Top 10 Cheap Ass Characters From Animated Shows

  • Published on Apr 17, 2017
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    Who is the cheapest cartoon character of all time. These stingy Scrooges, will nickel and dime their colleagues to death, even if saving money runs against their other goals. The richest cartoon character are also often the cheapest, so why is Lemongrab the way he is? Who has more money, Burn or Scrooge? Does it matter since they both keep their fortunes locked away. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the cheapest cartoon characters of all time.
    00:32 #10. Cosmo G. Spacely
    01:26 #9. Eddy
    02:11 #8. Mort Goldman
    03:05 #7. Earl of Lemongrab
    03:54 #6. Dr. Thaddeus Venture
    04:43 #5. Stan Pines
    05:30 #4. Montana Max
    06:29 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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Comments • 944

  • Joshua Haemmerle
    Joshua Haemmerle 6 days ago

    When Cosmo Spacey yells, "JETSON!" At George Jetson, it's like when Chalmers yells, "SKINNER!" at Principal Skinner in The Simpsons.

  • Fuck Ricegum
    Fuck Ricegum 26 days ago +1

    Why is Mr. Krabs not number 1 he sold spongebob's soul for 69 cents.

  • Baciko xD Gaming
    Baciko xD Gaming 28 days ago

    Money Hungry And Cheap Is Different
    Krabs Is Cheapest Anime Character ...

  • xwhysquared
    xwhysquared Month ago

    I am surprised Daffy duck didn't make the list

  • Eduardo Rios
    Eduardo Rios 2 months ago

    Can't have a list like this without Stan Pines

  • Spartan 118
    Spartan 118 2 months ago

    I think that. Bender,Mom,or Prof Farnsworth from Futurama should have been #1.

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin 2 months ago

    Carter should've been first.

  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf 2 months ago

    This has Mr. Krabs all over it

  • Azure Blackbird
    Azure Blackbird 3 months ago

    I feel like Mallory Archer could be on here too.

  • Raquel Granados
    Raquel Granados 3 months ago

    Watch mojo are you stupid mister krabs should be at number 1

  • Dwayne mcCartney
    Dwayne mcCartney 3 months ago

    Why isn't mr. Krab at #1

  • SKTW 890
    SKTW 890 3 months ago

    Where's Tony Eagle eyes from Skatoony

  • RisingVictor
    RisingVictor 3 months ago

    Eddy really is so fucking cheap!
    Thank God he reached redemption in his character arc in the movie that concluded the series properly.

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller 3 months ago

    How is Mr Krabs not number one on this list omg

  • kittyquiqui
    kittyquiqui 3 months ago

    Being cheap is different from being greedy. Just saying Mr. Krabs should have been #1

  • Daily Videos
    Daily Videos 3 months ago

    Well ya I'm feeling it now

  • Daily Videos
    Daily Videos 3 months ago


  • Lexi Reed
    Lexi Reed 3 months ago

    You dare forget Stingy?

  • Jerry Ruffin
    Jerry Ruffin 4 months ago

    Jerry Ruffin

  • Rei el de bonk
    Rei el de bonk 4 months ago

    0:33 #10
    1:26 #9
    2:11 #8
    3:05 #7
    3:54 #6
    4:43 #5
    5:30 #4
    6:30 #3
    7:21 #2
    8:14 #1

  • M l K E M
    M l K E M 4 months ago

    Calls mr slate mr spacelys hanna barbera counter part when both shows are hanna barbera

  • Mikey gaming
    Mikey gaming 4 months ago

    Stop sucking the simpsons dick

  • Fugitoid97 Forever
    Fugitoid97 Forever 4 months ago

    *no one is more money-hungry on this list than Scrooge* death battle I have a suggestion! Mr. Krabs vs Scrooge from ducktales, in money-hungry style.>:)

  • Trent Riley
    Trent Riley 4 months ago

    How is a fucking duck be better than a cheapskate krab

  • The Super Shiny Mega Gengar

    It would be a crime to leave Eddy, Stan Pines, Mr. Krabs, Mr. Burns, and Scrooge McDuck.
    Great video!

  • Stephanie Evjen
    Stephanie Evjen 5 months ago

    Top Cat is totes a cheapskate; he's willing to make a quick buck, even if it means ripping off or tricking others, even if it's his own friends.

