• Published on Jan 15, 2016
  • ArtSnacks was super nice and sent me one of their subscription boxes, free of charge, to try out and share with you! This is the January Box.
    If you are interested in subscribing for monthly boxes full of premium art supplies check out
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    & Get Outside by Jason Farnham
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  • Elizabeth Spears
    Elizabeth Spears 9 days ago

    Oh my gosh I love you😭😭😭 you're so sweet and soft and funny and ahggghgg I'm crying and my dogs confused

  • Zolle Delphonic
    Zolle Delphonic Month ago +1

    I was here today because I really wanted to watch you unbox more art supplies... And I was not disappointed...

  • Jeanie Baird
    Jeanie Baird 3 months ago

    My kids have always called pretzels princels, this sticker embodies that word, lol!

  • Kaitlyn Morris
    Kaitlyn Morris 6 months ago

    Rin: pUrPlE? *shows us everything purple within reach*

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 9 months ago

    You should not be embarrassed, I love that this is still up for viewing! I think it’s a great job because let’s face it they don’t always put everything you might need to make something! Well not all I would need to create a finished piece, did you amazingly well !!!

  • t a u
    t a u 9 months ago

    Why did she say "not stirred" in a british accent lmao

  • It's Jayy
    It's Jayy 9 months ago

    Have you done a drawing with all my purple art supplies?

  • Doris Ramos
    Doris Ramos 9 months ago

    She is beautiful. Omg those colors together, heaven!

  • Luxishi
    Luxishi 9 months ago

    Watching her old videos and compared to her newer ones it feels like she's on acid idjrjrjdjfjdkskskskskkss

  • Create With Yma
    Create With Yma 10 months ago

    I love how much I can relate to this vid. In the sense that when someone at school doesn’t know my name, they just yell out “purple girl!” Or “purple hair!” I literally have purple hair. But yeah purple is my life hahaha

  • Charlotte Finney
    Charlotte Finney 11 months ago

    A bit annoying

  • Angels-do-Exist
    Angels-do-Exist 11 months ago

    lovely and shimmery

  • Sea
    Sea 11 months ago +4

    Her English accent was so good I thought I clicked off the video by accident

  • yuna song
    yuna song Year ago

    u remind me of cookie swirl c

  • Clem C
    Clem C Year ago

    Do u have a PO box?

  • cherry coca-cola
    cherry coca-cola Year ago

    We both love purple ahhhhhh my whole room is purple

  • Hi There
    Hi There Year ago

    *Everything has to be shaken, not stirred*

  • thyheart1
    thyheart1 Year ago

    So good

  • Kaitlyn v
    Kaitlyn v Year ago

    OML!! You're always so cute and bubbly in your videos, i LUV IT!! You are amazing, thank you for existing!

  • Party Creature
    Party Creature Year ago

    "it's so pretty I don't want to rip it" me when I get a present

  • CharleeArts
    CharleeArts Year ago

    'i like the colour putple' I LOVE THE COLOUR PURPLE

  • Skyking 0
    Skyking 0 Year ago

    Those nails are fierce

  • Luana Dapino
    Luana Dapino Year ago

    That mechanical pencil looks like a carrot 🥕😂

  • zZ Lemon King Zz
    zZ Lemon King Zz Year ago

    Everything has to be SHOOK

  • Annika Haylah
    Annika Haylah Year ago +8

    *P U R P L E*

  • Lynnette Villanueva

    No it the best like you

  • Ari B
    Ari B Year ago

    When you realize, you switched to scrawlrbox and feel like hating on the other

  • Ella Ella
    Ella Ella Year ago +4

    the krink looks copper kinda

  • wooden kat
    wooden kat Year ago

    See the pretty!!! I love your excitement!

  • Abigail Creech
    Abigail Creech Year ago +5

    Waffles you brighten up my day. :)

  • Jimins jams Have been eaten by me

    #ohpoopcaked D: ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

  • Rose Kitten
    Rose Kitten Year ago

    I finally know her favorite color (no just kidding its purple )

  • H I
    H I Year ago

    Why is your voice so cute.

