FACTS you should know about CONCORDE! Episode 1 by CAPTAIN JOE

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel. Today´s video will be the beginning of a video series about the amazing supersonic commercial airliner CONCORDE.
    First and most importantly I want to thank the Brooklands museum, the home of British motorsport and aviation, for inviting me to there fantastic site.
    How could I resist in making a video about the airplane that got me all excited about aviation as a little boy?
    I want to thank all volunteers at the Brooklands museum for showing around and providing me with access to all their facilities. Therefore I want to donate all the earnings made with the upcoming series to the volunteers at Brooklands. Without your help and work, this marvel of aviation history would otherwise be consigned to the history books.
    I hope you enjoy this tour around Concorde and make sure to watch the follow up videos to this series.
    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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  • RJ Smith
    RJ Smith Day ago

    "As beautiful as Princess Diana " , with a nose like Concorde I'd say more like Barbara Strisand.

  • Blackyoin
    Blackyoin 2 days ago +1

    1 like and i will eat my mums poop and cum and shit 😳

    • Blackyoin
      Blackyoin 2 days ago

      Edit thanks for the gold kind stranger!!!!!!!

  • Blackyoin
    Blackyoin 2 days ago

    1:08 Wow They Got The The Male Human Child From The The Hit Movie 2005 “”’Zathura””” By JOn Favreau 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃Like So Brody Can See

  • Irish Airlines
    Irish Airlines 4 days ago +2

    Well Captain Joe, Rortos mentioned your video for ‘Real Flight Simulator’ newest update about the Concorde! Be prepared for traffic your way!! Congratulations:)

  • AdonisGaming93
    AdonisGaming93 10 days ago

    aelevons seem like a way for a pilot to lose both controls if something where to go wrong? Isn't separating elevator from aelerons better for redundancy?

  • global.001
    global.001 11 days ago

    The Russian's copy of Concorde crash had nothing to do with the cancellation of Concorde orders, it was because the sales trip of British Concorde around the world exposed the sonic boom to the irritation of the public, the test engines were extremely smokey combined with 70's oil crisis & rise in environmental groups. 😏

  • Daniel Kays
    Daniel Kays 12 days ago

    I know a couple military pilots who jokingly call their elevons ailerators when in a mixed group with sub mach pilots.

  • God
    God 13 days ago

    Supersonic flying will come back again in future.

  • mega0876
    mega0876 13 days ago

    So much for technology nowadays where we are still using slow boring commercial airliners and yet 1960s they had the concord. Smh🤦🤦

  • vincent cardo
    vincent cardo 14 days ago

    Mr Captain JOE: my son and me see all your videos. Son want to be pilot ( work harder at school and pratice simulator all days ). thank you :) we live near Luxembourg airoport:)

  • Red-rose Kelly
    Red-rose Kelly 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who tho the plane looks creepy? 💀😂

  • Mauricio Fuentes
    Mauricio Fuentes 17 days ago


  • Yeoman Cam
    Yeoman Cam 18 days ago

    Concorde 001 is parked at The Fleet Air Arm Museum near Yeovil, it’s one of the test beds and has a lot of test equipment onboard... plus a few passenger seats 👍
    Well worth a visit, as is the whole museum!

  • Erik Hagman
    Erik Hagman 18 days ago

    Starfighter was reliable? Wasn't it called "the widow maker" buy it's pilots in West Germany during the time? Thank you for a great channel Joe!

  • Tmanaz480
    Tmanaz480 18 days ago

    How many pilots were rated for the Concorde?

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 20 days ago

    I used to see this aircraft quite often. When it was doing test flying coming from Futon Bristol with a chase plane , a Canberra. What is now forgotten, is that all the major components , such as the engines , special instrumentation , etc, were designed and made by the British .

  • Syd Clark
    Syd Clark 21 day ago

    Top info, but facts nobody really needs to know.

  • TEJ Jensen
    TEJ Jensen 21 day ago

    Thanks for the video. Captain Joe. I've seen a Boeing 747 with Transonic Truss-Braced Wings. It looks beautiful but what are the advantages and disadvantages of this wing system?

  • Marc Rossbridge
    Marc Rossbridge 21 day ago

    Here's the only fact you need to know, you'll never fly on one, so who cares.

  • Timothy rudd
    Timothy rudd 22 days ago

    iv been on the concorde but only in bristol aerospace not when it was in service
    only looking

  • Daniele Romano
    Daniele Romano 22 days ago

    You know that your logo is basically the Monza track, right?

  • นรินทร์ พรวัชระกุล

    หัวเป็น carbon fiber

  • นรินทร์ พรวัชระกุล

    เอาเครื่องปั่นไฟ ไว้หน้า runder 2 ตัว จ่ายหน้าปัด แบบ passive power เป็น computer

  • The Brittish Guy
    The Brittish Guy 22 days ago

    I’ve been there :)

  • Flux Standard
    Flux Standard 22 days ago +1

    More stock footage of the plane not your face please

    • Flux Standard
      Flux Standard 7 days ago

      @Russian Destroyer maybe its so that we can all have a wank and cum to his face and not the planes maybe this is what he wants

    • Russian Destroyer
      Russian Destroyer 7 days ago +1

      Flux Standard what’s the point of his channel if you don’t see his face

  • Chinook
    Chinook 22 days ago

    Caray no pongas el título en castellano y luego el vídeo en inglés o al menos subtitúlalo porque vaya chasco para los fans de este avión que no sabemos Inglés...

