I'm Switching To The Galaxy Note 10

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Galaxy Note 10 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2YYcy29
    Galaxy Note 10+ (International) - geni.us/BBDNkXu
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Note 10 Plus) represents Samsung's latest flagship smartphone offering. The Note series remains the only mainstream smartphone release to include a stylus (S-Pen). I'll be switching to the Galaxy Note 10+ from the OnePlus 7 Pro.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  3 months ago +1028

    The Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold - tvclip.biz/video/eyuN5SHV-js/video.html

    • Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio
      Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio 28 days ago


    • Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio
      Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio 28 days ago

      I um can I please have a phone I have a Motorola and I need a new phone plzzzz

    • Samantha Anders
      Samantha Anders Month ago

      ❌ No Headphone Jack means
      No Purchase and More
      money saved for next phone

    • ashrafc
      ashrafc 2 months ago

      It’s a lot of $$$, but my Samsung store in Edmonton is sold out of the Note10+ already. Was just there today. Came home with the regular Note10 :/

    • Dave Mccain
      Dave Mccain 2 months ago

      @ILogic 1 a

  • Clinto Babu
    Clinto Babu Day ago

    Hi sir just need a genuine opinion I'm planning to buy a phone which one do you recommend
    Note 10 or 11 pro

  • Old Flame
    Old Flame 2 days ago

    You can connect a computer mouse and keyboard on Note 9 with the adapter, sure the Note 10 is the same. It pretty nice. I'm pretty sure you can also connect ps4/xbox controllers too.

  • Alex Reveles
    Alex Reveles 3 days ago

    You guys follow Flossy Carter too?

  • Mohamed Kh
    Mohamed Kh 3 days ago


  • 모드일상의 행복

    It's best phone ever

  • Wael Khali
    Wael Khali 4 days ago

    Why you never give us your opinion bout the phone?

  • JustToBe _Cool69
    JustToBe _Cool69 5 days ago

    Me too mate

  • Ulises Albert
    Ulises Albert 5 days ago +1

    great job. Now I need to buy it! Price alert has been created on Couponsfromchina already. ;)

  • Ben H
    Ben H 5 days ago

    Is the ugly rainbow finish the only option?

  • unknown player
    unknown player 8 days ago

    Who's watching this video from Samsung Galaxy Note10/10+?

  • Rafik Minasyan
    Rafik Minasyan 8 days ago +1

    Why does it matter so much about a minuscule hole punch at the TOP of your phone, the screens huge and you’re going to be staring at the top edge of your phone?

  • Adam O'Connor
    Adam O'Connor 8 days ago

    Where is the follow up to this? What do you think of the Note10?

  • A. Hahabas
    A. Hahabas 8 days ago +4

    *My phone:* Samsung S3 I've had since january 2013
    *Also my phone:* Battery lasts 40 minutes full use. Freezes, shuts down, glitches, no volumen buttons, no turn on button, can't even hear music from the speakers
    *The phone I want: T H A T*
    *My bank account:* barely 20$
    *My eyes:* tearing
    Don't get me wrong, my Samsung's the best, You know what means 7 years and the screen is not broken???
    I should be on guinnes records.

    • Paperybasher334
      Paperybasher334 8 days ago

      @A. Hahabas lol

    • A. Hahabas
      A. Hahabas 8 days ago +1

      @Paperybasher334 I'm talking human territory here, not Astral devices made by cosmiccreatures to prevail everlastingly

    • Paperybasher334
      Paperybasher334 8 days ago

      My Nokia: im about to end this whole man career

  • Soren Core de Lion
    Soren Core de Lion 8 days ago

    Could get your old phone

  • Shihab Ba'asher
    Shihab Ba'asher 10 days ago

    I got the note 10+ 5G. No regrets

  • Nachuak
    Nachuak 10 days ago

    I just bought the Note 10 Plus 5g tonight. The AKG headphones aren't great. Get Mopow Flame 2. So much better

  • iiDonutGamezz 35
    iiDonutGamezz 35 10 days ago +2

    It lost the headphone jack so it also lost me 🙃

    • MK 24
      MK 24 8 days ago +1

      @iiDonutGamezz 35 Tge end is near 😂

    • iiDonutGamezz 35
      iiDonutGamezz 35 8 days ago +1

      @MK 24 Lol idk and idc

    • MK 24
      MK 24 8 days ago

      is the battery life good ?
      how many hours screen on time?
      Which resolution?
      Dark mode on of off ?

    • Adam O'Connor
      Adam O'Connor 8 days ago

      I wasn't happy with that either - but I've had the Note10+ for over a month now and it is incredible -- its dimensions and weight are very close to the S7 Edge but specs/performance are worlds apart

  • cashchico
    cashchico 10 days ago

    One feature the note 10 plus doesnt have is you cant listen to music via USB in your car or play spotify via usb in your car, you would think a 1200 dollar phone would be able to iPhone 7 could do that just fine. Oh and the bluetooth is terrible all it does I stutter, piece of shut phone I already regret switching from an iphone to cheap ass android

  • Melissa Koenig
    Melissa Koenig 11 days ago +2

    I switching to ...SAMSUNG

  • illusion Wolf
    illusion Wolf 11 days ago

    Why do you look like you hate it in the thumbnail

  • Derstinkstiefel LOOΠΔ

    If you watched all the Samsung note 10 ads on YT, this will anoy you
    "iTS tiME tO cHanGe"

