Hopsin - Picasso

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Hopsin's new single PICASSO available everywhere:
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    [Verse 1]
    Hollywood, Hollywood, oh how I f*ckin' love you
    I cannot seem to break through from this curse that I've been stuck to
    I came in as a lil man but now my f*ckin' nuts grew
    Today's the day our ties are finally cut loose, f*ck you
    Uh-oh, it's my triflin' a** (Uh-oh)
    Pullin' up like, "Hi guys, I'm back!" (Hi)
    Goddamn, nigga, I'm so up that I can't get down
    Gotta skydive from that (Yikes!)
    Won't see the day I might relax
    I ain't never been a nice guy, in fact
    Y'all wishin' I would try nicer raps
    Sorry, I ain't got the right mind for that (Uh-uh)
    Look how cold he is, pimpin' just like H-O-V is
    Y'all are beyond saving and my rhymes stay inappropriate
    This is just how my show begins
    If you hatin', come blow me then
    F*ck you, here's some petroleum
    Give me my clout, you owe me it (Yeah)
    Whoa! Niggas better duck and run for cover like it's f*ckin' Iraq
    (Stand down, n*gga!)
    I'm pouring liquor for your a**, you ain't even die yet (Oh no!)
    I've been headin' up the ladder long enough
    It's time I hit the climax (Yikes!)
    Your career's goin' bye-bye, it's ironic you don't got a bypass
    N*ggas know that I've been ill
    Man, the whole time that I've been here
    I done made a fortune like ten mil'
    From the paper lines that my pen fills
    And if I don't spend it, my kids will
    I'm low-key but a big deal
    Hoes see me and they freeze up, that's why they all on my d*ck still
    They tell me I'm too hostile, I am Picasso
    B*tches like, "Remember me from high school?" Nah, ho
    Came up in this sh*t killin' n*ggas with the hot flow
    Y'all ain't got a f*ckin' thing on Hop, whoa
    Boy, you better rock slow
    Who am I? I'm Picasso
    Take the high road
    ASAP 'cause I ain't liable
    For no n*gga (Nope!)
    My f*ckin' head is in the cosmos
    Got it locked though
    B*tch, I'm Pablo Picasso (Mhm)
    [Verse 2]
    I've been told the new game plan's
    To make bullsh*t for the new age fans
    And you can't pop unless you take Xans
    And flex on the 'Gram like you do make bands
    What? Oh no, they like, "F*ck boom bap rap, you can't win"
    "Save that sh*t for the Wu-Tang Clan"
    That's when I bust in like the Kool-Aid Man (Yeah!)
    Look, I ain't the n*gga who pullin' up
    Tryna get shine by how much the Rollie glow (Nah)
    I'm here to rain on parades
    My sinister ways to f*ck up the rodeo (Woo!)
    I do my shows and hoes
    Be losin' control like I was the Holy Ghost (Stop!)
    When I deliver the pen*s it lies in the mouth, she call it Pinocchio
    Mmm, man, who want war with me?
    B*tch, I torture beats, I've been born to beast
    Still I abort MC's, oh so horribly
    Dog, your corpse'll be right on the floor with these
    Feet that I'll stomp you out with
    This my house, b*tch, and you can't afford the lease (Watch out!)
    (Whoa) F*ck all that Hollywood sh*t
    Over half of you not even lit that be ridin' my d*ck
    I got no problem with this
    I come through and your body is zipped, I could hardly resist
    N*gga, my hobby is pissin' on anyone I can offend
    I got no friends
    Whoever thinkin' they hot, go and tell 'em nobody's convinced, hmm
    They tell me I'm too hostile, I am Picasso
    B*tches like, "Remember me from high school?" Nah, ho
    Came up in this sh*t killin' n*ggas with the hot flow
    Y'all ain't got a f*ckin' thing on Hop, whoa
    Boy, you better rock slow
    Who am I? I'm Picasso
    Take the high road
    ASAP 'cause I ain't liable
    For no n*gga (Nope!)
    My f*ckin' head is in the cosmos
    Got it locked though
    B*tch, I'm Pablo Picasso
    Rock slow
    Who am I? I'm Picasso
    Take the high road
    ASAP 'cause I ain't liable
    For no n*gga (Nope!)
    My f*ckin' head is in the cosmos
    Got it locked though
    B*tch, I'm Pablo Picasso (Mhm)
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  • cody.a0
    cody.a0 Hour ago


  • Chandler Benz
    Chandler Benz 2 hours ago

    Hop was pissed

  • Local Star
    Local Star 4 hours ago

    Mind cleared homie we all was waiting patiently homie much luv

  • William Abbe
    William Abbe 5 hours ago

    Hopsin get well soon. You are where Eminem was 10 years ago mentally. I have faith in you man.

    HILLBILLYVILLE 15 hours ago

    Check this video out. A guy chokes at a Hopsin concert audience freestyle: tvclip.biz/video/e-V22nQ8SYQ/video.html

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    Deserves more view 😱💥

    MOSTAFA KAIDA Day ago +1

    Hhhhh li ja mn track dizzy dros idir like

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    twztid13 Day ago

    2nd verse goes hard.

