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Hotel Hell - Season 3 Episode 7 - Beachfront Inn & Inlet Full Episode HD

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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Comments • 805

  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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  • Xenon
    Xenon 26 minutes ago

    20$ for a uniform doesn't seem like much when I had to give my first pay slip for the uniform at KFC

  • Ainsley Carter
    Ainsley Carter 3 hours ago

    I work at a Super market and I had to pay for my own uniform. $80 for shirts and $65 for pants 👀🤨😊 love it 🙄

  • F BI
    F BI 22 hours ago

    Why does Brian repeat almost every word he says

  • Ashley
    Ashley Day ago +1

    15:25 ...I’ve never seen that -.- this man poured the whole LIQUID in the trash wtf

  • suneosatellites
    suneosatellites Day ago

    We should do a drinking game and take a shot everytime Gordon says "Wow"

  • Backdoor Plumber

    Brian, the 30 year old manchild.

  • Vladimir Daljic
    Vladimir Daljic Day ago

    34:52 THAT BOOTYY

  • Luna Puna
    Luna Puna Day ago

    thank you sooo much for the awesome cuality!

  • remynisce33
    remynisce33 Day ago

    I think brian’s got adhd or something..

  • niet mijn naam
    niet mijn naam 2 days ago

    Brain is not normal look at him come on.

  • Herz aus Stahl
    Herz aus Stahl 2 days ago

    Daddy Gordon lookin like a snack, ripped and buff af

  • Julie Cao
    Julie Cao 2 days ago +1

    i really lost it when he said its undercooked

  • Smiley
    Smiley 3 days ago +1


  • Barbara Dresch
    Barbara Dresch 3 days ago

    Who the fuck pours liquid in a trash bin

  • Anisio Mateus de Jesus

    Why you need the basics of management and cooking before you start a business like this.

  • Reno van Zanten
    Reno van Zanten 4 days ago

    Wha ha! looks like the Bates motel! Rotten food and a psycho owner!

  • Dhruv Jain
    Dhruv Jain 6 days ago

    I do listen...I do listen...I do listen...

  • Sema
    Sema 6 days ago

    My eyes immediately went to security camera up in the private bedroom. Wtf

  • Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde

    The Sous-Chef is the only real chef in the Kitchen. And the only one giving fcks about the business. The "head" chef and his boifriend the manager are just useless, to put it mildly! Terminate them both ASAP!!

  • Moses89
    Moses89 7 days ago

    His just pathetic .

  • A K
    A K 8 days ago

    Those jeans that Eric is wearing... Why are Americans dressed so bad?

  • Robert Steingasser
    Robert Steingasser 8 days ago

    I'm a big Fan of Gordon, he's the best Chef from this Planet, and i'm a Chef too💪💪👍

  • Hank X
    Hank X 8 days ago

    one of the few places that's still open today. makes you wonder.

  • r0taR- _cs
    r0taR- _cs 9 days ago

    Brian just stfu

  • Xen0tech 1
    Xen0tech 1 9 days ago

    Feel like Gordon gave up on him too easy. Brian was keen to please Gordon unlike some of the stubborn owners on this show.
    My advice would have been to hire a new manager and work UNDER them in all the jobs required to maintain a hotel to learn. Then eventually step up as co manager

  • Nolotow
    Nolotow 9 days ago

    (reflexive, informal) to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed himself (and doesn't notice)

  • Avipt
    Avipt 9 days ago +1

    black burned chicken, "looks undercooked" Jesus christ...

  • Danel
    Danel 10 days ago

    After watching gordon hell hotel and kitchen nightmares now i know that if u want to run successful business you neet to stick your finger in everything. HAHA seriously he puts his hands wherever i would not want to be near around

  • TJ Thompson
    TJ Thompson 11 days ago

    'Alright guys, the mayor has just arrived'. Wow jeezz seriously I thought it was Santa that was just about to check in...

  • Tonita Collins
    Tonita Collins 11 days ago


  • Isaac Keinonen
    Isaac Keinonen 11 days ago

    Guy looks like Frasier crossed with Brandon Fraser

  • Silverfox
    Silverfox 13 days ago +1

    Seriously, I wanted Gordon to tell him to swivel. Just refuse to piss money away on helping that absolute flake in anyway. The Chef is also a fraud, certainly no friend of the owner. So, when Gordon actually did it, I was so f**king happy.

