ian Naguit

    It work on every device that supports iOS 12

  • Bony Dominic
    Bony Dominic Day ago


  • 「GaZelle」三

    the backsound dude!

  • YoYo Creeper
    YoYo Creeper Day ago

    And reply.

  • YoYo Creeper
    YoYo Creeper Day ago

    If this didn’t work, you may contact me for more advice.

  • YoYo Creeper
    YoYo Creeper Day ago

    I found a fix for the common one, where you’d have to turn it on.
    All you have to do is go to settings and then go to passcode and turn on USB accessories and it should work.

  • rajesh v
    rajesh v Day ago

    Yes bro I got the same issue on 6s but after few searches I figured out its seems like OS issue. After 12.0.1 OS update I am facing this issue.

  • D Dr
    D Dr Day ago

    Let's be honest you fucked up your phone now you tryna get a refund or replacement where are these people ???

  • Singing QueenK
    Singing QueenK Day ago

    I really need help someone help my charger just bounces out of my Iphone xs and I have tried all the charger in my house too.

  • Haris Gaming 2
    Haris Gaming 2 Day ago

    Samsung user : crybaby

  • wendlerkurt
    wendlerkurt Day ago

    So desperate to find the next Bendgate.

  • Jyoan Moyo
    Jyoan Moyo Day ago

    But,but.... It's the best Iphone they said.

  • Ethan Havill
    Ethan Havill Day ago

    Could I have one 🙏

  • Jake JakeJake
    Jake JakeJake Day ago

    im having that problem with the SE but its aftermarket cables that its with so that might be the issue

  • Tom Beedall
    Tom Beedall Day ago

    Do they continue to charge agree waking them up or does it stop charging again when locked ?

  • patrickdunner39
    patrickdunner39 Day ago

    I just bought myself an iPhone XS max two days ago and I use both AC and DC charging cables both the house and my car chargers. They both seem to be working fine so far. But after watching this I am kind of curious if this will happen to my device at some point of time.

  • Charlie Wright
    Charlie Wright Day ago

    Did this get fixed? I've got one of these coming soon

  • kev
    kev Day ago

    No more headphone jack
    No home button
    And now.. no more charging

  • Savagecharizardgamer and Vloger Of Awesome

    Uh oh what’s going on apple??

  • Shawn P. Cosgrove
    Shawn P. Cosgrove 2 days ago

    This one is kinda related but different, Has anyone else used a third party charging block and notice weird & unexpected screen behavior or very shitty scrolling when moving around the screen or scrolling in Safari? This is one of the issues that I think Apple knows perfectly well WTF is going on. I think they put some kind of code into the phones so that they act terribly when it is charging on a Non-Apple Charging Block. They want you to dish out over $23.00 with the tax versus the few bucks most of us pay at our local pharmacy chain store. I've done extensive testing on my end with over a dozen Apple & Third Party Charging Blocks with only OEM Apple Lightning Cables, and I was able to recreate the issue with every Charging Block I plugged in. I feel that Apple expects their Loyal Customers, who dish out thousands of dollars to them as it is, to get so annoyed with this issue that they run right out to their local Apple store for an OEM Brick. I'm done giving Apple my money, having been a loyal customer since the 84' 128k Mac.
    The other thing I'm trying to get feedback on is Using The Pop Up On-Screen Keyboard when you're connected to a Bluetooth Device. I've submitted feedback to Apple for the past several iOS updates, I'm thinking since iOS 8 or so, and still have yet to see the issue corrected. I have no idea why this is still happening as I would imagine that a ton of people would be complaining about this one.
    I'm done leaving Apple Feedback, E-Mails, Posts in their Discussion Groups and need to see someone of note, Like you Lou, to hopefully throw this issue into the spotlight with the hopes that Apple owns up first and foremost, then correct the issues as I feel that they are both very important in today's age with more and more of us who like using our devices when they are plugged in and the vast assortment of Bluetooth Devices we're connected to. Hope everyone is having a Great Weekend.
    My Three Cents,

  • ThePhoenix_ King
    ThePhoenix_ King 2 days ago

    When Apple screws up, Android is there. Statefarm

  • stand by games made for cartoons

    If xs max will shut down will it charge what will happen

  • Noah
    Noah 2 days ago


  • Zan Amon
    Zan Amon 2 days ago

    My iphone XS max is totaly fine... Like this is so weird dude... Thank you for sharing this problem.