  • Agent Squll
    Agent Squll 12 days ago

    Now every one change to galaxy

  • Random Internet Guy
    Random Internet Guy 12 days ago

    Month later: samsung galaxy 10 has problems

  • Abdu Nasab عبدو ابو النسب

    Something weird with this video.
    I opened the video according to the title, which is note 10, not note 10+
    Note 10 has only 25W charge
    Note 10+ has until 45w charge, but in the package comes only 25w so you need to buy 45w separate
    Note 10 has only 3500 mah
    Note 10+ has 4300 mah
    Note 10 has note a cover case in the package
    Note 10+ does

  • NÀy Ef
    NÀy Ef 13 days ago

    this guy is rich but still care about few extra bucks

  • yin
    yin 13 days ago

    same thumbnail for the 10 smh lol

  • manan YT
    manan YT 14 days ago

    3:53 you can charge your butt...😂

  • JG Ro
    JG Ro 16 days ago

    I just upgraded my note8 plus to the note10 plus. Samsung never disappoints. This phone is superb.

    MOJAHED JOBRAN 16 days ago

    2:24 oh man I loved

  • mi nguyen
    mi nguyen 16 days ago

    I like how you have to restart this phone every other day otherwise it turns into a piece of shit in your hand. or how the camera barely work in low lighting if it works at all. LOL

  • U G Official
    U G Official 17 days ago

    It's crazy how this guy is still using Note10+! It's been 2 months.. WOW.

  • Benny Ellison
    Benny Ellison 17 days ago

    The corners are too pointy

  • Park jimin
    Park jimin 17 days ago +2

    How can someone say the Samsung is ugly?? It's the most beautiful phone I've ever seen!😳 Maybe some haters.🤔😂

  • MyNames Matthew
    MyNames Matthew 19 days ago +2

    Unbox Therapy??
    I thought i subbed to you months ago!!

  • Abel Krishna
    Abel Krishna 19 days ago

    Anyone else notice that accent change?

  • Steven Poggemiller
    Steven Poggemiller 20 days ago

    atleast you're not an iphone guy

  • Ved Janve
    Ved Janve 20 days ago +1

    Lew, where is the follow up video???

  • ohiohvac
    ohiohvac 20 days ago +1

    Samsung * MISTAKE No (Headphone Jack) No REASON not to go back to iPhone!

  • Scorebat
    Scorebat 21 day ago

    *I T S T I M E F O R A C H A N G E*

  • LegoHead Productions

    So uh, where's the review??

  • Lemang Bakar
    Lemang Bakar 22 days ago

    dont care if it is the best phone in the universe, no audio jack, no buy

  • chenia TV
    chenia TV 24 days ago +1

    I switched to Samsung it is better than IPhone REAL TALK 💯💯👌🏾

    • Hertimus
      Hertimus 59 minutes ago

      I think u should go back to iPhone because ur to ugly for Samsung lmao

  • Cory-T
    Cory-T 24 days ago

    You switch phones like drawers

  • ikia malvia
    ikia malvia 25 days ago

    For everyone who whats to know the name of the color its chrome ITS FUCKING CHROME STOP USEN THE COP JOKES UR NOT EVEN FUNNY SHIT ITS CHROME

  • Salty Ass CRACK
    Salty Ass CRACK 25 days ago +1

    The color is too gay...

  • Daniel The Avatar
    Daniel The Avatar 25 days ago

    The whole note series is fantastic, all around beautiful phones.

  • Phone Specs
    Phone Specs 26 days ago

    Never ending tech.... phone tech are growing faster. Just use it till it broke to change by new one.

  • Ashton Willson
    Ashton Willson 26 days ago

    Switches to Note 10.
    Then never gives a review.

  • X s f i f y
    X s f i f y 26 days ago

    Switched phones on my bday

  • Mohammed Chowdhury
    Mohammed Chowdhury 27 days ago

    I got a question so I’m using an iPhone XS Max and am switching to Samsung note today which do I get note 10 or note 10 plus

  • Scott C
    Scott C 27 days ago

    I've had this phone for 2 months now and I can say Meh.
    My note 8 is just as good and has some better features.
    Note 10 still has some issues and the battery life is pretty crap. I was e expecting some upgraded battery but what a big disappointment.

  • Big Bullet
    Big Bullet 28 days ago

    Oh no pixel is the best remember why not the 4

  • Beniamin Dobre
    Beniamin Dobre 28 days ago

    where is the phone review? like after you used it for 2-3 weeks?

  • Westside Buddy. ESCO
    Westside Buddy. ESCO 29 days ago

    Just here for the corny and lame ass comments

  • PokemonAshGreen2
    PokemonAshGreen2 29 days ago

    I went from a Galaxy s3 to a iPhone, after the 7 plus I went for the note 9 and been happy since.

  • 25000 subbs no vids
    25000 subbs no vids 29 days ago

    i wouldnt mind trading the S pen for a headphone jack

    • Jimmy C
      Jimmy C 27 days ago

      I wouldn't mind having both of them like on my Note 9 lol but I'll live I have a adapter that will be here in a couple of days.

  • Akhilesh Shahapurkar

    Which phone are you using right now????????

  • El Mohazz
    El Mohazz Month ago

    No one:
    Unbox Therapy:I'm switching

  • Sean Nusserr
    Sean Nusserr Month ago

    It is time to change. I have been owned the same phone, since 2013, ( Samsung Galaxy S5 my first smart phone, still )