Amazing HOME DESIGNS You Wont Believe !

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Amazing HOME DESIGNS You Wont Believe !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Amazing HOME DESIGNS You Wont Believe !

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  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha 55 minutes ago

    When azzy posts a video: Life is a miracle!
    When Morgz posts a video: Never know the answer...
    Only Tic tok-ers would get it XD

  • Dana Brown
    Dana Brown 2 hours ago +1

    I love to sleep in darkness same

  • Michell De
    Michell De 3 hours ago

    3:28 What if you are trying to sleep, open your eyes and you see a person staring at you through the skylight.

  • jeff koch
    jeff koch 5 hours ago +1

    Her vids are good

  • Psycho_sqaud 101
    Psycho_sqaud 101 7 hours ago

    My dog died

  • Brinny Munoz
    Brinny Munoz 8 hours ago

    Me too

  • Robo Panda
    Robo Panda 8 hours ago

    00:54 stair case get it :)

  • Carla Weinstein
    Carla Weinstein 11 hours ago

    I liked GET IT FOR UR CATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ꅐꏂꀤꋪꀷ ꏳꂦꂦꀘꀤꏂ

    Who else got an *Azzy ad* on this video?

  • Joseph Pascale
    Joseph Pascale 14 hours ago

    You should do a 3am challenge

  • Brooke Martin
    Brooke Martin 15 hours ago

    Door for shoping bags also for kidnapping pets lol and for kids 😂😂😂😂😂 but really don't do that

  • Cheesy Squad
    Cheesy Squad 16 hours ago

    OMG agent that for your cat I wanna see it🐱🐱🐱bye LOVE THE VID

  • Zahra Ahmed
    Zahra Ahmed 16 hours ago

    Azzy: You know who lived in a small nook under the stairs
    Me: Jughead?

  • Reese Edwards
    Reese Edwards 17 hours ago

    Get the cat thing!!!

  • Olivia Secules
    Olivia Secules 18 hours ago

    ~!Like if you want azzy to make a cat\dog play house!~

  • Potato487 #2
    Potato487 #2 21 hour ago

    4:06 I'm imagining 11 trying to open it (11 from stranger things)

  • Jana Antunovic
    Jana Antunovic 23 hours ago


  • Glenn Mcleod
    Glenn Mcleod Day ago

    I love you so much as see you're my favorite TVclipr and I'm going to visit you in Canada

  • Christy Perez
    Christy Perez Day ago

    Roses are red Azzy is cool and you are to

  • Christy Perez
    Christy Perez Day ago

    Get the cat thing

  • Lernique Smith
    Lernique Smith Day ago

    You should

  • Sadie Zimmer
    Sadie Zimmer Day ago +2

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Yay someone liked my comment
    But why is it blue?

  • divajenne
    divajenne Day ago

    Things I am good at
    1: Bowling
    2. Air Hockey
    3. Sitting and Watching TVclip Non-Stop

  • XxWoLfY PLaYzxX
    XxWoLfY PLaYzxX Day ago +1

    3:19 is it just me or do u guys see a creepy face in that place!??!!😱

  • yunotastic
    yunotastic Day ago +1

    Nah im broke ._.

  • sonia matin
    sonia matin Day ago +3

    Azzy: this is terrifying! IT LOOKS SO COOL!
    Me: you mean terrifying means cool and cool.....means COOL?Right?

  • Camille Francesca Hernandez

    Hey Azzy land I just love your vid’s

  • HappyStarGachaBun

    That click bait. Rip 1x dolphin because your rich af

  • Selena Segura
    Selena Segura 2 days ago

    I wish I had the swinging bed

  • Damaris Bojorquez
    Damaris Bojorquez 2 days ago


  • lovely little sister Mejia

    Do it please 😎😎🦄

  • Jill hale
    Jill hale 2 days ago

    This is meow meow lady.