  • Lucas Jensen
    Lucas Jensen 5 months ago

    I personally think Mr. Krabs should be number one. I mean, he would literally kill someone to get a penny...

  • Space Cat Nuggets
    Space Cat Nuggets 5 months ago

    I love it when lemon grab eats his twin brother

  • Himmat Kang
    Himmat Kang 5 months ago

    U forgot Homer Simpson

  • Daniel Sindayne
    Daniel Sindayne 5 months ago


  • Rachard Dussard
    Rachard Dussard 5 months ago

    Where is eustace 🙄

  • Guardian Morohtar
    Guardian Morohtar 5 months ago

    don't count on it being good for Scrooge McDuck

  • Max rocker
    Max rocker 5 months ago

    daffi duck is the cheap ass character 2

  • XxxKishinGxxX
    XxxKishinGxxX 5 months ago

    Ok if Stan from gravity falls is not here im dead

    5 minutes later
    Good he's here

  • Commander Idontcare
    Commander Idontcare 5 months ago

    If you haven't made a top 10 quotes vedio make one and make sure Patrick's famous "Let's take the Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else!" from Alaskan Bull Worm is 1 on the list. Like if you agreee.

  • Alex Soto
    Alex Soto 5 months ago

    "Donate to the Children's Fund?? What have children ever done for ME??"
    How TF is Mr. Krabs not #1??

  • J O M E L
    J O M E L 5 months ago

    Watchmojo is trying to act black now.

  • Jonathan Tkach
    Jonathan Tkach 5 months ago

    R u fucking serious? Me Krause isn't #1

  • EJ505
    EJ505 5 months ago

    Mr. crabs of course has to be on this list he fired SpongeBob so he can save a nickel A stupid nickel!

  • Joshua Michilena
    Joshua Michilena 5 months ago

    The title 😂

  • Hilbert Eichel The Unteroffizier

    Watchmojo, i think you are looking at the mirror rather than the tv

  • Jason Tachin
    Jason Tachin 5 months ago

    rw: i h8 cheapskates.

  • Roxxas theDemonslayer
    Roxxas theDemonslayer 5 months ago

    burns and Krabs much more cheapass then Scrooge. Part of that is due to being more... evil-y but.. sometimes like goes with like.

  • Archangel Meep
    Archangel Meep 5 months ago

    Who came because of the thumbnail

  • Jose Waldo
    Jose Waldo 5 months ago +1

    Who came here for eddy from ed edd eddy

  • CannedMemes
    CannedMemes 5 months ago

    Mr.Krabs fired spongebob to get a nickle

  • Hebbo TV
    Hebbo TV 5 months ago

    Mr Krabs should of won

  • Zeevee 96
    Zeevee 96 5 months ago

    do top ten cartoon perverts both male and female like the anime lists

  • Shaquan Branch
    Shaquan Branch 6 months ago


  • Jordan Sacred
    Jordan Sacred 6 months ago

    Stannnn yes! Probably my favorite quote-
    "Children fighting... I can sell this!"

  • Irina Sanchez
    Irina Sanchez 6 months ago

    I hate all of them

  • TheVanishing87
    TheVanishing87 6 months ago

    R.I.P Alan Young. You are missed.

  • bonnie :p
    bonnie :p 6 months ago

    lemon guy
    he was a mistake

  • Mega Jamz
    Mega Jamz 6 months ago

    I expected Mr. Krabs to be in number one.

  • Kirby Leggington
    Kirby Leggington 6 months ago

    Was that title really necesary? You could have just called it "cheapest" but instead you just had to put a curse word in the title so you could look edgy.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 6 months ago

    The title though "Cheap ass characters"

  • CheshireAndFriends
    CheshireAndFriends 6 months ago

    Am I the only one that noticed that Stan has five fingers while Mabel and Dipper only have four?

  • Richard Billings
    Richard Billings 6 months ago

    I feel that Mr. Krabs would be number one!

