GSP would fight Khabib Nurmagomedov for the right offer | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Former 2-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre tells ESPN’s Mark Kriegel that with the way things are currently aligned, he’d fight Khabib Nurmagomedov if the right contract came along. He discusses how a fight vs. Khabib was discussed in the past with the UFC, and how he’s still training for fun.
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Comments • 1 182

  • I Get The Girl I Have A Corvette You Don't

    No way will the UFC give GSP 5 million to beat their biggest star then go right back to retirement after wrecking them. They simply wont let it ever happen.

  • OG Chowder
    OG Chowder 2 days ago

    Let’s gooo!!!!

  • Matthew Valadez
    Matthew Valadez 4 days ago

    GSP wins. Better stand up. Good enough wrestling and ground and pound against khabib. Even tho khabib is amazing, GSP is bigger and stronger and just a better striker. He can jab khabib all day and is good enough to take him down.
    The only challenge is seeing how they are on ground game. Other than that GSP is the better all around fighter.

  • Mr Sad
    Mr Sad 6 days ago

    Khabib vs Tony would be a good fight but I see Tony taking it
    But gsp vs khabib would be lit

  • Rez
    Rez 19 days ago

    What the UFC is doing by purposely keeping George away from Khabib is a sin. There is a big possibility that GSP is still the P4P KING. Yet we’ll never know because the UFC is too cheap to pay him what he’s worth. UFC give GSP what he’s financially worth and make Khabib vs GSP happen.

  • Pump Belz
    Pump Belz 20 days ago

    UFC make this fcking fight happen they would break PPW. Its like Pacman vs Floyd

  • Bhavin S
    Bhavin S 21 day ago

    if dana ask for only 1 fight. whether it is khabib vs tony...or khabib vs GSP
    .then whats ur choice..... comments fast
    mine is khabib vs GSP....bcoz both are grappling master.

  • Chad Lawrence
    Chad Lawrence 23 days ago

    I think GSP could fight and kill most humans and maybe medium size bears with his neck alone. Its possible his neck vein is a separate intelligence that co-exists with GSP.

  • dean brett
    dean brett 26 days ago

    Khabib has only 5 tough fights maybe in UFC go after Jones if u want to be the goat

  • Nelson Geada
    Nelson Geada 26 days ago

    01:39 the ufc refused because they know GSP will Win and retire again..

  • Top Notch Gaming
    Top Notch Gaming 28 days ago

    GSP bro we need u to end khabibs rain

  • keelo tan
    keelo tan Month ago

    But Gsp is old

  • VI P
    VI P Month ago

    GSP will be back for the GOAT belt

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha Month ago

    Tony earlier this year and then GSP by end of the year or summer for putting end to great career

  • Khabib Theeagle
    Khabib Theeagle Month ago +1

    Khabib vs GSP🔥🔥🔥

  • dyrectory com
    dyrectory com Month ago

    GSP will always come back from 'retirement' for the right amount of money 💰 💸. We all have a price... some of us just have a higher price than others. 💡

  • Zeke Banister
    Zeke Banister Month ago

    Ferguson crushes Khabib...better cardio, better striker and has enough of a ground game to protect

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Month ago

    Great fight make it happen

  • Arturo Gatti
    Arturo Gatti Month ago

    Guys a legend

  • Fahad Ahmad
    Fahad Ahmad Month ago

    He knows he’s going to lose and wreck his legacy so he wants a lot of money in return.

  • Krešimir Ćosić
    Krešimir Ćosić Month ago

    GSP is such a good guy. I literally wish nothing but best for the guy. A real champ.

  • m. helmi Kurniawan
    m. helmi Kurniawan Month ago

    just like balboa said..."stuff in the basement"

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Only GSP, Ferguson, Diaz is the only fighters whose capable for beating the guy.

  • Cheesey McCheese
    Cheesey McCheese Month ago

    Khabib wont beat GSP, to all you die hard fans it he just cant do equally a fan of both but there is just no way, he will be rag dolled by GSP

  • Kenzi
    Kenzi Month ago

    send me location of your retirement - khabib

  • lavelle williams
    lavelle williams Month ago

    Gsp would ragdoll khabib

  • lavelle williams
    lavelle williams Month ago

    Gsp would ragdoll khabib

  • Wal D
    Wal D Month ago

    The Russian next to gsp is the best LHW on earth

  • Rangsil G. Momin
    Rangsil G. Momin Month ago

    khabib is scared of GSP

  • K H
    K H Month ago


  • QcChopper
    QcChopper Month ago

    GSP is not only a great fighter but a human being I can look up to.

