Americans Discover The Metric System


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  • Daniel Luster
    Daniel Luster 2 days ago

    I wish that all Americans should switch over to the metric system! B-)

  • cbapiaz
    cbapiaz 6 days ago

    🤦🏻‍♂️ 2019 and still using imperial. Good job.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 6 days ago

      Still using PRE-Imperial !

  • Jon Mac
    Jon Mac 7 days ago

    A meter is a measuring instrument, a Metre is a unit of length. They are spelt differently to differentiate between them.

  • Ludwig Harisuo
    Ludwig Harisuo 8 days ago

    America needs to switch over to the metric system. Slowly but surely switching everything over to the metric system.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 6 days ago

      It has been shown that the only PRACTICAL way to make this change is (stage by stage) as RAPIDLY AS POSSIBLE.
      This is why Australia made this transition (virtually) within TEN years.
      However, the USA has NOT transitioned in over FORTY years and the UK has made rather a mess of its "transition".
      See aned

  • Idkag 2
    Idkag 2 8 days ago


  • Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack

    So, there are 63,318.72 inches or
    5276.56 feet or
    1758.85 yards in one mile.
    128 liquid ounces in a gallon.
    How can they live with that?
    1 km = 1000 m = 100 000 cm
    1 m³ = 1000 l = 1 000 000 ml
    Just that simple.
    In 1989 Canada switched from imperial to metric.
    Since they live happy and easy.

    • Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack
      Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack 2 days ago

      Easy,+FrodoOne1 .
      1 yd = 91.5 cm or 0.915 m
      1 mile = 1 609.35 m
      1 609.35 [m/mile] / 0.915 [m/yd] =
      = 1 758.85 [yds/mile]

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 2 days ago

      Of course, I agree "In decimal it is so simple." but I was not discussing that.
      You wrote
      "By the way, I made the calculations parting from convertions (sic) to decimal measurements.
      So, the equivalences you have are not in a exact."
      What do you mean by that?
      Because 22 * 8 * 10 = 1760
      how do you come up with "1758.85 yards in one mile." - and the other results.

    • Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack
      Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack 2 days ago

      Let me tell you I am architect, +FrodoOne1. I just cannot imagine how do you do with scaling when drawing projects.
      In decimal it is so simple.

    • Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack
      Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack 2 days ago

      About the same thing, don't you think, +FrodoOne1.
      By the way, I made the calculations parting from convertions to decimal measurements.
      So, the equivalences you have are not in a exact.

  • J Can du
    J Can du 9 days ago +1

    Oh sir video is necessary to reveal you as an is immediately apparent.

  • hydrogen_oxide
    hydrogen_oxide 9 days ago +1

    0:28 🤦‍♂️

    • hydrogen_oxide
      hydrogen_oxide 9 days ago +1

      Kilo is 1000, metre is the unit of length. Kilometre just means a thousand metres.

  • Theodore Bb
    Theodore Bb 10 days ago

    For the ignorant woman in the video.... you don't need to.change but adopt to reality stop being so superior from others and try it

  • Chef toni
    Chef toni 11 days ago

    Welcome to the normal world

  • Poro
    Poro 11 days ago +1

    all right then keep your secrets

  • Alessio Pezzella
    Alessio Pezzella 11 days ago

    Who landed on the moon? Customary U.S.? Oh yeah

  • Aro Raptor
    Aro Raptor 12 days ago

    People who say ”the guy who said instead of miles they have kilos is an idiot” are actually wrong. A kilo doesnt mean a kilo*GRAM*, it just means a thousand. So kilometer would be accurate. Hes not completly wrong

  • Bork
    Bork 12 days ago

    dumbasses... how can u not know that 1 inch is 2.5cm

  • sokyoul
    sokyoul 12 days ago

    Even if youve learned sth your whole life it works if you change it, i grew up with DM as currency and now we use Euros

  • turist da
    turist da 12 days ago

    Don’t touch the gallons and the miles/h it’s a perception thing... 60 km/h you might think it’s a lot but it’s about 36 miles/h....