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 6 months ago +1

    why wasn't he named Scrooge McDick

  • Gavin Starkey 19
    Gavin Starkey 19 7 months ago

    Mr krabs should be number 1

  • Gavin Starkey 19
    Gavin Starkey 19 7 months ago

    Keep in mind squidward was almost killd 3 times by Mr Krabs just to get $50

  • Gavin Starkey 19
    Gavin Starkey 19 7 months ago

    Where is Alvin

  • chaz the best
    chaz the best 7 months ago

    what about stingey from lazy town

  • PIKACHU Gaming
    PIKACHU Gaming 7 months ago

    hmm mr krabs should be number one

    first he sold his sold to the dutch man and about 13 more ghosts for money and sold spongbob soul for 63 cents and fired spongbob to get 1 extra penny a year AND NEARLY BROKE A MANS ARM FOR ONE SINGLE PENNY

  • L Batman
    L Batman 7 months ago

    i should be money rich

  • BB Gameing
    BB Gameing 7 months ago

    You forgot granddad from the boondocks

  • Teodoro Vazquez
    Teodoro Vazquez 7 months ago

    I heard that Scrooge destroyed a giant bout with his bare hands because he got pissed

  • Reagan Siduch
    Reagan Siduch 7 months ago

    the first cheap guy apper on 0:34 looks like hitler

  • Midland435
    Midland435 7 months ago

    No Bender??????

  • Chronicle Games
    Chronicle Games 7 months ago

    Mr burns has to be on this list

  • UnluckyCrown893
    UnluckyCrown893 7 months ago

    Top 10 Cheap Ass-Characters From Animated Shows

  • Andrew Jeffery
    Andrew Jeffery 7 months ago

    7:19 Uhh, Krabs, you do know that's illegal right?

  • mike Navarro
    mike Navarro 7 months ago

    Look at htf and u will now something about pa 😏😏


    i drew myself as a cartoon

    so i am a cheap ass cartoon character

  • Saber Sin
    Saber Sin 7 months ago


    JDFAN ART'S 7 months ago

    I think Mr Krabs is in the first Place

  • Carlota Jimenez
    Carlota Jimenez 7 months ago

    These characters are cheap and greedy, they made you create a video about them.

  • Rainbow Skull
    Rainbow Skull 7 months ago

    Carter Peuterschmitt from family guy should be around #5

  • Trap Guardian
    Trap Guardian 7 months ago

    mr krabs was bursting into tears because ge had to spend 1 dollar

  • John Shea
    John Shea 7 months ago

    cosmo:space hitler

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 7 months ago

    Oh yeah Mr Krabs AHHHHHHHH

  • Girl Sings
    Girl Sings 7 months ago

    I already knew Mr.Krabs would be on this lol😂😂😂

  • P1kachu1070
    P1kachu1070 7 months ago


  • Tj Lawal
    Tj Lawal 7 months ago

    wait wait wait, Krabs sold spongbob's soul for 62 cents, considered replacing squidward with a pile of driftwood, bet sponge's contract instead of money, almost RIPED a dudes arm off just for a Penny, and even traded his body for his 1st dollar! and youre telling me he isnt #1? I'm shocked watch mojo

  • Let's get Gameing
    Let's get Gameing 7 months ago

    Who what's a spin off show of gravity fall like if agree

  • Rayuben Tennyson
    Rayuben Tennyson 7 months ago

    NO HONORABLE MENTIONS? this list sucks

  • The Wii Mii Guy
    The Wii Mii Guy 7 months ago

    Who else knows the state Montana?

  • phung tran
    phung tran 7 months ago +1

    Mr. Krab is 3rd

    Although he sold spongebob for 62 cents

  • ThePhantom Timelord
    ThePhantom Timelord 7 months ago +1

    No Bender?

  • jamie izhere
    jamie izhere 7 months ago

    the title and the thumbnail made me scream😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 7 months ago

    How is Mr krabs number 3

  • The Bright Beacon
    The Bright Beacon 7 months ago

    Montana max is the cheapest brat alive

  • greenadrenaline6405
    greenadrenaline6405 7 months ago +1

    Actually, Scrooge's first appearance was in Mickey's Christmas Carol long before he met Huey Dewey and Louie

  • Myles Johnson
    Myles Johnson 7 months ago +8

    If #1 isn't mr krabs I'm reporting the video.

    Update: They got reported

  • do you know de way?
    do you know de way? 7 months ago

    you missed a chance to say "you dont become rich from being a bitch"

  • le poop
    le poop 7 months ago

    Top 10 cheap ass thumbnails

  • Paarthurnax, The Awesome Dragon Guy Thingy

    I was wondering if WatchMojo was on this list but nope lol

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout 7 months ago


  • Lets play gaming Burcham


  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    Why is Mr. Krabs not #1? He's the 1st one to come to mind in cheap ass cartoons