  • Donald Thomson
    Donald Thomson 22 days ago

    Absolutely Fantastic Aircraft no doubt about it . But hears one fact you won't mention Captain Joe, The Concord was built for the 'Eleit not for us ordinary people unlike the Americans they were building the first JUMBOs so that us ordinary people could afford to fly , That in my opinion was a far greater Fantastic Aircraft even at the Concords end how many British Taxpayers who paid for it could afford to fly in it MY guess Zero zilch none !!!!!!!

  • Paul O'Neill
    Paul O'Neill 23 days ago +5

    I remember having to shut down all conversations twice a day in my office when this monster went overhead.
    And that was in Esher, 10 miles away from Heathrow so she was probably several thousand feet up by then.

  • Gregory Hamlet
    Gregory Hamlet 23 days ago

    Please don't get me wrong, loved the concord and what it represented... But to say it was profitable.. Lol...only to British Airways.. At the cost to the tax payer.. Any company would make a profit for their selfs,, if business was done this way! But I wonder if that country would go broke :)))

  • Martindyna
    Martindyna 23 days ago +2

    I'm not sure that the failure of the Russian Tupolev Tu-144 `Concordski' had much bearing on the order books from looking at other videos.
    It was more the sonic boom problem and the high level of noise from the engines. In particular I understand that the Japanese cancelled their order(s) when they saw the amount of smoke that the early Concorde engines produced.

    • Patrick Lenihan
      Patrick Lenihan 22 days ago

      I agree. Whilst superficially similar the Russian plane was significantly different to Concorde and buyers would have know that. Poor fuel economy, pollution and noise were the major problems that stopped more planes being purchased.

    • Kim Vibæk
      Kim Vibæk 23 days ago +1

      Also the energy crisis in the early 70's, I suppose...

  • Yaroslav Brandtner
    Yaroslav Brandtner 23 days ago

    What about Tu-144?

  • John Ashtone
    John Ashtone 24 days ago

    Good grief, this is a 1960s plane, and the engines produce 122,000 lbf The current Trent engines for the 737 Max, output 93,000 lbf. Why have we gone backwards?

    Answer probably those odious liars the Greens who spout their lies about CO2, which is an element, that forms the basis of life, is NOT a pollutant and we need more not less?

    But hey what a great production, Captain Joe.

    PS I'm not interested whether he is actually a Captain, he does a brilliant video.

    • Pablo Gonzalez
      Pablo Gonzalez 22 days ago

      We haven't gone backwards you're using incorrect data the _total_ max thrust from all 4 Concorde engines was about 152,000 lbf with reheat and the 2 Trent engines on the B777 ( Max uses LEAP-1B) are approaching 200,000 lbf thrust and they propel significantly more weight than the Concorde

  • Gavin O’Doherty
    Gavin O’Doherty 24 days ago

    What’s with the uniform? Ur visiting a museum

  • Beff Jenson
    Beff Jenson 24 days ago


  • Tech Gamers
    Tech Gamers 24 days ago +1

    Can u make a video on best landing techniques,speeds and how to get a smooth landing without nose gear bumps

  • Raphael Sher
    Raphael Sher 24 days ago +1

    My late parents flew on her many times from Heathrow to JFK, they truly enjoyed the Concord.

  • Marc McKenzie
    Marc McKenzie 24 days ago +3

    Many years ago when I was a hard core "road warrior", a unique situation presented itself where I could have spent about $800 out of my own pocket to grab the Concorde back to the U.S. It never occured to me that the plane would go away, and I have always regretted thinking more about a short term budget than the chance to have a one-of-a-kid flight.

    • Gerardo Galvan
      Gerardo Galvan 21 day ago +1

      About a year or two before the Paris accident, I quoted a one-way flight, just out of curiosity, from JFK to LHR, and guess what? Cost was around USD$10K.

  • geoff crabbe
    geoff crabbe 24 days ago

    The Boss...

  • Eman ASMR
    Eman ASMR 25 days ago

    What will happen if I don't know?

  • George PRIV
    George PRIV 25 days ago

    Wish they would come out with a new version and use it.

  • progeocaching
    progeocaching 25 days ago +6

    I met some guys who worked on wind tunnel testing of the Olympus engines at RAE Farnborough in the 60s. They had to simultaneously simulate altitudes of 60k ft, temperatures of -60C and supersonic airspeeds while slewing the engines to different angles of attack. Apparently, the facility required so much power during these tests that they had to inform the electricity generators when they were about to commence so they didn't start blacking out the surrounding areas.

