Bread Part 1 | Basics with Babish


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  • Melayna Gran
    Melayna Gran Day ago

    can you use all purpose flour instead of bread flour?

  • Ryan Steele
    Ryan Steele Day ago

    Bread part 2?

  • Vee
    Vee 2 days ago

    please make a part 2 to this! I'm learning how to make bread and i need all of your wisdom!

  • Garbage For Rent
    Garbage For Rent 5 days ago

    lets get this *B R E A D*

  • Gregory Rivas
    Gregory Rivas 8 days ago

    Wake up homies

  • Jared
    Jared 10 days ago

    That's a ridiculous amount of olive oil.

  • Wet paper bag
    Wet paper bag 12 days ago

    "Don't be a monster"
    *a few minutes later*
    *spreads oil on pan with his hand*

  • Drazzi0
    Drazzi0 12 days ago

    Where's part 2? Could you do a brioche bread (shaped as mushroom)?

  • Tatatory
    Tatatory 13 days ago

    Do these breads need to be cooked precisely or can we them in a brick oven?

  • Jesus Parra
    Jesus Parra 13 days ago

    3:41 when you take a break from your diet

  • Everything Everything
    Everything Everything 14 days ago

    you should of took a brush and oiled the bowl with olive oil or virgin . then put the dough back in bowl and brush a little oil on top and then take a warm damp cloth and let sit. so they it will rise more plus it won't stick to the bowl

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  • Sebaberto
    Sebaberto 15 days ago

    Where I live there are some bakeries with very low prices that make bread so wonderful that no homemade bread I ate could surpass it

  • Chris G
    Chris G 16 days ago

    Your whisk is just like Chef John’s little spoon 🥄

  • SalvatoreDK
    SalvatoreDK 16 days ago

    Everytime i make focaccia it NEVER turns brown on top like yours?!!? HELP!

  • CookerLV
    CookerLV 16 days ago

    Hey Babby, what do you mean by oven at its highest setting? Because I put my oven at 550 (its highest temp) and the bread was done in 15 minutes.

  • princessqcumber
    princessqcumber 17 days ago


  • princessqcumber
    princessqcumber 17 days ago

    ohh could you do pickles, I'm interested is what you would come up with! and what to use them with!

  • flamethekid
    flamethekid 18 days ago

    Do a bread recipe from Yakitate Japan!

    NTH THN 18 days ago


    NTH THN 18 days ago


  • buttz mcian
    buttz mcian 19 days ago

    director: give me a look that says, "i made this bread with the bacteria from your sweat rags and I am going to eat it underneath the shrine i made of you.
    Willem dafoe: 3:41
    director: perfection

  • Chelsea Fletcher
    Chelsea Fletcher 19 days ago

    Oh my goodness. These look amazing! Thanks for putting out such quality videos!

  • Brian Emerick
    Brian Emerick 23 days ago +1

    Can't wait for Bread Part 2. I'd love to see you make Sourdough starter.

  • Pootis
    Pootis 24 days ago

    The second type of bread looks like lasagna

  • DirtyMaster
    DirtyMaster 24 days ago

    I n c l u d e s P a i d P r o m o t i o n

  • Sam Brass
    Sam Brass 24 days ago

    When is Bread Part 2 coming?

  • mike C
    mike C 24 days ago

    lmao i was hoping he would eat the flour and he did!

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M 25 days ago

    I NEED that whisk

  • Mark Renner
    Mark Renner 25 days ago

    RIP jim lahey

  • Isaac Sp
    Isaac Sp 25 days ago

    The hell was that face at 3:42?! I mean Jesus! That must be AMAZING bread.

  • Dellis Kassik
    Dellis Kassik 25 days ago


  • Lazy Ladz
    Lazy Ladz 26 days ago

    you should do a cake video

  • Sebastian Diaz Acosta
    Sebastian Diaz Acosta 27 days ago

    Give this mans a show

  • Wolfe club
    Wolfe club 27 days ago

    I know you said as hot as the oven can go for the first bread, but how hot did you make yours?

  • WispyWoodsman
    WispyWoodsman 28 days ago

    Thanks! Tried this for a family picnic, might be the best loaf I've ever turned out.

