Star Wars Resistance Season 2 - Trailer (Official)

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • The Emmy Award-nominated series Star Wars Resistance returns for its second and final season beginning Sunday, October 6 at 10:00 p.m. EDT/PDT on Disney Channel and in DisneyNOW, with subsequent airings on Disney XD. The concluding season takes place during the events of "The Last Jedi" leading up to "The Rise of Skywalker," as Kaz and the team continue to fight against the threat of the First Order, culminating in an epic series finale.
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Comments • 2 636

  • WorthySire
    WorthySire 17 hours ago

    At least they concluded it before ending it

  • Pineappl
    Pineappl Day ago


  • justin bird
    justin bird 2 days ago

    is that the lost tribe of the sith a 1 55

  • RoyLol1987
    RoyLol1987 2 days ago

    Just like with Clone Wars and Rebels the start of the show was dumb and childish. At the end of season 1 it got really good and season 2 looks like it's gonna be even better. The animation style also looks a bit different and I'm digging it a super lot!

  • Morgan Allen
    Morgan Allen 2 days ago

    This actually looks very good! Most of those dislikes are probably from people who never saw the whole season 1.

  • Jackattack809
    Jackattack809 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie looks ok. Just too much comedy

  • Gage Farmer
    Gage Farmer 4 days ago

    there's more to the Colossus then meets the eye

  • Greg Thompson
    Greg Thompson 5 days ago

    I skipped the first season because the trailer looked awful and we haven't had much success with this era of the saga, but this trailer is much more enticing. Is the first season worth watching? Does it add anything to the new trilogy in the way of lore and world building? Is it as goofy as the trailer looked and how many episodes in the first season? Rebels was a great show and impressed me quite a bit but I already loved that era, it would be nice if I got at least 1 good thing out of the end of the saga.

    • Nathan Skywalker
      Nathan Skywalker 3 days ago

      you want my honest answer its really good u wont be disappointed that i promise u i thought the same until i watched it myself

  • Nolan Jiménez
    Nolan Jiménez 5 days ago

    This season looks that will be better than the first one. The first season was mediocre, with a silly humor.

  • The Senate
    The Senate 5 days ago

    I’m actually kinda sad it ends here

  • BadPleb
    BadPleb 6 days ago

    So When Are We Getting Clone Wars?

  • Alex D
    Alex D 6 days ago

    Are there any jedies here or light saber fights ?????

  • Real Blue Star
    Real Blue Star 7 days ago +8

    It's sad to see how they call "Ancient" Anything that came from the clone wars era lol. Like it was already kinda old when the empire was there.

  • SarcasticHamTrash
    SarcasticHamTrash 9 days ago +1

    Actually pretty much excited for this! Too bad my school’s bombarding us with homework and projects

    • den80241
      den80241 7 days ago

      Sorry pal but the show is cancelled

  • David Koel
    David Koel 9 days ago

    That font though....

  • Angell .GC
    Angell .GC 11 days ago

    i dont like style 3D+2D so my eyes is broken so not comfortable i like Rebel and clone war more than this

    • Angell .GC
      Angell .GC 10 days ago

      @furry cute what do you mean? star wars animation everyone can't like series this for kid someone like or don't like but i like star wars make for everyone

    • furry cute
      furry cute 10 days ago

      But you ok if l like right

  • T0pMan15
    T0pMan15 11 days ago

    Is Kix supposed to be in this?

  • Rawxx
    Rawxx 11 days ago +5

    "The Resistance is proven to be stronger than we've anticipated" - Commander Pyre (2019)

  • llexade S.
    llexade S. 12 days ago

    Isnt that bounty hunter group the same one Kix is in?

  • Evan Bird
    Evan Bird 12 days ago

    1:03 Are those First Order Bombers

  • citizenbane1991
    citizenbane1991 13 days ago

    a relic, so we taking old republic or the hammerheads?

  • Imperial Loyalist
    Imperial Loyalist 13 days ago

    and nothing of value was lost when this garbage show was cancelled.

  • Juan Rosas
    Juan Rosas 13 days ago


  • Nick Bondra
    Nick Bondra 13 days ago

    We need a Neku action figure!

  • Ke'Andre Green
    Ke'Andre Green 13 days ago +1

    I bet this series is pretty good but I just hate that type of animation

  • CeazAmaze
    CeazAmaze 14 days ago

    No, thumbs down

  • Garrett Sampson
    Garrett Sampson 14 days ago +2

    Cancelled a few hours after this 😂

  • Gery A
    Gery A 14 days ago +1

    Nobody cares.

  • c money
    c money 14 days ago

    One thing they need a light saber

  • c money
    c money 14 days ago

    If that was Ben from Star Wars the force awakens isn’t rey going to be in there

  • Dandin
    Dandin 14 days ago +1

    The spirit of Star Wars died when Disney acquired it

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire 7 days ago

      Dandin Then you haven‘t read the new comics and books.
      They‘re great

    • anthonytrashboat
      anthonytrashboat 13 days ago +2

      Not really.

  • furry cute
    furry cute 14 days ago

    I like this like rebels

  • Stephen Ferris
    Stephen Ferris 14 days ago

    I wish they would make either movies or animated series on the old Republic.

  • All Day Day Dreamer
    All Day Day Dreamer 14 days ago

    I guess you have to be very young to like all the emo cliche voice acting and slapstick comical behavior .. I mean you can fit all these mannerisms into ANY cartoon which is so not what Star Wars was about but Disney owns the franchise now and they made this exactly like any other Disney cartoon ... great animation that I wish had more of the true Star Wars Universe Darkness and vibe to it. Unwatchable for this 30 something year old.

