• Published on Nov 21, 2017
  • HERE ARE SOME TIPS THAT I DO IN CALL OF DUTY: WORLD WAR 2 TO MAKE MY ACCURACY 10x BETTER SO I CAN STAY ALIVE LONGER AND WIN MORE GUN FIGHTS! Some of these tips may take a while to get used to, but there are really worth it in the long run if you wish to do better in Call of Duty: World War 2 Multiplayer! Good luck and go get some sick gameplays!
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  • Nafu19
    Nafu19 Year ago +27

    Woo so glad Nick is making such good content with ww2

  • Skip Wiseman
    Skip Wiseman 3 months ago

    Jesus Christ I HATE TVclip voice. Speak normal. You all sound the same, annoying as hell.

  • Nv y
    Nv y 3 months ago


  • Jack Hicka
    Jack Hicka 4 months ago

    what is a k/d

  • Logan Livesay
    Logan Livesay 5 months ago


  • John Williams
    John Williams 6 months ago

    My k/d is great, I'm just not a very high scorer.

  • Moon Pupper
    Moon Pupper 7 months ago


  • T M Z
    T M Z 7 months ago

    You say button weird

  • Michael E
    Michael E 8 months ago

    2.57 KD

  • Tigguh
    Tigguh 8 months ago

    Today my K.D is A 1.31 😔

  • Ginger Stalker
    Ginger Stalker 9 months ago

    Embarrassed to say. Thanks for the tips. Definitely good stuff for a newb like me.

  • Ezekiel Palmer
    Ezekiel Palmer 9 months ago


  • yaeyae brody
    yaeyae brody 9 months ago

    instead of these bullshit tips, how about you noobs just get good

  • Malik Jones
    Malik Jones 10 months ago

    I played one game like that and it feels so much comfortable honestly

  • Erick Vivar
    Erick Vivar 10 months ago

    Fuvk ur life

  • iTsJesusBruh
    iTsJesusBruh 11 months ago

    I dont play this game much but last time i checked 1.45kd 1.34wl

  • Farah Var
    Farah Var 11 months ago

    Cod Points Are awful Nigga You Spen A lot of money for some fucked up unlocking fuck shit codes ? Cmon fight like a man(samurai)

  • raenell brewster
    raenell brewster 11 months ago

    My kdr is so awful.83

  • Christian Roach
    Christian Roach 11 months ago

    You say button weird

  • Christian Zaragoza
    Christian Zaragoza 11 months ago

    If you want a high KD do the following: 1. Choose Domination 2. Never go near the middle and never cap any objectives. 3. Run around the very outside of the map and shoot everybody stupid enough to be capping objectives. 4. Teabag your dead teammates who are doing all the hard work. 5. Rinse and repeat.

  • Erik Adams
    Erik Adams 11 months ago


  • Ops Shade
    Ops Shade Year ago

    My k.d is -4.25

  • Aidan Padilla
    Aidan Padilla Year ago

    O 89

  • Puzzledforester [0of]

    1.11,ever since i got and used the iron curtain variant of the PPSH i noticed that i got so much better.

  • Jordan Steinberg
    Jordan Steinberg Year ago

    Like wow.

  • Jordan Steinberg
    Jordan Steinberg Year ago

    You're super Damn annoying....

  • G4M3FR34K25
    G4M3FR34K25 Year ago

    1.71 kd

  • Taiter Totz
    Taiter Totz Year ago

    This is garbage

  • Lane Cantrell
    Lane Cantrell Year ago


  • Playboii Simmons
    Playboii Simmons Year ago

    I.6 KDR

  • Tech soul
    Tech soul Year ago

    1.43 coogi202757

  • Islam Mohamed
    Islam Mohamed Year ago


  • rudy garza
    rudy garza Year ago

    Yah no wonder ea and Activision keep running the gambling system so hard keep purchasing it guys

  • Bolty Boy
    Bolty Boy Year ago


  • K0ngs D0ng
    K0ngs D0ng Year ago

    how to improve your aim.... not be a loser and use a controller to aim

  • Viako Cala
    Viako Cala Year ago

    You're videos are great and very helpful but I would get into the habit of talking a little slower. Sometimes it can be hard to follow unless you're like super paying attention. Just preference but it just sounds jumbled and hard to follow.

  • Vyper JoKeR
    Vyper JoKeR Year ago


  • Rend31l
    Rend31l Year ago


  • JayLove77777
    JayLove77777 Year ago

    My kdr is .84 😖😖😖😖😖

  • Judy Ivanov
    Judy Ivanov Year ago

    My k/d is infinite and I have never died

  • Gaming in Paradise

    My k.d is 0.82, trash

  • Complete Crusher
    Complete Crusher Year ago

    Nick.... that’s the controller not the game when you can’t aim control freaks is just a basic waste of money for that joycon or whatever it is

  • Dan
    Dan Year ago

    Hey man am I the only adult gamer on here? I'm 32 years old on my days off I love to game on my days I'm not with the gf lol.

  • Mac'k Førtune
    Mac'k Førtune Year ago

    What is a KD and what does it do and how do I know mine

  • mike Hobs
    mike Hobs Year ago

    any top tips for noobs

  • moises morales
    moises morales Year ago

    what pistol is that ?

    DANA SAEED Year ago +1

    Can you please tell me how to show the aim of the weapons??