  • lilypxo
    lilypxo Year ago +2

    honestly, my sisters and mom are like BEAUTY BOXES WOOO MAKEUP and im like woohoo art boxess :3

  • High-Class Trash Potato

    I like purple to it's my favorite color.

  • Mkp
    Mkp Year ago +2

    I was starting to think it was just a roll of green tissue paper...~*

  • Bluebell_arts
    Bluebell_arts Year ago +81

    "Is like all pretty I don't wanna rip it!!"

    *rips it violently*

  • Elvie Rose Robinson

    PLEASE TELL ME which white pen you use because I can't find a good one.

    • BTS Is Lifeu
      BTS Is Lifeu Year ago

      Elvie Rose Robinson she uses a uni signo

  • Jermaine Griffith

    Lol krink is really popular for graffiti does amazing tags

  • Amelie O'Connor
    Amelie O'Connor Year ago +1


  • Skylar Bodeo-Lomicky

    Is she bald?

  • - porridgeatthedisco -

    Why did I think Hallelujah by Panic! At The Disco was going to play at the beginning?

  • Megan 17
    Megan 17 Year ago

    NOTICE ME!!!!! Sorry waffles :3

  • Chocolate Waffles
    Chocolate Waffles 2 years ago

    Because I'm trying to get a really nice white hell pen

  • Chocolate Waffles
    Chocolate Waffles 2 years ago

    What kind of hell pen do u use

    • Bee
      Bee Year ago

      Ava Draws she actually uses heaven pens so

  • the whatever channel
    the whatever channel 2 years ago +6

    I asked my parents if I could get them and they said no cause it might be fake and you'll only get crappy stuff

    • The Dapper Donuts
      The Dapper Donuts Year ago

      Same and it sucks

    • the whatever channel
      the whatever channel Year ago

      General Bluebell ya same😣😣

    • General Bluebell
      General Bluebell Year ago +3

      I had a same problem about a year ago when I first asked my parents if I could get one of the subscription boxes (Artsnacks,Scrawlerbox..).It's like even though I've read reviews and watched unboxings they still won't believe me.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago


  • rlly tired
    rlly tired 2 years ago

    For some reason your braclet reminds of the colors on the lesbian flag. Idk why it just does.

  • Meg lps Dead channel
    Meg lps Dead channel 2 years ago +22

    . .
    This is Timmy,
    He will drown in the sea of comment unless he gets enough air from helpers

  • SofiesDoodles
    SofiesDoodles 2 years ago

    I know I'm like, extremely late to the party with this comment, but just thought I should mention, for the peace of everyones minds, that the mechanical pencil (Faber-Castell) that Waffles got in this video, if you twist the black bit underneath the eraser, there's MORE eraser! So like, when that bit of eraser is finished, you just TWIST and voila! MORE ERASER FOR EVERYOOOONEEEE!! :D

  • DrawingWiffWaffles
    DrawingWiffWaffles  2 years ago +316

    This video is so embarrassing.... :'o

    • Nacy Bouda
      Nacy Bouda 2 months ago

      Cringed but ur art is great

    • Red Hawk
      Red Hawk 3 months ago

      It's fine, we all enjoy it x3

    • xpyre
      xpyre 3 months ago

      Me when i look at my old deviantart page

    • BG NC
      BG NC 7 months ago +1

      DrawingWiffWaffles it's adorable

    • Alice In Numberland
      Alice In Numberland 8 months ago

      trying to chill For a good value if you can’t afford trying many out at once I recommend if you want to have a prompt word or phrase to draw with your supplies get scrawlrbox (retail £15 in the UK international $25-27 usd including shipping) for a variety of art supplies. Otherwise Artsnacks for a smaller variety / painting/ sketch /pencil variety comes with a snack as well. And paletteful for more painting and sketch supplies that come without prompts 🙂 (my first box I’m going to be trying is the scrawlrbox) ☺️ then paletteful. sketchbox is an alternative if you simply want more sketch based supplies not painting or marker heavy like the others and no prompt but a card that explains the inspiration. These are all great starter boxes to get you into mystery art supply boxes and I love how there’s a subscription for everyone. It can be a hit or a miss but well worth it Hope you find the right one! I’m excited already I’ll be starting with scrawlrbox for the holidays :)

  • Hey It's Evey
    Hey It's Evey 2 years ago

    tell your camera to focus dude

  • Laura —
    Laura — 2 years ago +6

    Which box would you recommend more? Scrawlrox or Artsnacks??

