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  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
  • No swearing... it must have been difficult!
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  • Lordizaiah
    Lordizaiah 2 hours ago +1

    Gordon: hey Iโ€™m James
    Friend: hmm
    Gordon: canโ€™t even boil a fucken egg

  • Slippery Sauce
    Slippery Sauce 6 hours ago

    Man gordon is such a wholesome guy

  • Fendiโ€™s kanal
    Fendiโ€™s kanal 11 hours ago

    Gordon: Quietly *they better not make me pretend to be a a FUCKING tree!!!!*

  • Hunter Campbell
    Hunter Campbell 12 hours ago

    He looks like he just went through the ageing app

  • Adam Joyce
    Adam Joyce 13 hours ago

    That make up artist didnt do a good job at changing his appearance. He basically put an extra layer of skin on him lol.

  • Ashlynn Aragon
    Ashlynn Aragon 14 hours ago

    you know what would be fun to watch Gordon? is you dress like this, and go into Hells Kitchen and see how long it takes them to recognize you :)

  • Sketchy animations
    Sketchy animations 15 hours ago

    you so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Carl Secundus
    Carl Secundus 20 hours ago

    so are we just gonna ignore the camera crew like how they ignored it?

  • PutaPaiPer
    PutaPaiPer 21 hour ago

    *Going undercover to find the lamb sauce*

  • sean bowes
    sean bowes Day ago

    Delia: where are u come on

  • Jethro Mackenzie

    It's positively impossible for Gordon Ramsay to disguise himself

  • Alex Austin
    Alex Austin Day ago

    7:41 were is your manager

  • Natasha Vazquez
    Natasha Vazquez Day ago

    Brown contacts would of been perfect

  • Birb
    Birb Day ago

    Cant believe mr bean has more subs than gordon...theyโ€™re both as great

    THE PRINCE Day ago

    4:08 most awkward high five hug ever.


    The thumb nail should be fooling chefs gone wrong ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Yes No
    Yes No Day ago

    I don't get the meaning of this. People really don't understand it is staged? It doesn't matter if it's staged? What's going on here? Why the make up and all that? I mean the cameras and the crew should give it away a bit??

  • Shresth Sharma
    Shresth Sharma Day ago +1

    Bruh you are taking your cameraman and crew to cooking course and then you want the chef and the audience not to judge if he is James or Ramsay. You better be fucking kidding me.

  • poopideeshroop
    poopideeshroop 2 days ago


  • dank music swag
    dank music swag 2 days ago

    As much of an ass as Gordon is, he truly is a nice caring man.

  • Lord Colin
    Lord Colin 2 days ago

    61 retired teacher? Here in murica at 61 a teacher may be able to quit their second or third job. Retire at 61, no way.

  • Green Lime
    Green Lime 2 days ago

    that's funny, a Gordon Ramsay ad on a Gordon Ramsay video.

  • Bacilio Cedillo
    Bacilio Cedillo 2 days ago

    You know Gordon ramsay wants to tell her to fuck off dissing his show that's y he wanted to wait and show her the next day

  • jim jimjim
    jim jimjim 2 days ago

    After he got recognised the first time, why didn't he wear a fake beard?

  • Kempe Kemps
    Kempe Kemps 2 days ago +1

    Me : thinking that mask reminds me of davros.. 2 seconds later 'special effects producer in dr who'

    WOIONG 2 days ago

    When he took they took the photo the only appropriate thing to do would have been to say, hol' up gotta take my face off and then reveal urself

  • Hi give me subs for no reason

    Gordon: Iโ€™m so close I could smell her hair

    Me: what the fuckkkk?

  • Damaris Gonzalez
    Damaris Gonzalez 3 days ago


  • dogs aren't dangerous

    He looks younger.

