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  • Abby Lir
    Abby Lir 2 hours ago

    Or random food challenge

  • Abby Lir
    Abby Lir 2 hours ago

    Do the baby food challenge

  • Abby Lir
    Abby Lir 2 hours ago

    Can i please get a shout out i love your videos i followed both of you on musically

  • Karissa Lozano
    Karissa Lozano 5 hours ago

    The pink hat looked cute on katheryn

  • Jaleeah Belgrave

    you can't do that you have to say yes don't do that

  • Fatima Mejia
    Fatima Mejia Day ago

    She's not supposed to say no because unless you talk you unless you talk you can't buy the thing but since you're not talkin she supposed to buy it for you

  • Olivia Carmona
    Olivia Carmona Day ago

    Emily is a little brat😑I can’t stand it🙄🙄

  • Aliah Canizales
    Aliah Canizales 2 days ago

    Allison needs shorts that FIT her not some that are so small omg she better not become another Danielle Cohn now and the way she dresses a beachy look with a skater look omg no not good

  • Celeste Contreras
    Celeste Contreras 2 days ago

    Do the ignoring mom or Allison and Emily for 24 hours

  • Curtis N Ash Jaggers

    Are u going to bowling green Kentuky if so I live there I might see u

  • Kay Munoz
    Kay Munoz 2 days ago

    Kathryn kept talking so she lost

  • Gabriella Camilo
    Gabriella Camilo 2 days ago

    Part two

  • lindsey rosella
    lindsey rosella 3 days ago

    why did emily get 2 coats

  • Asheley Pineda
    Asheley Pineda 4 days ago

    Hi Alison & Emily I Love Your Videos So Much . ❤

  • Giselle De la Cruz
    Giselle De la Cruz 4 days ago


  • Likin Dwight
    Likin Dwight 4 days ago


  • JJ H
    JJ H 4 days ago

    OMG I GO TO THAT OUTSIDE MALL WHENEVER IM IN FLORIDA!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗 I was there a few days before January 1st we just missed eachother! :( 💗

  • Googie Slimes!
    Googie Slimes! 4 days ago

    Is that ellenton?Omg I go to that mall

  • Jarely Coco
    Jarely Coco 4 days ago

    Hi guys I’ve been watching you guys for a while I love you guys so much can I get a shoutout

  • Spicy Noodles2009
    Spicy Noodles2009 4 days ago

    OMG I live in Kentucky 😍 Nobody that I subscribe to goes to Kentucky for a vacation I have also been to Florida 😋😊😆

  • Abby Montoya
    Abby Montoya 4 days ago

    Your mom she doesn’t let y’all eat y’all should do the mom can’t speak and dot give her food all day

  • Markaila Reeves
    Markaila Reeves 4 days ago

    my sister love you guys

  • Markaila Reeves
    Markaila Reeves 4 days ago

    i love u

  • judy t
    judy t 4 days ago

    @ sister forever

  • Will Williams
    Will Williams 5 days ago

    Dosh (shopping) $5 sign up bonus

  • Milan Duran
    Milan Duran 5 days ago

    Omg i luv ur moms acsent sorry if i spelled that wrong and im not lieing i actually luv it🌸💞

  • Nolen Morin
    Nolen Morin 5 days ago

    Why was the mom on her phone while driving

  • Jesus Tolano
    Jesus Tolano 5 days ago +1

    😅 do a part 2

  • Ammanda Syltie
    Ammanda Syltie 5 days ago

    It's not fair that only the mom gits too talk

  • Ammanda Syltie
    Ammanda Syltie 5 days ago

    O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ammanda Syltie
    Ammanda Syltie 5 days ago

    What store Is that

  • Ammanda Syltie
    Ammanda Syltie 5 days ago

    It look's terrable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ammanda Syltie
    Ammanda Syltie 5 days ago

    I thought 💭 the mom can't talk Ether

  • Molly Phelan
    Molly Phelan 5 days ago

    You should do a mom can’t say no but kids can’t talk for 24 hours

  • Dulce Torres
    Dulce Torres 5 days ago

    Kathryn Los

  • KitKat 12366
    KitKat 12366 5 days ago +1

    Kentucky ain’t that cold... 😒

  • Allis blogs and videos ya

    I feel like Catherine and Allison were left out because when they were in the first store that they went to Emily was getting everything in Catherine or Allison weren’t getting anything and it was only Emily who is getting the stuff

