Americans Discover The Metric System


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  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa Day ago

    Wait what?!.... I thought this was like... universal haha

  • Mathieu L
    Mathieu L Day ago

    Metric is the best

  • Marquez Jackson
    Marquez Jackson 2 days ago

    this isnt something ive looked into deeply, but if youre curious why people havent always used a base 10 system look into it. we are taught the arabic numeral system, a base 10 system. a base 10 measure system would make sense, but theres geometric reasons for systems that arent base 10. (i think) the egyptians used ruman and cubits, that have the relation of a side of a square to its diagonal. and sumeria used a base 60 system (i think)

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 6 hours ago

      1. "this (sic) isnt something (sic) ive looked into deeply" (Obviously!)
      2. The numeric system now used (almost universally) is the Hindu/Arabic Base 10 system. Of course computers use the Binary system and the Hexadecimal system is also used when programming computers.
      3. You wrote "the egyptians used (sic) ruman and cubits, that have the relation of a side of a square to its diagonal"
      Well, according to Pythagoras, "the square-root of the sum of the squares on the other two sides of a right-angle triangle is equal to the hypotenuse (diagonal)" - So what?
      4. The use of 60 or 360 as a base does come from Samaria - and it is still used for angular measurement.

  • András Szakács
    András Szakács 4 days ago

    Does somebody know the title of the song beginning at 0:04? Thanks.

  • Foxy _Gachaplayz
    Foxy _Gachaplayz 4 days ago

    The good thing about wales is we use metric but we are taught both

  • Nya Stclair
    Nya Stclair 5 days ago

    In the US, every measuring device i've ever used also has the Metric system on it. So yeah, both are used.

    • Nya Stclair
      Nya Stclair 3 days ago

      But if both systems can both provide a consistent result. What does it truly matter?

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 4 days ago

      Of course, that is a problem.
      Only ONE system should actually be "used" - both in day-to-day activities and for the purposes of "legal for trade".
      While the other system may have an historical interest, it should be of no more interest than are "cubits".

  • Shadey the Warrior Sergal

    Funny watching this while using the metric system

  • Lancelot2000Lps
    Lancelot2000Lps 6 days ago

    Typical stupied Usa, i am so sorry for all people born their and got such bad learning!!!

  • S4L7
    S4L7 6 days ago

    1:20 when my girlfriend sees my bionical collection

  • foop
    foop 7 days ago

    The metric system is definitely better... and conversions between metric to imperial is much easier than imperial to metric
    12 inches = 1 foot, 5280 feet = 1 mile
    10mm = 1cm, 100cm = 1m, 1000m = 1km
    2.5 cm = 1 inch, 1.6km = 1 mile, 0.3m/30cm=1 foot

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 5 days ago

      Actually. 25.4 mm = 1 Inch
      304.8 mm = 1 Foot
      1.609344 km = 1 Mile
      BUT, why make any such "conversions" to US Customary measurements?
      One Metre IS 0ne Metre.
      1000 milimetres equal One Metre
      1000 Metres equal One Kilometre
      No problem.
      Why convert to any other system of measurement?
      Just USE the International System of Measurement (SI).

  • Péter Jakab
    Péter Jakab 8 days ago

    2:18 "Americans don't like change..." Well what was one of the keyword Obama's campaing in 2008? It couldn't be. Yes it is! It was "Change". And he won.

  • Corradomatse
    Corradomatse 8 days ago

    When you ever feel useless and isolated dont think about the DPRK [North Korea]. Remember that the USA dont use the metric system. In Myanmar and Liberia its mostly not used.

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox 8 days ago

    teach your kids the metric system and temporarily have two systems then when your kids grow up theyll switch fully to the metric system

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 8 days ago

      NOT without a program supported by Government and Industry!
      Governmental support (which is lacking in the USA) is vital for any such adoption of SI, since the "Metric System" (SI) cannot be said to have been "adopted" by any country until it is the ONLY system of measurement which is "Legal for Trade" within that country.

  • K Draw
    K Draw 10 days ago

    While the metric system is superior, changing to it would be VERY expensiv since they would have to change allot of things and not just education, all the cars and gasstations and machineries etc.
    It would problably not be worth it.