    • LoveInPaint Creations
      LoveInPaint Creations Year ago +10

      If given the opportunity, I'd definitely go with Scrawlrbox. The supplies seem to be more interesting/varied, include limited edition prints, and even give really fun challenge prompts!

  • Eeery_mc_deary
    Eeery_mc_deary 2 years ago

    that head tho

  • Dorky Fangirl7
    Dorky Fangirl7 2 years ago

    Is ArtSnacks a good subscription?

    • Dorky Fangirl7
      Dorky Fangirl7 2 years ago

      oh okay because I might subscribe I just wanted to make sure it is worth it.

    • DrawingWiffWaffles
      DrawingWiffWaffles  2 years ago +1

      +Starco Lover this was the only box I ever tried. But I had fun with it!

  • Kendi
    Kendi 2 years ago +5

    Thought she meant food!!!!!!

  • 09 bp 08
    09 bp 08 2 years ago +2

    why has she got no hair?!

    • Karoline Luvi
      Karoline Luvi Year ago

      Omg, you’re from Texas AND Pinay?! So am I!! ^u^

    • TexasPinay
      TexasPinay Year ago


    • I need healing
      I need healing Year ago +3

      DrawingWiffWaffles this may be a year old, but this is beautiful

    • riley stiegler
      riley stiegler 2 years ago +5

      I love the channels that do this type of drawing showing that not everyone is your typical person typical is everyone :3

    • DrawingWiffWaffles
      DrawingWiffWaffles  2 years ago +44

      +Shadow Gamer_09 she lost her precious locks when she was 10 to leukemia. She battle the cancer for years and went into remission. Then 2 days before her 22nd birthday she relapsed. The chemotherapy took her hair. But she'll never let it take her joy.

  • Lexy Breitner
    Lexy Breitner 2 years ago +3

    Does anyone here know how much these boxes are?

  • Febrique Ureta
    Febrique Ureta 2 years ago +2

    i love your vids you inspire me to do a art channel here in youtube even tho i'm not good at drawing...but you inspired me and baylee jae to..i have a passion for drawing in fact i want to ba a fine arts student but i think my skills is not enough

  • king senpai23
    king senpai23 2 years ago +45

    your personality is adorable

  • デーモンPurple
    デーモンPurple 2 years ago +55

    I subscribed when I heard her reaction to purple XD

  • Jade Klod
    Jade Klod 2 years ago

    Y didn't you draw hair

  • LovelyPink_ 49
    LovelyPink_ 49 2 years ago

    Does anyone have any tips for art schools

  • cutpuppy101 pup
    cutpuppy101 pup 2 years ago

    not any more i dont now what happened i did not like or diss like i think i mite have idk

  • Ramdom Stuff!
    Ramdom Stuff! 2 years ago


  • Stormy Wright
    Stormy Wright 2 years ago +18

    1k likes and 22 dislikes

  • Randomized _Geek
    Randomized _Geek 2 years ago +1

    Dang... you're on the same turf as Mark Crilley! Defend it, girl!

  • GamerGirlDieries xx
    GamerGirlDieries xx 2 years ago

    which one do you suggest this one or scrawlebox

  • CharK Arts
    CharK Arts 2 years ago

    The part when you said except the part were the head looks like a football it reminded me of hey Arnold

  • catie xun
    catie xun 2 years ago

    Krink is actually used for graffiti!

  • •obsessive•
    •obsessive• 2 years ago +7

    When you put the art supplies on the paper and said "do your thing! Come on!!' Is like me when trying to do art!!

