Tucker: Intel officials aren't used to answering questions

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Brennan speaks out on MSNBC; CNN calls oversight of intelligence agencies 'troubling.' #Tucker #FoxNews
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Comments • 481

  • FoesFlyDennis
    FoesFlyDennis 4 months ago

    OMG what on earth does anyone actually believe Russia did to influence the election of President Donald Trump!?! Hillary convinced me He was the right choice. Then the post-election behavior of Hillary supporters validated my choice. In the 2+ years since He took office, the insanity of liberals, democrats, the left and MSM have all confirmed thoroughly, Donald Trump is the best man for the job. MAGA 2020

  • EasyYog11
    EasyYog11 4 months ago

    offensive enabling this deliberate traitor hawking his completely debunked narrative. "I don't know if I received bad information"????
    Zero Credibility.

  • TheEnglishLongbow
    TheEnglishLongbow 4 months ago

    The present GOP will be resigned to the dustbin of history and will be replaced by the Keep America Great Always, KAGA, party. Real conservatives with real genders.

  • Jeanette Dauzat
    Jeanette Dauzat 4 months ago

    More divide and rule tactics

  • shocka89
    shocka89 4 months ago

    Tucker: “...former news network, CNN.” Haha

  • TheKaffeeKlatsch
    TheKaffeeKlatsch 4 months ago

    Wish you’d get of the idea that we are a “Democracy”

  • big Cahuna
    big Cahuna 4 months ago

    The Trump / Russia hoax distracted nicely from that missing $$21 trillion , illegal surveillance, election rigging, endless war, the national debt, lies, bribes, inflation, wages, and uranium sales.

  • Chantel Smith
    Chantel Smith 4 months ago

    Arrest those communists who attempted coup de ta disrespected Our Vote

  • Walter Kiel
    Walter Kiel 4 months ago

    JFK had the right idea... the CIA is a National Security Threat... and so is the Military Industrial Complex...
    **Trump 2020 !!*

  • Roy Hubbard
    Roy Hubbard 4 months ago

    He's concerned about going to jail ,so am i,I am concerned that he wont!

  • 1968CudaGuy
    1968CudaGuy 4 months ago

    The CIA? The CIA upper management can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.. Those responsible for ordering and organizing the CIA spying on Trump and associates should be hunted, captured, tried, convicted of treason, and hung by the neck till they are dead. No star on the wall in Langley for you worthless SOBs...

  • vV Trey
    vV Trey 4 months ago

    Didn't the Russians also "help" Clinton? They just wanted an in

  • Heavenisreal Hellisreal

    Yea right! but it’s allowed for them to use fake information to spy on Americans? Guess what? when the intelligence officers decided to be political that is when they opened the door for their egos to be questioned. They can’t have it both ways

  • Max Min
    Max Min 4 months ago

    Carlson is right. It is unbelievable.

  • John Cottrill
    John Cottrill 4 months ago

    cia should be dismantled like Kennedy wanted it is a tool of the deep state maybe even the head of the snake so it should be lopped off so its bite can do us no further harm

  • Joseph Mcadams
    Joseph Mcadams 4 months ago

    No Brennan, you are unnerving.

  • Robert Macdonald
    Robert Macdonald 4 months ago

    Reminds me of Herman Munster...has an entrenched furrowed brow...."I am so focused on listening to my voice...I am baby"

  • Mageoftheyear
    Mageoftheyear 4 months ago

    Oh "intel", not "Intel Corp" lol.

  • RayPat 7734
    RayPat 7734 4 months ago

    Yeah Russia really wants an American president that bombed 200 Russian mercenaries along with their number 1 ally

  • Chuck Desylva
    Chuck Desylva 4 months ago

    "The other propoganda channel". Which one isn't???

  • ramsy420
    ramsy420 4 months ago

    Crazy place this planet

  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 months ago

    But you trust the US intel community when they say Iran attacked those tankers?

  • eric692003
    eric692003 4 months ago

    I'd love to see these news networks lose massive lawsuits over slander haha

  • Spoony Poon
    Spoony Poon 4 months ago

    These people don't hear themselves!

  • ph0ib0s1
    ph0ib0s1 4 months ago

    "Meanwhile on the other propaganda channel" ... LOL

  • su yong Tong
    su yong Tong 4 months ago

    We The People are beginning to see how deep the Deep State really goes. To witness the mainstream media overtly justifying the tyrannical policies of the Deep State demonstrates their complcitness in the dismantling of our Constitution, our nation and our way of life.

  • Richard Llewellyn
    Richard Llewellyn 4 months ago

    His name was Seth Rich he downloaded the DNC emails there was no Russian hack and the DNC had him murdered for it as evidenced in the Podesta emails, ie "wet work" "an example must be made". Why is Hillary still walking around ?

  • Jim Edmiston
    Jim Edmiston 4 months ago

    That's what JFK tried doing

  • Joshua Burkhead
    Joshua Burkhead 4 months ago

    It really is insane that they are willing to give these agencies such power. No matter who controls them it’s a dangerous proposition.

  • rlbigfish
    rlbigfish 4 months ago

    Man, Brennan is so freaking bad at his news media shilling gig. Just listen to that delivery!