  • Vincent van gogh
    Vincent van gogh 10 days ago

    American > metric

  • Nikita Belomestnykh
    Nikita Belomestnykh 10 days ago

    Yes it does work. You need to change. Your system is based on meters. You measure all of your lengths and volumes based on a meter. Look it up.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 8 days ago

      Not quite true - the key term is "based on".
      However, any "US Customary Measurements" (and any residual "Imperial Measurements") are all now defined in terms of SI (Metric) Measurements.

  • squid din
    squid din 11 days ago

    I don't get how some people don't know what the metric system is. Millimeters and centimeters are on American rulers and Milileters are the standard for measuring the the amount of liquid is in a bottle of water/liquids. I never see people say my water bottle is a 1 gallon bottle.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 5 days ago

      Well, a US Gallon bottle would be quite large.
      It would have a mass of almost 4 kg - as compared to a Litre bottle of about 1 kg.

  • Kate James
    Kate James 11 days ago

    what even is the imperial system. makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Here in Europe if there's a minus in the temperature it's fucken cold asf. also, 10mm=1cm. 100cm=1m. 1000m=1km. it's the same with ml, l, and tons. also the same with mg, g and kg. EASY

  • General Goldy
    General Goldy 11 days ago


    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 5 days ago

      However, you could try to live within a relationship with (most of) the remainder of the civilised world.

  • luc hai
    luc hai 12 days ago

    1:19 that's what she said

  • Kyle L.
    Kyle L. 12 days ago

    Why US? Metric is clearly superior.
    It uses simple factors of 10. Which is why a
    kilometer = 1000 meters
    kilogram = 1000 grams
    0 Celsius is freezing point, 100 is boiling point.

  • Strategy Gaming
    Strategy Gaming 12 days ago +1

    Yes totally their system is better when one kilogram is 2.205 pounds instead of just a simple pound which is 0.453592 kilograms. Or how -1 Celsius is 30.2 degrees with the formula (-1C x 9/5) + 32 = 30.2 totally not being complicated. Totally not complicated that one mile is exactly 5280 feet or 1.60934 kilometers.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 11 days ago

      What are you talking about?
      What is "their system"?
      One kilogram is one kilogram and one pound is one pound (etc.)
      Because the Inch is DEFINED as 25.4 mm, 1 Mile is exactly 1.609344 km. (25.4 * 12 * 3 * 22 * 10 * 8 = 1609344 mm)
      However, why worry about these CONVERSIONS between the International System of Measurement (used by about 94 % of the world) and the "US Customary" Measurement (used by about 5% of the world.)
      Just USE the system - whatever it may be, and it would be better, and more economical, for all concerned throughout the world if the USA used ONLY the International System of Measurement (SI).

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen 14 days ago

    Hey, what's wrong with Medieval units? They make perfect sense and are all perfectly interchangeable.
    (pardon my crude sarcasm)

  • Rinifi
    Rinifi 14 days ago

    Many Americans are very familiar with the metric system of measurement. Anyone who has studied or worked in the sciences usees it extensively.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 5 days ago

      But, (unfortunately) SI is NOT the ONLY system which is "Legal for Trade" in the USA.

  • Piplupip
    Piplupip 15 days ago

    -5 celcius: *Oh that's really hot*

  • Conflict
    Conflict 16 days ago

    This gave me brain cancer

  • Scribbles
    Scribbles 16 days ago

    You literally learn this in US highschool...

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 15 days ago

      YOU may learn the "Metric System" BUT, (the general population in) your country does not USE it - to the exclusion of any other system of measurement - in contrast to most of the population of the rest of the world.
      Now, answer these questions - quickly.
      "What is your Height and Mass"

      If you did NOT answer using Metric/SI dimensions, you do not "know" the "Metric System" and are not using it.
      (For me, the answers are 1.82 m and 76 kg)

    • Scribbles
      Scribbles 16 days ago

      I'm truly so confused. Me being American, we LEARN the metric system in school from middle school to high school. Why are they so confused ??????

  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly 16 days ago

    Is it cos your your fucking thick, just convert it in your small brain, may take you a year or so.⏱

  • Stale Steave
    Stale Steave 16 days ago

    deadass, i don't think the people that work for buzzfeed went to school

  • Paul Mutzel
    Paul Mutzel 17 days ago

    yeah changing just doesn't work? Then how did we move from the non-metric system to the metric system I wonder? We had Feet, ulnas and other stuff before.
    Is it easy? No of course not. Is it possible? Yes definitely. Should they do it? Well just as everyone internationally speaks english to have a common base of understanding adopting a proved system that is easily understanable would make a lot of sense for America. Especially because its a lot easier with the 10; 100; 1000 steps than whatever the inch and mile thing is. But ofc this is coming from someone from Europe

  • Adolf Göbbels
    Adolf Göbbels 17 days ago

    Get Apple to advertise the next iPhone screen in Centimeters not Inches only then will Americans want to change to the Superior Metric System.