  • Old Games Reviews
    Old Games Reviews 29 days ago

    the amounts of oil maaan I don't doubt is delicious but you are asking for an early death

  • Draven Castañeda
    Draven Castañeda Month ago +1

    I didn't know drunk trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey was also a baker.

  • Pr0Vaporizer
    Pr0Vaporizer Month ago

    would you like some bread with your oil?

  • Alfonso Mural
    Alfonso Mural Month ago +1

    Jim lahey makes bread? I thought he just drank liquor and hit on Julian.

  • darkAwesome100
    darkAwesome100 Month ago

    "You made dis? I made dis."

  • Let us Beat The Meat
    Let us Beat The Meat Month ago +1

    You want some bread with your oil bro?

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    When you say Jim Lahey's no knead method, i cant help but think about trailer park boys Mr. Layhey. He drank a lot of liquor but i dont remember him making bread lol

  • Dany
    Dany Month ago

    I made the first bread yesterday and holy shit, it is TASTY, and so easy to do. I mean, y'all are right. Now that I know how easy it is to bake bread, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to store bought. I didn't know it just took flour and water (and a little salt) to make something that tastes so good!

  • Michiru Sato
    Michiru Sato Month ago

    can people who don't own cast iron pot bake no knead bread too? if so how?

  • Michiru Sato
    Michiru Sato Month ago

    yeah. fuck zoodles.

  • Fussel Knolle
    Fussel Knolle Month ago

    Cute little whisk

  • Nate Bailey
    Nate Bailey Month ago

    Wait... Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys?

  • xGoldy_
    xGoldy_ Month ago

    In every star wars movie they say "I have a bad fealing about this." In every binging with babish he says "And we will also add Kosher Salt." Am I right?

  • SillyDouglas
    SillyDouglas Month ago


  • Ryan Carder
    Ryan Carder Month ago

    All I have is a stainless steel pot, with a glass lid.
    Can I still use this recipe with that?

  • Caleb Voisine-Addis

    I feel like focaccia needs balsamic.

  • Dany
    Dany Month ago

    Today, I'm gonna make my own bread! Gonna make two loaves and if one is good, I'm gonna make it a part of my mom's birthday gift on Saturday :D

  • Tyler Dula
    Tyler Dula Month ago

    I have tried that no knead bread 4 times now... and failed :< baking may just not be for me

  • Derick dela Cruz
    Derick dela Cruz Month ago

    Anyone think I can go without the cast iron for the first bread method? Just don’t want to buy a deep cast iron just for that!

    • Tyler Dula
      Tyler Dula Month ago +1

      The Mysterious Stranger I think it can work without it, just throw in a pan of water into the oven to keep humidity

  • clay womack
    clay womack Month ago

    this video is EXTREMELY fun to watch while high. just saying

  • Jimothy
    Jimothy Month ago

    I make bread for a living but only one way, I want to try these as well lol

  • User N
    User N Month ago

    I fucking love u

  • Teufeldolch
    Teufeldolch Month ago

    How long does this bread stay fresh?

  • August Denys
    August Denys Month ago

    I feel that I do not have the counterspace for these cooking projects.

  • Alphakek
    Alphakek Month ago

    Breadsticks with Babish?

  • Brandon Iwamasa
    Brandon Iwamasa Month ago

    Hey Babish I'm curious to see your interpretation of Lembas Bread from Lord of the Rings.

  • Sophie Willson-Quayle

    at 3:42 when he looks at the camera omg

  • Mermaid Atlantica
    Mermaid Atlantica Month ago

    3:41 jesus fucking chrrrrriiiiist

  • Evan Guy
    Evan Guy Month ago

    I don't own a cast iron Dutch Oven, are there any alternatives you would recommend?

    • J.T. LeFlore
      J.T. LeFlore Month ago

      I found this
      As far as substitutes go, I would recommend a metal pot over a ceramic one. Do you have a 4-quart stockpot or soup pot? Use that, with the lid, or with foil over the top.

  • Justin Stokes
    Justin Stokes Month ago +2

    Pancakes would make a good basic episode.

