• Published on Sep 29, 2018
    New Guaczilla Merch & My FRS Giveaway - October 1st!!
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    After Months, and MONTHS... I would like to officially reveal to you GUACZILLA 2.0!! New Wrap, interior, body kit, engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, exhaust, ect. WE HIT EVERYTHING!!! Enjoy people... more to come :)
    Film/Edit: OwnTheLight
    SD WRAP:
    TVclip -
    Jorge Martinez:

    2M Auto Werkz:
    ACG Automotive:
    Jessica :
    Sean Holladay :
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  • Tanner Fox
    Tanner Fox  9 months ago +3861

    Never been SO excited to post a video.. if you enjoyed DROP a Like & Comment for Guaczilla...

    • Luke Mullins
      Luke Mullins 16 hours ago

      Tanner Fox You are the best singer ever want to snakes here soon can you send me something back please I can say her

    • Kenny Miller
      Kenny Miller Month ago

      Tanner Fox, I bought two of the Guaczilla Hot Wheels today and one is defect. Makes them worth more, its awesome bro

    • Mochaismylife D
      Mochaismylife D 4 months ago

      tanner you should get vertical doors

  • Fnafdude Theawesome

    Your dump

  • Kevion Dixon
    Kevion Dixon Day ago

    Toyota 86

  • MikyNipples69
    MikyNipples69 2 days ago

    Whats sad is he didnt even work on it one bit... Had the garage do it all for him... GAYYyy

  • Janny LEL
    Janny LEL 2 days ago

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  • funnyboy232
    funnyboy232 3 days ago

    it has been a long time that the guaczilla 2.0 has been reveald but i cant stop watching this vid cause the car is a beast love it :D

  • David Svoboda
    David Svoboda 3 days ago

    5:35 song?

  • world tuday
    world tuday 3 days ago

    I always following you for leaning english

  • Rk Hara
    Rk Hara 3 days ago

    Hey tanner next time put NOS under the hood XD

    U would propabbly over heat the engine and explode :(

  • KostasxS
    KostasxS 5 days ago

    Rice rice baby

  • the knight
    the knight 5 days ago

    stop bragging about a new GTR you f****** c***

  • Dawson Smith
    Dawson Smith 6 days ago

    All that money and canโ€™t even get some acne cream

  • Simeon Wilson
    Simeon Wilson 8 days ago +1

    One word for feedback. G. A. Y.

  • Angel Pereda
    Angel Pereda 9 days ago

    His face is fucked up lol

  • ZxZ_Dropz
    ZxZ_Dropz 9 days ago +4

    16:14 why she mad

  • sondang Siregar
    sondang Siregar 10 days ago +1


  • AnimeMeliodas
    AnimeMeliodas 13 days ago

    fuck cars, buy a motorcycle

  • Shadow_Dragon Gamer
    Shadow_Dragon Gamer 13 days ago

    14:06 tanner's reaction to the first gear pull in 1000 hp gtr๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

  • Riley Lindbeck
    Riley Lindbeck 13 days ago

    t fox im a huge fan of your videos i love your GTR

  • palappal palsidier
    palappal palsidier 13 days ago +1

    Ur video gave me vertigo man to much going on my head hurts

  • Zander Coleman
    Zander Coleman 13 days ago

    Nice gtr I love your videos

  • Franklin Rosario
    Franklin Rosario 13 days ago

    don,t sell it ever

  • SpraykwoNTheChef
    SpraykwoNTheChef 13 days ago

    How tf were 12 year olds able to get tattoos?

  • Chase Masterson
    Chase Masterson 14 days ago

    If you can see at3:42 in the background the car is there

  • Maximillian Murtiharjana


  • Sinister647 Mars
    Sinister647 Mars 16 days ago

    I remember watching him 2years ago

  • Renwes 1
    Renwes 1 16 days ago

    His voice sounds like a 10 year old boy ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Nikko Garces
    Nikko Garces 17 days ago

    Hope this is the last overall design!!