  • Jarred Yuri Perez
    Jarred Yuri Perez 13 days ago

    As an asian were tought to study these two system of measurement and....

  • C4 KeizerG
    C4 KeizerG 15 days ago

    In -5°C u can go out with hoodie WTH (im from finland)

  • OrangeBurrito
    OrangeBurrito 16 days ago +1

    AKA retards learning basic life skills...

  • MrMeowington
    MrMeowington 16 days ago

    “Miles are kilos...”
    Okay, I get that he meant kiloMETRES, but normally, when someone says just the word “kilo” on its own, it usually refers to kiloGRAMS.

  • Graeme
    Graeme 17 days ago

    In the UK we still use miles, miles per gallon and weirdly feet for a person's height and weight also horse power for cars, generally. But we use Celsius for temperature and use metric for measuring almost everything else . It's weird and I wish we would just go to full metric.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 15 days ago +1

      For an analysis of the MESS that the UK has made of its "Metric Conversion" process, please see

  • MusZico13
    MusZico13 17 days ago


  • Arif Leeroy
    Arif Leeroy 17 days ago

    Oh yeah.. 1 L of water= 1 kg.. Easily converted. What is the weight of a gallon of water?

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 16 days ago

      If you were referring to "Imperial Gallons" (which, probably you were not) the answer is 10 pounds.
      That is one of the major changes introduced by the Imperial system of measurement in 1825.
      The US gallon is legally defined as 231 cubic inches, which is exactly 3.785411784 litres.
      A US liquid gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds or 3.79 kilograms at 17 °C.

  • Ayden Spears
    Ayden Spears 18 days ago

    They say -5 is cold. I’d pray for that weather in Canada during winter. Last week, it was -51 with the wind chill.

  • Federico Cao
    Federico Cao 19 days ago

    0°C=Frozen water.. makes more sense to me than 32°F, don't u think BOIII's?

  • Tiago Goncalves
    Tiago Goncalves 20 days ago

    1:20 that is what she said !

  • Renart DuRomanDeRenart

    And this is how in europ american are considered the dumbiest people of the world (en France en tout cas)

  • will brown
    will brown 22 days ago

    If your a car guy you basically know both haha even us Americans

  • Marmoll
    Marmoll 22 days ago

    2:22 more that half of the world uses the metric system, I think it’s worth it

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 15 days ago

      Actually, almost ALL of the world - about 95% - (except Liberia, Myanmar and the USA) uses the Metric System (SI) as the ONLY System which is "Legal for Trade".

  • The Golden Tundra
    The Golden Tundra 22 days ago

    Never! 🇺🇸

  • Wafflepaul1804
    Wafflepaul1804 23 days ago

    I guess USA is still living in the stone ages...

  • RD4590
    RD4590 23 days ago

    I see why a lot of Americans are caught speeding on the road. They don't know 100kph is actually over 62mph, not 60mph. :P

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 24 days ago

    Kilos is the shortened form of kilograms. The shortened form of kilometre is klick.

  • pudding cat
    pudding cat 24 days ago

    did he say that miles are same as kilograms.....?

  • Ser Humano
    Ser Humano 25 days ago

    I'm not from the US but still have to learn imperial system because 'Murica.

  • Seyan Coco
    Seyan Coco 26 days ago

    As an American (who completely believes that we should be using the metric system by now, btw), I can say that we do use both, just not in a casual manner. I experienced the metric system mostly in school, you can’t take a chemistry class without knowing how much a freaking mL is, and randomly like with 2L bottles, but we use feet and inches more in our day to day life.

