Kids Who Were Raised By Animals

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  • ItzGenesisYT
    ItzGenesisYT Day ago

    I was raised by mammals

  • haidarhazem98 ii
    haidarhazem98 ii Month ago

    I had a dog who was raised by humans!

  • Brenda Sartain
    Brenda Sartain Month ago


  • Getembydadozen 243
    Getembydadozen 243 Month ago

    Who else noticed the picture was from king kong

  • Rumman Akhtar
    Rumman Akhtar Month ago

    I was raised by the most dangerous animal.... Human beings

  • Shae Bretlin
    Shae Bretlin Month ago

    I was raised by yeast 'I'm bread'

  • Lauren Wilder
    Lauren Wilder Month ago

    Just...... *WHY???*

  • brittney woods
    brittney woods Month ago

    That is so sad I am felling sorry for those kids

  • DoggoWolfy 666
    DoggoWolfy 666 Month ago

    If i was raised by a animal. it would be a wolf.

  • Ana S
    Ana S 2 months ago

    i was raised with animals. my little brothers

  • Game Girl
    Game Girl 2 months ago

    They are not poor children they are happy with their lives!

  • PickAxe PixelGamer ROBLOX & More!

    What Animal You Guys Wanna be Raised??
    1: Cat
    2: Tiger
    3: Lion
    4: Dog
    5: Wolf
    6: Gorrila
    7: Monkey
    8: Bird
    9: Eagles
    10: Alpha Wolf
    I'm A Alpha Wolf Because They Will Feed Me And Travel Hunt Because That Was I Wanna Do

  • bEN X
    bEN X 2 months ago

    Fucking liar, her hair were cut properly, your mother cut her hair? Your mother must be an animal

  • Jeremiah Theophile
    Jeremiah Theophile 2 months ago

    I was raised by Panthers🐺🐺🐯🐯

  • sophia persaud
    sophia persaud 2 months ago

    Wonder how it will feel when raised by animals

  • Gerry Gill
    Gerry Gill 2 months ago

    I can talk to dog's🐕🐶

  • Pharchro
    Pharchro 2 months ago

    This is so sad

  • LEYTON 009
    LEYTON 009 2 months ago

    You forgot the story of Romulus and Remus. Oh well here goes something.In Roman times there was a king (I forgot his name)but he was their uncle and the King was scared when Romulus and Remus grew up one of them would come King. So the King put the babies In a basket and sent them down the river.A few minutes later something happened,Romulus and Remus were raised by a she wolf and eventually a shepherd came along and raised them the rest and a few years later they started to go back to their uncle and later they (you won't want to hear this bit) killed their uncle and were proud that they got the crown.There was one problem though there was only one crown.Romulus and Remus had a fight and Romulus killed Remus and Romulus became King.Then there was a town in Italy called Rome (which Romulus named it). The end.

    • LEYTON 009
      LEYTON 009 2 months ago

      Btw I was NOT writing a link to somewhere it just happened that I made a link...

  • Angela McKissock
    Angela McKissock 2 months ago

    Hello, Every I Sub and turned on the Belle. Have a nice day everybody ..

  • Shannon Rueth
    Shannon Rueth 2 months ago +1

    cool viedo i wached over and over

  • Dreamz Amazon
    Dreamz Amazon 2 months ago

    Why do people have children if they can’t take care of them

  • I am YANDERE Now I'm yandere


  • Aurora :3
    Aurora :3 3 months ago

    just let them live with the animals they dont know any better and they just get sad a depressed

  • ud nq
    ud nq 3 months ago

    Jungle book in real life

  • Eoin Pollard
    Eoin Pollard 3 months ago

    I was rapid by wolves

  • Chloe Miele
    Chloe Miele 3 months ago

    Animals are better then humans they don't do drugs, liquor, abusive they are amazing thank you to all the people who agree with me and who ever doesn't go to 👿

  • J5 Videos
    J5 Videos 3 months ago

    I love the richest

  • Nailah Rahman
    Nailah Rahman 4 months ago

    how is this shocking. we are all animals, the people who raised us are also animals.... SO WHY AINT WE ON THIS VIDEO!?

  • mila janssens
    mila janssens 4 months ago

    One site describe as swallow publication prevent see regional.

  • PlanetXZ38
    PlanetXZ38 4 months ago

    I've been seeing in my dreams chocolate animals which find their way to the torns of the paradise. I am a monkey and all around are just frighten by luden asterics.