  • KS Rebel
    KS Rebel 4 months ago

    The most odd and questionable actions I have witnessed in my 53 years. The left claim unequivocal oversight of a president dually voted in by the Americans, but question oversight of the other branches...makes you go 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 4 months ago

    Brennan looks like a child who knows he is in trouble and daddy will be home any minute

  • MyCatFooed
    MyCatFooed 4 months ago

    Tucker is one of the very few voices that matters remaining on the ole MSM

  • Sean O'Sullivan
    Sean O'Sullivan 4 months ago

    Lol, that last line will forver be on their tombstone "..that's the word from the FORMER news network - CNN"

  • Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson 4 months ago


  • Simone PleTon
    Simone PleTon 4 months ago

    Bring them ALL crashing to the ground - EVERY LAST ONE.

  • Karen M
    Karen M 4 months ago

    The CIA is not above the law and it is answerable to the executive.

  • christopher jones
    christopher jones 4 months ago

    JFK took on the CIA, president Trump is attempting to clarify the agencies participation also. Just saying both these leaders understood clarity is in order. That takes courage, commitment, and love of country.

  • jason canady
    jason canady 4 months ago

    Former news Network CNN

  • Random Name
    Random Name 4 months ago

    I cannot find Tucker Carlsons Eric Cochran interview. Have you not uploaded it? Or is youtube hiding it?

  • November Papa Charlie
    November Papa Charlie 4 months ago

    We haven't even started taking this corrupt establishment down. John Brennan should be in prison.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 4 months ago

    the good news is that trump's economic war upended all your hopes for a raise trumpanzees.
    Pink slips for Christmas just like when Bush was president....Lol!

  • Brian Harvill
    Brian Harvill 4 months ago

    And the fascist republipukes are not capable of telling the truth or obeying the law. All the republipukes are good at is terrorism and abusing children. OH and cowardly dodging the draft yet pretending to be patriots. Boltin SEVEN DRAFT DODGES. And Trump FIVE DODGES.
    Cowards and child abusers. That is all the republipukes are.

  • Janet Trim
    Janet Trim 4 months ago

    The secret of success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching; perseverance. Luke 8:15

  • Neil Fitzgibbons
    Neil Fitzgibbons 4 months ago

    Put "the CIA " on a boat bound for their "own world."

  • Hans H.
    Hans H. 4 months ago

    Fox News is a hoax.

  • Neil Fitzgibbons
    Neil Fitzgibbons 4 months ago

    Buuuut it was OK for President Obama to ignore possibility of Russian election interference when he thought Hillary would be elected queen?

  • Janet Trim
    Janet Trim 4 months ago

    Intelligence Officials use their so-called intelligence to know that their words can be twisted. The only one that should be offered any answers should be the POTUS and there is a big reason that it should be recorded but kept classified.

    • Janet Trim
      Janet Trim 4 months ago

      Your frown and your angry eyes give it away. Better for you to not let it show in your facial expressions.

    • Janet Trim
      Janet Trim 4 months ago

      Brennan, you are the perfect example. You have messed up your job so bad that I personally don't listen to your dialog any more. I don't trust you. You seem to forget that you can fool some of the people, some of the time BUT you CANNOT fool all of the people, all of the time. WE eventually get it.

  • jeffman62
    jeffman62 4 months ago

    Maybe this is why CNN and MSNBC ratings are down 30% from 12 months ago.

  • Nolan Gleason
    Nolan Gleason 4 months ago


  • moo cow
    moo cow 4 months ago

    indeed, CNN is a former news network ! i call it the Conspiracy News Network.

  • BIG TD
    BIG TD 4 months ago +1

    TUCKER Americans are sick Obama puppets that are working with foreign powers against the American people.

  • Johnathan Jocavich
    Johnathan Jocavich 4 months ago

    That "Change your profile picture to Navy Blue to represent what's happening in Sudan" is a prime example of how the illuminati/free-masons have so much influence over Social Media and the world, I wouldn't even call it Social Engineering, I would call it mass-darkness................ One would logically think "hey if we really want to raise awareness for what's happening in Sudan, maybe let's change our profile picture to the flag of Sudan that represents Sudan". But no, what the cabal does is target the influencers and tells them "change your profile picture to Navy Blue, we're trying to do a social engineering study to see how gullible people are and see how we can easily influence people through Social Media" and people just go right along with their AGENDA never questioning it. That's why they send HELICOPTERS to follow me, because I know the TRUTH and they don't want you to know the TRUTH they just want you to follow their false-truth(LIES).

  • Bell Ringer
    Bell Ringer 4 months ago

    Trump is not used to answering questions too .
    It's the season .. Tucker the Good and Devout Believer should be aware of the whole final days , Tribulation ,
    Requirements for Judgement , thing in progress in his culture . ( he is smart enough to know it is all very absurd )
    Time to answer up .
    Have you seen the list of answers on all those many questions presented to him that he claims as proof of his openness ?
    Ha ha .

  • kim wiser
    kim wiser 4 months ago

    These are the same people who supported the Snowden and what he did.

  • Stealthbomb Smith
    Stealthbomb Smith 4 months ago

    The only thing more troubling than Don Lemon on air is Don Lemon's love of taking it in the backdoor.

  • Pieter Booysen
    Pieter Booysen 4 months ago

    This Brennan moron needs to be arrested forthwith

  • D Stone
    D Stone 4 months ago

    CIA equals KGB now.

  • Everedy G
    Everedy G 4 months ago

    So, according to CNN, the CIA has gods and not men among their number?!

  • larry phelps
    larry phelps 4 months ago

    ...."operating in your own world"...i think their going for the insanity defense.....