  • The Viemo
    The Viemo 18 days ago

    0 celsius is the freezing point of water and 100 celsius is the boiling point of water. Thats how it was made.

  • Peter Kotara
    Peter Kotara 18 days ago

    2:22 _"But you learn how to do something a certain way forever, and then you're told to change it. it just doesn't work"_
    Oh honey...........That's wrong on so many levels. I just don't know where to start.

  • boxlessthinking
    boxlessthinking 19 days ago

    America kept the system we used to fight a war and keep the enemy off balance... we thought a bought a system of 10s then war made it not so.. besides you'd get ripped off for gas they'd say a litter waS A GALLON AND CHARGE U FOR IT .

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 19 days ago

    these videos are intentionally stretching the truth

  • Knee Growsmell
    Knee Growsmell 20 days ago

    About time you fattys caught up with the rest of the world.

  • Drew Nash
    Drew Nash 20 days ago

    One of the big reasons we haven’t already done so is because it would cost a lot of money to change everything to metric system from the imperial system which is so deeply rooted in the US already... besides 2 liter bottles of soda...

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Day ago

      While I have expressed my position - in the hope of enlightening discussion - I really am sorry that you have felt any need to "Back Down"
      Also, I am guite gratified that this exchange of views has been quite polite.
      Thank you.

    • Drew Nash
      Drew Nash Day ago

      Holy Jesus! I’ll just back down.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 20 days ago

      Nothing EXISTING needs to be changed, except the road signs.
      (Such a change is as simple as placing a "decal" with a different number and unit over the existing one - as was done in Canada over the Labour Day weekend of September 1977.
      If you notice the next time that you drive, you may be surprised to realise that "distance" and "speed" signage makes up but a small percentage of the total signage area on all road signs.)
      As for other quantities, all that is necessary is to specify each new/replacement item in SI terms, even although all such items may be of exactly the same dimensions, mass etc.
      If organised properly, these changes can be done step-by-step, as they have been done forty years ago in other industrialised countries. (e.g. Australia, Canada, UK etc.)
      What is required is just a brief public education campaign of one or two months leading up to any "M Day" when a particular change is to be made.
      (See Note that [in Australia - unlike in Canada] the speed signs were changed from the "US Format" to the "European" format.)
      Similar brief campaigns are required to familiarize the public with other changes such as temperature in weather reports/forecasts. At the culmination of such an Australian campaign, weather reports and forecasts in both Imperial and metric measures were provided for one month only. After that, purely metric measurements were used for all meteorological phenomena.
      You might also note that wine and other bottles of alcoholic beverages are also specified in SI units.
      Of course, your electrical/electronic equipment is and always has been specified in SI Units, since there is no other system available for measuring these quantities.
      As to costs, this report ( - on page 30) shows that the worst that OPPONENTS of Metrication in Australia could come up in the 1970s was that the cost was $18 per person per year for 10 years - which is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per person per month over that period.
      Of course, the resulting cost savings continue on - forever.
      (See and
      (Please note that the US does NOT use the "Imperial" system of measurement. It uses the earlier British "Winchester Standards", which were in existence before 1776 - and now refers to them as US Customary measurements.)

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh 21 day ago

    0:31 is math related to science?

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres 21 day ago

    Maybe its that.. Americans are just way too advanced than the rest of the world, that's why we use the system we use. You all need to catch up to us, we are on top of the world and we will never fall like Rome did.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 21 day ago

      Maybe you should check the way in which YOU write English sentences and punctuation when posting, since your post of "Maybe its that.. Americans ......" is not an appropriate written construction in the English language.

