What if LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony had teamed up? | The Jump

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • With Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers happening, Rachel Nichols recaps the history of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Kendrick Perkins then (3:07) imagine what would have happened if LeBron and Melo had ever teamed up.
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Comments • 859

  • Michael Dougall
    Michael Dougall Day ago

    If they would have teamed up I would have stop watching basketball wade melon total crush 😡😡😡 sike I would have still watched

  • Curtis Knight
    Curtis Knight 3 days ago

    Flash aka D-Wade aka Wade County
    King James
    Chris Bosh at the 5

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 9 days ago +1

    LeBron & Melo would’ve killed the league. If you know basketball then you know that LeBron is a 6’9/6’10 point guard. He’s a very good scorer but a better passer and high IQ. Melo is a bucket getter. This works and fits their game very well.

  • The Galactic Nugget
    The Galactic Nugget 9 days ago

    The biggest what if is what if derrick rose never got injured.

  • The Galactic Nugget
    The Galactic Nugget 9 days ago

    Perk stop it. Lebron is not arguably the best player of all time. He doesn’t even come close to Jordan.

  • pendletondrew
    pendletondrew 13 days ago

    So can we leave KD alone now? He didn’t have designs to team up with someone YEARS before he was done playing with his team

  • chris valenzuela
    chris valenzuela 15 days ago


  • James Dawny
    James Dawny 15 days ago

    What ? Melo leborn and dwade... would’ve FORSURELY won more than 2. Or should I say contended for more. Melo is and was gelo

  • j Dareal
    j Dareal 18 days ago

    She said win their first title lol Ray allen came in with the 2nd title

  • Jerome
    Jerome 19 days ago

    No the 96 Bulls was the first small ball team

  • Samual Johnson
    Samual Johnson 29 days ago

    Mello would've cushioned Wade and bronze couldve let him work all day smdh it would've been 4 or 5.

  • Paulo Santos
    Paulo Santos Month ago

    NOPE the big what if is IF T-MAC would have joined Kobe and Shaq in 97 instead of Toronto 😭

  • Praeliator
    Praeliator Month ago

    Ca$h University represent!

  • Lukasz Kozlowski
    Lukasz Kozlowski Month ago

    Only time melo played defense was western conference finals and when he was young playing LeBron

  • 9MW Tone
    9MW Tone Month ago

    Melo, Wade & Bron teaming up 10 yrs ago 4chips together

  • Badshroom
    Badshroom Month ago

    why do they insist on putting overweight MOMS in the panel???

  • TyHybrid
    TyHybrid Month ago

    When they made Carmelo cut his hair he lost 3/4 of his power.

  • TyHybrid
    TyHybrid Month ago

    It would be tight if melo kid ended being a baller, the best baller. Nba hates cornrows.

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra Month ago

    Bra this girl is so weird
    She talks about these two dudes like they're historic figures like Gandhi or Ceasar
    Lol come on lady get a life.. It's just basketball. They bounce a ball on a court they ain't changing the world lol lol lol

  • Bruno
    Bruno Month ago

    4:13 "And they're both of an age now where they have known each other longer than the time they didn't know each other, which just blows my mind". That's what happens when you're in 7th grade with people you met in 1st grade. Not that mind-blowing.

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E Month ago +1

    "I've known him longer than I didn't"
    That's deeper than I thought

  • Maika Matalomani
    Maika Matalomani Month ago +1

    Rachel has got to be my favorite ESPN host. Her intros are great and jokes on point

  • Ochoa Guillermo
    Ochoa Guillermo Month ago

    Opponents ? Carmelo was alays short. I always enjoyed when he played against Wade and Kobe, and against KD not much Melo

  • George West
    George West Month ago

    That was the second heat title

    YRN LIVAN Month ago

    Kendrick a savage

  • YusoChill
    YusoChill Month ago

    first title came against okc not the spurs, rachel slippin... too focused on the monologues, idk...

  • Dazzer 1804
    Dazzer 1804 Month ago

    Perk dropping the mic at the end there!