  • Maxsfable
    Maxsfable Month ago

    Gluten-free bread.

  • Squidward Tentacles

    3:41 sexxxy man

  • Called Higher
    Called Higher Month ago

    Dont be a monster

  • Saw90388
    Saw90388 Month ago

    TinyFoods confirmed 4:04

  • Luke Kline
    Luke Kline Month ago

    The face at 3:41 put me in therapy.

  • B0b _ross69
    B0b _ross69 Month ago

    Oh man I fucked this simple was recipe up so hard. I'm so fucking inept man I don't even own a proper measuring cup. I used a technique that consisted of a bottle of water and converting mL into cups and shit. Word of advice kiddos: don't do what I did.

    • J.T. LeFlore
      J.T. LeFlore Month ago

      It's fine. I've tried this recipe following what he did exactly and haven't had anything come out looking even remotely close to what he has. At this point I think he's lying about something.

  • Ronan Smyth
    Ronan Smyth Month ago

    That does look like great foccacia though. :(

  • A Kelly
    A Kelly Month ago

    3:42 you’re welcome

  • NotMy RealName
    NotMy RealName Month ago

    I bet Babish is hung like stallion.

  • Zach Fisher
    Zach Fisher Month ago

    Fellas, let’s get this bread

  • Vikingstål Motor
    Vikingstål Motor Month ago

    I can't even eat bread, why am I watching this?

  • jarah gates
    jarah gates Month ago

    he sounds like cocktail chemistry this video

  • Carson Myers
    Carson Myers Month ago

    To my knowledge the only bread technique Jim Lahey invented was the Liquor-ball Sandwich

  • phantom unknown
    phantom unknown Month ago

    When you shoved the bread in your mouth that would have been ok if you didnt look at us like you were possesed!

  • A.J. Rich
    A.J. Rich Month ago

    I like how the caption authors are "doggo eater no thanks"😂

  • Caesar John Torres
    Caesar John Torres Month ago

    Please do Minnie's Stew from hateful eight!!

  • SeanTerisu
    SeanTerisu Month ago

    Add balsamic vinegar to that olive oil dip and you'll be in heaven

  • InaNutshell
    InaNutshell Month ago

    Was he rapping?

  • Sonya McClary
    Sonya McClary Month ago

    So you're the reason they put the warning on the flour package that you need to cook flour before eating it. 😂

  • Potato2840 Ali
    Potato2840 Ali Month ago

    When i saw the cute little whisk I said
    Me: *awwwww* !

  • iBalisticAlex
    iBalisticAlex Month ago

    You should also add rosemary to the focaccia. Thats how my nonna made it :D

  • Kittenkattan
    Kittenkattan Month ago

    What happened to part #2?

  • natalie654789
    natalie654789 Month ago

    Do Syrian bread in part 2!!!!!

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu Month ago

    how much salt should one use if they use sea salt?

    • Tyler Dula
      Tyler Dula Month ago

      Pikachu Always work by weight, use the same as he does which is like 10 grams on that no knead recipe.

  • Nathan Barnhart
    Nathan Barnhart Month ago

    Dude you are always sick.

  • Davis Tuck
    Davis Tuck Month ago

    The absolute last thing i expected was for j
    Him to put the flower in his mouth

  • hasan shuvo
    hasan shuvo Month ago

    You're my favorite youtuber. I started liking cooking on my own because of you :)

  • Kayla G.
    Kayla G. Month ago


  • RandomRandy
    RandomRandy Month ago

    I would add some Rosemary, or garlic to the Foccacia before baking. Maybe some sundried tomatoes, chiffonade of Basil, or zest of Lemon,and Anchovies.

  • RandomRandy
    RandomRandy Month ago

    Babish, you wild man.. eating a whole spoonful of flour!

  • Shiva Argula
    Shiva Argula Month ago

    Whenever the music stops/pauses in your videos I think you're about to say something funny or do something clumsy, but then it just continues like normal...

  • Lego Nator77
    Lego Nator77 Month ago +1


  • Lego Nator77
    Lego Nator77 Month ago +1


  • Christopher Voulelikas

    Olive oil and balsamic vinegar is the way to go