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    Niggas not blue eyes

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    Dizzy dross

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    eminem or hopsin

  • أنت قدري ونصيبي

    اللي جاي من عند DEZzy dros يبان هنا ههه

  • David Lara
    David Lara 2 days ago

    Them: "Can you paint?"
    Hopsin: "Hold my paint brush.."


    only 9.7M views?? spsh

  • Gage Butler
    Gage Butler 2 days ago

    Who am I im Picasso got so deep i listened to it like 10 times

  • Matthew LaMacchia
    Matthew LaMacchia 2 days ago

    Jehovah is definitely Hollywood and goes door to door accusing people of stealing from the Holly tree.....😜Not only that Jehovah is a synthetic god(man-made)....Watchtower don't forget your I(eye)-pad....

  • Rap's Greatest Rhymes Ever

    *Well, it looks like **-Hop-** Picasso is back*

  • Nacho Hoe
    Nacho Hoe 3 days ago

    merkules fans welcome to ill mind of hopsin

    M0NSTERPR0 3 days ago

    I LIKE DO Pablo

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    LoL Cheapkill 3 days ago

    Nah Hoe

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    Does anyone else think hop looks amazing in a suit

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    Not a single black woman sleep with Hopsin.

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    His eyes is spooky

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    Gabriel G. Vega 4 days ago

    What's the girls name... the one on the left 1:05

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    So at 1:40 he calls out the mainstream rappers like pump and such. Funny that no ones ready for that convo yet

  • Joshua Mear
    Joshua Mear 4 days ago

    In all honesty, I see Hopsin always suggested on my TVclip but I never pressed it because he looked wack. I pressed on it and never regretted it, Hopsin I hope a bright future for you. Respect 😎

  • Beny Rimac
    Beny Rimac 5 days ago

    @hopsintv where did you buy shorts

  • Lil' Miss 'Lena
    Lil' Miss 'Lena 5 days ago +6

    Who else thinks that a Hopsin and Snow Tha Product collab would be fire?

  • Wøåh Dïzzy
    Wøåh Dïzzy 5 days ago +1

    i need that yellow outfit he was wearing

  • Jacob Platt
    Jacob Platt 6 days ago

    Bitch I'm hopsin from Costco

    JUSTAGAMER 404 6 days ago

    The most sleep on rapper in history

  • Andrew Nickolas
    Andrew Nickolas 6 days ago

    ....Well god damn ... Fuking fire yo! 🖕😎🖕

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    J cole and Kendrick ain’t got shit on this guy sorry 😤

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    What's the girls name..it's for research purposes 1:54

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    • 458 hot
      458 hot 3 days ago

      @Gabriel G. Vega no I dont know her but if the girl running down the stairs right after he breaks through the ice is adriana chechik

    • Gabriel G. Vega
      Gabriel G. Vega 4 days ago

      @458 hot and the girl on the left? 1:05

    • 458 hot
      458 hot 4 days ago

      Her name is Christy love

  • Logorrheic
    Logorrheic 6 days ago +3

    I mean... you ain't Picasso, you're your own man. You're the most talented rapper in the game

  • Jessey Niepce
    Jessey Niepce 6 days ago +1

    I saw this and thought it was mumble rap, so I checked and shit, this is really good.

  • Banlieu7892
    Banlieu7892 7 days ago +2

    Nanterre - Pablo Picasso 🇫🇷

  • Scott Chadwick
    Scott Chadwick 7 days ago

    When I deliver the penis it lies in her mouth she called me Pinocchio

  • PTheCarrotMaster
    PTheCarrotMaster 7 days ago

    bitches like "remember me from highschool" nao 😂😂😂

  • T7MrSteel Jr
    T7MrSteel Jr 7 days ago

    The background beat sounds like apex legends them

  • SBG FatBoyMali
    SBG FatBoyMali 8 days ago

    i found out who hopsin was today in this video tvclip.biz/video/DJJ4lG5LAWE/video.html 6:16 into the video and checked him out this rapper hard FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Memories And Jersey
    Memories And Jersey 8 days ago

    In the future people will use this video as a reference on how to switch flows and make it seem effortless. This song should be bigger than it is.

  • Dracoon Records
    Dracoon Records 8 days ago +10

    if you ask me this song shouldve been at least 10minits long

  • Accredited Smurfer
    Accredited Smurfer 8 days ago

    Hop make a song called ×1.25
    Whatever original track speed the beat up ×1.25 and cover it. Picasso is awesome at +1.25 but the beat is a little scewed

  • Jeffrey Bolano
    Jeffrey Bolano 8 days ago

    Dont ever stop🔥🔥🔥

  • Cory
    Cory 8 days ago

    hopsin is always dope.. Checkout my Channel, i got bars son :)

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    Hopsins so good that even his mumble rap sounds like the normal

  • حساب للموسيقى#والموسيقى

    في ثقافتهم لا يحترمون النساء،فهن في نظرهم مجرد عاهرات...
    الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام

  • Gary Buday Jr.
    Gary Buday Jr. 10 days ago


  • BM Team
    BM Team 10 days ago +21

    Damn, even the mumble version of Hopsin is killing

  • Destro Brown
    Destro Brown 10 days ago

    Hopsin do a revival album

  • Noah Pilcher
    Noah Pilcher 12 days ago +1

    1:36 would be so much better if he said “you can’t pop unless you pop xans”

  • Jake Kleine
    Jake Kleine 12 days ago +1

    Hop you're still sharp as a tac but your content is suffering
    We need to talk re: I'll mind 7, man. I messaged you on FB a couple years ago.
    Let's talk

    • Joshh2k
      Joshh2k 9 days ago

      Lol what do you think you could help him with 🤡

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    He looks like Gucci mane with weird ass contacts

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    Hopsin is so slept on he speaks facts that’s probably why people sleep on him because some people can’t take facts