• Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • [Guys today we picked up the new beast for the channel ! ]
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Comments • 530

  • jenirka delgado
    jenirka delgado Day ago


  • Taco_
    Taco_ 7 days ago

    The salesman seems like a low key dick head

  • BrandonTheBold
    BrandonTheBold 16 days ago +1

    Are you black or mexican i cant really tell

  • Kaden Fowler
    Kaden Fowler 16 days ago

    y yo music so glitchy

  • nie nie1don
    nie nie1don 16 days ago

    As long it's not a Suzuki i not in to it yoowo🇻🇨🇻🇨🇻🇨🇻🇨🇻🇨🤟💯

  • Callsign Phangs Airsoft

    brooo the man cringed so hard when you removed that tag at 10:34

  • CptKirk FPV
    CptKirk FPV 21 day ago

    Horrible b roll

  • cooking with my Jamaican dad

    your bike need to be louder on the start up

  • Mitch Dasovich
    Mitch Dasovich Month ago

    When he tuck his chain lmao

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User Month ago

    Just picked up the same bike and color on October 23rd haha. I LOVE the bike. Just needs a new exhaust..

  • beeweezee718
    beeweezee718 Month ago

    Not going to front it's a sexy bike.

  • beeweezee718
    beeweezee718 Month ago +1

    Bro congrats fam. Wicked bike!!! 🏍

  • Roberto Melendez
    Roberto Melendez Month ago

    The biggest difference in between yamaha and other manufacturers is yamaha has not yet figured out how to make a smooth powerband throughout the low, mid, and high range. That’s why you and your friend like it better than the yamaha. Good luck and be safe bro.

  • Roberto Melendez
    Roberto Melendez Month ago

    Make sure you have an 1/8”, or 1/4” of free play on the clutch lever. Dealers have been known to leave them tight to make you burn clutch.

  • Rowles Reels
    Rowles Reels Month ago

    He bleeps out the bad words in the song but the echo still says the words 😂

  • AeroR
    AeroR Month ago

    Great machine
    Enjoy the bike life buddy 💚🤜🤛

  • Josh C
    Josh C Month ago

    Did he say the r6 is faster? Lol definitely not

  • Master1110GSX
    Master1110GSX Month ago

    Now you just need a Harley

  • Ant410
    Ant410 Month ago

    Yo said “ouuu this jawn corny” 😂😭 I’m rollin

  • KingLeopold YT
    KingLeopold YT Month ago

    Brap i gotta Honda CBR600RR lemme come roll with y’all some day i can keep up 😈

  • Tyshawn Odom
    Tyshawn Odom Month ago

    Race it

  • Duke's World
    Duke's World Month ago

    Bro is that dude Chris from lance210 vlogs

  • Jason bilili
    Jason bilili Month ago

    Yoo that's chris from lance Stewart's videos

  • Brandon Harrison
    Brandon Harrison Month ago

    Is its nice

  • Eryck Watson
    Eryck Watson Month ago

    From 1-10:11 but the one thing u kno u gotta wake sum neighbors up and change tht pipe🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  • Seth Nichols
    Seth Nichols Month ago

    Love your videos

  • bikelife Rizz
    bikelife Rizz Month ago

    Its a 10 bro 🔥

  • onvalip987 {:
    onvalip987 {: Month ago

    All I can say is FairPlay and enjoy

  • Di Unstoppable
    Di Unstoppable Month ago


  • Max Marnock
    Max Marnock Month ago

    its to big

  • Max Marnock
    Max Marnock Month ago

    change the egsaght

  • Infinite Dragonz
    Infinite Dragonz Month ago

    ride the bike part 2

  • bigmack1357
    bigmack1357 Month ago

    Intro song name please I need someone to tell me the name

  • Matthew Belcastro
    Matthew Belcastro Month ago

    Yo let kid kid ride it 😂💯‼️

  • stephon sullivan
    stephon sullivan Month ago

    Good buy, even though I'm a Suzuki guy, bike looks great and mean looking. 👌🏽

  • king mike
    king mike Month ago +1

    Yo braap can I buy that ktm backpack from you

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker Month ago


  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker Month ago


  • Dani Bg
    Dani Bg Month ago

    Buy akrapovic pleasee

  • Kawiboy636
    Kawiboy636 Month ago

    After you put the stunt handle bars let white ride it again, I hate that crouch over the tank feeling.

  • Ryan Mckenzie
    Ryan Mckenzie Month ago

    time to change up that intro music

  • kizek tC
    kizek tC Month ago

    Bike 10/10

  • kizek tC
    kizek tC Month ago

    Change only exhaust please

  • Max Harris
    Max Harris Month ago

    The muffler looks like a fuckin chimney

  • Chernobyl 955
    Chernobyl 955 Month ago +1

    Bro how much you get the bike for cause the price just dropped hellllaaaa, it’s at $7,781 for the 2019 zx6r new!!

  • bionik Cruz
    bionik Cruz Month ago

    Very nice Bike!!! Now ,you need to go the mountains and feel the ride. No panic!

  • 508 MIKA
    508 MIKA Month ago

    9.5 rate just Bc you didn’t lost a vlog today 😂😂😂

  • Sammara Coakley
    Sammara Coakley Month ago +1

    noo r6

  • Papiquan 848
    Papiquan 848 Month ago

    We Need a vlog on it

  • Papiquan 848
    Papiquan 848 Month ago

    Make it louder

  • Wavvy Playz
    Wavvy Playz Month ago

    Lol braap love your vids bro but your head looks like a squirrels head 😂 still like your vids tho bro

  • Jeremiah 283 Mercado84

    He got a new exhaust look on his story on ig

  • demarquis Spingfield


  • Joe Sharp
    Joe Sharp Month ago

    He sold the Scat Pack!!!! Noooooo!!!

  • Joe Sharp
    Joe Sharp Month ago

    Yooo that color makes me like the bike SOO much more! Looks so clean! I used to hate on ninjas tbh but the 2018-2020 look sexy af! But for me its 1000cc or nothing!

    JMC RIDES Month ago

    I like that color man. That’s just like destroyer gray on the hellcats.

  • Jose Alicea
    Jose Alicea Month ago

    Why didn’t you go to dhl

  • Rodney Faust
    Rodney Faust Month ago


  • Salty 4K
    Salty 4K Month ago


  • Carson Borders
    Carson Borders Month ago