  • Born Boy
    Born Boy 14 days ago +1


  • 黃宇豪
    黃宇豪 15 days ago

    well 80 dollars isn't too high a price

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia 15 days ago

    Looool Gordon is such a savage

  • Jesus is God MAGA
    Jesus is God MAGA 15 days ago

    Oh I get it, there is not one hotel in all of Britain that needs Ramsey's help.

  • Rory Lumsden
    Rory Lumsden 15 days ago

    0:21 "Im onshore" Very punny

  • Jodh Turka
    Jodh Turka 16 days ago +2

    The two things taht kill the restaurants
    1.Bad Management
    2.Frozen Food

  • Pranav Mathur
    Pranav Mathur 17 days ago +1

    Gordon's been hutting the gym. Look at those guns

  • Ribu Rajen
    Ribu Rajen 18 days ago

    Who pays for this decor

  • MorningChemistry
    MorningChemistry 19 days ago

    when your mom found weed in your bedroom

  • Maybeits Darcy
    Maybeits Darcy 20 days ago

    Why do i keep getting gay ads

  • Jackson 83
    Jackson 83 21 day ago +2

    Oh my god this owner is a joke, honestly. I was going to list a few idiotic blow outs he made but there were just too many to choose from. This guy is never going to make it which is really sad. No focus, no care, no forward thinking, no taking ownership of anything, just no fucking brains. He treats the place as if its all about him and his mates having a good time and someone else is taking care of everything else. Whenever some obvious and serious issue is pointed out he's like "oh yeah that's no good" but does nothing about it and even worse he learns absolutely nothing from it. I know it sounds mean but i actually think he is just too stupid to run a business.

  • Luke R
    Luke R 21 day ago +2

    15:22 What the fuck is he doing pouring a huge amount of festering liquid into a rubbish bag like that? What a fucking absolute moron.

  • Mingkay Ming
    Mingkay Ming 21 day ago

    Gordon, stop touching the things!!! Eww!!! 😣😣😣

  • Morty Maine
    Morty Maine 22 days ago +1

    dude...his nose is bleedin!!

  • MondayMayhem
    MondayMayhem 22 days ago

    Honestly, Brian reminds me of the little kid in the family that never had to deal with anything himself because mommy, daddy and big bro handled everything for him. Even speaking about issues or replying to things.
    Which makes me wonder how exactly he got to be in the position he's in. Very questionable.

  • George Gougoulis
    George Gougoulis 22 days ago

    What the ... "you guys rock..." seriously, Brian - you have issues!

  • Julian R
    Julian R 23 days ago

    Did he pour that pina colada in a trash bag? Thats gonna be fun later.

  • Twan Willems
    Twan Willems 23 days ago

    23:50 do you think this is a tv show? Well Gordon, it kind of is man...

  • Ale Wasinger
    Ale Wasinger 25 days ago

    32:58 So this was Brando Frasier doing all this time...

  • Kristian Tancevskik
    Kristian Tancevskik 26 days ago

    Dopey owner
    Attitude drenched head chef
    Absolute wankers
    If they want this business to succeed they need to sack brian

  • Kristian Tancevskik
    Kristian Tancevskik 26 days ago

    This is why lemongrass brother says

  • Kristian Tancevskik
    Kristian Tancevskik 26 days ago

    Gutless wonder
    Weasel King
    A real shitty boss, owner fucken hell
    What a piece of shit loser dudd

  • Jan Jacobsen
    Jan Jacobsen 26 days ago +1

    Relax Gordon. It's the mayor, not the Queen of England

  • Reeces Piece
    Reeces Piece 27 days ago

    The guy is an absolute idiot, he plain and simple shouldn't be running a business. Gordon seemed so sick of this guys shit the whole time he was there, they didn't deserve the makeover or Gordon's help.

  • bro fist
    bro fist 28 days ago

    Too painful to watch lol

  • bro fist
    bro fist 28 days ago

    Too painful to watch lol

  • Abhay
    Abhay 29 days ago +3

    The waitress are the only good thing present in the hotel.........

  • Maarttiin
    Maarttiin 29 days ago

    Holy crap, real HD.

  • Tess No last name
    Tess No last name Month ago

    What a drongro hahaha

  • Cassidy West
    Cassidy West Month ago

    Brian should just focus on writing his novel.