  • TheRandomWolf
    TheRandomWolf 3 days ago

    Dang I watched one Gordon Ramsey video now I have like 5 videos of him recommended

    I guess Iโ€™m not regretting it

  • Devansh Bhatt
    Devansh Bhatt 3 days ago

    literally am i the only one wondering how they allowed to shoot since in a way there was no Gordon Ramsay

  • hermyfromgermy
    hermyfromgermy 3 days ago

    This is just too funny. Goes undercover with a camera man with a big camera. Lol

  • Dr. Splash
    Dr. Splash 3 days ago

    Gordon's face in the thumbnail reminds me of Link's dad's face from Good Mythical Morning lol

  • Dan Nism
    Dan Nism 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey: I dont pretend like a fucking tree.

  • GMBEAR hbib
    GMBEAR hbib 4 days ago +3

    What if Gordon ramsay made a gaming channel and played Minecraft...

  • Pyre Squire
    Pyre Squire 4 days ago

    Gordon: I am the spy
    Everyone: oh hi gordan

  • The_Anonymous
    The_Anonymous 5 days ago

    why these videos are the worst quality video on youtube

  • Joshua Cao
    Joshua Cao 5 days ago

    That dough penis

  • Siddarth balaji
    Siddarth balaji 5 days ago

    Even if gordon comes as a spirit i can recegonize him

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland 5 days ago

    i mean cmon, everyone would know thats you....the only different was this is the old and bald gordon ramsay.

  • Avid Science
    Avid Science 5 days ago

    Gordon is just another chief like millions of kitchen workers but TV presents him like the best but the truth is there are chiefs million times better than him but they don't have TV polishing them 24/7. FACT.

  • Rengo main
    Rengo main 6 days ago

    *has his legs like a gladiateur*

  • sukya mum
    sukya mum 6 days ago

    imagine going to all these classes and learning and combine all the skills anyone could be almost as good as gordon

  • Help me reach 1000 subs


  • Hi
    Hi 6 days ago +1

    It was made last year. Why does it have a 2006 feeling to the video?

    • Amino Acid Ko
      Amino Acid Ko 5 days ago

      Probably it was uploaded a year ago and shot in 2006

  • Hi there Person
    Hi there Person 7 days ago


  • Potato is here
    Potato is here 7 days ago +1

    Every comment
    Goes through 2 hours of makeup
    Friends: Hi gorden

  • na ruhina
    na ruhina 7 days ago

    Its like im watching a wrong turn movie

  • Jack Roth
    Jack Roth 8 days ago +1

    Why doesnt anyone suspect anything when there's literally a guy with a camera following him

  • beach side
    beach side 8 days ago

    His voice is a dead giveaway, The voice is unmistakable

  • Rhineland Rammer
    Rhineland Rammer 8 days ago

    Kinda creppy there Gordon...

  • Post Malone Stan
    Post Malone Stan 8 days ago

    Who else thinks he looks like link's dad from good mythical morning

  • Burningcities 04
    Burningcities 04 8 days ago

    That make up didn't change his face at all lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • FormCreator
    FormCreator 8 days ago

    1:04 he had to do it to them

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi 8 days ago

    The French guy even has a French laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚he wouldn't even have to speak and you would be able to tell he's French lol

  • Christine Valenzuela Taguinod

    Gordon Ramsey gets bamboozled after failing on the first two ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Warrior Culture
    Warrior Culture 9 days ago

    "Look at that. He's playing old and he's got legs like a GlAhDeeAHtoR!" XD

  • Danish Tan
    Danish Tan 10 days ago

    How's mad

  • Just 'cause I want to
    Just 'cause I want to 10 days ago

    There is a fucking slice of cucumber under that shelf.... XD

  • EL PaOzitOwWw
    EL PaOzitOwWw 10 days ago

    Tambem com esse disfarce estilo Clark Kent de oculos.

  • Game Remedy
    Game Remedy 10 days ago +1

    Wtf was that Scottish accident? Bloody hell.

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 10 days ago

    10:57 Did Gordon just make a jojo reference

  • Jรด Suares
    Jรด Suares 10 days ago

    He kinda looks like Benny Urquidez.

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood 11 days ago

    His disguised face looks a bit like Robin Williams

  • Tagshing 28
    Tagshing 28 11 days ago

    Your so cool gordon ...

