R. Kelly (16 Year Old Ex) REVEALS "MALELOVERS", & Rob Loves "KIDS" to Put OBJECTS up His A$$.

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
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  • Jay dee
    Jay dee 9 days ago +173

    2.5M 🤣😉

  • Patricia Akinyombo
    Patricia Akinyombo 19 hours ago

    This is a hot hot mess
    It has been known 4 years that this man is a pervert so y r these young ladies still trying to get with him
    She might have been 16 years old but she wasn’t stupid

  • Nichole LeBlanc
    Nichole LeBlanc 20 hours ago

    Stop putting blame on the minors ....Hold this grown ass man accountable.....I don't care if he is famous, He is WRONG!

  • Lucky 42 43
    Lucky 42 43 20 hours ago

    16 ....where ,...please tell me where was her parents ..if you don’t want to fully attend to your child PLEASE GET YOUR NUT SACK TAKEN OUT OR A HYSTERECTOMY. Yes r Kelly loves children but dammm do these parents love there children ..

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 22 hours ago

    Side note:
    At 00:27 and 03:54 the interviewer mispronounces the phrase "in depth". She says "in def". It bugged me a little.

  • Rashid Hamoud
    Rashid Hamoud 23 hours ago

    These are common in America why pretending it's weird those dildos are sold freely tax is paid for them ,,or because its r Kelly ,,,,cause everyone is making money talking about r Kelly ,,,you Americans are just crazy

  • Rashid Hamoud
    Rashid Hamoud 23 hours ago

    Tried for what ,having sex with those girls they did it voluntarily now they are not getting it they want more,how do you get brainwashed the book should be,,, life after fucking Kelly,,,,

  • Rashid Hamoud
    Rashid Hamoud 23 hours ago

    These girls liked what they were doing with r Kelly they saying these things for money ,,bullshit they liked it

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Day ago

    "grammy award winning singer likes a dildo up his ass."

  • The Impeccable Twizzie Twane

    Retard Kelly/R Kelly a gay nasty SICK MF LMAO!!!!

  • Pam Devendorf
    Pam Devendorf Day ago

    Aaaawww, I bet she's going to be such a good mom! God bless her with every good thing 🙏❤️And on behalf of adults everywhere, I'm so sorry this was able to happen to you baby girl. I pray healing and happiness for you, always.

  • Pam Devendorf
    Pam Devendorf Day ago

    She was just a baby and he curopted her! That's sad and repulsive.😥

  • Rosie King
    Rosie King Day ago

    This guy must be on some sort of evil mission. Reason why he chooses young ones. So they can spread the diseases and the vices... So sad.

  • Beauty Babe
    Beauty Babe Day ago +1

    3.2M this video needs to be monetized! Lifetime totally stole your hard work and got paid from it. You deserve to make money for all your work on exposing RKelly!

  • Willie Andrews
    Willie Andrews Day ago

    Wow these women are a trip money monety, for those of you that have been abused Bless you stay strong. They knew what they were doing they liked the life style . Please

  • King Diamond
    King Diamond Day ago

    r Kelly is mentally sick..he needs help

  • Jonathan Godwin
    Jonathan Godwin Day ago

    Need to look at her parents crazy too

  • Colleen Lee
    Colleen Lee Day ago

    16 momma need her ass wooped

  • Nicole Niblack
    Nicole Niblack Day ago +1

    Ok ok wait did Tasha really dig a boogie n looks like she put it in the trash ,or somewhere 🤣ugh but her video s ok to watch but rkelly n his family needs God n help

  • Miss Mere
    Miss Mere Day ago

    At a young age Kelly was often sexually abused by a woman who was at least ten years older than himself. "I was too afraid and too ashamed," Kelly wrote in his 2012 autobiography Soulacoaster about why he never told anyone. - Wikipedia

  • CeeJay411
    CeeJay411 Day ago


  • Jason Tanner
    Jason Tanner Day ago

    These were some young hot ass girls period! Foh!!!

  • LadyZodiac
    LadyZodiac Day ago

    Girl that sounds like all men. They all are happy when their friends or guys are around. The interviewer seems more obsessed and infatuated with his sexuality than the fact that there is a CULT in his house smh. And what does the Grammy has to do with anything? They both reaching

  • Deepsoul 32
    Deepsoul 32 Day ago

    Old white men have these kinds of fetishes all the time and young fass girls always want the older nigga with money.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Day ago

    LMFAO 18:01 it juss Slide right in...hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  • Sasha Benjamin
    Sasha Benjamin Day ago


  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Day ago

    Stick a loaded shotgun barrel up his but.

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Day ago

    Let him get off with a loaded shot gun barrel up hiss ass then pull the trigger to give him the best orgasimn of his life. Now thats justice.

