Dopa's Formula to Winning Lane vs Counter Picks! | Skill Capped

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • World's BEST solo queue player DOPA and how he dominates counter matchups!


    Mid Guide Description:
    Today we'll see how Dopa (or Apdo) identifies that he is in a losing match-up, but finds ways to play to his strengths and turn it around, converting into a big lead where most players would lose lane.

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  • Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides

    Sooo who got their missions right?? 👀

    • Sihan Zhuang
      Sihan Zhuang Month ago

      Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides extremely helpful when you ask these questions

    • Dominik Vácha
      Dominik Vácha 4 months ago

      @Joe Mateo each champion belongs to specific category. Think about wave clear, extended trades, all-ins, and think in which categories you are stronger.

    • Lee Shepherd
      Lee Shepherd 5 months ago

      Please keep doing it like this!

    • Joe Mateo
      Joe Mateo 5 months ago

      If I want to go through these missions for myself in a game, what are the qualities I should look for to see which choices to make?

    • 86Rasen
      86Rasen 5 months ago

      2/3 went for the haress

  • thibault vandenbogaerde

    Ok so I had all 3 missions right, of course. What bugs me is when sylas uses E backward rather than forward when dopa throws his card. If I were sylas here I would E forward and Q him to win the trade and break the freeze potentially? If this is also a viable move, can someone explain why he didn't go for it?

  • Humanarian
    Humanarian 2 months ago

    I played Morgana against Fizz and my plan was to use my waveclear and range advantage to keep Fizz away from the minions and push the wave, making it crush against his tower while staying too far away for him to all-in me. That worked nicely at first, but the problems started when enemy's jungler kept trying to gank me while my jungler stopped coming for a counter-gank (we did 2 v 2 them once with killing them both!)... The problem was all about the fact that the ward trinket has way too long cooldown, making it impossble to place another ward after the previous one has disappeared. And so, I've been left vulnerable for ganks due to no vision, yet didn't want to give up cs. Things went down after that, yet we still had won that match.

    To Hell with Fizz anyway!

  • Emil Krabbe
    Emil Krabbe 2 months ago

    Why is TF's mission not "push the wave" instead of "let it push to him"? if TF creates a huge minion wave then TF can fight Sylas in TF's minions and win even if Sylas engages AS YOU SHOW at 2:46 !! I don't get why that shouldn't be our plan. At 2:46 TF is in such a great spot to harass Sylas under tower. Why not go for that?

  • Adamaï Yugo
    Adamaï Yugo 3 months ago

    I did good with choosing... but how do I know all games what to do I got them right because you said how the lane is I didn't know that sylas is a better laner than tf if I could know these things I'd know what to do too, somw advice?

  • to stupid for a Name
    to stupid for a Name 4 months ago

    ok im confused. shouldnt dopa push to get minion advantage to outtrade sylas like you mentioned in your tf vs lb vid?

  • AlbertDravenStein al-thaqafy

    Make a toplane version I swear toplane counters are cancerous like playing Camille or Irelia against Renekton you must leave a lot of waves + it's hard to freeze once he has a strong burst damage and strong extended trade that will force you to b and miss a lot of waves and my jungler refuses to gank + getting a dive by his jungler and him using his ultimate to dive me and get a freekill due to his laning phase gold lead. Same things happen against jax and darius-_-.
    Btw, jungle players in plat seriously suck they don't know who is the laner who should get the priority just ganking his premade who doesn't have any bullshitt to the match -_-. My older bro is a plat 1 rammus main he knows when to gank me and when not to gank. For instance, enemy's team adc is Draven so I tell him to counter his early bullying and not to look for my toplane bc I know who should take the priority.
    In the end, in Renekton darius jax bullshet matchups I should get the priority because they're hard to deal with. I lost most of these matchups because of my jungler :).

    • Hi Im Mango
      Hi Im Mango 3 months ago

      Sometimes a jungler forfeits a lane and that has nothing to do with not seeing the gank opportunity but more with valuing his time. Lanes can have different priorities depending on the win conditions. For example you are fiora who really profits from being ahead and you play vs a kennen (aids match up). He can gank you till you are able to win your lane and become a dominant splitpusher, but this will cost a lot of time (resources) from your jungler, so it might be more efficient to focus other lanes like a lucian braum, which are easy to gank and destroy the enemy botlane when ahead. Besides this ganking a weaker lane can also be a risk if you lose the 2 vs 2.
      But the counterganks a side. A jungler has a limited amount of time and he needs to play around this. This is also why junglers hate it when they need to help top and bot. In this case, a jungler needs to determine, which lane is most likely going to help getting a victory or should by all means not lose (win condition). If this is bot lane you probably will be the victim of this decision, which sucks. Your job is basically not dying and keeping up with cs instead of winning your lane. Let your botlane carry you. You basically win by preventing the enemy toplaner to snowball.

