"Cantina Theme" played by a pencil and a girl with too much time on her hands

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • I spent way too much time figuring this out.
    For more like it, check out r/pencilmusic on reddit!
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    What is my life. Is this what my life have come to? This is my peak? Anyway, thanks internet.
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  • Waffle Iron
    Waffle Iron 19 hours ago

    The original pencil cover

  • Einahpets Snikpoh
    Einahpets Snikpoh 20 hours ago

    You’ve got to be kidding me 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ismael Tovar
    Ismael Tovar Day ago

    God came back for this

  • Kieran Josiah
    Kieran Josiah 4 days ago

    I couldn’t remember what cantina theme was and then after watching the video I could hear it in the pencil XD nice

  • CreeperCrafter HD
    CreeperCrafter HD 5 days ago

    Quick mafs

  • CB vlogd
    CB vlogd 6 days ago


  • MrBlobby786
    MrBlobby786 6 days ago

    The perfect girl doesn't exis-

  • ItzIssy129
    ItzIssy129 7 days ago

    Now just do the rest of the song...

    Lol no that would be impossible

  • The1RetroTuber
    The1RetroTuber 7 days ago


  • theEPIC studios
    theEPIC studios 8 days ago

    Oh my gosh THAT'S AMAZING

  • SharpObject
    SharpObject 10 days ago

    do i exist?

  • DatOneBoi
    DatOneBoi 10 days ago

    What is the original theme from?

  • Samantha Adams
    Samantha Adams 11 days ago

    it is... 2 am

  • Sharkface
    Sharkface 16 days ago


  • KissMyTurkeyLeg
    KissMyTurkeyLeg 19 days ago +2


  • Pineapple Pig
    Pineapple Pig 20 days ago

    Too quiet I like it :)

  • pedro almeida
    pedro almeida 20 days ago

    This why the internet exists.

  • haran sugahfoot sanders

    Quick maths.

  • Aiden Ganderton
    Aiden Ganderton 22 days ago

    OK, at what point are you doing maths and you find out that your writing sounds like the songs from star wars🤔

  • catchy lil fella po
    catchy lil fella po 22 days ago

    I'm satisfied

  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara 22 days ago +1

    1987 : we will have flyig cars in the future bobby!
    2018 : GUYS! You wont belive what i can do with my pencil

  • Joealeham
    Joealeham 23 days ago

    This is what I call talent

  • Starwars JediLightsaber
    Starwars JediLightsaber 27 days ago +1

    Oh my god. *Best video ever.*

  • Jen Aguilar
    Jen Aguilar 27 days ago

    This is too good

  • juciy drugs
    juciy drugs 28 days ago

    I dont get it

  • Im Gone
    Im Gone Month ago

    This is fucking stupid.

    GWORMEUS Month ago

    Watched it 3 times, jaw stayed on the floor for the whole 51 seconds.

  • rtstephens91
    rtstephens91 Month ago

    It's all downhill from here guys

  • special appointment professor arusha

    before watching video: ' how can it have to many likes'
    after that: (jumps out of the window)

  • Randy Randomson
    Randy Randomson Month ago

    Lazarbeam reacted

  • Lizard Zabz
    Lizard Zabz Month ago

    Execute Order 66

  • clicow clicow
    clicow clicow Month ago

    The lowest key way to seriously challenge the greatness of this: tvclip.biz/video/WzhW20hLp6M/video.html

  • Dr DanDy
    Dr DanDy Month ago

    When math is boring

  • Malthe Håkonssen
    Malthe Håkonssen Month ago +1

    Pass me the aux

  • Samus Aran CZ
    Samus Aran CZ Month ago

    OMG :O :D

  • cyclopsjrg
    cyclopsjrg Month ago +1

    This is the meaning to my life.