    • احمد يعقوب
      احمد يعقوب 18 days ago

      يجب عليك ترجمة الفديوهات الى اللغة العربية فورا...مع الشكر

  • Slickpickle
    Slickpickle 25 days ago

    Concorde is amazing and looks awesome. But the costs to have one and maintain and fuel it costs far more than traditional turbofan planes.

  • tristess Kartoffel
    tristess Kartoffel 25 days ago

    I hope this comes back!!

  • Christopher Leishman
    Christopher Leishman 26 days ago

    G-BOAA is stored at museum of flight at east fortune air field i had fun times cleaning tht concord and BOAC aswell

  • K Karbator
    K Karbator 26 days ago

    Bonjour à tous ...
    je sais juste que le concorde etait un formidable outil que la guerre commerciale nous a fait abandonner ...
    avec la complicité molassonne de certains élus .
    Pour avoir voyagé en A380 Emirate en business et en first c'est la même réussite technologique que nos "dirigeants collabos vendus" ont bien vite abandonné ...

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green 26 days ago

    Show me a video of you flying a passenger plane, i think you're a fraud.. No pilot walks around in uniform without their wings pinned on. It's almost sacrilegious. Every aviator pridefully wears their wings in uniform.

    • ZK-APA
      ZK-APA 26 days ago

      Michelle Green this isn’t his flying uniform. This is just a generic pilot uniform he wears for his yt channel.

  • Dean Blake
    Dean Blake 26 days ago

    Hi Joe.... did Concorde spray GeoEngineering Chemtrails like the planes we see today.. LOL..

    • Dean Blake
      Dean Blake 24 days ago

      @albert bassoe
      I hate sodium oxide and aluminium oxide hatters myself, they are so boring...i gave you a thumbs up....👍

    • albert bassoe
      albert bassoe 25 days ago +1

      @Dean Blake tinfoil hatters are so annoying

    • albert bassoe
      albert bassoe 25 days ago

      @Dean Blake phew

    • Dean Blake
      Dean Blake 25 days ago

      @albert bassoe
      No only joking.. no planes spray chemicals... look at the vapour trails they always vaporize...

    • albert bassoe
      albert bassoe 25 days ago

      You're kidding right?

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 26 days ago

    Fact 1, They crash Fact 2 you die Fact 3 dont fly Fact 4 You live

  • KDH Vids
    KDH Vids 26 days ago

    I can definitely understand why but all of the airlines pulling out of buying Concorde it was not the Concorde that crashed it was its rushed and poorly designed counterpart and the reason it was pulled out of service was kind of a dc3s fault

  • MrDejast
    MrDejast 26 days ago

    I'm sorry, but I believe the dc3 is the absolute most beautiful, durable, and longest lasting aircraft ever.

  • otterspocket2
    otterspocket2 26 days ago +1

    The cancellation of orders (and options) was nothing to do with the Paris Airshow crash. The US aviation industry, unable to produce a viable SST of their own and fearing being left behind as the primary market shifted to supersonic travel, lobbied the US government to ban commercial supersonic flight over land. With ridiculous talk of cattle being knocked over by sonic booms (seriously), the market Concorde was specifically designed to service (US coast to coast) collapsed - and the world was needlessly consigned to subsonic transportation for the next half century (and counting), courtesy of the US aviation industry, US government and good, old fashioned bribery and corruption.
    Thanks guys!

  • Patrik Berglin
    Patrik Berglin 26 days ago

    Hm? Ever heard about SAAB Draken? Look up facts before stating things en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saab_35_Draken

  • crmercer
    crmercer 26 days ago +3

    This is what happens when just a fraction of us work together! Imagine if we all worked together :-)

    • Mark Fox
      Mark Fox 26 days ago +1

      crmercer - but let's not include the French this time. 😉

  • hossen abdoo
    hossen abdoo 27 days ago

    I love this plane ..

  • The colourful gang
    The colourful gang 27 days ago

    I’ve meet one of the captains

  • Manuel Baumann
    Manuel Baumann 28 days ago

    I can't believe that the initial purchase price has a significant impact on profitability due to high cost for maintenance, fuel ,etc. If so, please provide a source :-)

  • Direktörn
    Direktörn 28 days ago

    I remember when I wisitec ba.com in 2002 and was about to book a ticket - went trough the whole process of ordering a ticket, I was 26 or so at the time and a ticket to NY was around $3000 but never booked - added to the list of misstakes I've made during the years. doh!

  • Anthony Bardsley
    Anthony Bardsley 28 days ago +3

    Nothing has replaced it bring it ba k.

    • Slickpickle
      Slickpickle 25 days ago

      Anthony Bardsley never gonna happen. Flying the Concorde’s turbojet engines vs traditional turbofan engines is highly inefficient. It consumes far too much fuel for commercial travel, even at its super fast speeds

  • James J
    James J 29 days ago +4

    Thanks America for shutting this wonderful aircraft down.

  • tentimesful
    tentimesful 29 days ago

    Shame they failed at Concord... It was too expensive anyways, worth its price should have been cheaper...