  • zZero
    zZero 4 months ago +1

    5:14 if the Sylas doesn't auto the minion and shove after, the wave would be slow pushing into Sylas now, wouldn't it?
    By not tanking the minions and letting them crash under turret his wave will start a slow push, as the waves arrive earlier and therefore push towards the other side, even if the amount of minions is equal. You can see that Dopa has an extra melee minion alive at 5:14. The only way this freezes is if the red side minions aggro the cannon down significantly before the red side one dies, or as seen here, if Sylas actually starts shoving the wave.
    I get that Sylas wants to shove the wave in, and therefore breaks the slow push before it starts building up. But technically it's going to slowly push towards red side there, and not freeze. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Dmitriy Poot
    Dmitriy Poot 4 months ago

    Eh, these are all elements of the game that i don't like. You can type "lol u just bad at csing" all you want, but i am just saying that if there will ever be a new big moba on the market, i would like it to throw the idea of adding minions out the window

  • sm1le
    sm1le 4 months ago

    This channel ran out of ideas lol

  • Destroyaar
    Destroyaar 4 months ago

    At the end of the video why did Dopa stay during the cannon minion wave and not just recall? is it because it's a cannon minion wave and he didn't recall earlier so he just shoved again instead (sylas is coming back to lane)

  • Anastasis Silver
    Anastasis Silver 4 months ago

    What if sylas didnt push?

  • João Miguel
    João Miguel 4 months ago

    I've managed to do something around that, but then i screw up get all winned and lose all advantage.

  • Charles Brooksbank
    Charles Brooksbank 5 months ago

    >watches this
    >goes into soloQ and freezes lane
    >has no priority
    >braindead jungler dies to midlaner on scuttle 1v2
    >braindead jungler blames me for not moving

  • Brad Thomas
    Brad Thomas 5 months ago +1

    I'll save you 8 minutes, *FREEZE*

  • super00000b2st
    super00000b2st 5 months ago

    So play like a teemo?

  • Bastian Valero
    Bastian Valero 5 months ago

    3:53 Both player missplayed there. Dopa for dealing more dmg than he should have done to the wave and Sylas for not taking advantage of it. Dopa's minions were healthier than the other wave that means that there will be a moment where the minions get the push advantage, the wave gets almost to the middle and then the other one that is about to spawn is going to end the job because of wave proximity and minion advantage, Sylas would loose like 2 or 3 cs but its' better than having that back, loosing more exp and tempo.

  • TeCool Mage
    TeCool Mage 5 months ago +1

    I’m confused - so sylas will naturally push because waveclear is his strength?
    So is the right choice for sylas not to fall for this trap and to try and freeze himself?
    why isn’t it that one champion’s missions will be more rewarding than the other, thus that player should instead deny the mission instead of going along?

    • you must enter a name
      you must enter a name 5 months ago

      sylas wants to push the wave here to set up prio for nid then try and get the wave to bounce back to him but dopa prevents the bounce by matching sylas's q and passive with red cards and aa while also harassing him

      If the jg was xin sylas would want it to push to avoid a level 2 gank and being forced off the wave

  • Petter Hemnes
    Petter Hemnes 5 months ago

    4:21 question or answer is wrong. The lane is no longer frozen, it is slow-pushing towards Sylas. If he wanted to freeze he wouldve had to tank those minions. Sure, the next wave end up in the freeze sweet spot. But the lane is not frozen there.

  • luca jorgensen
    luca jorgensen 5 months ago

    I actually realized something today. I got them all right. Even the little thing with that he should still look for harass.
    But I realized that I myself would normally slowpush because I didn’t think freeze was an option.
    I’ll try this out if I’m up against someone with good all in when I’m playing ranged.

  • Darker Shades
    Darker Shades 5 months ago +4

    I will be the best league player in the world.

    • KadNip
      KadNip 4 months ago

      And the crowd shouts Marieta Simongan! Marieta Simongan! Marieta Simongan! Marie ta Simon gan! Marie then Simon is gone!

  • NecroPhilia
    NecroPhilia 5 months ago +4

    Yo I got 3/3 for the missions, although I hesitated a bit on number 2.

  • Just Stef
    Just Stef 5 months ago

    minute 2:17 - 2:49. You said Sylas is not a real threat until level 3. Why not use this timing for some harras, and push the wave then? I think it's a tricky question to answer and gameplay to balance, when you are playing one style of respecting all in champs, then saying they are not a threat until level 3.

