Pride Like It's 1969 | June 12, 2019 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Patti Harrison learns to reconcile the violent history of pride with the modern day celebration. TLDR: Don't throw out your rainbow vodka just yet, but make sure your brick-throwing arms are in shape!
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Comments • 457

  • Caitlin Deeds
    Caitlin Deeds 5 days ago

    Really happy you made this video but neither marsh p Johnston or Silvia Rivera started it they did get into downtown until 2am, after the riots began

  • Mike Bowman
    Mike Bowman 7 days ago

    Kinda wanted to see that entire fashion show :( great segment though!

  • The Electrician
    The Electrician 16 days ago

    This is one of the best field pieces I’ve seen on this show. Perfect balance of humor and info. Love the corespondent and interviewee as well!

  • IɴSɪmpʟeTermsJordaɴ

    3:47 The best way to support trans+nonbinary:
    furry pr0n

  • Travis Richey
    Travis Richey 18 days ago

    PRIDE = Protection and RIghts through Defense and Education.

  • Vuyolwethu Mtyapa
    Vuyolwethu Mtyapa 20 days ago

    Only watched this because of Patti. She hilarious.

  • Djelari Ghana
    Djelari Ghana 20 days ago

    die die + man = death....woman + woman = death.

  • Giovanni Filippi
    Giovanni Filippi 24 days ago

    Thank god that trash was taken down.

  • ShinHito
    ShinHito 24 days ago

    Thanks to Samantha Bee I am now a Patti Harrison Stan. Skinny legend that she be.

  • Antigone
    Antigone 25 days ago

    No trans-colored person started pride. White homosexual males and females did.

  • George Farrar
    George Farrar 26 days ago

    "I need to find a way that isn't brick."
    But Patti, brick is best way to show support

  • skyskape411
    skyskape411 27 days ago

    Can I PLEASE get a poster-sized copy of Patti's depiction of the Stonewall Riots? PLEASE.

  • Emir TM
    Emir TM 27 days ago

    Sasha Velour and Peppermint! 0:37

  • Ben Cagampang
    Ben Cagampang 28 days ago

    Be brave, be you. Dr pepper ♥️

  • a pebblebutt
    a pebblebutt 28 days ago

    ms harrison is a riot
    10/10 segment

  • Brenda Singer
    Brenda Singer 29 days ago

    I give that girl so much credit for not cracking up during the interview, I lost it when the other girl pulled out two brick!

  • Savanah
    Savanah Month ago

    Anyone else want a "pride by Patti" shirt?
    Because I do!

  • Lubus Maximus
    Lubus Maximus Month ago

    Good Job Everyone!

  • Berto Andon
    Berto Andon Month ago

    She’s darker Sam B.

  • Tired Niall
    Tired Niall Month ago +5

    Patti and Lala would make a great buddy cop movie.

  • A.M.
    A.M. Month ago +1


  • Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor Month ago +1

    It was not "Transwomen of color" who started that. Jfc the pervasiveness of this lie.

  • puddlemini
    puddlemini Month ago

    RIP Chyna, you are remembered. Thank you so much for this video and for acknowledging the violence that transwomen suffer.

  • Emily Christensen
    Emily Christensen Month ago

    BRB, throwing a brick at someone I love

  • Jay Nigma
    Jay Nigma Month ago

    so......brick or no brick?

  • Baxter1999
    Baxter1999 Month ago

    The pictures from 1969 show 1 black person for every 50 white males. But "black trans woman" has to be mentioned several times.

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke Month ago

    What is this woMAN doing out of the kitchen?? Fix me a sammichh NOW!!!

  • Ricky Leger
    Ricky Leger Month ago

    Amazing segment!!!

  • Babe Tumblr
    Babe Tumblr Month ago

    I clocked Dusty

  • Maryam Dadar
    Maryam Dadar Month ago

    Oh I like the addition of Patti on screen! More please 😍

  • Sheena Armstrong
    Sheena Armstrong Month ago +2

    All of this information about Stonewall and how Pride started is wrong. You can see who's pushing this incorrect misinformation versus who they have a problem with and are erasing from history in the story that is being told versus what happened in history.

    • Sten
      Sten Month ago

      @TheBoos These days is more has the connotation of thinking you know about social issues but actually just trying to score virtue or ally points.

    • TheBoos
      TheBoos Month ago +1

      @Sheena Armstrong really? woke is used to describe a level of social awareness amongst young people, for example, if you are woke, you'll know about pressing economic and other social issues, idk its hard to explain sorry lol

    • Sheena Armstrong
      Sheena Armstrong Month ago

      TheBoos I don't know what "woke" means.