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Day ago

    He needs a loaded shot gun barrel up his ass and pull the trigger to get him off. See how he likes that orgasimn.

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Day ago

    R. Kelly is a little bitch. He abused young girls because he was a weak ass man who needed to feel powerful.

  • Quano Pluto
    Quano Pluto Day ago

    My nigga was out here on some 50 shades type shit. Making bitches sign contracts and shit

  • christopher waller

    sounds like some real opportunistic bullshit.. this girl is a hoe and needs to be ignored completely !!!!

  • Carters Eat
    Carters Eat Day ago

    Honey...when are you going to start going to counseling... please!!

  • Carters Eat
    Carters Eat Day ago

    If you need a break from R.Kelly drama... come and eat with me!!

  • Charlene Burke
    Charlene Burke Day ago


  • Josaphyne frank
    Josaphyne frank Day ago

    I can't believe that y'all really believe these lies that these women are saying she was sexually abused when she was younger but she is a virgin really! How the hell is you still a virgin and you had sex rather it was consinual or not she was not a virgin she been having sex at a very young age and not only was she doing Kelly but she was doing bubba his friend hell far as we know she probably didn't even have sex with Kelly it sounds like she was with bubba she lying and the lady doing the interview actually justify that she is a virgin when she said she had sex before she got with Kelly by saying she was abused sexually you still was not a virgin at the time you slept with bubba and maybe Kelly please stop your lying!

  • katymills09
    katymills09 Day ago

    She had PLENTY OPPORTUNITIES to leave and she KEPT GOING BACK! you're NOT A VICTIM.

  • Carolyn Russell
    Carolyn Russell Day ago

    I know what he doing is wrong but I know it started with his damn sister molesting him!! Let's speak on that please!!!

  • Debra L
    Debra L Day ago

    Why u didn't leave,

  • Nicole Brisco
    Nicole Brisco Day ago

    I believe he is HORRIBLE... but she kept going back.... why???? You haven't asked her that.....ask why dud she go back..... can't feel sorry for her AT ALL..

  • Nicole Brisco
    Nicole Brisco Day ago

    This girl sounds like she is another one about money.... you were able to leave yet you went back... so she was ok with EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF MONEY.... PLEASE...

  • ladydawnie1
    ladydawnie1 Day ago


  • chucksl21
    chucksl21 Day ago

    That's odd, the other accounts of him are where R Kelly didn't like men around and only wanted women around.

  • Mizzter J
    Mizzter J Day ago

    Hopefully she has a copy of the contract


    I cant lol

  • 1NeoSoulChild
    1NeoSoulChild Day ago

    This girl went to the sex scandal trial... got with the sex offender... did all kinds if craziness... contracted herpes... kept going back and STILL got married.
    What the...

  • Ms MacMama
    Ms MacMama Day ago +1

    This is just ridiculous on hearing. I wont judge anyone who had any kind of alleged sexual contact with R.Kelly. At the end of the day, GOD will be the Jury for them all. He has seen what happened and what didnt happen. So if he is sayin he was sexualy molested as a kid, then yes he needs some severe counseling today....this can help him understand his errors from the past with females. Prayers for them ALL

  • Star Roddy
    Star Roddy Day ago

    ‘Did R. Kelly have herpes? ‘ Shit, jus about e’rybody got herpes. Fuck herpes! Do R. Kelly got AIDS?

  • Aisme Dddd
    Aisme Dddd Day ago

    I see the hate and anger towards women, if he was abused by his sister. Don’t know if it makes him gay.

  • Star Roddy
    Star Roddy Day ago

    R. Kelly was twirking on a dildo! He was slamming a 9” black dildo up his behind and rolling his hips! LOL!

  • Star Roddy
    Star Roddy Day ago

    ‘Now did you put a dildo in his ass?’ Lol!

  • Whistling Dixie
    Whistling Dixie Day ago

    I’m sorry have to laugh bubba ? Isn’t that name stereotype for men who get raped in prison by a bubba 😂

  • 1NeoSoulChild
    1NeoSoulChild Day ago


  • Martha T.
    Martha T. Day ago

    Excellent interviewer! I like how respectful and carful she was with her questions. We saw the monster through her interview.. May God have mercy on him!!!

  • Tracy Andrews
    Tracy Andrews Day ago

    Tasha K, Girl!! You are the Bomb.Damncom

  • spartacuslife
    spartacuslife Day ago

    You have to be 18 to sign a contract

  • Beauty from the East

    Tasha u ma girl but why would u asked her if she contacted herpes from r.kelly???
    I mean the first question was enough.

    "Is rkelly a carrier of herpes?"

    "Is it ok if i asked if u contacted herpes from rkelly? "
    Of course its not!! Wtf. U do everything for ratings huh.