  • ScienceTastic
    ScienceTastic 26 days ago

    Kilos can mean either kilometers or kilograms so there’s probably just a misunderstanding here

  • ninepuchar1
    ninepuchar1 26 days ago

    1 ton~1000kg
    And so on...😂

  • Molly Moon
    Molly Moon 26 days ago

    Instead of miles there’s kilos

  • Briar Noelle
    Briar Noelle 27 days ago +1

    Okay but Canadians don’t dress like that for -5 degree weather…that’s what we wear for -25 degree weather 😂

  • JWB Legend
    JWB Legend 28 days ago

    We absolutely should. One of the biggest reasons we haven't is because we would need go change literally all of the road and highway signs

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 28 days ago

      Road sign changes are quite a minor consideration (and cost) when considering the change to SI.
      Next time you drive anywhere, note how few signs actually have distance or speed indications.
      Also, note that the distance indications occupy but a small percentage of the sign on which they appear.
      Canadian authorities took advantage of this when, over the Labour Day weekend of September 1977, appropriate pre-prepared "decals" were placed over the existing distance/speed indicators. (See 27:30 to 29:55)

  • can we get 1000 subs without any videos

    Why Americans use imperial system and the rest of the world uses metric system

    • can we get 1000 subs without any videos
    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 27 days ago

      Since the US Pint/Quart/Gallon is smaller than the Imperial Pint/Quart/Gallon and
      there are 2000 Pounds to the US Ton, but 2240 to the Imperial ton,
      (and, there are other minor differences)
      the US Customary System of measurement CANNOT be said to BE the Imperial System of Measurement.

    • can we get 1000 subs without any videos
      can we get 1000 subs without any videos 27 days ago

      It's still the imperial system

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 27 days ago

      The US does NOT use the Imperial System of measurement.
      It uses the British system of measurement which was in use prior to 1776,
      These are the Winchester Standards, which were in effect from 1588 to 1825 when Imperial Units were introduced to the British Empire.
      The US did not then adopt Imperial Units nor has it done so since.

  • Mati Oviedo
    Mati Oviedo 29 days ago

    Mother of inteligent people😯

  • A Wild Taco Animal.


  • Dakota Martin
    Dakota Martin Month ago

    If Americans switched to the metric system, there would be MASS confusion

  • Dave BB
    Dave BB Month ago

    Actually there is the usa and only one underdeveloped country on this earth that dont use metric. out of 174 countries.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Two other countries: Liberia and Myanmar

  • Carlijn Kuiper
    Carlijn Kuiper Month ago

    Now you know how us Europeans feel in America... My father said "above 70 degrees is hot, under 70 degrees is cold"

  • Leo Gilbert
    Leo Gilbert Month ago

    Metric for the wins

  • Name Name
    Name Name Month ago

    But steel is heavier than feathers...

  • awesome1ru
    awesome1ru Month ago

    Bunch of idiots

  • DeadlyCatfish
    DeadlyCatfish Month ago

    "Americans dont like change" "its not worth it" the rest of the world made the switch decades guys are just idiots

  • SeTh lYonS
    SeTh lYonS Month ago

    real title should be "americans discover the correct system"

  • Flávia F
    Flávia F Month ago

    This influenced in international trades and commerce, a lot of money is lost because the US doesn't use the metric system.

  • Logic Isnt That Complicated

    I can admit metric system is more applicable. However, for me, It's hard to conceptualize distance in meters when i've been living in terms of feet for 35 years. It's algebra every time I hear it. Guess my generation and those before has to sacrifice basic distance aptitude for the greater good😩