  • BoJibbidy
    BoJibbidy 22 days ago

    I’m american and I know the metric system, it’s not that hard.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 18 days ago

      Sure - I do know that this video is ridiculous, but it does provoke people into thinking about the subject.
      However, I was quite serious in "pushing" the fact that "The Metric System is Better by a Thousand "
      In schools, the non-1000 based metric prefixes of Hecto, Deka, Deci and Centi receive much undue emphasis.
      Yes, they do exist (unfortunately) but they are unnecessary and can make SI (the Metric System) look almost as complex as US Customary/Imperial dimensions.
      For example, the following was posted on this site about one week ago : -
      "Try to find the pattern...
      10 millimeters = 1 centimeter
      10 centimeters = 1 decimeter
      10 decimeters = 1 meter
      10 meters = 1 dekameter
      10 dekameters = 1 hectometer
      10 hectometers = 1 kilometer "
      Virtually, the only surviving use of the 10s and 100s based prefixes prefixes is the Centimetre and the Hectare - and some European countries used Centilitres.

    • BoJibbidy
      BoJibbidy 18 days ago

      FrodoOne1 I meant how buzzfeed makes it seem like Americans don’t know it at all

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 20 days ago

      The Metric System" (SI) is not at all "hard", particularly as compared to the US Customary system of measurements.
      For example : -
      1000 millimetres = 1 metre
      1000 metres = 1 kilometre
      as compared to
      12 inches = 1 foot
      3 feet = 1 yard
      22 yards = 1 chain
      10 chains = 1 furlong
      8 furlongs = 1 mile
      and, this does not take into consideration 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 inch etc.
      The Metric System is Better by a Thousand (See
      (Outside of the "classroom", one just ignores all those pesky Deci, Centi, Hecto, Deka prefixes - which are mostly NEVER used, and are better NOT used at all.)
      However, some people find any "change" to be "hard".

  • Vikrinox
    Vikrinox 23 days ago

    Im happy i had That one math class about How many centimeters are an inch and so on.
    One inch 〰️ 2.5 cm
    One feet is about 30 - 35 cm

    • Vikrinox
      Vikrinox 22 days ago

      Thanks for the info!

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 22 days ago

      Actually, 1 foot = 304.8 mm (very close to 300 mm), since 1 inch is DEFINED as exactly 25.4 mm.

  • damdamdamdumdidum
    damdamdamdumdidum 23 days ago

    1:17 - Sure the asien got it almost right.

  • DerFremde
    DerFremde 23 days ago

    The metric system is just so much easier. Why do you people keep making your life hard for no reason?

  • Jasmaine Collins
    Jasmaine Collins 23 days ago

    I’m from Australia and we would literally do those things in primary school to learn

  • Fionn Gamer
    Fionn Gamer 23 days ago

    Now, I’m pretty sure the only cure to America is to travel back in time and give the natives nukes

  • Dank
    Dank 24 days ago +1

    So you're telling me your metric system is based on body parts... Hmmm, that is interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • N00Belocity
    N00Belocity 24 days ago +1

    I think Americans would switch from Fahrenheit to Kelvin (Scientific measurement) before Fahrenheit to Celsius

    • N00Belocity
      N00Belocity 22 days ago +1

      oh my bad my autocorrect messed it up ill edit it

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 22 days ago +1

      Your (no doubt sarcastic) suggestion is unlikely to come to pass.
      Normal "room" temperature is 295 K
      Water freezes at 273 K and boils at 373 K

  • Joshua Morin
    Joshua Morin 24 days ago

    This is complete un-American propaganda.. Geez

  • jaesi
    jaesi 25 days ago

    what funny is they teach metric system when you take chemistry or some other science class in America. but you dont use it outside. Also they teach you how to convert everything

  • Rumman Hassan
    Rumman Hassan 25 days ago

    Hahaha, 25 here in the Uk is hot weather whereas 25 over there (I know they measure in Fahrenheit) is know as cold.

  • Jesse McCree
    Jesse McCree 25 days ago

    Don’t know if any one knows or remembers this but we learned and used the metric system in science in Middle School and High school

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 25 days ago

      Maybe so.
      However, unfortunately, your country does not actually USE it - to the EXCLUSION of using any other system of measurement - as does most of the rest of the world.

  • rajat heisnam
    rajat heisnam 25 days ago

    What ?? American discovered Metric System ? America,Myanmar(Burma) and Liberia are the 3 countries that doesn't follow metric system.

  • klevermarck
    klevermarck 25 days ago

    did they go to school?