  • DaBest RK
    DaBest RK 4 months ago

    Animals have feelings to! THEY ARE ALSO INTELLIGIENT!

  • Shatamri Graham
    Shatamri Graham 4 months ago

  • Shatamri Graham
    Shatamri Graham 4 months ago

    That's crazy

  • YourPal Anthony
    YourPal Anthony 4 months ago

    I was raised by mom

  • Marjorie Brooks
    Marjorie Brooks 4 months ago

    Ok thanks for sharing this with us

  • Eva Kulic
    Eva Kulic 4 months ago

    i'm raised bye potatoes🥔

  • FliddyFace
    FliddyFace 4 months ago

    poor children?? they were lucky to be raised by animals who cared more about each other than money >:|

  • Aquariusfish4u xD
    Aquariusfish4u xD 4 months ago

    I wanna be raised by wolves

  • Ice Cookie
    Ice Cookie 4 months ago

    um that is the kid from jungle book or petes dragon.

  • imTheMrBEAN
    imTheMrBEAN 4 months ago

    Why the hell are humans so obsessed with other humans being apart of our society? If a child has been raised in the wilds by animals for years, it is clear that they do not need to come into human society, they clearly know how to survive in the wildernes ,and to communicate with their animal adoptors. Leave them the fuck alone.

  • Jamie Kirby
    Jamie Kirby 4 months ago


  • Jamie Kirby
    Jamie Kirby 4 months ago


  • Nimu's Gang
    Nimu's Gang 4 months ago

    This is such a lie

  • Kylie Kxlis Msp
    Kylie Kxlis Msp 5 months ago

    i think animals would have took better care of them anyways lol they wouldn't have to do chores xd

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr 5 months ago

    I was raised by ma cat

  • sara castillo
    sara castillo 5 months ago

    I want to be raised by wolf's but I'll miss my mom and dad Now

  • Zarmeen Khan
    Zarmeen Khan 5 months ago +1

    U forgot about the trump no one raised him

  • Nogert
    Nogert 5 months ago

    5:11 fuccin furry!

  • Da'Kaeden Williams
    Da'Kaeden Williams 5 months ago

    i was raised by a

  • Narine Ramdihall
    Narine Ramdihall 5 months ago

    I love my family and all, but I would've loved to have been raised by jaguars. My one dream in life is to reincarnate into one when I die.

  • Farah Nabilah
    Farah Nabilah 5 months ago

    i mean normal

  • noodles the cat
    noodles the cat 5 months ago

    That last boy nails look fun to cut xD I love cuting nails

  • Lola Reem
    Lola Reem 5 months ago

    wtf those people are wired

  • Flare FrostFire
    Flare FrostFire 5 months ago

    I wish I had been raised by wolves. Seriously, people misunderstand them! We're the problem, not them! the fact multiple children have been found that were raised by them is proof! Humans are the problem not animals and especially not wolves! #humansarediscustingandihatebeingone

  • Lz Lightning
    Lz Lightning 5 months ago

    Im raised by money 💰 💰 and 📶 WiFi lol

  • Finbar Power
    Finbar Power 5 months ago +1

    This is crap

  • Zedrick Tolentino
    Zedrick Tolentino 5 months ago

    No quiz?

  • Fettsack Bierbauch
    Fettsack Bierbauch 5 months ago

    In soviet russia animals raise you

  • Kira Clark
    Kira Clark 5 months ago

    Ok I know it would be a bad thing but I think it would be awesome to be raised by wolves

  • Clorax Bleach
    Clorax Bleach 5 months ago

    Why are they taking them away from their family? If they were happy, let them stay there. Sure, maybe they would have a shorter life expectancy, but as long as you can live happily, it doesn't matter how long you live.
    Maybe other humans could of checked on them every two-four weeks to make sure they were okay, but taking them away from their family is just cruel.

  • Brianna Pleuss
    Brianna Pleuss 5 months ago

    that is so werd

  • Chris Crinkle
    Chris Crinkle 5 months ago


  • Wyatt Rosenbaum
    Wyatt Rosenbaum 5 months ago

    I bully people for trying to steal my girlfreind

  • Sophia JC08
    Sophia JC08 5 months ago +1

    I'm raised by my parents....
    I'm not normal!!!! 😱😱😱

  • Jayden Hedlund
    Jayden Hedlund 5 months ago +1

    Leave them alone if they don't want to go with you

  • Amy
    Amy 5 months ago

    This is sad for the 4th family tho.