  • nida tv
    nida tv 2 days ago +3

    I just ordered pizza

    And now i watch azzyland

  • Jr Jaime Martinez
    Jr Jaime Martinez 2 days ago

    Wait you said you sleep 8 hours daaaang im the person that sleeps alot than because i sleep 10 hours a day OOOF DHDGFGDJDYHEKEIEIYSGEBETFTEH36FVD7XBD7ENSO PPL EJF7CUNFBTY2YX

  • Nova TheGachaMusicChannel

    If I had the glass thing in my bathroom I would just break the glass and fall

    Try to guess why 😉

  • short boi
    short boi 2 days ago

    I don't think you want to use the top bunk because you hit the wall every morning

  • cookcurryde
    cookcurryde 2 days ago

    You live in amterdam ?l live in Utrecht

  • Marina Herciu
    Marina Herciu 2 days ago +1

    D rvdvfvf f BMW Nr va
    Imers d ar trebui j

    • Marina Herciu
      Marina Herciu 2 days ago +1

      De trr ttgtttyytyyypj ce xxy ,z ry îl h nu 🇦🇴🇧🇹

  • riley smith
    riley smith 2 days ago

    I like carying grocery’s

  • Massimo De Paola
    Massimo De Paola 2 days ago

    I have a vacum basbor

  • Tanishi Mahaur
    Tanishi Mahaur 2 days ago

    I am a Hindu and books are good for Hindu don't step

  • Fuchsling
    Fuchsling 3 days ago

    I have one of the bookcase posters on my door

  • Rhonda Hill
    Rhonda Hill 3 days ago

    time for my daily dose of Azzy

  • Deravonesian Sisters

    i have a monkey bar in my room And also where does the drain go in the aquariam sink

  • Steven Owens
    Steven Owens 3 days ago

    I lived inside nook under staircase

  • Julie Price
    Julie Price 3 days ago

    i has crystal shandilier

  • Nicole Orlando
    Nicole Orlando 3 days ago

    9:25 the people look photo shopped look at the personas arm sticking out it looks like a ghost 😂

  • Lainey Goddess gurll

    0:18. Azzyits fine if u eat to much tacos because u loose weight by walking and sleeping

  • Hadeel Ahmad
    Hadeel Ahmad 3 days ago

    And about the room that who ever turned it to pool area don't y think a moderer can come inside your house or wild animals??! :/

  • Hadeel Ahmad
    Hadeel Ahmad 3 days ago +1

    Mk Mk Mk yall y over it fishy sink Mk I'll take that but idk about the swing bead imagine y sleeping on it and it's swinging but when u are sleeping y hear wierd voice from the swing then u can't even sleep😱😱😑

  • Lily Chan
    Lily Chan 3 days ago +3


  • gacha fire cat 3030
    gacha fire cat 3030 4 days ago

    **sees penny wise's face** uhh thx alot azzy now I am scared for life

  • priess Rosess plays with games gamemer

    You are sweet and your pet is cutie don 't be sad always be sweet RainBow ★{}♥

  • Wynter Soriano
    Wynter Soriano 4 days ago

    Yasss!!!! I just saw your cumerceral!!!

  • Malissa Leach
    Malissa Leach 4 days ago


  • BirdMaster 2010
    BirdMaster 2010 4 days ago

    I almost had a rock climbing wall in my living room guess. What. Someone bought the house one day before us . I’m still soooo fricking mad about that I’m still a kid I’m so mad yes my mom let’s me say frick 😡😡😡😡
    So mad.

  • Liam Affo-Ogou
    Liam Affo-Ogou 4 days ago


  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 4 days ago

    Bat how do you fed the fish???😥

  • Imagine That Alicia G !

    I have that hover in my home in galway

  • gacha kitty gamer
    gacha kitty gamer 4 days ago

    95,000 likes on this video... looks like Azzys getting that tunnel on the wall for her cat.:D

  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones 4 days ago

    Listen up the under stairs thing is what the Dudley’s did after Harry left

  • Vina Nguyen
    Vina Nguyen 4 days ago

    6:14 looks like I can fit in here!

  • Donna Grimes
    Donna Grimes 4 days ago

    ok I was gonna say harry potter here and then you said it and im like"... I cant get mad at azzy" im the BIGGEST harry potter fan EVER! and I mean in the WORLD!!

  • Matthew Sims
    Matthew Sims 4 days ago

    Get it

  • Myra W
    Myra W 4 days ago +1

    The fish tank sink... if you wash your hands the soap suds will go into the bowl. If you brush your teeth where will you spit the toothpaste?? Argh!

  • Loubug 777
    Loubug 777 5 days ago

    I have already solved the lock maze.
    Like if u have.