  • Creed Nicholson
    Creed Nicholson 2 days ago

    That’s why I’m not gonna waste $1100

  • Balls Please
    Balls Please 2 days ago

    I am started to think that apple planing to remove the charging port in the next iphone. Lol

  • ashowers86
    ashowers86 2 days ago

    Hey hun, what colors do you have on that table, I thought I seen two rose golds on preview pic

  • God lover
    God lover 2 days ago

    Is it a software problem? No i don t think that Apple would make such a futile mistake.. maybe they want you to buy wireless chargers and maybe they are just preparing us for the next iPhone

  • Youssef Samir
    Youssef Samir 2 days ago

    The best thing tho is that you didn't say there's a single problem with the iphone 8 plus

  • Mystic Gamer
    Mystic Gamer 2 days ago

    So my dad was reading articles about the charging problem, but I didn’t know about that because I was preparing on buying my iphone xs. I went to the apple store and asked them about he said their was no such thing. Tested it on my phone, doesn’t charge without a tap. Software update,works fine.

  • yarhi tamira
    yarhi tamira 2 days ago

    Omg...I don’t know that fact is sooo serious.. I love iPhone 📱 and I have iPhone 8+ and this iPhone is so good... idk what’s happening with new iPhones.. so strange 🙈😯 (like your video)😝

  • tjp da flash p1 pieters

    pay more for less

  • Jade Rodrigues
    Jade Rodrigues 2 days ago

    I have issues with lightning cables on all devices that use this.

  • Angel Makeup
    Angel Makeup 2 days ago


  • ThatGuyLewis
    ThatGuyLewis 2 days ago

    Android shit

  • ThatGuyLewis
    ThatGuyLewis 2 days ago

    Android shit

  • ThatGuyLewis
    ThatGuyLewis 2 days ago

    Android shit

  • ThatGuyLewis
    ThatGuyLewis 2 days ago

    Android shit

  • Prajeet Lonawat
    Prajeet Lonawat 2 days ago

    It seems that the phone is not even charging in the video, then my doubt is how did that got charged upto 73% and then suddenly stopped charging...isn't it kind of weird thing happening around...anyways apple users "All the BEST" with the new iPhone, hope it is worth spending money..

    JAOFRANCIA 07 2 days ago

    can you give me one pls

  • DatOneEdgy Dude
    DatOneEdgy Dude 2 days ago

    How to be chinese all the time

    SULAIMAN ISMAIL 2 days ago

    sent me one of this pls huhuhu student can never afford this so sad huhuhu

  • Crappresents Youtube

    I Have A theory:
    Only A Bit Of Iphone S Maxes WONT charge, Apple Has Lazy workers AND the company is lazy

  • Pharaoh
    Pharaoh 2 days ago

    im happy that i never spent a cent ever on a apple garbage in my life verry proud

  • Haileys Life
    Haileys Life 2 days ago

    My tablet is like that too

  • Amy’s roblox gameplay

    *cough* go to apple store to get it fixed

  • Jaymond reid
    Jaymond reid 2 days ago

    Yes, phone companys just don't care anymore. It's said, thank you for bringing it to light.

  • Laura A
    Laura A 2 days ago

    I’ve been having this happen intermittently on my phone 8 since upgrading to ios12 so I suspect an iOS issue vs an XS issue? Either way, Apple needs to take action!

  • Jason Elston
    Jason Elston 2 days ago

    Wow you'd think it was bad when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up all the time from battery issues, but jesus, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • John Stemle
    John Stemle 2 days ago

    What about turning the sleep mode off??

  • John Stemle
    John Stemle 2 days ago

    Well can you turn the idol or sleep mode off??

  • GucciTaeShoes !
    GucciTaeShoes ! 2 days ago

    The same thing happened to my iphone 6 , I had to keep flipping the slides over and over some times it would charge but most of the time it doesn't . Went to go and fix it , apparently it was completely dead , I got it two years before that happened.

  • A n R Royalty
    A n R Royalty 2 days ago


  • krit senahuad
    krit senahuad 3 days ago

    maybe, headphone-jack-removal-plugg-em-in-the-lighting-port causing it, the phone prob mixed upp wich is the headphones and wich is the lighting cable

  • Hugo Landeira
    Hugo Landeira 3 days ago

    i’ll stick with my iPhone 7

  • Lynn Grover
    Lynn Grover 3 days ago

    I have not had any such problem with my XS Max!