  • Keagan Lewis
    Keagan Lewis 17 days ago

    You should put on tire stickers

    TIME_IZ_EVERYTHING 17 days ago +1

    Yes sirโœ…โœ…โœ…โœ…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœ…๐Ÿš๐Ÿš๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  • Hot wheels By Tee Gamer

    You design a part?

  • WP ME darkness
    WP ME darkness 20 days ago

    Its GTA 6? haha

  • Samuele
    Samuele 21 day ago

    Tu si nFigghi i buttana

  • KylerTheGamer
    KylerTheGamer 22 days ago

    i come back after 5 months to realize hes justin beiber 2.0

  • Chris Sabatini
    Chris Sabatini 23 days ago

    why you eating ice when sick?

  • Jack Wilde
    Jack Wilde 23 days ago

    can i please get the song that plays at the start

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard 24 days ago


  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan Campbell 26 days ago +1

    how much is the merch

  • spr_carz
    spr_carz 26 days ago

    15 k dislikes from Supra lovers

  • Reginald Sterling
    Reginald Sterling 26 days ago

    It's a beautiful car but the fact that mommy and daddy bought him a gtr all modded out is disgusting to me after working my ass off for my first brand new SRT-4 at 25000 st age 23 for a deer to want a close up yea um butt hurt to see this my dad made me work for my car and other parents with money he kid take this

    • DK Danis
      DK Danis 25 days ago

      Well you are wrong. He is self made millionaire. He started with scooter stunts and people follow him. Later he created his own brand Tfox that made him even more richer.

  • Corey Scanlan
    Corey Scanlan 28 days ago

    3:45 #Fishing4Likes

  • Corey Scanlan
    Corey Scanlan 28 days ago

    3:45 #Fishing4Likes

  • Corey Scanlan
    Corey Scanlan 28 days ago

    3:45 #Fishing4Likes

  • Benji Arehart
    Benji Arehart 28 days ago +2

    Car looks GREAT!!! You worked hard, and totally deserve it. Good role models for youth are a diamond in the ruff. PROUD subscriber.

  • Dc Novey
    Dc Novey Month ago

    How much did the car and all the upgrades cost

  • joshuah oropeza
    joshuah oropeza Month ago

    At 2:18 he said trip instead of car

  • Max Camacho
    Max Camacho Month ago

    Whatโ€™s the song at the beginning of the video. If someone knows PLZ LET ME KNOW.

    • TuRaNiSmOs
      TuRaNiSmOs Month ago

      Coke And Patron - C4 Kaboom, You're Welcome :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Does he bring this to drag or track?

  • Ybnlil SCAR
    Ybnlil SCAR Month ago +2

    I was just in his car not to long ago ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Esmeralda Cervantes
    Esmeralda Cervantes Month ago +1

    this car was at my school today sanger high school

  • Christian Ventura
    Christian Ventura Month ago +1

    A Nine Year Oldโ€™s Dream

  • Geagu Marius
    Geagu Marius Month ago

    this motherfucker got the nicest car from all the youtubers

  • Chancelor Wallner
    Chancelor Wallner Month ago

    Whatโ€™s the fun in a built car without building any of it yourself

  • Stephanie Whaling
    Stephanie Whaling Month ago

    im giting 1 when im 16 i have 3000 rate now and im only 12

  • Stephanie Whaling
    Stephanie Whaling Month ago

    i trade my 5000$ yeezy for the car

  • William Fox
    William Fox Month ago

    buy nba2k19 ps4

  • SoCal DanK
    SoCal DanK Month ago +7

    Be carful if I see you in Temecula. Warning you right now ima run ur pockets

  • Christopher Kordalewski

    I have a toy hotwheels GT-R Guaczilla

  • Rob K
    Rob K Month ago

    who won the car

  • Ced Deb
    Ced Deb Month ago

  • DeadlyBOI
    DeadlyBOI Month ago +3

    Great mods but unfortunately decreases value

    • DK Danis
      DK Danis 25 days ago

      Value will go up i think because it's something unique.

    • DeadlyBOI
      DeadlyBOI Month ago +1

      Mortin you never know what the future holds unfortunately

    • Mortin
      Mortin Month ago +1

      why would he care about the value as if he's ever gunna sell it?