  • Blackaos367
    Blackaos367 27 days ago

    Talk about metric system and then spell Milliliters as 'mililiters'... Good job BuzzFeedBlue! :-D

  • Tom
    Tom 27 days ago

    Try to find the pattern...
    10 millimeters = 1 centimeter
    10 centimeters = 1 decimeter
    10 decimeters = 1 meter
    10 meters = 1 dekameter
    10 dekameters = 1 hectometer
    10 hectometers = 1 kilometer
    IMPERIAL ( is this s... random? )
    12 inches = 1 foot
    3 feet = 1 yard
    22 yards = 1 chain
    10 chains = 1 furlong
    8 furlongs = 1 mile
    3 miles = 1 league

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 27 days ago

      Try to find this pattern: -
      1000 millimetres = 1 metre
      1000 metres = 1 kilometre
      The Metric System is Better by a Thousand
      Outside of the "classroom", just ignore all those pesky Deci, Centi, Hecto, Deka prefixes - which are mostly NEVER used, and are better NOT used at all.
      (I strongly suspect that it is unlikely that "Tom" is in any profession/trade in any country which actually uses SI measurements in any "day to day" activities.)
      Then, there is
      1000 millivolts = 1 volt
      1000 volts = 1 kilovolt
      Has anyone ever seen any reference to centivolts. decivolts, dekavolts or hectovolts.
      It is just NEVER done!
      I must repeat, The Metric System is Better by a Thousand.
      Just ignore the non-1000 multipliers/divisors - as most of the world does.

  • mood
    mood 27 days ago +1

    We watched this in our science class today

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall 27 days ago

    We still use a bit of both in the UK.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 27 days ago

      Once again, I need only to refer you to the "Mess" that the UK has incurred with their "Metric Conversion" - in comparison with Australia - by referring to

  • thesimpsons17
    thesimpsons17 28 days ago

    Americans are so fucking backwards.... it's baffling

  • jadawin10
    jadawin10 29 days ago

    1 mile=1760 yards, 1 yard=3 feets, 1 foot= 1 inch=6 picas, 1 pica=12 grains.
    Just compare to:
    1 kilometer = 1000 meters, 1 meter= 100 centimeters, 1 centimeter =10 milimeters.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 28 days ago

      Just compare to: -
      1 kilometre = 1000 metres
      1 metre = 1000 millimetres
      (Which is even easier.!)
      The Metric System is Better by a Thousand
      Outside of the "classroom", just ignore all those pesky Deci, Centi, Hecto, Deka prefixes - which are mostly NEVER used, and are better NOT used at all.

  • Dubious
    Dubious 29 days ago

    Today's Imperial is based on Metric.. so why not just use Metric?

  • Dubious
    Dubious 29 days ago

    NASA would stop blowing up rockets if USA went with the metric system

  • LoneGamer PC
    LoneGamer PC 29 days ago

    "Americans don't like change...",
    *buy a new Iphone XS to change from Iphone X...

  • StevenKubrick
    StevenKubrick 29 days ago

    Actually America uses the metric system as all units such as gallons etc. are defined as a metric unit with a conversion factor. So you add a conversion from metric to imperial, only so the entire world has to convert back to metric.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 29 days ago

      The US does not USE the "International System" of measurement (SI)
      The US simply "calibrates" their US Customary system of measurements (which ARE the pre-1776 BRITISH "Winchester Standards" - NOT the "Imperial System" of measurement) against the SI measurements, used by the other 94% of the world - so that any "conversions" between the two systems may be somewhat less complex!

  • Vincent Cruse
    Vincent Cruse Month ago

    Kill yourself buzzfeed

  • wkruit1
    wkruit1 Month ago

    We in Europe discovered the metric system about 120 years ago. Thanks to Napoleon, more or less...

  • Johnfuse
    Johnfuse Month ago

    Next time in school for math test: American have to calculate 147miles into yards and 635 yards into foot, while the others who know the metric system calculate 147km into m and 635m into dm. Who do you think is around 20-100 times faster? Exactly, that`s why the whole world uses metric system....beside the fact that we also have units less than one inch and don`t have to calculate in fractions to describe the size of a mere ant.

  • Dinuwan Kalupahana
    Dinuwan Kalupahana Month ago

    I lost a chunk load of brain cells after hearing miles is kilos in metric wow

  • oquillo
    oquillo Month ago

    As a plumber in New Zealand, I have to say the metric system is totally awesome.
    1 meter equals 100 centimeters and 1000 millimeters.
    if you had a cube of fresh water at sea level and a temperature of 4 degrees, it would have the 3 dimensions of 1 meter by 1 meter by 1 meter.
    It would also hold exactly 1000 liters of water.
    It would also weigh exactly 1000 kilograms.
    Work the size, it tells you the liter capacity and the weight exactly, no conversion required.