    • Logic Isnt That Complicated
      Logic Isnt That Complicated Month ago

      @FrodoOne1 Metric system uses millimeters, centimeters, meters and yards. So its not just feet to yards (3:1). I heard a European gentleman say he was 162 centimeters tall. That's 63.78 inches or 5 feet 6 inches tall. There is no direct correlation of centimeters to inches or feet. Same with kilometers to miles ( .621:1). Understand? Fyi, historically, Americans have rarely used yards or meters. Only in certain sports and select other topics. Was not taught in school or used in daily life.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      As I have remarked on this site (and elsewhere), it is interesting that US Citizens seem to be unfamiliar with the concept of "Yards" - which are 3 Feet in length - except in relation to an "American" Football Field, which is 120 Yards in length and therefore almost 110 metres.
      Persons of the British Empire/Commonwealth were/are quite familiar with the concept of "Yards".
      Hence they had little difficulty in relating to the concept of "Metres", since One Metre is approximately 10% greater than One Yard. (1 m = 39.37 Inches).
      Have you never seen a 100 m track at the Olympic Games - or elsewhere?
      However, just think of an American Football Field as being 110 metres in length and you have (almost) got it right.
      (Also, a 6 Foot person would be a bit taller than 1.8 M. and a standard doorway is a bit over 2 metres.)

  • Agung Widi
    Agung Widi Month ago

    NASA use metric
    Only smart people who use metric

  • Hans David
    Hans David Month ago

    The metric system is a lot easier. Adapt it, people.

  • AlexAxby
    AlexAxby Month ago

    4 cm in an inch. 😅

    • AlexAxby
      AlexAxby Month ago

      FrodoOne1 Of course. That's what the laughing emoji was for.
      There are 2.54 centimetres in an inch.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      You really DO know that it is not, don't you?

  • Alexandru Carjan
    Alexandru Carjan Month ago

    4 cm in an inch, sort of...

  • Anym
    Anym Month ago

    Mate, you knew a ml is small... But it was x1000. BOI!

  • Art Enthusiast
    Art Enthusiast Month ago

    I dont get it .. dont they study the metric system in highschool (physics!!)

  • Seth Theriot
    Seth Theriot Month ago

    Im American I use metric on my 68 beetle

  • DH Hood
    DH Hood Month ago

    Meters in Dutch

    • DH Hood
      DH Hood Month ago

      +FrodoOne1 yes but my English is not that good

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Please do not be offended by my question but I did consider that many Dutch persons were conversant in languages other than their own, such as English, German and French.
      I had an unfortunate need to discuss a matter with a police officer in Amsterdam. The officer concerned had previously discussed other matters with a French citizen and a German citizen (in their own languages) and then turned to me and discussed matters in English !

    • DH Hood
      DH Hood Month ago

      +FrodoOne1 no I rote it in Dutch

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Do the "Dutch" not use the spelling "Metres"?

  • debo bertie
    debo bertie Month ago

    "instead of miles there's kilos"

  • gianni bude
    gianni bude Month ago

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Interesting but far too long.

  • Elizabeth Rowntree
    Elizabeth Rowntree Month ago +1

    All other countries face palming because we learnt all of this when we were 6!

  • Kade Riley
    Kade Riley Month ago

    Canada once upon a time changed to the metric system. My parents were in elementary school when that happened so had kinda relearn things. But also Canada still uses some things from the imperial system. Like pounds, feet. My dad has the thermostat in the house at Fahrenheit so I have a good understanding of both imperial and metric

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Some people in Canada (and other countries) still use things such as pounds and feet - because that is what they were used to.
      The most significant thing in the conversion to SI (the "Metric System") is the question of whether it is LEGAL to draw up any contract in the country concerned specifying measurements in any other system except SI.
      If it is NOT legal to specify any such measurements in a system other than SI then that country HAS converted to SI.
      Otherwise, that country has NOT actually converted to using SI (the Metric System.)

  • Joe Slater
    Joe Slater Month ago

    Yes it does work. Everyone else in the world used the Imperial system before and they all changed.

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Not exactly.
      Every country/district/area once used their own system of measurement and, with the exception Liberia, Myanmar and the USA, all countries have now (substantially) changed to using only the International System of Units (SI) - commonly known as the "Metric System".
      (Only the United Kingdom and its Colonies/Commonwealth ever used Imperial Measurements [from 1825] - and the USA does not use them.)
      Of course, many living persons were born into countries which used SI at the time, so that they never needed to to learn anything concerning any other system - except when dealing with US citizens.

  • Abbii MSP
    Abbii MSP Month ago

    2:21 They changed from driving on left (AGES AGO) to the right so?