    • TheBoos
      TheBoos Month ago +1

      yep all in the interests of being woke... instead of just telling the truth

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell Month ago

    lol patti is really funny

  • Eric Brinkman
    Eric Brinkman Month ago

    So how do i get the shirt!?!

  • Kerry Luckett
    Kerry Luckett Month ago +1

    Her “Oh, Patti” was EVERYTHING!

  • Anthony Schmitt
    Anthony Schmitt Month ago

    We had our first pride in Santa Monica and are so happy our trans brothers and sisters are included. Let’s get our trans hero’s back in the military defending the constitution. Write letters to coke Bank of America and Target... shop at places that protect their rights... when they deny them they deny you!

  • Phaedrus
    Phaedrus Month ago

    What?! Love Patti. Her TVclip series is hilarious!

  • Sonny Cruz
    Sonny Cruz Month ago

    Patti is great!

  • Ventteda Orn
    Ventteda Orn Month ago

    Why the cops always up front on supressin minorities? The government tells them to jump. They say how high.smh.

  • dr-kka
    dr-kka Month ago

    Still, Trump deserves a brick. Not saying someone should throw one, but technically, he deserves it.

  • Ascent
    Ascent Month ago Just thought I’d add this as food for thought.

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M Month ago

    I watched this after watching The NY Times video on the reality of pride. Where in reality it wasn’t like she was saying.

  • LanceTheDriver
    LanceTheDriver Month ago

    Happy Pride, everyone!

  • t7957r
    t7957r Month ago

    So Pride is all about trans women and non binary people of color. Funny, I thought it was about all LGBT people.

  • jerico641
    jerico641 Month ago

    The Stonewall Movement fills me with pride; however, I believe it could have had a similar result, albeit certainly more hazardous, if initiated and maintained through peaceful, nonviolent noncooperation. #Gandhi.

    • Aeroldoth3
      Aeroldoth3 Month ago

      I believe every movement requires the diplomat and the warrior.

  • A z a d e h
    A z a d e h Month ago

    How can one get that T-shirt??

  • ToplessTopics
    ToplessTopics Month ago

    If TVclip and Facebook care about women's equality, why do they ban breastfeeding photos?

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K Month ago +1

    Pride is absolutely a celebration and a protest. We can never stop fighting for what we deserve. And for the record, I’m ok with bricks, as long as they’re directed at the right targets ✊🏻

  • Robin Moreau
    Robin Moreau Month ago +1

    When I say "I support the GRSM (or LGBTQ) community " i dont just mean that i am going to stand on the side and cheer for the parade dressed in rainbows.
    I mean that as a straight white cis woman, someone who has been given a position of privilege due to circumstances of my birth that have been denied to others...
    I will stand in front of you to protect and shield you. I will stand behind you to support you and guard your back. And I will walk beside you, hand in hand, to show my lo e and support.
    Just wearing a rainbow once a year and watching a parade isnt enough.
    I am an ally year round❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Robot Hunter
    Robot Hunter Month ago

    You see this cat Babadook is a bad mother . . .

  • get it right
    get it right Month ago +1

    why does this woman keep saying by black trans people there were all kinds of people at Stonewall I just watched the documentary and a lot more of those people were not trans black people so is this woman trying to rewrite history and leave out any of the components of who was there

  • James in Baltimore
    James in Baltimore Month ago

    Remain proud of who we are and how far we have come and remain vigilant so those hard-won basic human rights remain recognized for all LGBTQ people.

  • Elian Jentoft
    Elian Jentoft Month ago +8

    Please tell me you hired Patti as your new correspondent! I love her!

  • Unofficially- Ace
    Unofficially- Ace Month ago +1

    And people at my school say that we don’t need to recognise the Stonewall riots

  • Sylvia everdeen
    Sylvia everdeen Month ago

    I agree with the message in this video but isn't it a little american-centric to make it seem like americans invented pride and started the fight for lgbt rights? I am sure if you look at things more globally and further back into history stonewall is literally just one drop in the bucket. Its seems far too oversimplified and perfect as a tool to get people to understand the history of discrimination but I'm not a fan of how it presents itself as the only narrative

  • johnmburt1960
    johnmburt1960 Month ago

    The #StraightPrideParade's brick mascot isn't *_NEARLY_* as cute....

  • n. p.
    n. p. Month ago

    all these corporations are supporting causes the moment its financially viable to do so. Not a moment before. They are a business entity to make money -- to take whatever resources they can from anyone/anything/anywhere for any reason if it relates to profit. There is no soul or bravery in that.