  • ohady 12
    ohady 12 Month ago

    I dont think if melo played for miami in the finals against san antonio they will need this crazy rebound and 3 pointer from Allen

  • blackmvp56
    blackmvp56 Month ago

    She talking about that bosh rebound like Melo don’t be on the broads too

  • ljvjr2011
    ljvjr2011 Month ago

    Rachel Nichols talked about LeBron & Melo's friendship perfectly 👌🏼

  • Richie Bino
    Richie Bino Month ago

    That bosh rebound leading to that Ray Allen 3 did not lead to their first title lol

  • ImBarryScottCSS
    ImBarryScottCSS Month ago

    LeBron 0 rings

  • D. Smith
    D. Smith Month ago

    Guess Melo never played defense..

  • Michael Force
    Michael Force Month ago +1

    Love when Kendrick Perkins is on these shows 😂

  • IAm Atlas
    IAm Atlas Month ago

    U mean to tell me Bron couldn't have gotten Melo on the team? bron didn't want him on the Lakes(meant to spell it like that

  • Teran Icer
    Teran Icer Month ago +1

    Can Rachel get any hotter 🔥🔥

  • Crystalis Chronicle

    Honest Truth: They would both Just be BUMS! End of story

  • Wanjiru Ikonya
    Wanjiru Ikonya Month ago

    love these intros man. Rachael is amazing.

  • Lucas Gil
    Lucas Gil Month ago

    FYI Boshs rebound to allen didn't help win them their first title. That was their second title after beating okc 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Joseph Delledonne
    Joseph Delledonne Month ago

    Melo would have been 3rd option on that team, not sure if he could have been a solid 3rd option like Bosh. I heard that D Wade felt disrespected his rookie year because it was all about Melo and Lebron. The next season Wade went up to a 24 ppg game and Melo actually went down from 21.0 to 20.8 and didn't even make the all star team. Now Wade is held in higher regard than Melo, I love to hear underdog stories like that. I agree with a lot of people though, I think it was a mistake Melo didn't join them, but it's hard to say no to money. Have that security is everything.

  • Vernon Sullivan
    Vernon Sullivan Month ago

    What if Melo was drafted by Pistons instead of Milicic ?...

  • Elman
    Elman Month ago +1

    Kendrick Perkins kinda look like a budget James Harden

  • Unremarkable
    Unremarkable Month ago +1

    The bigger what if is what if the Pistons drafted him into a culture of team first and defense? Would Melo have grown into an all time great?

  • LI Outdoorsman
    LI Outdoorsman Month ago

    Budget wouldn’t allow that. Makes no sense

  • Relax Homie
    Relax Homie Month ago +1

    The way Rachel talk you wouldn’t even think Kendrick and them sitting right there

  • Josh S
    Josh S Month ago

    Rachel is so dope. Respect for shout out to bosh. He was important for that heat team

  • Phil McThrill
    Phil McThrill Month ago

    Biggest what if isn't that, its d rose no injuries🌹🌹

    KIПG ΉЦППΛ Month ago

    The Heat would've won 2011... Melo and Wade would've smoked the Mavs

  • HumzaahHoops
    HumzaahHoops Month ago +2

    If melo was on the heat, they would never lost against the mavs

    • Sircraig Marguerita
      Sircraig Marguerita 4 days ago

      I would much rather seen Lbj team up with melo instead of wade 💯🗣

  • Sampson Frimpong
    Sampson Frimpong Month ago

    And amare to but when amare came to new York the big bet was to get lebron amare convinces him but he w3nt to miami and at melos wedding melo said je was going to new York and cp3 aaid he was coming. A year later

  • Sampson Frimpong
    Sampson Frimpong Month ago

    He asked melo to come to miami in 2010

  • Nickkhan802
    Nickkhan802 Month ago

    i like the vibes this show puts off

  • LoveSalsa
    LoveSalsa Month ago

    If that happened, Lebron would have ZERO rings.

  • Jared Crowley
    Jared Crowley Month ago

    lebron at 0:32, ouch.

  • CrakaBakBlak
    CrakaBakBlak Month ago

    I would so smash Rachel Nichols!

  • Regi2k
    Regi2k Month ago

    I wish melo joined the heat 😭😭😭

  • DaX
    DaX Month ago

    Did she say they changed jobs? I’m pretty sure they’re still basketball players

  • Angel 23
    Angel 23 Month ago

    If Carmelo and Lebron play together before is never work because Carmelo like his show time before

  • legofan1799
    legofan1799 Month ago +1

    The biggest "what if?" is by far and away the Thunder and their roster of 3 MVP's

  • SpartanK07
    SpartanK07 Month ago

    Melo could have played with lebron but didn’t want to 🤷‍♂️