  • Kahdijah Lozada
    Kahdijah Lozada Day ago

    These comments are crazy, a lot of you should be ashamed for defending an OUNCE of this guy. Acting like y’all a got damn detective, Lifetime CHOOSES what THEY want to air, they aren’t going to put her FULL story on lifetime they had A LOT of other women to film. Damn, y’all deserve to hit ya big toe on the corner of the bed frame every day. Sheesh

  • Ogieamen John Efeosa

    This is how they accused Michael Jackson, to the point that he almost got broken, i don't believe on this accusation because humans are deadly, wicked people are everywhere.

  • S OS
    S OS Day ago

    All these people asking why were these girls in this grown mans house. But remember to these girls this is R.Kelly. And he used that to his advantage. How many of us didn’t lie to our parents when they said we couldn’t have a boyfriend. Come on now. I feel sorry for all these girls and hope this generation learn from this.

  • ChrisSandria Gidden

    Hell naw legally u hve 2 b 18yrs old to sign anything that legally binds u tho.. wth?

  • Adwoah Afriyie
    Adwoah Afriyie Day ago

    I thought in the docuseries she said R Kelly gave her his number at the trial as he noted she was there constantly supporting?! Something ain't right! Now Bubba recruited you? Jeronda? What is it?

  • Enza Pop
    Enza Pop Day ago

    Great interview

  • Lency H
    Lency H Day ago

    Well he has three kids so certainly those were not the only way he cums.

  • Arsynoe Ford
    Arsynoe Ford Day ago

    What the fuck she doing at a pedophile trial any way she should of been in school

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Day ago

    Bubba was a grown man and you was a minor then. Clout chasing

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Day ago

    This woman can't conduct a proper radio interview because she's thirsty. Never prosper from someone's bad because you will be in that position in the near future. Let the law do what they get paid to do.

    THE WILL WORLD Day ago


  • Jessie Jordan
    Jessie Jordan Day ago

    I feel like she is telling the truth. She's not thinking about what she saying. She's blurting out things so fast like it feels so good to finally tell someone. To be able to speak

  • Stacey Brownlee -SDAT-

    Elvis Presley (25) - Priscilla (14)
    Jerry seinfeld (39) - Shoshanna (17)
    Kobe Bryant (21) - Vanessa (17)
    Tyga (24) - Kylie (16)
    Doug Hutchison (51) - Courtney (16)
    Paul Walker (33) - Jasmine (16)
    Marvin Gaye (34) - Jan (17) say this is not . true those hypocrites !!!

  • hollywoodz bishop

    Yo u are the funniest ever u wanna no how big. The dick was was he standing up laying down lmao R KELLY WON'T HAVE NO PROBLEM ADJUSTING IN JAIL!

  • jeremiah kelaini
    jeremiah kelaini 2 days ago

    U just know that this woman is telling the truth because of how detailed her story is..

  • Sauda Yej
    Sauda Yej 2 days ago

    One question I have : if she was being paid from him since she was 16, who's name was the bank account in? If it was a joint account I know the parents saw the money being deposited and I'm sure she didnt justify a job at 15. If it was in cash, the parents didnt notice? I'm not completely convinced the parent didnt know. Smh

  • Natalie Richardson
    Natalie Richardson 2 days ago

    I wish someone would tell the interviewer that the words are “ In DEPTH,” not “In DEAF!!!!” OMG, are you kidding me????

  • Endy Okezie
    Endy Okezie 2 days ago

    Another woman playing victim!

  • tiffany bailey
    tiffany bailey 2 days ago

    So thats why they doing this documentary cus they stopped getting money😂😂😂😂 SMH

  • Zay Vaz
    Zay Vaz 2 days ago

    Sick, disturbed, or touched when he was a kid? None of those free him from being accountable for his actions. For as much as people allege his mental deficiencies are to blame; he went out of his way to conceal his evil and preys on the weak like a serpent. Someone who does these things know that they’re doing evil.

  • tiffany bailey
    tiffany bailey 2 days ago

    She still stupid cus I would be promoting ma book like I can't give u too much of the story u gotta go get ma book and read about it SMH🤦‍♀️

  • james Wynter
    james Wynter 2 days ago

    Hoes are still gonna go to his shows screaming ready to suck r Kelly's herpes dick.

  • james Wynter
    james Wynter 2 days ago

    R Kelly got with a minor while going to trial what the fuck

  • D J
    D J 2 days ago


  • brittany fabbri
    brittany fabbri 2 days ago

    Shes really not a good interviewer. How many times can you say the same thing over and over again. “Wow... ok”

  • Shalom._.
    Shalom._. 2 days ago

    Sounds like a Dom/Sub situation with the contracts and rules. People need to know what they’re getting into.
    I also think some of these women are just bitter.
    Not condoning his decisions and choices but they are all equally yoked and responsible.
    These “kids” who are finding themselves around a full grown man , are too eager and wide eyed. Taking yourself to his trial for what ? 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    Smh , more money, more problems for real.