  • Hello Kind Human!
    Hello Kind Human! 5 months ago

    5:23 *Inhales*


  • multishotsgamer
    multishotsgamer 5 months ago

    i wish i was raised by wolves

  • Logan Branton
    Logan Branton 5 months ago


  • Queen Beast
    Queen Beast 5 months ago

    I was raised by dragons.

  • Chimpanzee Vlogs
    Chimpanzee Vlogs 5 months ago

    I was raised by intelligent human beings

  • BOMB_ YT
    BOMB_ YT 5 months ago

    did the boy that was raised by birds learn how to fly

  • Superior 657
    Superior 657 5 months ago

    what if kids were raised by zombie?

  • Jonas Mathews
    Jonas Mathews 5 months ago

    You know who else was raised by monkeys?


  • Justin fucking Bieber
    Justin fucking Bieber 5 months ago

    I don't know why this is so fucking creepy to me

  • Cookie 2
    Cookie 2 5 months ago

    Why the hell did I watch this

  • Kelly
    Kelly 5 months ago

    i kinda wish i could be raised by Wolfes! it seems cool.

  • Payten Johnson
    Payten Johnson 5 months ago

    Me:there's going to be a raised by wolves
    Person:Raised by wolves
    Sis:Be Quiet !!!

  • alexandra pangilinan
    alexandra pangilinan 5 months ago

    i'am raised by a dwende i can't be hurt by anyone

  • Sara Aziz
    Sara Aziz 5 months ago

    its sad but awsom

  • kaveena saif
    kaveena saif 5 months ago

    when i was 2 i got raised by orangatangs for 5 years but got found by people around there

  • Dina Esposito
    Dina Esposito 5 months ago +1

    Good video

  • KIX136
    KIX136 5 months ago +1

    Am raised by leopard real when I was 5 my ancle had a wild farm he had leopards they were soo cute and my ancle ruse to feed them and play with them once I was at his house and I went there I stayed 5 month untell I was found only my uncle wife new she feeded me sooo much I can't speak English sooo much when my ancle s wife told my parents the leopard where angry

  • Aaron Keys
    Aaron Keys 5 months ago

    I have been raised by cats

  • Paulin Mosbakk
    Paulin Mosbakk 5 months ago

    Many people these days are raised by snakes

  • Amelyn
    Amelyn 6 months ago

    I'm raised by oreos and doritos :)

  • _WarArtistDigress_
    _WarArtistDigress_ 6 months ago

    ...I wanna learn how to speak animal. Wouldn't it be cool to communicate with other species besides humans????

  • Oblivian Msp
    Oblivian Msp 6 months ago

    i feel sorry for all of them especially the one who ran away from home and was never seen since

  • Emily Padilla
    Emily Padilla 6 months ago

    thats just sad. "rescued" kids being taken from their animal guardians and being rehabilitated in mental hospitals to live the way others expect them to?

  • Justin Jaros
    Justin Jaros 6 months ago

    I want to be raised by wolfs

  • Rex17 Ly
    Rex17 Ly 6 months ago +1

    Just a question: what does being raised by animals have to do with TheRichest?

  • lil bill
    lil bill 6 months ago

    you can't be raised by animals, they just learned to survive in their environment but they're still human. the fact they can't speak to people or walk funny is just some autism trait only humans show lol, you don't see dogs standing on their feet and being unable to talk to other dogs if they were domesticated their whole life.

  • Lattae
    Lattae 6 months ago

    I'd say Trump's kids should be on this list.

    And then I remembered that would be an insult to animals.

  • playingwith_Dainna
    playingwith_Dainna 6 months ago

    Idk why but I kinda want to be raised by animals now after I watched this :|

  • irv vialley
    irv vialley 6 months ago

    how the fuk can any parents forgot their child..smh

  • UniqueRosebud
    UniqueRosebud 6 months ago +1

    Is it bad if I laughed when they said "Raised by goats"?

  • UniqueRosebud
    UniqueRosebud 6 months ago

    Dang, just leave them with the animals where they're happy!!!!

  • WhiteValz
    WhiteValz 6 months ago

    I wish I was raised by birds so I could talk to them and when I get hit I can call on them to attack them ;)

  • Khusubui Rai
    Khusubui Rai 6 months ago

    I was raised by laziness

  • thundertazzy 412
    thundertazzy 412 6 months ago

    Poor kids