    • deus krid superstar
      deus krid superstar 5 months ago +1

      Usually ranged champ will push for lvl 2 and look to harass his opponent and crash the second wave. That way the third wave will start slowpushing back and he will have to thin it out and freeze anyway. But it all depends on how good is your champ at pushing and whether or not it can match up opponent's damage to the wave.

  • alex alexsander
    alex alexsander 5 months ago +2

    U covered tons of videos on how to play against counter matchups against melees but most of these dont feel like it work against yasuo since he have no cd

  • Joe Mateo
    Joe Mateo 5 months ago

    If I want to go through these missions for myself in a game, what are the qualities I should look for to see which choices to make?

  • YouTube Veteran
    YouTube Veteran 5 months ago

    4:55 the wave is pushing towards sylas, and Sylas's pushing it back. Why?

    • deus krid superstar
      deus krid superstar 5 months ago

      Because Sylas is not thinking properly. He should've waited and pulled the wave towards his tower to expose TF to ganks.

  • Chewy TheGoon
    Chewy TheGoon 5 months ago

    Its like dora the explorer but for league. Lol

  • Jayden Tan
    Jayden Tan 5 months ago

    Yaaaaay more Dopa please!!

  • Ben Harrison
    Ben Harrison 5 months ago

    Where is the right place to freeze top lane?

  • slightlychipper
    slightlychipper 5 months ago

    3:16 Any reason why Dopa doesn't continue to auto Sylas as he goes for caster CS?
    Is he looking to stay away from Sylas' Q?

    • Jayden Tan
      Jayden Tan 5 months ago +1

      Yep that's the reason :)

      Sylas's Q out-trades anything that early game TF could have returned and so Sylas would get a health advantage

  • Arphaxad Basiloña
    Arphaxad Basiloña 5 months ago

    TL;DW: Freeze lane, Play like a bitch..."nuff the three missions correct because this is how I play when up against something with 1000X gap like a bitch till the opponent rage quits because they can't kill me or opens the lane to do some plays on other lanes...

  • Bellator Legend
    Bellator Legend 5 months ago +1

    4:20 I think u got wrong there, he didn t block minions before the tower, so the lane is going to slowpush as we can see ( just here,sylas pushed the wave again ) but there isn t freezing anymore, so i think u get wrong there.

    • the1shrubbery
      the1shrubbery 5 months ago

      its freezing because sylas will keep pushing anyway. yes, its a slow push if sylas wasnt there, but because he is, its a freeze

  • Rafael Barufi de Souza
    Rafael Barufi de Souza 5 months ago +1

    DOPA only manage to do that, because of the blue card, that makes his mana sustain longer than Sylas corruption potion right? That was the turning point where he were able to slow push the wave.
    How could I win this lane with another ranged mid champ? Like Ahri for example

  • Blagovest Rangelov
    Blagovest Rangelov 5 months ago +2

    This is like Dora the Explorer for League players. What do you do? Should we Freeze the lane?

    • Jayden Tan
      Jayden Tan 5 months ago +2

      Perfect for us Bronze and Silver players lmao

  • Thanos V
    Thanos V 5 months ago +2

    What if sylas decided to freeze himself?

  • Mitchell Leigh
    Mitchell Leigh 5 months ago

    A little confused with the missions. I woulda thought pushing sylas in level 1 would be ideal as sylas needs level 3 before he can really all in, it crashes the wave and starts pushing back to you so by the time he is 3 he will be by your tower. Im just not sure how to tell whether to use this strat or to use the ranged vs melee strat of building a minion advantage for when he does all in.

    • Rafael Barufi de Souza
      Rafael Barufi de Souza 5 months ago +1

      I think that pushing sylas in level 1 was not an option because of his wave clear, and corruption potion. TF wouldn't win the push, so Sylas could easly control it, and freeze the wave let TF in a bad position, exposed to ganks and Sylas all in.

      You can see that, even trying to freeze, there was a time that Dopa couldn't thin the wave enough to prevent it from crashing into the tower. But with his ridiculous knowledge of wave control he were still able to keep the freeze.

      This situation only changes when Sylas is out of charges on corruption potion. In that moment Dopa start to slow push the wave and build a minion advantage, applying the ranged vs melee strategy.