  • Nate Steele
    Nate Steele Year ago +1

    3.57 is my K/D

  • zooropa33
    zooropa33 Year ago

    If you feel your sensitivity is too high then turn it down - gee, top tip!

  • Brandon Hipkins
    Brandon Hipkins Year ago

    0.95 k/d

  • Creed x Ender
    Creed x Ender Year ago

    1.02. I'm still on the path to being somewhat decent.

  • Tony Frazier
    Tony Frazier Year ago

    I have a 1.02 k/d

  • Kal Masombi
    Kal Masombi Year ago

    What an idiot

    AUSTIN POWERS Year ago

    My KD is on 2.2

  • Katrina B
    Katrina B Year ago

    Him standing in the middle of the mad is stressing me out hahahahha.

  • Andy JN
    Andy JN Year ago


  • kylie kennedy
    kylie kennedy Year ago

    do control freaks actually help

  • kylie kennedy
    kylie kennedy Year ago

    my kd is typically 2.7

  • Jackson Auclair
    Jackson Auclair Year ago

    5.94 is my k/d

  • uSuc Godfather
    uSuc Godfather Year ago

    I had 1.08 kd but when i bought the kontrol freaks its now 1.48 and i only had it for a month and i cant fps game without them now

  • xcoponent
    xcoponent Year ago

    Thanks for a great Video! Saw down a ping ball paddle about 1 1/2 inches around, and eventually you will win easier with the whole standard size paddle. Where there's a 1,000 x's of Menus to learn, people who play Shooters will love this recipe! Good Luck

  • Thehigherbreed
    Thehigherbreed Year ago

    Love these tips. I'm same with r1👍

  • Gary Guttridge
    Gary Guttridge Year ago

    My kd is 2.05

  • Beverley Bailey
    Beverley Bailey Year ago

    ps3 is at the angle you stated is where switching location works bo2 player killthisvergem plays today under 1 of 3 accounts when i can a mother son roy

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago

    Play bots on head shots only that would help get you used to it

  • Grave Gaming
    Grave Gaming Year ago +2

    .91 im too aggressive and objective orientied

  • nizam jawhari
    nizam jawhari Year ago

    .88kd I suck

  • chiZZlviZion tv
    chiZZlviZion tv Year ago

    dude give tipe and quit tryna sell products

  • Joseph Flynn
    Joseph Flynn Year ago

    Control freaks are BS. They're a waste of money.

  • saatvik Singh
    saatvik Singh Year ago


  • Lawrence Vowinckel

    Sorry but I still suck my KD is .02 been playing for 3 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UD Gaming
    UD Gaming Year ago


  • Greg O
    Greg O Year ago

    thank you nick for all your advice, i was doing 15 and 30 now i am doing 40 and 15. from .50 now .69

  • hulio /?
    hulio /? Year ago


  • tyson dwyer
    tyson dwyer Year ago

    1.05 but its because of lvl 30 and below trying to get used to cod

  • John Greene
    John Greene Year ago

    hey Nick what's your handle on ps4

  • Mr. loudboiitab
    Mr. loudboiitab Year ago


  • J J
    J J Year ago +1

    WW2 is so shit and boring. Ive gone back to COD BO2

  • Chad
    Chad Year ago


  • Daniel Horovitz
    Daniel Horovitz Year ago

    Wait do you only do call of duty? Because I love your videos

  • Familia Prieto
    Familia Prieto Year ago

    Don't show your controller next time I like that scuf controller

  • CraZyHewwy .Twitchtv


  • De ath
    De ath Year ago


  • AzD Modi
    AzD Modi Year ago

    My kd is 7.46

  • Buddy Vicious
    Buddy Vicious Year ago


  • amoz 367
    amoz 367 Year ago

    This helped me alot

  • Thomas Roberts
    Thomas Roberts Year ago


  • TyronJSouth1
    TyronJSouth1 Year ago

    Thanks for the tips bro. 💯💯🤘🏾

  • giveitall1992
    giveitall1992 Year ago

    You look like Negan from walking dead
    A little bit. Well the actor anyways

  • Jimmy Mims
    Jimmy Mims Year ago

    My shit garbage 0.92

  • Spectre
    Spectre Year ago


  • Neil Dixley
    Neil Dixley Year ago

    Thanks Nick, videos really helpful for older gamers new to COD. My K/D is only 0.31 ha ( hence finding your videos lol )

  • Justin rivera
    Justin rivera Year ago

    mine was 1.11 but now its 1.05 from

  • Goose
    Goose Year ago

    I stopped worrying about my kd when irealized it played a part in me not having as muchfun. I wouldnt let other ppl play on my account of they came over, and i would be too seroous. Now my kds prolly under a 1 but i just play for fun.

  • Dirty Sprite
    Dirty Sprite Year ago

    My KD is 0.89 but watching you vid how to boost your KD help me alot

  • Guillermo Mendoza Martin

    But you only have one control freak??

  • Souljazz
    Souljazz Year ago

    Hi itsNick do You use kontrolfreak with scuf? Some people says they cant hold the kontrolfreak on scuf infinity. :/

  • Itsmebsg
    Itsmebsg Year ago

    .7 but I’m going for all diamond and I’m bad

  • steve goldsworthy

    Great video helpfull

  • Adam McDougall
    Adam McDougall Year ago