  • Trash Cosplayer
    Trash Cosplayer 2 years ago


  • angsty waffle
    angsty waffle 3 years ago

    0:48 i always knew i loved you ;-;

  • Michelle Li
    Michelle Li 3 years ago +114

    "Except the part where the head looks like a football" I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. HELP

    • Michelle Li
      Michelle Li 2 years ago +4

      @DoingThingsWithPeaches First of all, you don't know me so you don't know what I can do. And second of all, that was a direct quote. I'm just saying it's funny

    • CookieWolf
      CookieWolf 2 years ago

      Michelle Li like you could do better

    • CharK Arts
      CharK Arts 2 years ago +1

      It's like hey Arnold!!!

  • saf one
    saf one 3 years ago +1

    can you do toturials for example for arms legs etc.

  • Nicole  De La Cruz
    Nicole De La Cruz 3 years ago

    I actually have one sparkly wink of Luna to try out and kinda expensive but so lovely! I think we have the same one. Btw new subbie!

    NN CHANNEL 3 years ago +8

    Your voice is so funny!

  • A Lightswitch
    A Lightswitch 3 years ago +1

    I like how more than half of the video isn't even started yet.

  • Slushieria Draws
    Slushieria Draws 3 years ago

    you are so creative :D

  • Vijaya Bhomia
    Vijaya Bhomia 3 years ago

    idek why

  • Vijaya Bhomia
    Vijaya Bhomia 3 years ago

    in this you sound like cookieswirlc

  • Sushii Artist
    Sushii Artist 3 years ago

    ummmm...1:03 did you say shit?

    • Minjon Stoltz
      Minjon Stoltz 2 years ago

      Taliyah Draws yeah it was a sneeze 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • papí pollo
      papí pollo 2 years ago

      she sneezed lol

  • Donna Kalinowsky
    Donna Kalinowsky 3 years ago +25

    Liked your sketch and how you were able to control the bottle of gold paint. Yes, I love purple, too. Did you speed up the action to get your voice to sound so high pitched? Or are you just good at creating different characters while you talk and sketch? Highly entertaining!

    • Sparky the Derpy Rainbow
      Sparky the Derpy Rainbow 10 months ago

      She didn’t speed it up, there’s this thing that you can do while editing to make your voice higher.

    • Ixchel Quinn
      Ixchel Quinn Year ago

      She sped it up

  • -Kiki's Cavies-
    -Kiki's Cavies- 3 years ago


  • NinjaArmy
    NinjaArmy 3 years ago

    LOLLY POP comment 100 had fun watching

  • Amrit H.
    Amrit H. 3 years ago


  • Mr. Harrys
    Mr. Harrys 3 years ago

    What is the guy at 8:18 please??

    • Theoroar
      Theoroar 3 years ago

      +Bobbi Poppi
      uniball signo white gel pen.

  • Allie Decker
    Allie Decker 3 years ago +4

    I think she might just kinda sorta maybe like purple

  • nicole fritz
    nicole fritz 3 years ago

    Beautiful job Waffles!

  • Super Simmer
    Super Simmer 3 years ago +1


  • Daughti !!
    Daughti !! 3 years ago +147

    ....krinkshaming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Nat S.
    Nat S. 3 years ago

    I love ur illustration!! Its so pretty and the colors go so well together!!

  • Ibb Animated
    Ibb Animated 3 years ago

    Oh my god you are the cutest person ever.

  • ClockAesthetics
    ClockAesthetics 3 years ago +2

    Dr Krankcase

  • Yuri dontwannasaylastname

    cough cough the purple s a brush pen justsayingnotamarker

    • Yuri dontwannasaylastname
      Yuri dontwannasaylastname 3 years ago

      i live for brush pens and i have a simple brain that needs to know when things are brush pens so i can like buy ALL THE BRUSH PENSSSSSSSSSSSS

    • DrawingWiffWaffles
      DrawingWiffWaffles  3 years ago +1

      Same difference to me. Ink in a tube that comes out of a squishy tip. Lol

  • Emily
    Emily 3 years ago

    Even your shirt is purple!

  • annalise.mp3
    annalise.mp3 3 years ago

    ayye we have the same white gel pen.

  • Me Me
    Me Me 3 years ago +6

    oo..... OOOOO! Everything has to be SHAKEN! ........ Not stirred.

  • Em Hood
    Em Hood 3 years ago


  • Axl Avenue
    Axl Avenue 3 years ago

    are you going to do more contests?