  • joky116
    joky116 5 months ago

    Hook us up with that tracklist man

  • Trung Đại Phan
    Trung Đại Phan 5 months ago

    how to stack a big wave ? slow push by only last hitting the minion?
    I was playing syndra against should i full push the second wave and harass zed under his turret while he last hitting . wait for the third wave push back to me cuz that’s when zed hit lv3 then i start to thin the wave and freeze while harrasing zed at the same time
    is this what i did right against melee assasin like zed talon diana ,...?
    or at the beginning slow push and crash it at the third or fourth wave under tower and harass the enemy opponent while he last hitting,.. like fizz weak until he hits lv 3

  • Chantapat Sheanakul
    Chantapat Sheanakul 5 months ago

    How to deal with nasus in lane please. You can't push him in later on even though he has weak wave clear because he farms well under turret with cdr

  • Mauer01
    Mauer01 5 months ago

    it was only okey for him to let the minions crash, because sylas would push in anyway, naturally this lane position with this minions on each side would be a slow push towards enemy.

  • Aytuğ Baykara
    Aytuğ Baykara 5 months ago

    subtitle please

  • Nathan Craig
    Nathan Craig 5 months ago +4

    I always know all the strategy and get all the missions but then I get to my games and just forget it all lmao bronze life

    • Reverax
      Reverax 4 months ago +1

      Same story here although I was once plat, purely due to mechanics, but if you know exactly how to manipulate the wave you can win alot of games

  • PortalTHUNDER V
    PortalTHUNDER V 5 months ago

    So if it was a zed matchup ( who could harass you without going in) would this strat work ?

    • Tae-Woo Kim
      Tae-Woo Kim 5 months ago

      Yes. Might even work better. Going resolve on tf is still viable and picking that into zed ensures that you cant get poked out of lane as well as giving a nice bit of sustain from grasp.

  • Agent Cyde
    Agent Cyde 5 months ago +37

    When you think youre making progress and then get all 3 missions wrong FeelsBadMan

    • Craig
      Craig 5 months ago +3

      Freezing the wave has more benefits than just setting up easy ganks. It allows you to deny cs whilst csing more safely yourself, not to mention in low elo it baits the enemy into taking unfavorable trades and going for bad all-ins.

    • Martin Ruiz Cox
      Martin Ruiz Cox 5 months ago +4

      it's tricky sometimes, as low elo and high elo don't behave the same
      I have been working a lot on freezing in gold elo, and all the sudden't I have not a single gank from my jungler

  • L3v1R
    L3v1R 5 months ago +3

    How do you counter this strat as the melee champ?

    • zPaZe YT
      zPaZe YT 5 months ago

      either you dont shove in, or shove it in hard so it crashes into the tower, then rome

    • PortalTHUNDER V
      PortalTHUNDER V 5 months ago

      You shouldn't push much like the sylas was doing or shove and roam if u can

  • Big Hat Logan
    Big Hat Logan 5 months ago

    more top lane vids

  • Adapted
    Adapted 5 months ago

    One question - in previous vids you tell us the importance of pushing and getting lane priority to help ur jungler etc. So why would freezing ever be a more viable strategy ?

    • Shadow Star
      Shadow Star 5 months ago

      @Adapted I'm highlighting a scenario in which both players play optimally. Tf needs to push sufficiently quick to prevent fizz from facetanking minions for a couple of seconds (if he does this for any longer, tf and the minions will deal too much damage). If tf does this successfully, fizz can no longer all in as it will be risky/no longer hold the freeze as he doesn't have the hp/mana to do so. This is where the skill of the player comes in and why losing matchups aren't always lost even at high elo.
      Every matchup is decided by who can deplete each others resources the quickest. Tf can force fizz to sacrifice his hp/mana to freeze each wave. Fizz can deplete tf's mana on the wave or as harass.
      A good fizz will hold the wave just outside of his turret whilst taking minimum damage. An equally good tf would crash the wave or punish fizz for trying to hold the wave. This scenario is favoured towards tf, so if both players play correctly, tf will normally come out ahead.
      This isn't a guaranteed always win your lane strategy; there's too many factors for something like that to exist. This is simply your gameplan of how to build a lead in the safest way.
      As for your reoccurring point about freezing from level 1, this is impossible. The wave needs to push towards you (and there aren't any bushes in close proximity like in bot/top lane) for this to happen.
      If you "let fizz push", if he's good, he will only last hit. If you match his last hits, the wave will remain in the middle and fizz simply gains free xp. If you don't last hit, the wave will push to you, but fizz will reach level 2 first and can force minion aggro on himself/zone you away (he can also back away and play "safe". If you last hit, the wave will push back into him. If you don't last hit, both waves will die roughly equally, but fizz gets to level 3 with a full mana/hp bar where he can start to threaten an all in). In both scenarios it becomes increasingly difficult for you to contest the wave safely and fizz will reach level 3 relatively unscathed.
      The 3 wave bounce is supposed to give you a hp/cs lead and an ideal wave position (yes fizz can try to contest this, but it is still favoured towards tf for reasons stated above). To freeze from the beginning, would require either fizz to play mindlessly (by pushing at level 1) or to put yourself at a cs/exp deficit to achieve (not csing at all) and allows fizz to reach his power spike for free.