  • frankthespank
    frankthespank Month ago

    I use the measurement system of the country that has its flag on the moon, thank you 😊

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Which flag was got there with the assistance of German (and other) personnel, using the International System of measurements for the guidance of the crafts concerned - even if much of the hardware was manufactured to the pre-1776 British "Winchester Standards", now called US Customary dimensions.

  • All Iona
    All Iona Month ago +1

    The UK cheats and uses both systems-
    We use celsius all the time when it comes to weather.
    We measure our own height in feet .
    We still uses miles as well as kilometers.
    But we never measure in gallons except when it comes to Beer?
    I don't know, This confuses me so much. When I'm in maths I just always divide by 1000 and I normally get the right answer lol

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 27 days ago

      Once again, I need only to refer you to the "Mess" that the UK has incurred with their "Metric Conversion" - in comparison with Australia - by referring to

  • Volatile Monk
    Volatile Monk Month ago

    Well I know the American military use metric system

  • Alex Freetime
    Alex Freetime Month ago

    How many grams is a meter again?

    • Alex Freetime
      Alex Freetime Month ago

      My bad, I meant how many celsius degrees are 2 and a half liters of water? Still, not sparkling of course, duh!

    • Vinsu Karma
      Vinsu Karma Month ago

      I hope you are joking

  • The British/korean Guy

    See the UK is smart, we use a mix of both we do distances and speed in Miles and measure lengths in CM

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Once again, I need only to refer you to the "Mess" that the UK has incurred with their "Metric Conversion" - in comparison with Australia - by referring to

  • Pale Bears
    Pale Bears Month ago

    Fun fact, in today's murica, one pound is actually defined as a fraction of one kilogram.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      As is the 'Inch"- defined as 25.4 mm - and so on!

  • EuropaPhoenix
    EuropaPhoenix Month ago

    This is the international system. If you are a scientist (American or not), you have to use the Metric system.
    By the way, if us foreigners can learn to speak English (which takes years), they can learn to use such a simple and rational system.

  • schmui
    schmui Month ago

    2:19 esad

  • schmui
    schmui Month ago

    0:31 How is that confusing?

  • andyt2k
    andyt2k Month ago

    In the UK we use liters, Celsius and miles

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Once again, I need only to refer you to the "Mess" that the UK has incurred with their "Metric Conversion" - in comparison with Australia - by referring to

  • ActCut00021719
    ActCut00021719 Month ago

    I'm American and I Think we should have the metric system. Someone please make this happen!

  • Anton Andersson
    Anton Andersson Month ago +1

    1:21 usually the reaction I get when I pull my pants down

  • Victor Prospect
    Victor Prospect Month ago

    You Europeans don't get us, and you never will. We are Americans. We put man on the moon by not using the metric system. We also have just elected the savior of Western civilization in Trump. You can hate us all you want, but we are the greatest country that has ever existed. Once we clean house and rid ourselves of progressives, we will become even greater. So keep your precious metric system. We'll stick with our feet and yards and keep on winning.

  • Danny B
    Danny B Month ago

    yes, those three arbitrary tasks really showed them and us how inferior the imperial system is....
    Buzzfeed you keep to amaze me. Also how did they discover the metric system with that. It would be like seeing NYC while flying over it an saying i've seen it all.

  • Jeremy Lokani
    Jeremy Lokani Month ago

    1:20 thats what she said

  • Survivor Soul
    Survivor Soul Month ago

    I'm American, and the metric system is taught to Americans multiple times throughout their education. I agree that our system isn't as good, but it probably won't change any time soon. We actually at one point tried to change it, but it just never worked out. However I am displeased with the constant belittling of Americans in this comments section

  • Edward Krill
    Edward Krill Month ago

    kilometers... Kilo alone only means 1000

  • Professor Memeyy
    Professor Memeyy Month ago

    Buzzfeed discovers how to be good for once
    *Oh wait, that’s just fiction*

  • Banana BOI
    Banana BOI Month ago

    I hate the fact that out of ~190 countries in the world, 3 use the Imperial system. But I also recognize it would be hard for the US to suddenly switch to metric. I can only hope for a project that can gradually make all world metric

    • Banana BOI
      Banana BOI Month ago

      FrodoOne1 Very cool! If you say that it’s better a sudden change, but done one at a time, I then can only hope for it to happen.
      I wouldn’t say it usually, but I want to be a pilot, and it bothers me that in aviation we have to use both metric and imperial just because imperial is used by probably the most powerful country in the world. Like, why do I have to struggle learning how to convert from metric to imperial and vice versa, just because USA uses imperial out of 190+ motherfucking countries in the world

  • Σκληρός Καριόλης

    your new generation will have to learn both systems.