    HELLENA WILLIAMS 2 days ago

    This is CRAZY 😜 I Believe this interview is true. He chooses these girls so young because they are easier to control and manipulate. I have a hard time understanding why R Kelly is still walking around free. Since he loves taking it up his ass, jail would be the perfect place for him. They would love to smack him on his ass just like he likes it..

  • Saphira
    Saphira 2 days ago

    Why would u sign that or even continue dealing w him at that pt. He’s a predator yes - he’s in the wrong, & he needs to go to jail! but u girls also gave into this bullshit!!! That’s dumb 🤦🏾‍♀️ . I think u girls like that shit! (ESP after u find he’s fucking a guy!) & U coulda run away anytime! regardless rkelly is SICK!!! & he needs to b imprisoned for LIFE. (wait!? why would rkelly have a guy give him oral in front of her that’s gross!!! Rkelly is SIICCKK) (wait dildo in his ass, he’s so gross!! & these girls just do it like it’s nothing!!!) (9 inch???? Ok this man is GROSS!!!!)

    • Saphira
      Saphira 2 days ago

      No honey u need counseling!!!!! Please 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • Saphira
      Saphira 2 days ago

      Anal stuff & gay stuff! These girls have to b effed up in their mind watching/doing these unspeakable acts! I’m about to throw up !!!

  • Miss Martin
    Miss Martin 2 days ago

    Sounds like a made up story...lies

  • Dona Hanks
    Dona Hanks 2 days ago

    They all nasty af I bet they all passed around them stds back and forth eww makes me sick..these girls knew what they were doing they wanted to be with him and were willing to do anything to be his number 1 whore

  • C Jay
    C Jay 2 days ago

    Grimey nigga..

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams 2 days ago

    So let hospital co,operation health and law enforcement deal with

  • PsalmTwentiSeven
    PsalmTwentiSeven 2 days ago

    I believe R Kelly may be possessed by an unclean spirit. It’s true he may have been molested when he was younger or he got exposed to pornography at an early age. If any of these two things happen to any one it is more than likely that the victim would develop a lascivious mind if it is something they are dealing with alone and it is encouraged by people they associate themselves with. Lasciviousness at its worst has no boundaries as to how it will make someone get sexual gratification. Anyone void of the fear of God or the spirit of God is a vacant vessel for demons. Once the mind becomes immoral it becomes a throne for any devil to occupy. Once a devil occupies the mind it takes possession of the body.
    Another fact is that, what R Kelly is doing could be part of the clause in his covenant for fame. Some of these artists do anything for fame without being aware of the price they would pay to keep excelling and keeping their owners satisfied...Blood of Jesus Christ have mercy and deliver the innocent ones in the name of Jesus. I pray for divine healing to come upon everyone that has been a victim of such wickedness and evil demonstrated here. May God break evil ancestral, family and parental yokes that keeps anyone in bondage of sexual perversion or immoralities. May God destroy the mark of satan on people targeted to become victims of sexual abusers. May the grace of God see us, our love ones and other people through life without experiencing this level of wickedness in Jesus Christ name.

  • Naomi King
    Naomi King 2 days ago +1

    She called him his Lil bitch 😂😂😂 damn this mofo is truly sick in the head! If he prefer men over women than why not just leave women alone in general and stayed strictly towards men only! This nigga just strictly nasty as fuck!

  • Troy Barzilla Grier
    Troy Barzilla Grier 2 days ago

    This lady is horrible

  • Tara Hall
    Tara Hall 2 days ago

    At the end of the Day what you do in the dark will come to the light. I am not God have no judgement on anyone but God see all thing He sees R Kelly, The Young Girls, The Parents, The Wife, People that working behind the scenes to help him with his plans of manipulate or act like nothing happen God sees all thing Praying for everyone involved.

  • Prince Herod
    Prince Herod 2 days ago

    She signed the agreement.. u cant sign anything without parents..

  • Prince Herod
    Prince Herod 2 days ago

    Wait. Why is she talking to this young girl in a proud conversation about sex on live tv., promoting her. I dont get it. Why isnt she on punishment and he not locked up.. I dont get it

  • Pennie Clinton
    Pennie Clinton 2 days ago

    I remember that video he has a big cock

  • Pennie Clinton
    Pennie Clinton 2 days ago

    That nigga R. Kelly is sick

  • Sherry Mitchell
    Sherry Mitchell 2 days ago

    So Bitch Yo Sorry Ass been Fuckin Before you Met R Kelly Stop Back Hoes She Go To Lieing 👿😈😈😈😈😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 where the Contract Now Bitch

  • Miss Chriss
    Miss Chriss 2 days ago

    She lying too lol