    • Adapted
      Adapted 5 months ago

      Based on the tf vs fizz matchup, I agree that tf can dictate the early waves due to his ranged + abilities advantage. However you are highlighting a perfectly ideal scenario for tf where he can crash the wave whenever he wants and freeze whenever he wants, which in this case tf would NEVER lose against a fizz. But realistically this doesn't happen as a good Fizz would peel the minions from the tower (even if it means to sacrifice some hp) to ensure that the lane is in frozen position ideal for an all in/ganks. Therefore I would argue that again it is always in the best interest for tf (or any laner for the matter) to freeze early to deny the enemy from freezing against them.

    • Shadow Star
      Shadow Star 5 months ago

      @Adapted you should never rely on your opponent playing poorly for you to do well. Fizz shouldn't push the first wave, for the very reason you said above (tf can freeze under turret).
      As for fizz setting up a freeze, this is much harder to do because he is melee, has no safe waveclear and has no all in threat yet. In tf vs sylas, tf can setup a freeze, because he can use abilities + autos to thin the wave if necessary, whereas sylas can only use his q. In tf vs fizz, fizz can only use auto attacks (using an ability would leave him vulnerable to poke/harass and zone him from the wave), whereas tf can still use abilities + autos. This means tf can always crash the wave.
      You're correct in saying fizz would want to freeze the wave there, but tf gets to dictate what happens in this scenario due to his significant range + waveclear advantage.
      If tf allows fizz to set up a freeze and reach level 3, he needs the jungler to come and save his lane, otherwise he has lost.

    • Adapted
      Adapted 5 months ago

      Shadow Star yeah that’s makes sense - shove the first two waves and freeze it when it bounces back. But as a fizz main myself, I am able to freeze the second wave in front of my tower and stall for my level 3, therefore disallowing a tf main to bounce the wave back. So in tf’s situation, as I said before, wouldn’t it be a better option if he allowed me to push at level 1 so he can just freeze early ?

    • Shadow Star
      Shadow Star 5 months ago

      @Adapted you're only shoving the first 2 waves, which means it's unlikely for the jungler to gank (depends on the champion) and impossible for fizz to all in (requires level 3).
      You're right in saying a freeze is safer, but the way to set it up varies between matchups. To set up a freeze, you would need the wave to push towards you (this is why you push the first two waves, so the 3rd wave bounces back).
      In tf vs sylas, sylas wants to push the wave (3 wave bounce). This initial push allows tf to set up a freeze. Fizz has no reliable method of pushing the wave or securing last hits away from tower, so the wave would naturally push towards him (tf last hitting cs would be enough to push the wave). It is impossible to set up a freeze in this scenario (wave pushing towards fizz). This would be a reckless version of the 3 wave bounce I mentioned above (it would take longer, potentially giving fizz his level 3 and the enemy jungler a suitable gank window).
      The aim is the same, freezing in front of your turret, the way to achieve it is different.

  • Loyix
    Loyix 5 months ago +46

    At 4:45 you see dopa bodyblocking the cannon minion, which helps with the feeeze. Small trick high elo players use

  • Nicolas Vargas
    Nicolas Vargas 5 months ago

    What should I do if I know Sylas should push and my gameplan is to freeze, but Sylas decides he will not push when i create the freeze at the "sweet spot"? I will create a slowpush towards him even though I didn´t want to, besides, I know that if I hard shove the wave I will be in danger of getting ganked and Sylas will be able to all in. It's not just for this case but in general, since I'm a silver player and in my elo players don't play towards the strength of their champions, so my gameplan just fails, for example a Zoe that doesn't push or weak laners that don't freeze. Thanks for all your guides! I'm currently near 60% winrate about to hit gold and 70% winrate with my main. Greetings from Chile!!

    • Shadow Star
      Shadow Star 5 months ago

      If sylas doesn't try to crash the wave and instead only last hits, threaten your w, as shown in the video. Force him to use mana to get cs or survive your harass. A slow push takes time to build up. By the time the wave crashes into his turret, you should have a significant health/mana lead on him, as shown in the video.

  • Lawc
    Lawc 5 months ago

    Nice video and helpful guide thx.
    I'd love to see a guide about Shaco he is kinda weak right now can't manage to do anything good with him.

  • moon13591
    moon13591 5 months ago

    I think if he holded those 3 ranged minions, the freeze would have been longer

    • pedro henrique
      pedro henrique 5 months ago +1

      Syla could use that moment to poke him, its very important for dopa to stay healthy so he doesnt die to a sylas full combo, so its better for him not taking the risk

  • --
    -- 5 months ago

    4:40 I'm a bit confused here. Not tanking the minions here caused his next wave to group up and be closer to his turret, meaning It will slow push to Sylas, If Sylas just last hits. This would result in TF having to walk up far and leaving him open to all-ins / ganks, which is something he really doesn't want.