  • Huzaifa Abdurrehman
    Huzaifa Abdurrehman 3 days ago

    Bro its new technology... U dont know nothing

  • EikoN
    EikoN 3 days ago

    "Reset your phone"
    -Apple or any IT person who ever lived

  • OOFNightmxres
    OOFNightmxres 3 days ago

    It happened to my I phone 7

  • Terminator T-X3
    Terminator T-X3 3 days ago

    It’s so interesting seeing how people react to issues* with products.

  • Derek Von Hohenheim
    Derek Von Hohenheim 3 days ago

    Just get an iPhone from 6-8 easy at that! XS is just Excessive

  • VIKK
    VIKK 3 days ago


  • Hadi Jalal
    Hadi Jalal 3 days ago

    It is charging

  • mohammed shareef
    mohammed shareef 3 days ago

    Shit man i really love the way he present his videos especially the way he talks .....Hi Lou here a Fanboy from India

  • Will Gilliam
    Will Gilliam 3 days ago

    Did I notice that if the charging indicator was red on the screen, it didn't want to wake up and charge? From watching your video, if what I saw was accurate, then maybe its some bad code...

  • Zahir Naqvi
    Zahir Naqvi 3 days ago

    Apple invented tap to charge

  • David S
    David S 3 days ago

    When is apple going to send out the bug to slow the 10x

  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson 3 days ago

    Apples new “hands on” approach to’re in control.

  • Najwa Shariff
    Najwa Shariff 3 days ago

    Whatever. People still buy it tho. Its just a symbol to the rich people. Apple can sell a banana for 2000 dollar and people still buy it if they put an apple logo on it. Trust me.

  • Chris Hepp
    Chris Hepp 3 days ago

    I think it could have to do with the color

  • Kikiand Noelle
    Kikiand Noelle 3 days ago

    I wish I had one

  • nangki Ketan
    nangki Ketan 3 days ago

    World Best youtuber

  • Enes YT
    Enes YT 3 days ago

    The problem

  • CrustyBasterd
    CrustyBasterd 3 days ago

    When u use the 2x zoom the camera shakes so much when you move it around...

  • aribbonatatime
    aribbonatatime 3 days ago

    Thank you for giving everyone with issues a voice. Hopefully Apple will pay attention now.

  • Yanna Gonzales
    Yanna Gonzales 3 days ago

    pls give me one of ur phones

  • Rayne12x
    Rayne12x 3 days ago

    Only gullible people who wanna show the world they can afford an expensive phone go for this kind of bullcrap. Support the people who actually bring quality and creativity to phones.

  • Max Phillips
    Max Phillips 3 days ago

    Acts like it’s the apocalypse, then Apple sends out an update and it’s fixed. (Great vids though)

  • Matthew K-Iron
    Matthew K-Iron 3 days ago +2

    He is overreacting

  • Sirin Kim
    Sirin Kim 3 days ago

    Dude. Music is creepy asf

  • Deandre2200
    Deandre2200 3 days ago

    Lol iPhone buyers are just Isheeps and apple doesn't give 2 fucks about there bread and butter isheeps. And apple can sell you a damn aluminum box for 1,100 dollars and isheeps will buy it.

  • Jonanthan Compres
    Jonanthan Compres 3 days ago +1


  • Blazing_rod2468 Blazing


  • Alex Rios
    Alex Rios 3 days ago

    Hello.. Im having a problem with tethering on my iPhone xs max. With older phones I feel like the hot spot was just as fast normal data usage.. But with the new phone I get terrible speeds. Almost unusable connection. I am trying to use the hot spot with my iPads. Are u also seeing this issue?

  • oncorpse
    oncorpse 4 days ago

    hahahah...yet another reason why iphone sucks. I love my Note 8.

  • The_ Alis_
    The_ Alis_ 4 days ago

    My iphone xs max works just fine

  • Alaina Benyak
    Alaina Benyak 4 days ago

    I have a 7 and that happens to me....when I had a 5 it did it too

  • colintx800
    colintx800 4 days ago +3

    GOOD NEWS PEOPLE I found the fix........

    Get a S8 Plus like me because it charges just fine LOL

  • Minh Tran
    Minh Tran 4 days ago

    I feel like they are trying to make wireless charging the norm