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Can you provide any authoritative reference to back up your apparent claim that US Citizens once "drove" on the Left

  • Johnny
    Johnny Month ago

    1:20 - that's what she said

  • Nils Bertaloth
    Nils Bertaloth Month ago

    -5°C is not that cold. :))))

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      I do not agree.
      Anything below 10 °C is certainly "cold", as far as I am concerned.
      Since 0 °C is FREEZING, how can you say that -5 °C is NOT cold?

  • Konstantinos Nikolakakis

    I think america will adopt the metric system once everyone else has

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Except for the highly significant countries of Myanmar and Liberia, every other country else HAS adopted it - to a far greater extent than has the USA, to date.

  • ray
    ray Month ago

    what? we have to know every measurement system where i live but they don’t know that? please tell me it’s not true.

  • Gracetessa Benefield

    This comment section reminds me of the Mathematical Olympiad cometitions my class mates and I had to participate in 😂 we had to learn both systems in order to win incase we had imperial questions mixed in our questionnaires during the race. Good times

  • Stefania
    Stefania Month ago +1

    As an Italian I'm used to Celsius and not Fahrenheit, litres instead of gallons, grams instead of ounces and kilos instead of pounds, cm, m and km instead of inches, feet and miles so obviously I always have to make conversions before talking to an American or English person. It can get confusing. Especially with clothing sizes :(

  • julie botero
    julie botero Month ago

    the metric system is superior.

  • cerulean4588
    cerulean4588 Month ago

    I don't get their logic. If -5°C would be hot, pretty much all temperatures caused by normal weather would be in negative degrees. That wouldn't make any sense.

  • unna hamarikivi
    unna hamarikivi Month ago

    We europeans are just laughing at them

  • Jason Dunne
    Jason Dunne Month ago

    Pink shirt lady was pretty passive aggressive in the last 2 skits

  • Ian Burnley
    Ian Burnley Month ago

    The yanks have used metric currency for over 200 years but metric weights and measures confuse them? If you asked them to change dollars and cents back to pounds , shillings and pence they would have a fit.

  • Cara Marais
    Cara Marais Month ago

    Americans are so full of themselves

  • Brian Hastwell
    Brian Hastwell Month ago +1

    Americans, still living in the 19th century when it comes to measurements!!😂

  • napoli
    napoli Month ago

    3 thinks in us i never understand
    -imperial system
    -football call soccer
    -drive automatic gear

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      However, the US does NOT use the Imperial System of measurement.
      It uses the British system of measurement which was in use prior to 1776,
      These are the Winchester Standards, which were in effect from 1588 to 1825 when Imperial Units were introduced to the British Empire.
      The US did not then adopt Imperial Units nor has it done so since.

  • Mutajin
    Mutajin Month ago

    They should have done the more awesome things you can do with the metric system, like conversion...
    e.g. now you have 1 liter of water, now find the bottle that has 1 kilogram of water in it.
    and guess at which temperature this water freezes? right at 0° and when does it boil? -> At 100°!
    And now: Whats the volume of the 1 liter water? 1000 cubic centimeters...
    Hell I didn't even use a calculator!
    And now dear Americans: Do the same with 1 Gallon of water in the imperial system, without using a calculator or using google or any other tool or program!
    I bet most of you can't do that ;)
    (I am sure a few mega nerds can though ^^)

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      However, US citizens would not be using the Imperial Gallon, which is ten pounds of water. (4.54609 litres - about 277.42 cubic inches)
      They would be using US Customary Gallons, which were the Gallons in the British "Winchester Standards", in operation from 1588 to 1825 when Imperial Units were introduced to the British Empire.
      The US did not then adopt Imperial Units nor has it done so since.
      A US Gallon is 231 cubic inches. (3.785411784 Litres)

  • SadSlav
    SadSlav Month ago

    Alright. Now im waiting for 'americans discover fire'

  • Judith N
    Judith N Month ago

    What doesn't make sense to me is inches, feet, yards miles, pounds, Fahrenheit... I always use the metric system, and the mainly reason you should do it, is because, meters, kilograms, meters/seconds... are the international system... in catalan and spanish we use SI (Sistema International) when we talk about it.
    PS: Celsius isn't the SI, l, normally we use celsius in the thermometers, but, the SI is Kelvin. 273°K=0°C, and the lowest temperature is the 0 Kelvin, it's called the absolute 0, which is equivalent to -273°C. So -5°C would be 268°K.