  • Jack R.
    Jack R. Month ago +1

    Oof the historical inaccuracy in this hurts a bit . . . our history is important and so is getting it right. Stonewall wasn't the first or only bar of its kind in New York. It wasn't a "riot", neither Sylvia nor Marsha ever corroborated the story that they "threw the first brick/shot glass/whatever". And it wasn't soley about trans women. Also, Lala Zannell's word usage in saying "nonbinary and trans women" multiple times while never mentioning trans men seemed unfortunately intentional.
    I can get 100% behind the message that corporate pandering doesn't help us and might actually be harmful, but so much of this piece was off-base.

    • Miss Vivian
      Miss Vivian Month ago

      Yeah talking about only the T of LGBT and then specifying by saying "trans women of colour" leaves a lot of people out

  • MrPibb23x
    MrPibb23x Month ago

    Is it a little confusing to anyone else that a black trans woman is giving credit for the majority of the LGBT movement to previous black trans women? Weren't there also a nearly unlimited number of other marginalized LGBT groups also going through the same problems for the same amount of time? Why were black trans women in particular so vital over white/latino/asian/etc. trans men/women? Seems like she's being a little biased?

  • Myka Lipscomb
    Myka Lipscomb Month ago +1

    Patti Harrison is now and forever my hero

  • Scranton Dunder-Mifflin


  • Nurmi Husa
    Nurmi Husa Month ago +1

    “Oh, Patti...” lol

  • Sashimiroll
    Sashimiroll Month ago +3

    As a Bi Transgirl, I love this video. Thank you Sam B. 🏳️‍🌈
    I really wish people talked about the black transwomen of colour who started Pride.

  • Anna Maguire
    Anna Maguire Month ago

    I was so confused at the end with the shirts, erasers?....oh, they're bricks😜

  • Perennial Rhinitis
    Perennial Rhinitis Month ago

    It was a biracial lesbian drag king named Stormé Delarverie who threw the first brick at Stonewall, not a trans woman. Marsha P Johnson even said she wasn't at Stonewall until late

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed Month ago

    Love the Pride.

  • Martin Aerni
    Martin Aerni Month ago

    Take back pride, it should be a parade of people, not people watching floats of commercial brands watched behind fences. Pride should always be a protest of the people and not a parade to sow off...

  • Gaurav Vikalp
    Gaurav Vikalp Month ago

    Dusty Ray in the start! Living for Dusty!

  • MikeIdy6000
    MikeIdy6000 Month ago

    what does "binary" mean?

    • Mallory McCardle
      Mallory McCardle Month ago +1

      If you or anyone else needs help understanding, here's by best explanation:
      Typically in mainstream (western) society, we tend to view gender as a binary. Binary, simply put, means two options. The two options have always been cisgender male or cisgender female. 'Cisgender' (often shortened to just 'cis') means that you identify as what you were assigned at birth. If a doctor looked at you and said "This is a boy!" and you've gone your entire life being comfortable with that and identifying yourself as a boy, then you are cisgender.
      However, say you aren't comfortable with what you were assigned at birth, and maybe you feel the opposite. If you were assigned male at birth but you know you actually identify as female (or vice versa), then you are transgender!
      Then there are people that feel as if they don't exist in just one or any choice at all! They could be both or neither; these identities have named like genderfluid or agender, but they are all considered 'nonbinary'.
      It's a lot, and I may have gotten something wrong or worded it incorrectly, but as a non-binary person myself, I really appreciate it when people are willing to listen and learn something new.

    • B DP
      B DP Month ago

      I have no idea, mate :) "cis" means "on this side" in latin. "trans" means "across" or "on the other side". I guess that both prefixes are used in different contexts to describe similar concepts.

    • MikeIdy6000
      MikeIdy6000 Month ago

      @B DPThank you. Now: what is "cis" ? Is it the same concept as the location of 'cis' molecules In organic chemistry?

    • B DP
      B DP Month ago

      "binarism" is the societal construct predominant in the West (but not common to all cultures), that only recognizes two genders, cis male and cis female. it is inextricably linked to heteronormativism, which only views heterosexual relationships as legitimate.

  • John Kean
    John Kean Month ago +1

    I really don't care for your interviewers straight-up ignoring what experts (often from the marginalized communities you are covering) are saying as a punchline. It's disrespectful and counter-productive, and it's getting more and more frequent on your show.

  • Themachine
    Themachine Month ago +3

    “The most incompetent president in history” would probably have been a fitting epitaph for trump- until we learned that he’s probably also a traitor. That kind of takes precedence over his incompetence.
    President TRE450N.

  • Ana Henrique
    Ana Henrique Month ago

    Amazing! Inspiring! Love this show more everyday

  • Laksh P
    Laksh P Month ago +4

    Sam you have some of the best field correspondents, cant even pick a fav.

    • David P
      David P Month ago

      Better than the daily show possibly. Or just better writers. .