    • Shadow Star
      Shadow Star 5 months ago

      This ties in with what he does next. He pressures sylas away from cs with his w. He uses this to build a health/mana lead so when the wave does eventually crash, sylas can't do anything.
      Also, tanking the minions wouldn't be enough to set up a perma freeze, so this point is moot

    • pedro henrique
      pedro henrique 5 months ago +1

      But sylas want to push to tf. Sylas would want to freeze only if dopa was low enough to kill, so he can zone tf from cs. Otherwise he had to keep pushing just like before

  • Stephane Joel
    Stephane Joel 5 months ago +3

    SUPPORT GUIDES PLEASE ! #wearealsohumans

  • lmv92x
    lmv92x 5 months ago +6

    4:50 Wrong, that wave is slowpushing. He couldn't keep the freeze with 2.5 minions even if he tanked. Unless he pulls them upward, which he can't do as long as Sylas is standing in lane.

    • lmv92x
      lmv92x 5 months ago +1

      @Braay14 Games Before those minions hit the tower, they will delay the blue wave, making it slow push automatically. The freeze is handed to him if he wants it.
      I never said Sylas wanted to freeze, just that he could. With both a waveclear advantage and a trading advantage, he gets to decide how the lane behaves.
      But btw, if your nidalee is neaby and the lane is already pushing to you, it can be worth to freeze even as Sylas. If he freezes there, TF can't walk up to shove (or even farm) untill nidalee leaves.

    • Braay14 Games
      Braay14 Games 5 months ago

      lmv92x he could freeze from TF shoving not from him letting 3 ranged minions hit a tower. There’s no way Sylas would give up prio in order to sit under tower and safe farm, it’s just not worth it in this matchup

    • lmv92x
      lmv92x 5 months ago

      @Braay14 Games No, he's not. Have you never seen champions with tiamat setting up a freeze? If they can do it, so can Sylas. As long as he doen't use his passive in the middle of the wave, he has an easy freeze.

    • Braay14 Games
      Braay14 Games 5 months ago

      The reason they’re calling it a freeze is because Sylas is a champ that is basically forced to shove

  • Belzelga Devil
    Belzelga Devil 5 months ago +2

    No recap? Sad :( thats the best way to remember the strats. Atleast for me.

    • Craig
      Craig 5 months ago

      You can always rewatch the video or at least parts of it :) Helps me a lot more than the quick recaps because then you're not skipping information.

  • Charly Acosta
    Charly Acosta 5 months ago

    Can add subtitles please? I have some troubles "hearing" english than reading cause is not my main language
    Edit: Thanks a lot!

    • Xayne
      Xayne 5 months ago +1

      Usually community members take care of that, rarely is it done by the channel owners. And it gets really out of hand on comedy channels. Fair warning.

  • Luis F. Barrera
    Luis F. Barrera 5 months ago

    got every mission wrong xd

  • Hyo
    Hyo 5 months ago +1

    When i first started watching your guides, i had no idea what to think and how to think when playing. Now i feel that these things come naturally to me when playing :P

  • Jacob Calderbank
    Jacob Calderbank 5 months ago +1

    If it's so bad for sylas to get pushed under tower early, since he'll be really vulnerable to harass and won't be able to go all in due to minion disadvantage, why isn't this a part of TF's game plan?

    • pedro henrique
      pedro henrique 5 months ago +1

      If his opponent had less wave clear then he could push and look for harass and build a minion lead to trade, but sylas would clear the minions instantly and look for a all in when the wave is even

    • pedro henrique
      pedro henrique 5 months ago +1

      @Jacob Calderbank u got it right and plus that even if tf pushes sylas, he would be vunerable to a all in. If sylas manages to freezes on his side then dota would be very screwed,cause then he cant farm or push without trowing the lane

    • Jacob Calderbank
      Jacob Calderbank 5 months ago +2

      @New Gen Oh ok, that makes sense. What I was thinking was bounce it for a level 3 freeze, but I guess he wouldnt be able to make it bounce soon enough with the waveclear disadvantage, and nidalee has great early ganks, so he'd make himself vulnerable. Have I got this about right?

    • New Gen
      New Gen 5 months ago +2

      That's because TF has less waveclear than Sylas. TF wouldn't be able to push Sylas in, provided that Sylas knows what he's doing. And we would assume that's the case here since it is KR Challenger.