  • Tutorial Fridays
    Tutorial Fridays 6 days ago

    Catherine looks like she is bieng left out the whole video

  • Tutorial Fridays
    Tutorial Fridays 6 days ago

    Y’all in the comments are probably wondering why Catherine is still in it is mabey that is Allison’s and and Emily’s cousin

  • Tutorial Fridays
    Tutorial Fridays 6 days ago

    I am not talking while watching the video because if they are doing it I feel like I have to

  • It’s me Sophie
    It’s me Sophie 6 days ago

    You guys should do a shopping challenge were you only whisper

  • I’m GAY
    I’m GAY 6 days ago

    What’s the shoe place they went the name?

  • Dalia Sanchez
    Dalia Sanchez 6 days ago


  • Queen Msp
    Queen Msp 6 days ago

    Who else wanted to punch Alison when she kept saying mmmmmmmmm ,mmmmmm,mmm

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson 6 days ago

    I live in Kentucky!

  • Pet Craz
    Pet Craz 6 days ago

    This was so fun to watch! Something different!!

  • Anee Roy
    Anee Roy 7 days ago

    Do a spanish for 24 HRS Video PLS!

  • imman abdullahi
    imman abdullahi 7 days ago

    I feel like Katherine is left out but she’s also not left out because she doesn’t really want anything even in the other challenges she was and she didn’t want anything that would be me like I really don’t like shopping and I really wouldn’t know what to get and I don’t think I would want anything

  • imman abdullahi
    imman abdullahi 7 days ago

    Why don’t use the phones to type it

  • Beth Williams
    Beth Williams 7 days ago


  • Stef
    Stef 7 days ago

    I love you guys!❤️❤️❤️ wait does Catherine your cousin have a mom?

  • Brianna Fischer
    Brianna Fischer 7 days ago

    if y’all already went to kentucky or if you still haven’t , where is kentucky ? i live in kentucky !

  • Marlyne Fonseca
    Marlyne Fonseca 7 days ago

    19:32 Alison didn’t roll her eyes like Emily did. When they shopped for Emily it was a lot of money. Alison even helped Emily.Emily was getting all she wanted and was acting like Allison couldn’t even go to a store for her self

  • Kamryn Hills
    Kamryn Hills 7 days ago

    You cant say no, because at the beginning of the video it said you have to buy them whatever you can guess when they say it.

  • Help.Me.Right. Now.
    Help.Me.Right. Now. 7 days ago

    15:22 that’s what my dad always say “u hungry”? “Your always hungry”!😂 “be happy” 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 OML⚠️

  • DDC
    DDC 7 days ago +1

    Part 2 no taking shopping challenge

  • Jaydeen Quinene
    Jaydeen Quinene 7 days ago

    She keep talking they said who ever talk they can’t get anything but she still take

  • paola
    paola 7 days ago

    I was literally at that mall a couple of days ago😂😂

  • Sami Sami
    Sami Sami 7 days ago

    The whole time I was thinking why couldn’t they use their phone to communicate? Lol😂

  • Keriah McIntosh
    Keriah McIntosh 8 days ago

    there coming to ky?????

  • Cassidy's Vids
    Cassidy's Vids 8 days ago +2

    Why did Catherine get so many chances?

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 8 days ago

    I love your guys videos so much! Your so inspirational!❤️
    Can I get a shout out pls❤️

  • Diana Salazar
    Diana Salazar 8 days ago

    I love you guys so much can I have a shout out please

  • Izzy Be
    Izzy Be 8 days ago

    You girls are literally soooo beautiful 😍😍

  • arika elaniz
    arika elaniz 8 days ago

    “ whippy cream “

  • Gabby Powell
    Gabby Powell 8 days ago

    I live in Kentucky!!!!! Why are they coming here

  • Slime Time
    Slime Time 8 days ago

    can you guys do the no talking food challenge. Also it counts when you mumble your still speaking so next time no mumbling