  • MariaVosa
    MariaVosa Month ago

    If this show is ever cancelled we riot for real!

  • Matthew Caldwell
    Matthew Caldwell Month ago +1

    The current group being erased is not black trans women. Sure, they're being co- opted, but that is the bargain for mainstream access in America. It's trans men who are being erased. They have no part in the conversation.

    • Quinn Djinn's Queer Gear
      Quinn Djinn's Queer Gear Month ago

      Really? I think the focus on trans women of color is because of how much violence they face in our country. How is that erasing trans men. Are trans men being ignored as well? yes; -->as well

  • Fabi Ahri
    Fabi Ahri Month ago

    Hey so, quick reminder Latina women exist and... maybe matter sometimes???

  • nicole rubin
    nicole rubin Month ago

    Pride has become a marketing ploy. If you go to the parades they are corporations and there is not an ounce of the fight for protection of rights and challenge the continued violence against trans people.

  • Nathan Surrett
    Nathan Surrett Month ago

    Beautiful!!!! Thank you all so so so so much!!!

  • Colton Bulmer
    Colton Bulmer Month ago +1

    There actually were no bricks thrown at Stonewall and Marsha P Johnson has admitted she showed up after the riots had already started. This is a narrative that certainly sounds nice... but it’s important that you not re-write our history with fiction.

  • sunnylilme
    sunnylilme Month ago +1

    Ohh.. I saw Jiggly Caliente

  • FMAiscool
    FMAiscool Month ago

    Gender free retail store? I want one in my area lol

  • 2 piece Willy
    2 piece Willy Month ago

    Why would be proud about being broken?

  • Christopher Schelberg

    Be Dr. Pepper lolol!

  • Done Dennison
    Done Dennison Month ago

    Like youtube permitting videos to stay on attacking and calling for harm on lgbt folks while having a pride flag on the icon... corporate appropriation... hmmm yeah...

  • Beto Pérez
    Beto Pérez Month ago +2

    Patti, please write an opening credits song for Samantha! Dua Lipa’s loss.

  • Ridlinrin
    Ridlinrin Month ago

    Need dat shirt....


    Patti being enthusiastic but a little dumb was so funny

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine Month ago

    Devil so busy busy busy makes me dizzy dizzy dizzy quite the empire you have here boys quite the empire

  • Bosstown Dynamics
    Bosstown Dynamics Month ago

    To be absolutely fair, police marching in Pride does at least show support today - I much prefer that to police going back to beating LGBTQ people.

  • Constant Chaos
    Constant Chaos Month ago +1

    I mean alot more of us were involved but yeah we definitely do need to give more credit to poc & the wider non-cis community,

    • Miss Vivian
      Miss Vivian Month ago

      Also while excluding trans men and white trans women for some reason

  • hashtagpopculture
    hashtagpopculture Month ago +1

    I love Patti already! Full Frontal is getting better and better!

    • B DP
      B DP Month ago

      if you are only now discovering her, watch Patti Reviews Exotic Animals. she's hilarious

  • Lesbian Amazon Sister
    Lesbian Amazon Sister Month ago +2

    Do the people who made this skit know that trans people are not the entirety of *LGB*T?

  • Lesbian Amazon Sister

    Here's what actually happened
    The butch lesbian referenced in the article is Storme DeLarverie

  • H
    H Month ago

    Please watch,
    Stonewall Forever - A Documentary about the Past, Present and Future of Pride
    from LGBTCenterNYC at TVclip
    The more you know!
    Thanks for this awesome and funny Vid Samantha Bee. You rule.

  • Regina Martinez
    Regina Martinez Month ago

    LGBTQ for Trump 🤔

  • Dexter Quinn
    Dexter Quinn Month ago +4

    Patti crushed it. Out-freakin'-standing.

  • Ida Leter
    Ida Leter Month ago +3

    I'm starting to get tired of humor about serious topics where the interviewee get increasingly exasperated at not being taken seriously.

  • vazak11
    vazak11 Month ago

    Wonderful coverage!

  • Kyle Lovell
    Kyle Lovell Month ago +2

    Love that trans people are getting more and more coverage. My wife is trans and we live in NC and it's one of those bathroom bill states.

    • Miss Vivian
      Miss Vivian Month ago

      Except trans men, who where oddly left out of this video's conversation

  • AisyCakes
    AisyCakes Month ago +1

    Patty was adorable

  • Eileen Lynch
    Eileen Lynch Month ago +4

    Storme DeLarverie, Lesbian, male impersonator and a Veteran was there at the Stonewall Riot. Viva Storme 1920 - 2014. She was there!

    • Sten
      Sten Month ago +1

      She started it! She called on them to do something!