  • Dontsayshit45 90
    Dontsayshit45 90 Month ago


  • Sam Grainger
    Sam Grainger Month ago

    Just make the fight happen George wants it and so does khabib that’s the biggest fight in the world

  • Will Barnwell
    Will Barnwell Month ago

    if GSP comes back out of retirement again and beats Khabib to win the 155 belt, he’s the greatest of all time. Hands down, no discussion. He’d have won the belt in 3 divisions.

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher Month ago

    gsp is hands down the best of the best. he is on the top more then any fighter now then and maybe forever

  • adam adam
    adam adam Month ago

    lightweight is not hard for khabib there is not wresling fighters "jonson barboza llaquinta conor porier" no one but welterweight is hard for khabib bc many wresling there thats why he said i want stay in lightweight he feel the danger if he move there and loose everything.

  • doods aquino
    doods aquino Month ago

    you have no chance to beat khabib.

  • Rishi Rai
    Rishi Rai Month ago +1

    My favourite GSP!

  • Nightceasar
    Nightceasar Month ago

    Get it through your heads, Tony DOES NOT WANT TO FIGHT KHABIB. Tony is the one who is doing everything he can to avoid Khabib, first he trips on a wire and now when Khabib is the champion he has taken time off due to "mental distress". Yes he is devastated that finally when he gets far enough for a title shot Khabib is the one who is champion, he knows he would lose. He would rather wait until someone else is the champion and then go for the title.

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago


  • MrNutsack100
    MrNutsack100 Month ago

    Hate to say it, but GSP is old and slow now. He looked horrible against an old and slow Bisping. A GSP in his prime would probably beat Khabob...not now.

  • Iron amir
    Iron amir Month ago +1

    gsp loses much weight his neck and face show that.

  • Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev
    Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev Month ago

    gsp is old khabib will smash that oldie

  • anuma nuva
    anuma nuva Month ago

    Eentokseekaaytid obviously...

  • B Duval
    B Duval Month ago

    Talks about business deals, says he will defend the middleweight title

  • G OA
    G OA Month ago

    Gsp would destroy the daegastani midget

  • shaikh afroz
    shaikh afroz Month ago

    Who doesnt want to see what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

  • harry b
    harry b Month ago

    How much money did they pay the drunken Irish sod to hold an exhibition with Mayweather? That’s how much$$$$$$$

  • Rhodgie Aquino
    Rhodgie Aquino Month ago

    He is fighting. Look at him. He is 155 lbs right now

  • CALI
    CALI Month ago

    Gsp and usb would be a great match up

  • Clark
    Clark Month ago +1

    Come on man, say yes to this fight already!!! This will go down in history.

  • Walter Manglona
    Walter Manglona Month ago

    GSP humble and confident at the same time. It takes a true champion to admit that another fighter is better. Knowing that you might not be the best will only make you work even harder.

  • FHD
    FHD Month ago

    GSP wanting a crack at Khabib is testament to how great a fighter Khabib is.. If Khabib beats Ferguson, and GSP if it happens, he'll definitely go down as the greatest of all time? will be insane.

  • King Hannibal
    King Hannibal Month ago

    Khabib wrestles bears-he’s gonna be a challenge for GSP.......

  • JLHockey9
    JLHockey9 Month ago

    Bruhhhhhhhhh....Geroge Saint Pierre Vs Khabib bruh fight of the year

  • Kaleel Rahman
    Kaleel Rahman Month ago +1

    I love Canada

  • Mohaimenul Imam
    Mohaimenul Imam Month ago +1

    Why nobody talks about Khabib vs Maya?

    • watcanib
      watcanib Month ago +1

      @Mohaimenul Imam Yea but Maya is debatably out of his prime and doesn't hold a formidable record or win streak to be taken seriously. But it would be awesome fight to determine grappling superiority.

    • Mohaimenul Imam
      Mohaimenul Imam Month ago

      That will be awesome, though I think maya gonna finish that funky easily.
      I would love to see Khabib vs Maya before one of them retire....

    • watcanib
      watcanib Month ago +1

      maya has to beat askren on saturday

  • Kyle Moser
    Kyle Moser Month ago


  • samuel rogers
    samuel rogers Month ago

    GSP beats Khabib. Jab Jab Jab that face, takedown defense, and then he will take Khabib down. Watch and wait.

  • Kevin Hardesty
    Kevin Hardesty Month ago

    Lost a lot of respect for GSP. He wants to hand pick his oponents and leave when there's a chance of losing his belt, then teases he's coming back. I hope he loses if he comes back.