  • kyonshee
    kyonshee 5 months ago +9

    Why didn't dopa pushed the first 2 waves and let the third bounce and then freez?

    • Jayden Tan
      Jayden Tan 5 months ago

      0, 1, 3, 4, 5 :)

    • Braay14 Games
      Braay14 Games 5 months ago +8

      I mean the obvious answer is he literally can’t outshove sylas

    • reangrit tangtongpol
      reangrit tangtongpol 5 months ago +3

      1.ooming. because I think that even at level.1 Sylas with his passive has the advantage to contest the wave and Tf has to end up using a lot of red card in order to push the wave.(Sylas with corrupting potion also has more sustainability. Moreover, Sylas is also a high elo player.It is 100% he will notice the push ) stated in the video, level 2 all in potential from sylas is really dangerous.
      4. When the wave pushes back, we will stuck in the middle of the lane without minions to block nidalee's spear leaving a window for easy gank.
      I am not sure actually I am still learning lol.

    • Michael
      Michael 5 months ago +7

      nidale has early lvl2 gank pressure plus it would oom him and make it harder to keep a good freeze on the third wave

  • I am just guy
    I am just guy 5 months ago +16

    I will become the best league of legends player in the world

    • Sergio Ezquerro
      Sergio Ezquerro 5 months ago +2

      I am just guy
      Hello just guy, I'm dad

    • I am just guy
      I am just guy 5 months ago +1

      @Septian Jaka Thank you, with or without luck ill definitely make it true

    • Septian Jaka
      Septian Jaka 5 months ago +4

      good luck

  • Corrin Kamui
    Corrin Kamui 5 months ago

    Dopa vs Faker|
    who is the better player?

  • KripiEnriki
    KripiEnriki 5 months ago +1

    Love your streams btw Mcbaze, keep it up :)

  • Oh no
    Oh no 5 months ago

    Pls support videos

  • Shaahin Sharbafian
    Shaahin Sharbafian 5 months ago

    what if your jgler ints first blood and double buff to enemy midlaner in a river fight while u freeze ?

    • Shadow Star
      Shadow Star 5 months ago

      You cry silently and go next
      In all seriousness, your "missions", in this scenario, don't change. They just become harder.

  • Stijn Bauer
    Stijn Bauer 5 months ago

    How do I win lane against a random enemy champion who has 10 kills at 15 minutes because my riven jungle flashes into 4 people? (every single game)

    • Mimle Bimle
      Mimle Bimle 5 months ago

      @Stijn Bauer You're missing the point. Let me clarify: Sometimes YOU'RE that random enemy champion who has 10 kills at 15 minutes because THEIR Riven jungle flashed into you.
      I don't think you're being honest with yourself and that's really what might be holding you back from climbing.

    • Stijn Bauer
      Stijn Bauer 5 months ago

      @Mimle Bimle I might play against them but then they're 10/0 not 0/10 :)

    • Mimle Bimle
      Mimle Bimle 5 months ago +1

      The question isn't good.
      You can comfort yourself by reminding yourself that you're against these Rivens too.

  • James Yu
    James Yu 5 months ago +2

    Can you do something about dealing with oppressive lane bullies like pantheon?

    • pedro henrique
      pedro henrique 5 months ago +1

      Lane bullies usually win by putting u behing enough in lane. U should just farm, let them push and stay healthy so they cant zone u from farm, dont overcomit for cs or they will get free dmg on u. Then u can look for a jg gank(because they are pushed) or look for an all in if they screw it up(depending on the matchup)

  • Hi Im Furby
    Hi Im Furby 5 months ago +142

    Dopa's Formula to Winning Lane vs Counter Picks!
    Dopa: *lol just git good lmao*

    • AI
      AI 5 months ago +1

      *git gud

    • Johnisa
      Johnisa 5 months ago

      Play tf gg

  • Koyaanis Qatsi
    Koyaanis Qatsi 5 months ago

    Why no 3 wave push and bounce technique? Giving TF time to harass, early lvl up and mid priority for scuttle contests.

    • Link Lonk
      Link Lonk 5 months ago

      Youll just die to Sylas lvl 2 from being oom

    • A Ton
      A Ton 5 months ago +2

      Sylas has the push advantage, as long as he the mana/health and will to push, you can't stop it

  • Lucky Fox
    Lucky Fox 5 months ago +1

    Hey,remember me?I was that guy in comments that had problems with darius.
    Just wanted to say I crushed two Dariuses and thanks to Skill Capped and all of comments

    • Lucky Fox
      Lucky Fox 5 months ago +1

      @Bellator Legend Actually it's a while back, ugo:
      First darius does NO dmg with his Q (spin) if u are in his inner circle,so dodge in rather then out.
      His E (pull) is a thin cone,so it is rly easy to side step, or u can even bait it from a distance.Second thing about his E is that it does not do too much dmg and it knoks u back,s odarius need to step for a hit,u can escape or fight back.
      He does almost to no damage if he does not proc his 5 stack passive,so if u don't let him u win trades.
      He is imobile so if u poke him he cant do a thing.
      For example,i play riven,and I struggled.When I did a quick 3.q,w,basic,e to back off,he is powerless.Even if he menages to pull me i sitll won the trade sense after the pull he cant do anything besides a single basic attack.For his q if he does try to follow up,i jsut turn back and harras more when spin is over i g oback.