    • Σκληρός Καριόλης
      Σκληρός Καριόλης Month ago

      in order to have a smooth transition , Americans will have to learn both . You cant force an old aged or even a middleaged to change it at once. The next one or two generations will have to learn both. ( 1 generation= 25 years)
      PS. Basically all the world uses the metric system except usa

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Hopefully, any NEW generation should need to learn only ONE system (NOT two) - as would the rest of the world - if EVERY Nation adopted the International System of Measurements (SI).

  • Speck
    Speck Month ago

    Metric is ez 0 degrees Celsius is freezing and 100 is boiling, simple right?

  • Barberman
    Barberman Month ago

    1 milliliter is 1 centimeter^3 (cm^3)
    1 deciliter (dl) is 100 cm^3 = 100 milliliter (ml)
    1 liter (l) is 1000 cm^3 = 10 deciliter (dl)
    1 meter (m) is 100 centimeter (cm)
    1 decimeter (dm) is 10 centimeter (cm)
    1 cm is 10 millimeter (mm)
    1 mile = 10 kilometers (km)
    1 km = 1000 meters (m)
    1 metric ton = 1000 kilograms (kg)
    1 kilogram (kg) = 1000 grams (g)
    1 gram (g) = 1000 milligrams (mg)
    "1 liter of room temperate water is 1 kilogram"
    "1 ton is 1000 liters"

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Some of the things which you have written make the Metric System (SI) look almost as complex as the US Customary system, derived from pre -1776 British "Winchester Standards". (I suggest that you "look them up".)
      The simplicity of SI is observed when it is realised that "The Metric System is Better by A Thousand". (
      (The non-1000 based multipliers/divisors [centi, deci, deka, hecto] introduced initially simply "get in the way"! Hence, no non-1000 based prefix has been introduced since 1795.)
      1 metre = 1000 millimetres (1 m = 1000 mm)
      1 kilometre = 1000 metres (1 km= 1000 m)
      1 gram = 1000 mg (1 g = 1000 mg)
      1 kilogram = 1000 grams (1 kg = 1000 g)
      1 Megagram = 1000 kilograms ( 1 Mg = 1000 kg - AND, this is 1 Tonne)
      While the Litre was originally described as "1 cubic decimetre", it is also 1/1000 cubic metre. (Do you see the pattern emerging?)
      The mass of 1 litre of water is 1 kilogram (Originally specified as at the freezing point of water - NOT at "room temperature" - whatever that may be?)
      And NO!
      1 mile is NOT 10 kilometres.
      1 Mile = 1.609344 km
      1 tonne is not just 1000 litres!
      1 tonne is the mass of 1000 litres of WATER.

  • kenshrah
    kenshrah Month ago

    Being a tool maker you have to know both. There is an idea just learn the conversation and stop whining that America does it different.

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright Month ago

    It should be noted that we still get taught the metric system

  • adjbutler
    adjbutler Month ago

    Australia used to do feet and inches... then we changed....

  • Guilherme Nascimento

    2:22 I totally agree with her, but I think americans should learn the metric system, I don't mean that they should change everything, just that they should learn.. knowledge will never be too much.

  • jibur pak
    jibur pak Month ago

    I run about 2 miles, 300 feet, 500, potatoes and 4000 bananas every morning

  • SkyShroom XY
    SkyShroom XY Month ago


    Celcius is easier to write

  • SkyShroom XY
    SkyShroom XY Month ago

    Metric > imperial

  • Anton Sundin
    Anton Sundin Month ago

    "change something that we have used like forever just doesnt work" More or less every other country made the same leap to the metric system and it worked just fine.

  • TheSpiikki
    TheSpiikki Month ago

    I start wearing shorts when it gets over 15 celcius

  • midwings00
    midwings00 Month ago

    Big deal! In health care Everyone uses metric! Where it matters, people use systems that everyone can understand.