  • Stuart Kerr
    Stuart Kerr Month ago +4

    When he throws 15 litres of Pina Colada into the actual trash and not down the drain....

  • ypsilon
    ypsilon Month ago

    Such a deserved leave at the end...

  • kelman221
    kelman221 Month ago

    8 months? Lol 25:59

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha Month ago

    is it just me or once you start watching this you never stop

  • Maulik Ranolia
    Maulik Ranolia Month ago

    hey!! whatever hap to mr. mayor and hus wife....,dnt tell us plz

  • vanyadolly
    vanyadolly Month ago

    Thank goodness they let that chef go! Brian seemed like a bit of a doormat but without people there to take advantage of him and capable people in charge, it might work out.

  • Arek Borowski
    Arek Borowski Month ago

    holly fuck! this guy is 34?! im 34 and he looks like he could by my dad WTF?!
    No Doors / No Seatbelt thing made me fucking laugh so hard :D

  • faint
    faint Month ago

    whys he standing like incrediboy from the incredibles

  • Fatin Bakip
    Fatin Bakip Month ago

    I wonder how stink the room is.

  • backslashio
    backslashio Month ago

    19:55 "Is this music fresh or cross contaminated?"

    SAKIB NUR Month ago

    He definitely looks like a fucking Towel boy 😂

  • Scentgasms by Leila

    39:50-40:00 was THIS and it made me laugh SO hard.

  • NialteA xcx
    NialteA xcx Month ago

    Another worst hotel Nightmare

  • solo kinuva
    solo kinuva Month ago

    wow you actually left this time! very nice!

  • lynne leighton
    lynne leighton Month ago

    I grew up with a professional Mother..we also had hotels. I learnt from the start. I don't eat out..because mostly the food is so bad and expensive. I like watching Gordon.. I also wonder if the quality is kept up after?

  • CuriosityFTW
    CuriosityFTW Month ago

    A building purely for sleeping guests...
    Lets put a loud ass party area right outside!

  • Amithrius
    Amithrius Month ago

    That guy is the definition of a pathetic simp

  • Kwaku Boateng
    Kwaku Boateng Month ago +1

    This episode is a joke. Manager & Chef don't know what they're doing. Honestly they don't deserve Gordon's help

  • sebi_the_snek
    sebi_the_snek Month ago

    Well, did you know the Jeep Wrangler was a _gay icon_-James May, 2019

  • Peter Paz
    Peter Paz Month ago

    OMFG. What a clueless fucking moron. One of the worst I have ever seen on Gordon's show.

  • Sinethemba Qashu
    Sinethemba Qashu Month ago

    HAhahahahahaahahaha this guy made me laugh. He is so confused, this scene is the best for me

  • Noobie boi
    Noobie boi Month ago

    27:05 when the game lags.

  • EnternityRaGeZZ MalayGaming

    Brian dont have any responsibility about his business

  • Rey Rogers
    Rey Rogers Month ago +2

    It is rumoured that Brian to this day is still standing there in the kitchen with the plate of chicken salad in his hand.

  • Livvy FuiFui
    Livvy FuiFui Month ago

    well that was abrupt

  • Ahmad Izzuddin
    Ahmad Izzuddin Month ago

    can someone shot down the owner? fuck you motherfucker owner, fuck you like a snail!

  • Lucywon
    Lucywon Month ago

    Wow, this has to be acting. This guy can't be a pushover; I'm suprised he's even vertical.

  • Morimoto
    Morimoto Month ago

    Stop touching dirty stuff!! It gives anxiety

  • my profile pic is the oldest basketball ever

    haha he's dumb bro

  • I C
    I C Month ago

    Brian looks like an adult child

  • razorsharpshaver
    razorsharpshaver Month ago

    The fact that he touch all those dust and dirty stuffs bare handed deserve more than regular respect

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace Month ago

    He is an arrogant Owner, when he did not even address Mr Mayor, he just called him " hello guys" ... gosh

  • Cosanic
    Cosanic Month ago

    For fucks sake Brian

  • Peace Will Win Fear Will Lose

    What's with all the girls in singlets

  • Samantha x
    Samantha x Month ago

    Why does he look like a short, retarded brendan fraser?

  • Suck dick for 20c
    Suck dick for 20c Month ago +1

    Brian is really slow in the head

  • Danier Valiev
    Danier Valiev Month ago +8

    Even internet explore is faster than his brain :/