    TOXIC PANDA Month ago +1

    Looks straight from gta

    TOXIC PANDA Month ago +1

    No offense but it sounds like my roommates wrecked mustang

  • Chronic Leafy
    Chronic Leafy Month ago

    Dam your face is hideous

  • EveryDayUS vlogs
    EveryDayUS vlogs Month ago

    Tannr fox. Me bad bay car

  • Yunus
    Yunus Month ago

    I won his car

  • Tropical Gaming
    Tropical Gaming Month ago

    My dad owns nissan

  • Aiden McAmis
    Aiden McAmis Month ago +1

    Thirsty ball pein suckin thot

  • 234 GVNG
    234 GVNG Month ago


  • SplatNode
    SplatNode Month ago

    how tf did you afford to do all this?

    • DK Danis
      DK Danis 25 days ago

      @Rรธyal_ W not really parents. He started as a scooter rider and people followed him.

    • Rรธyal_ W
      Rรธyal_ W Month ago

      SplatNode parents and youtube

  • potatoe head
    potatoe head Month ago +4

    bro my guy did none of that work

  • Angel Vlog's
    Angel Vlog's Month ago

    Love the car man great job!, I'm gonna do the same thing one day!

    The YETI BEAST Month ago

    And thats why theres allways adds in tanner foxs every single video

  • Gael Garza
    Gael Garza Month ago

    This kid sounds like heโ€™s 6

  • bike life Campbell 11

    tanner fox go over and watch my channel gray campbell 9

  • xlJACOBxD YTlx
    xlJACOBxD YTlx Month ago +2

    Has to have cost MORE than $100,000!

  • Itz Dodger
    Itz Dodger Month ago

    I was at The Car show I got to meet your tanner At the Beach on May 5 Which is today and I was s ok excited to meet you

  • Adrie Ezuandie Mohd Khir

    Hate the music . Its garbage .

  • t y
    t y Month ago

    Now..just don't crash it

  • Ishaan aditiya Surjbalisingh

    I disliked

  • Luke Basudeo
    Luke Basudeo Month ago +1

    Tanner why donโ€™t you put kiley on the Dino

  • titรธt
    titรธt Month ago

    You riced it.

  • Nick Coker
    Nick Coker Month ago

    Looks 14 sounds 10

  • g3m1n1z
    g3m1n1z Month ago +1

    *parks 1000hp GTR is front of Jake's comes out and goes straight to the cameraman*

  • Altman Martin
    Altman Martin Month ago

    Super page

  • Enel Trucking
    Enel Trucking Month ago +1

    tamer fox your gtr is cool youno I,love gtr

  • Engel Mata
    Engel Mata Month ago

    Yo tengo el carrito que se iso su omenaje a ese carro

  • Lukes world
    Lukes world Month ago +1

    its still the same car i do not under stand why he posted it again

    • Concorde
      Concorde Month ago

      He tuned and modded it thatโ€™s why

  • Lukes world
    Lukes world Month ago

    when tanner gets angry he always does a squats

  • Trodoz Frozen
    Trodoz Frozen Month ago

    Can I have that phone I have a nokia

  • Trodoz Frozen
    Trodoz Frozen Month ago

    2:47 fuck I'm in englan

  • Trodoz Frozen
    Trodoz Frozen Month ago


  • Trodoz Frozen
    Trodoz Frozen Month ago

    I made it I. Forza

  • Harriet Sawyer
    Harriet Sawyer Month ago +1

    can you do a 24 hour challenge

  • Kscare Mid life gaming crisis supporters Supporters

    Did you just throw your phone

  • wyatt huber
    wyatt huber Month ago

    Umm you got it wrong your car is not the only molded liberty walk GTR in the world there is a lot out there it just cost a hell load cause itโ€™s harder and takes more time and less people are not really wanting to wait that long

  • voft
    voft Month ago

    Y is he giving a Toyota Frs to a 9 year old

  • Tommy Starbuck
    Tommy Starbuck Month ago

    Dude you make that much money and can't get a good dermatologist?

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor Month ago

    Rice gum will fuck you up

  • white
    white 2 months ago

    Gt-r top