  • Wibi Lungidradityo
    Wibi Lungidradityo 15 days ago +1

    Came here after finishing the resistance season 1. Actually its a good show...good beginning but mediocre follow up that shows lot of promise.
    But seriously...Kaz should be more serious this time.

  • furry cute
    furry cute 15 days ago +2

    Wow looks like lden versio but in black version but l like aniway

  • frenzymee
    frenzymee 15 days ago


  • Liam Mead
    Liam Mead 15 days ago

    I hated the *Last Jedi* 7 was OK. Rouge One was great. I’m not interested into this. I’m just waiting for Bad Batch and the Clones to wake.

    • furry cute
      furry cute 15 days ago

      Is ok nobody like but l think l m the only one l like all the movies incluid this series like this and clone wars and rebels but is ok is your opinión

    JESŦEȐ OVERWATCH 16 days ago

    why i'm more hyped about this than the new movies ? kappa

  • Eli Smirnov
    Eli Smirnov 16 days ago +1

    meanwhile on Holy Terra.
    -daddy, what does "Get woke, go broke" mean?
    -well son, some people think they have moral superiority over others, yet their contribution to society is less than a heretic's smegma.
    -and what will happen to such people?
    -they will sit on a bottle for eternity and will be consumed by the agony.

  • Towerofterrorfan21
    Towerofterrorfan21 16 days ago

    1:21 You are welcome

  • Silver Skull
    Silver Skull 17 days ago +1

    This show shouldn't be legal.
    Anyway, why the guy at 1:37 seems like a stereotype of a Scotland Yard officer?

    • Jack Leighton
      Jack Leighton 7 days ago

      jh 64 mr. Plod you mean.

    • jh 64
      jh 64 17 days ago

      or noddy the policeman 😶

  • Teh Foxx
    Teh Foxx 17 days ago

    D: not another season as much as i love star wars this show was just too cringe

    RAINFOREST MINTS 17 days ago +1

    Anyone else think it would be cool if Iden Versios daughter appeared?

    RAINFOREST MINTS 17 days ago +3

    Season 2 looks much better. I’m very intrigued.

    • furry cute
      furry cute 15 days ago

      Wow you like thanks god because someones hate but. I like all the movies of star wars and the series lol

  • Kritzelpaul
    Kritzelpaul 17 days ago

    I would really like to see a more mature, 2D Animated Star Wars Series. I really like the cel shaded art style, but this 2D/3D mashup doesn't really work for me. But it's nice to see that they are experimenting with 2D animation in "Galaxy of Adventures", so maybe there is a chance to see a proper 2D series some day.

  • Johnson172
    Johnson172 18 days ago

    Does anyone know the music used in this trailer?

  • Overall Reviews
    Overall Reviews 18 days ago

    This animation style is repulsive, I physically can't watch this even though I want to

    • Sharky Playz
      Sharky Playz 15 days ago

      @Overall Reviews I was originally repulsive towards it when the first look came out last year, but I got over it. I guess you aren't the same, and that's okay.

    • Overall Reviews
      Overall Reviews 15 days ago

      Like I said, I wanted to watch it. I like Star Wars, clicked on cool looking thumbnail, but this looks bad.

    • Sharky Playz
      Sharky Playz 15 days ago

      Then why did you watch the trailer if the animation repulses you?

  • Jeremiah Hill
    Jeremiah Hill 18 days ago +13

    Not even 10 seasons of this can ever replace the greatness of Star Wars Clone Wars
    Animation, Story, Violence, Thrill and too many to mention.
    In my opinion, this show along with the Rebels are held back by the budget ans story potential.

    • Ke'Andre Green
      Ke'Andre Green 13 days ago

      HyPe BeAsT uhh yes very true it isn’t up for debate

    • HyPe BeAsT
      HyPe BeAsT 14 days ago +2

      @Ke'Andre Green not true

    • Ke'Andre Green
      Ke'Andre Green 15 days ago +1

      Jeremiah Hill most of the clone wars sucked besides the last few seasons

  • sky studio dopipe
    sky studio dopipe 18 days ago +1

    Yeah baby i love this show i cant wait to see it on disney XD

  • Grr Bioformer
    Grr Bioformer 18 days ago

    Well this trailer looked way better than the season one trailer

    ELECTRO HALO8 19 days ago

    B2s! I’m hyped

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones 19 days ago

    I'm sorry to see this show end so soon, especially since the back-half of Season 1 was such a ride! But I can understand why Disney would pull plug after such a negative response. I'll miss this show, but I'll keep an eager eye out for Dave Filoni's next project (I know he's involved with the Clone Wars returning and the Mandalorian).
    I hope that before the show ends they'll:
    Reveal something about Snoke - it doesn't have to be his autobiography and shoe size, just something interesting!
    Feature Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra somehow - one of the reaons I wasn't so sure about Resistance to begin with was because it wasn't going to focus on them.

  • R&N RailProductions
    R&N RailProductions 19 days ago +5

    0:18 is that John Patrick Lowery voicing him? He sounds just like the citizens from Half - Life 2 and the TF2 sniper.

  • Danchik G
    Danchik G 19 days ago

    Что за младенческая рисовка,дисней как всегда отстой

  • Biergarten13
    Biergarten13 19 days ago

    hear that guys Friendship is magic

  • 윤태호
    윤태호 20 days ago


  • grace 0512
    grace 0512 20 days ago +2

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see the episodes! I hope that they will make third season!

    BOYER NEUF 20 days ago


  • PlayerLive 40
    PlayerLive 40 20 days ago

    Kicks from Star wars clone wars is coming