  • HorrorHawk
    HorrorHawk 12 days ago

    Like they donโ€™t notice the cameras

  • Jam3z_Gaming
    Jam3z_Gaming 12 days ago

    Why does Gordon want to transform into me

    Iโ€™m a loser

  • Titanium williams
    Titanium williams 12 days ago

    Imagine how many whoopings Gordon Ramsay got as a kid, because of his loud mouth, xD

  • Michael DeLucia
    Michael DeLucia 12 days ago

    The costume looks like Thom Matthews

  • Swastik Biswas
    Swastik Biswas 12 days ago

    How to cook your own meat 0:16

  • Charge Nif
    Charge Nif 12 days ago

    Iโ€™m sorry but as a Scot myself trust me when I say this James from Edinburgh would curse and swear

  • Pr1meval Pr1me
    Pr1meval Pr1me 12 days ago

    Ready, steady, TWAT. ๐Ÿคฃ

  • PepePoot
    PepePoot 12 days ago

    The chefs just ignore the filming crew?

  • Dulguun Ch
    Dulguun Ch 13 days ago

    Make Gordon Ramsay in to
    Gordon Freeman
    And give em crowbar with HEV suit

  • Fine Banana
    Fine Banana 13 days ago +1

    *He can smell it*

  • em ey
    em ey 13 days ago

    Gordon: F*ck
    --james doesn't swear
    Gordon: Oh james doesn't swear?
    Gordon: Oh F*ck

  • Gage Canestrino
    Gage Canestrino 13 days ago


  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 13 days ago

    If that was me going trough so many hours and classes just to get recognised I would flip out

  • Someone's Account
    Someone's Account 13 days ago +1

    I hope Gordon become a tree.

  • Uno Reverse card
    Uno Reverse card 14 days ago

    "I'm so close....

    *I can smell her hair"*

  • Inactive
    Inactive 14 days ago

    The world has change

  • Michael G. Scott
    Michael G. Scott 14 days ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay should make a prank channel.

  • dex _
    dex _ 14 days ago

    Real Life Smurfer

  • Charlie Bray
    Charlie Bray 14 days ago +1

    Ahh I love fuk bang clap clap shit

  • Marjia Rani
    Marjia Rani 14 days ago

    His voice at 7:51 ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming 15 days ago

    โ€œ Blimey! Come on, Aldo?โ€ Really thats diss that his parents named him that
    And just for the record that makeup really didnโ€™t do much tbh he looks almost exactly like him just older

  • LOONie AgUU
    LOONie AgUU 15 days ago

    Smurfing in real life

  • miskamario
    miskamario 15 days ago

    god. you should have just said to them that you get that a lot

  • Catlover
    Catlover 15 days ago

    โ€œiโ€™m so close i can smell her hair!โ€

  • Ryan clr
    Ryan clr 16 days ago

    *0:15** wtf HAHAHAHA*

  • FrostxFN
    FrostxFN 16 days ago +7

    This was posted in 2018 and they had one job and they couldnโ€™t make the quality better ๐Ÿ˜…

  • YamCheese
    YamCheese 16 days ago

    How do they not know its gordan when there is 1000000000 cameras next to him

  • Lemon The Boy
    Lemon The Boy 16 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay and Delia seems like a less bitter and violent version of Mung Daal and Endive.

  • Jorge Jimenez
    Jorge Jimenez 16 days ago

    Gordon: am so close i can smell her hair

  • Lord__ Ben
    Lord__ Ben 16 days ago +1

    You can still tell it's Gordon by his face

  • Trollsif Stalin
    Trollsif Stalin 16 days ago

    He looks like a scrotum.

  • Wa luigi
    Wa luigi 16 days ago

    Should of put a pebble in one of your shoes

  • Swash
    Swash 16 days ago +1

    โ€œIโ€™m so close, I can smell her hair!โ€

  • Francis Neville
    Francis Neville 16 days ago

    11:00 Gordon been playing to much gta lately

  • Rocskatu
    Rocskatu 16 days ago

    "keep it on you look better"
    Sounds like a fucking death wish