    • Lucky Fox
      Lucky Fox 5 months ago

      @Bellator Legend Not they.From Them I learned a lot.But specificly for darius people in the comments helped me.I will try to find those comments if not i will explain :)

    • Bellator Legend
      Bellator Legend 5 months ago

      Oh, i didn t see your comment on Darius and what did they said to u, so Can u told me what they said to face Darius ? ;D ty

  • Victor Mateus
    Victor Mateus 5 months ago +2

    More dopa

  • Schmommy
    Schmommy 5 months ago +2

    04:46 Doesn't that also mean that the wave is going to slow push towards sylas? If Sylas would play correctly here he could zone TF from all the cs until the wave crashes or is pushing back because of minion aggro while holding im away or am I wrong? When I'm playing against counter matchups who can all in easily im always super afraid of my minion wave slowpushing towards the enemy.

    • Craig
      Craig 5 months ago

      Yes the wave would have slowly pushed towards Sylas but I don't think there was anything wrong with what Sylas did because he saw his Nidalee was about to transition gank. In other words if Sylas allowed the wave to push back to him he wouldn't actually be able to deny TF any cs because Dopa already knew where Nidalee was going and wouldn't have to worry about a gank. Also TF still has the range advantage and plenty of mana so getting the CS from range shouldn't be a massive issue.

    • --
      -- 5 months ago

      That's exactly what I commented. Kinda wish they had clearified it a bit more since it's not a freeze just because it's currently in front of his turret.

    • Mimle Bimle
      Mimle Bimle 5 months ago

      Yeah, it's totally contradictory to the mission...

    • Ahmad Wasity
      Ahmad Wasity 5 months ago

      You’re actually right about the slowpush. I feel like sylas wanted to push the wave there to get a good recall. And if the wave was slowpushing to sylas the tf could push the wave out eventually and get a good base while sylas is stuck farming at the tower

  • Rocco Angone
    Rocco Angone 5 months ago +118

    I think you forgot the most important part right at the end.
    1. Nidalee staying mid means Sylas loses exp anyway, so you get 6 faster. As TF this is super important because if you fall behind him in level he probably can get 1 free ult off.
    2. Right at the end, he walks back up to the lane and demats a cannon. This is because Nid left a freeze there for Sylas, and if he didn't break it before Sylas returned he would have lost every advantage he built up. Normally with TF you use your demats on ranged minions so that you can clear them with just your Q but in this case he had to get rid of it so that his cannon could hardpush to tower.

    • DeAlexon12
      DeAlexon12 5 months ago

      Not just that but did dopa end up staying to push the whole wave? did he back off to respect the nidalee? legit the most important part of the video and its not in the video

    • Nam Lê Hải
      Nam Lê Hải 5 months ago


    • Jackson Halim
      Jackson Halim 5 months ago +1

      @Robert Gabrielyan even though he is right? What op want to says are the video ended too quickly since the last wave right before the ending can be included as well.

    • Rocco Angone
      Rocco Angone 5 months ago +5

      @Robert Gabrielyan D2 tyvm

    • Ian Underwood
      Ian Underwood 5 months ago +5

      Thank you, I was about to ask why Dopa stayed for that one extra wave at the end.

  • Coach Al
    Coach Al 5 months ago +3

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    If no sup vids are coming,
    I'm unsubbing you.
    Jk, just playing around with the meme :D
    I love your videos. I've learned a LOT from them. Especially about other roles, which helps a lot with understanding which role wants to do what kind of stuff at some point in the game.
    I got from B2 after 9w 1l placements to diamond 3 in a month. A big part of that climb is actually the knowledge I got through ur videos. And that was for free even.
    So thank you very much! Keep up the good work.

    • Jacob Calderbank
      Jacob Calderbank 5 months ago

      @Omar KAO only after placements, which isn't representative of their true rank at the start of the season

    • Omar KAO
      Omar KAO 5 months ago

      bronze 2 to diamond 3 in just one month ? hard to believe but okay i guess

  • Marek
    Marek 5 months ago +1

    makes me play TF every time i see those guides