    • Judith N
      Judith N Month ago

      +FrodoOne1 Every time I had to calculate anything related to temperature, I had to transform it in kelvin...

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      The degree Celsius IS a Derived and Named SI unit.
      The International System of Units (which is the modern Metric System) has seven Base Units, of which Kelvin is one.
      All other Units are "Derived" from these "Base Units".
      Some of these "Derived Units" are "Named Units".
      Among these Named Derived units is the degree Celsius, as are many other familiar SI Units, such as Volt, Ohm, Watt, Hertz, Newton etc.
      The degree Celsius IS just as valid an SI Unit as many others, some of which I have mentioned above.

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray Month ago

    I would bet my entire fortune that every one of the people in this video and all those who made this video voted headlong for ObamaCare and Common Core. In which those morons change just about every system on the planet including Math, Science, and how the English language is perceived. Change is not hard, it just takes a consensus.

  • BoaSky
    BoaSky Month ago

    People are really mad at America for not having the metric system what’s the point of being mad

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      Not "Mad at", just "Sad for".

  • Boogey MANN
    Boogey MANN Month ago

    The best thing about the metric is that it is easy to understand and learn

  • Vault Dweller
    Vault Dweller Month ago

    Buzzfeed is cancer

  • Kiss van Houten
    Kiss van Houten Month ago

    I'm European and I enjoy exploring cooking blogs (which are mostly American) and adding new recipes to my cookbook. Generally in my records I prefer to transfer even tea- and tablespoons into milliliters for easier scaling. These cups and ounces freak me out every time.

  • NineBreaker
    NineBreaker Month ago

    FYI, here in the US, our scientists and engineers use the metric system regularly.

  • G. Confalonieri
    G. Confalonieri Month ago

    You already buy all your tools at ChinaMart... nothing US made. The importers should only change suppliers and boom your imperial system is over.

  • LsMor
    LsMor Month ago +6

    My friend told me that the imperial system is better... I shot him with a 9mm handgun

  • JP dJ
    JP dJ 2 months ago

    And the other two countries not metric yet: Liberia, Myanmar.

  • JP dJ
    JP dJ 2 months ago

    Kilometers are shorter than miles, but meters are longer than feet. Is it weird that yards are longer than feet?

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 Month ago

      However, it is quite weird that US Citizens seem to have no idea of a "Yard" being "Three Feet" - outside of a Football Stadium.

    TAN SAMUEL 2 months ago

    1 inch is 2.54 cm

  • A Realist
    A Realist 2 months ago +4

    SO..Americans don't understand the metric system, but apparently know what 9mm is... strange.

  • O_TUBE
    O_TUBE 2 months ago

    'Americans don't like change'. Well the rest of the world don't like change but they've bitten the bullet and changed to metric. It just makes more sense 10, 100, 1000 etc instead of 1/16, 16, 5280. That's the reason why ALL scientists use metric, imagine in a test having to convert 1.28 miles into inches 😂

  • Jakob Finney
    Jakob Finney 2 months ago

    What really gets me is that they don't know kilometer is a thousand metres

    • Jakob Finney
      Jakob Finney 2 months ago

      +FrodoOne1 lol probably not I was just pointing out what the talked about

    • FrodoOne1
      FrodoOne1 2 months ago

      I wonder if they know that
      1 kilowatt = 1000 watts
      1 kilovolt = 1000 volts
      1 kiloamp = 1000 amps
      1 kilohertz = 1000 hertz