  • Hi World
    Hi World 9 days ago

    i live in kentuck thats so cool that you guys are going i am your biggest fan

  • Jennifer Font
    Jennifer Font 9 days ago

    I love in kentucky louisvilli u guys should do aa meet in greet

  • Shelbie Johnson
    Shelbie Johnson 9 days ago

    When she said that’s not funny I laugh i love the mom

  • Shadiag World
    Shadiag World 9 days ago

    Did they talk to the fans

  • Kiara Berlin
    Kiara Berlin 9 days ago

    Isn't mom can't say no everyday

  • Haylee Guffey
    Haylee Guffey 9 days ago

    I live in Kentucky

  • Just 2SISTERZ
    Just 2SISTERZ 9 days ago


  • Jaedyn Sights
    Jaedyn Sights 9 days ago

    I live in Henderson Kentucky

  • Xavion Cooksey
    Xavion Cooksey 9 days ago

    hi my name is olatavia im on my brothers phone my birthday is coming up its janury 27 2009 i wish to call u guy and get a follow on tiktok i luv yall so much im wishing ever year about i can call u txt u on tiktok if i cant get nothing that i ask for can i just plzz get a shout out plzz this year for my birthday i wishing my head is all ways up and happy bc yall and i luv yall for that hope u guys see this i will b e so happy on my birthday i will wish for yall to get 9b subscribed bye love yall hope you guys see this

  • Student Ashari Nelms

    Me and Allison have the exact same bday my hers is March 29 2007 so is mine BIRTHDAY TWINSSS YAYYYYYYYYYYTYYY

  • Eddika Espinoza
    Eddika Espinoza 9 days ago +1

    I love shopping

  • Eddika Espinoza
    Eddika Espinoza 9 days ago +1


  • Eddika Espinoza
    Eddika Espinoza 9 days ago +1

    I would get a phone ,clothes,converse ,jewerly and more fancy shoes

  • Eddika Espinoza
    Eddika Espinoza 9 days ago +1

    That will be a hard challnge for me and my sister,best friends lol

  • Eddika Espinoza
    Eddika Espinoza 9 days ago +1

    Love yall

  • Vivi, Victoria,lelanie,isabella,and Christine

    Katherine is so judgey

  • lora boyum
    lora boyum 9 days ago

    this is funny

  • GarciaFamily 2019
    GarciaFamily 2019 9 days ago

    Mom and dad can say no but they have to guess with no talking girls no talking

  • Jay Gamez
    Jay Gamez 9 days ago

    Kathryn Kept Randomly Talking, I’m Deadddd 💀🤪🤪🤪🤪🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😦😵

  • ASMR Slimes
    ASMR Slimes 9 days ago

    I love ur videos I love u ALI EMILY AND KATHY!! Btw Ali my cousin (she is 16) she has the same sandals that you got with the straps! At forever21 I think

  • Jay Gamez
    Jay Gamez 9 days ago +1

    Is It Yelenys Or Jeleyns?

  • Raya Baeva
    Raya Baeva 9 days ago

    Did you guys see the mercy what Emily was wearing 🥳

  • Ana Ojeda
    Ana Ojeda 9 days ago


  • Jalie Milano
    Jalie Milano 9 days ago +4

    Who knew they could be so quiet?

  • Ava Dickenson 11
    Ava Dickenson 11 9 days ago

    I just realised that I have been to that outside mall omg😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Michael Polenzani
    Michael Polenzani 9 days ago

    You guys are soooooo spoiled you get everything you want

  • Olyvia Jewel
    Olyvia Jewel 9 days ago

    Can I plzzz get a shoutout u did soooooo good u would get a 100,000,000 out of 10 #foreverfamily

  • Zainab Zafar
    Zainab Zafar 9 days ago

    This challenge was so funny!! It was amazing🙂🙂🙂🙂 especially how your mom didn't understand anything. Love you guys so much!

  • Andrea Garanzuay
    Andrea Garanzuay 9 days ago

    I think you'll should go to the mall only taking spanish

  • Jeremy Carter
    Jeremy Carter 9 days ago

    Every day i wach your videos and the aways make me smile

  • Amaryss Constantinoff
    Amaryss Constantinoff 10 days ago

    Do a part two please 😚😋

  • Halo Moto
    Halo Moto 10 days ago

    i love your moms accent. it’s so pretty