  • arse
    arse Month ago

    I would like to invest

  • ッ
     Month ago

    i play the pencil

  • Haikal Alfi
    Haikal Alfi Month ago +1

    *L I T*

  • Sergovax
    Sergovax Month ago

    It's sad how some people just steal your original ideas... That is great!

  • Adam Navy
    Adam Navy Month ago

    Its not hard

  • Sanja Banić
    Sanja Banić Month ago +1

    Wow 😮

  • mikesh limbu
    mikesh limbu Month ago

    I dont get it

    • NicLord
      NicLord Month ago

      mikesh limbu its the Cantina Theme from Star Wars

  • cutieluv xio
    cutieluv xio Month ago

    Wtfuck! Fucking shit! This is wonderful!

  • Derek Veal
    Derek Veal Month ago

    You are amazing

  • Evan Almighty
    Evan Almighty Month ago

    When the teacher says to only use ur phone for educational purposes

  • IsaBellaDTV
    IsaBellaDTV Month ago

    She’s knows how to writing music tho!
    *ba dum chi*

  • Jace Wright
    Jace Wright Month ago

    At first I thought it was an equation for the frequency of the song as a function of time.

  • Chad Muse
    Chad Muse Month ago

    I bet you got a LOT of marriage proposals out of this! :) (Not being sarcastic either)

  • Dainius Vyšniauskas

    Eat this, TVclip copyrights!

  • Nykxs
    Nykxs Month ago

    The solution for x is:
    x = { (A-4783) / [(f-711)*(4v|VE|)] } -4

  • David Pruett
    David Pruett Month ago

    This is the most wonderful, silly, nerdy thing I have ever seen. I've watched it about twenty times now!

  • Athallah Satya
    Athallah Satya Month ago

    The equation to the meaning of life

  • CQ
    CQ Month ago

    Creative work, but 8M views? That's... refreshing

  • II Raspberry Cupcake II

    Okay imma simplify it
    x + 4783 - x + 4v|VE|(x + 4)(f - 711) = A
    4783 + 4v|VE|(x + 4)(f - 711) = A
    4783 + 4vVE(x + 4)(f - 711) = A
    4783 + 4vVE(xf - 711x + 4f - 2844) = A
    4783 + 4vVExf - 2844vVEx + 16vVEf - 11376vVE = A
    Final answer:
    A = 4783 + 4vVExf - 2844vVEx + 16vVEf - 11376vVE
    I’m only an 8th grader so don’t judge me if I messed it up ._.

  • Drill Sgt. Arch Dornan

    Better than ASMR

  • Zacc
    Zacc Month ago

    "Nerds are so weird-"

  • Adam Klaassen
    Adam Klaassen Month ago


  • juan_carlos _901
    juan_carlos _901 Month ago

    Its imposible

  • Prod. HIME NOT
    Prod. HIME NOT Month ago


  • Jaelon 3:16 j
    Jaelon 3:16 j Month ago

    the 9k who disliked this just cant do that

  • Ghost Riley
    Ghost Riley Month ago

    Lol it does sound like it XD

    SUNIL NANAVARE Month ago

    Wow nice think..

  • Lenny Leonardson
    Lenny Leonardson Month ago

    Can you do smoke on the water?

  • Damien
    Damien Month ago

    Did this in math class lmfaooo

  • Mico Story Hunter
    Mico Story Hunter Month ago

    Hi Dani, I was wondering If I could use a clip of this in a video I am making about Creativity. Obviously I would create you. Just didn't want to do so without checking with you. thank you. :)

  • Doxsein
    Doxsein Month ago

    please do more.

  • KhellendrosTheDragon

    This is the greatest thing I've ever heard.

  • Ruby Abc
    Ruby Abc 2 months ago

    Best thing on youtube so far.

  • Syrtech
    Syrtech 2 months ago +1

    The answer is 4 btw

  • Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar 2 months ago +1

    Played by a girl btw pls watch :))))
    Fuck off.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 months ago

    This is probably the best video I've seen in my life

  • GalaxinaFan
    GalaxinaFan 2 months ago

    What just happened?