  • Carma Davis-Stewart
    Carma Davis-Stewart 5 days ago

    At my house we have a crystal s handier

  • Peyton Teague
    Peyton Teague 5 days ago

    Roses are red I love you as you're awesome you are two guys

  • Lethabo Pholoha
    Lethabo Pholoha 5 days ago

    all of them are so cool

  • Kelly Babillis
    Kelly Babillis 5 days ago

    3:01 I have that in my kitchen

  • Kathy Ballinger
    Kathy Ballinger 5 days ago

    Are you sure because my friend has a kid as a treehouse and it has two kitchens one at the top one on the one on the bottom color and also it also has one

  • Ava Friend
    Ava Friend 5 days ago +5

    Azzy I'm only eight years old but I still watch all your vids I love them:D

  • Kitty Cats
    Kitty Cats 5 days ago

    what does likeing chandaliers have to do with being bi

  • Jake Petzold
    Jake Petzold 5 days ago

    THIS video was made on my birth day!👍😃

  • Amanda Wheatley
    Amanda Wheatley 5 days ago

    Your funny and awesome

  • Emma Rama
    Emma Rama 6 days ago +1

    I want all does houeses

  • Emporer 1986
    Emporer 1986 6 days ago

    Watching azzyland and a ad with azzyland in it plays
    Me what

  • Leia’s Amusement
    Leia’s Amusement 6 days ago

    I know how to do your hair and nails and all of your stuff

  • Learna Langworthy
    Learna Langworthy 6 days ago

    Tacos!!! 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

  • Nilda
    Nilda 6 days ago

    Is that iT!!!! From the sweep picture omg 😨😨😨😨

  • Valerie Hait
    Valerie Hait 6 days ago

    I have a shandle ear??? I don't know how to spell I do go to school but I'm in 2nd grade

  • Bridget Black
    Bridget Black 6 days ago

    i have a vacuum like that

  • Michelle Collazo
    Michelle Collazo 6 days ago


  • Tat Mille
    Tat Mille 6 days ago


  • -EbisuRamen -
    -EbisuRamen - 6 days ago

    1:19 that’s what I said

  • Pinto Pony Playz
    Pinto Pony Playz 6 days ago

    U suk

  • Rene Wilks
    Rene Wilks 6 days ago

    I have a basbord vaume

  • Blake Diez
    Blake Diez 6 days ago

    3:59 the metal chain is too long and the intruter can just go in

  • Awesome BFFs
    Awesome BFFs 6 days ago

    2:58 we have one of those

  • Georgina Tarry
    Georgina Tarry 6 days ago

    Wait you had chores

  • Mayla Gacha
    Mayla Gacha 6 days ago

    I did it yay

  • mixed up angel
    mixed up angel 6 days ago

    Im sorry, im not trying to be rude and i love your vids but i dont think you would literally die

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott 6 days ago +3


  • Lola’s Life
    Lola’s Life 7 days ago

    Hi I’m new just subscribed

  • Christine Bradenbaugh
    Christine Bradenbaugh 7 days ago +2

    I paid TVclip $1,000 to turn the like button RED

  • Your mom
    Your mom 7 days ago

    I need about 2 or 4 hour of sleep

  • Kimmy Szekely
    Kimmy Szekely 7 days ago

    Azzy your hair clip is the wrong way *still love tho*

  • Sweet Lemonade
    Sweet Lemonade 7 days ago

    3:17 is that penny wise

  • Itzdeamon foxx
    Itzdeamon foxx 7 days ago +1

    Me: Yeesh, cat. If you want to be isolated with the toy, go to heaven.
    Cat: ~violently breaks everything fragile within the room~

    • Your mom
      Your mom 7 days ago

      Itzdeamon foxx wow lol I have a song for you... it’s called without me....: found you and you heart was broke. I filled you cup until it overflowed. Took it so far to keep you close,i was afraid to leave you on your own... I SAID ILL CATCH YOU IF YOU FALL! And if they laugh then f*** EM all, and then I got you off your knees put you right back on your feet, JUST SO YOU COULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME! Tell me how’s it feel, sit’in up there feelin so high but to far away to hold me you know I’m the one who put you up there name in sky, DOES IT EVER GET LONLEY!?!?! THINKIN YOU COULD LIVE WITHOUT ME! Live without me, baby I’m the one who put you up there I don’t know why, yeah I don’t know why.... gave love bout a hundred tries just runnin from the demons In you mind, and I took your and made EM mine. I didn’t notice cuz my love was blind. I SAID ILL CATCH YOU IF YOU FALL AND IF THEY LAUGH THEN F*** EM ALL. I’m to lazy to finish the rest .bai.