  • Vaughn Campbell
    Vaughn Campbell 2 months ago

    Of all the internet, this has made me laugh harder than anything in months....

  • JesterJosh
    JesterJosh 2 months ago

    The answer is 5f - 711x - 2844 = A - 4783/4v^2 E

    I think...

  • Muffledbox 95662
    Muffledbox 95662 2 months ago

    Damn this is good

  • W.D. Callahan
    W.D. Callahan 2 months ago

    I always wonder the 8k+ dislikes a video such as this always gets. What did they not like?

  • PukeNuke
    PukeNuke 2 months ago

    super creative

  • Shaun Williams
    Shaun Williams 2 months ago

    Im going to learn this sum and make sure its in my head until i die

  • Kamira Alari
    Kamira Alari 2 months ago

    Why are there so many dislikes lol its probs bc this is so popular

  • Manuna Manuna
    Manuna Manuna 2 months ago +1


  • Matouš Vlasák
    Matouš Vlasák 2 months ago +1

    Woooow! That's good video, amazing

  • Kamira Alari
    Kamira Alari 2 months ago

    Imagine if you were in class and did that.

  • Honreh
    Honreh 2 months ago

    this is probably the best thing i have ever seen in my entire life

  • fartdorrito 4
    fartdorrito 4 2 months ago

    Hey just to let you know a TVclipr named camper stole this video

  • tehultimate pandah
    tehultimate pandah 2 months ago

    i guess i ended up the the weird part of youtube again.

  • tehultimate pandah
    tehultimate pandah 2 months ago

    i cant understand even with my max volume

  • Equivokate
    Equivokate 2 months ago +1

    More interesting is the answer to the equation:
    First, the vertical lines (| |). It is likely that many do not know what these mean or indicate. The bars simply indicate that the "absolute value" of a number or variable, that is the value without the sign denoted before in simple terms. For example, the absolute value of 10 is 10 and the absolute value of -10 is 10. You could also say that it is the distance from 0 to the number. To make the equation simple, I am assuming that the "v" in "|ve|" is the same variable used twice, which makes it's full term "+4v|ve|(x+4)(x-711)", or simply "4ev^2(x+4)(x-711)".
    Also, in my statements, because there is no superscript formatting on TVclip (that I am aware of), I use "^" to identify indices (exponents or powers are also names for them).
    Now, assuming the question is "simplify the equation to find the value of A", in simplest form, the answer is:
    Which means that the full equation is:
    After this full simplification, there aren't any more like terms to add/subtract from each other. Maybe if the values of "x","e","v" and "f" were disclosed, I could perhaps go to sleep, but here I am, watching videos of people playing songs from classic science fiction movies on pencil and paper while writing arguably ridiculous mathematical equations for me to attempt to solve.

  • Kacper Mazurkiewicz
    Kacper Mazurkiewicz 2 months ago


  • Djimmi The Great
    Djimmi The Great 2 months ago

    *WHAT DOES THIS EQUAL?!?!?!11*

  • MrFieldy
    MrFieldy 2 months ago


  • thatjacktansley
    thatjacktansley 2 months ago

    Will anyone figure this equation out?

  • Wing Onn
    Wing Onn 2 months ago

    So i guess your exams are pretty much just like live concerts huh?

  • Leo_gaming
    Leo_gaming 2 months ago

    This video went so viral that's crazy!

  • SpiderManElite
    SpiderManElite 2 months ago


  • Maybe dat Boi
    Maybe dat Boi 2 months ago

    The title is wrong. She didn't have too much time on her hands. She figured this out by accident.

  • Shrek Onions
    Shrek Onions 2 months ago

    I never knew math can be so fun

  • Marcello
    Marcello 2 months ago


  • Shelan Star
    Shelan Star 2 months ago


  • AppleAnimation`s
    AppleAnimation`s 2 months ago