Reggie Watts - Amazing song


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  • Happy Tree
    Happy Tree Month ago

    This is what every rap song sounds like to none English speakers

  • gloomordoom
    gloomordoom Month ago

    Should be playing at a bar, in Star Wars.

  • MahGudPope
    MahGudPope Month ago

    Lyrics please

  • Dean Booth
    Dean Booth 5 months ago


  • TheGuruGame
    TheGuruGame 5 months ago

    Rapping The Sims, Language

  • Zdenek Hajsman
    Zdenek Hajsman 8 months ago

    Luxus clasicos jeď vole👌👌👌🤘🤘🤘😍😍😍💪💪💪

  • Water Nom nom nom
    Water Nom nom nom 8 months ago

    Somebody write the lyrics to this!!!!!

  • Peter Kleinwaks
    Peter Kleinwaks 9 months ago +1

    1:39 tho. Damn! He can sing his ass off. He just improvised a song made the beat with his mouth. Looped it. Layered it and sings 2 separate peoples parts. Then let the hook come back in at the end and danced for your stankin ass

  • Angel Rojas
    Angel Rojas 9 months ago

    He really knows how to use his vocals. Holy shit.

  • chubbyboy7000
    chubbyboy7000 10 months ago


  • Shawn Hardy
    Shawn Hardy 10 months ago

    When you enjoy what u do, it shows!!!

  • Niall Purcell
    Niall Purcell Year ago

    Put your pants back on....Repeat

  • Aleksandar Andonovski

    This is what I play when I need some music, every day

  • Blockman007 Guitarist

    s a l a m i

  • Josue Vanegas
    Josue Vanegas Year ago +2

    180 people did not want to put their pants back on

  • Paulo Hendrix
    Paulo Hendrix Year ago

    Isso é muito DOIDO!

  • Dylan Cavell
    Dylan Cavell Year ago +1

    There's no boots and cats... Clearly the cats found out how to use the boots and walked because he didn't pet them. #catsinboots

  • Alex Vallee
    Alex Vallee Year ago +2


  • The Ortiz Project


  • Blue Marble
    Blue Marble Year ago +37

    with the 1 2 3 5 7 8 10 11 1 2 9 3 64 6000 300 27 100 22 65.6 5 2 3 yea uhhhh...

  • Visual Friendship TV

    @1:05 when you really have to piss but there’s no bathroom!

  • Dan T
    Dan T Year ago

    Wish I loved my job this much.

  • Smokey Smokerson
    Smokey Smokerson Year ago


  • Stone S
    Stone S Year ago +8

    I don't understand how he does what he does or comes up with this stuff. He's like the modern day Scatman-John but with access to computers and all this technology now.

  • Consciousness Is God

    This guy is my spirit animal.

  • Casidian
    Casidian Year ago +1

    Hot damn, this guy has some real talent here.

  • stuart
    stuart Year ago

    Reggie is like an alien from a planet that uses music like we use oxygen

  • Bde_bugsyrouge
    Bde_bugsyrouge Year ago

    "Our love is something is can't support, or love is something that I can't afford." Genius

  • Oscar Travis
    Oscar Travis Year ago

    Take a bow!

  • SnapKase Seth
    SnapKase Seth Year ago +10

    Reggie is a musical mastermind from planet funkatron.

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith Year ago +6

    i dont know why but that part at 1:40 sounds so familiar? its killing me!!!

  • Juan Pablo Balta Villegas


  • Ryan Mayer
    Ryan Mayer Year ago +3

    2018, he still is!

  • Thelema
    Thelema Year ago

    I love how you can see the smile on his face when he comes up with a genius beat on the spot.

  • Dank Israel
    Dank Israel Year ago

    2018 and it still the best looping I've ever heard

  • agustin ruiz
    agustin ruiz Year ago


  • Rob Z
    Rob Z Year ago

    incredible talent!!

  • Jim Love
    Jim Love Year ago

    I'm the 1Mth visitor

  • LJMetal
    LJMetal Year ago

    S A L A M I .

  • Amelia Moore
    Amelia Moore Year ago

    reminds me of digital underground a humpty dance!.....noice!

  • adamsylla2000
    adamsylla2000 Year ago

    2:21 Busta Rhymes

  • Melon
    Melon Year ago

    "Put your pants back on" - How the fuck did he know?

  • Bomb Voyage
    Bomb Voyage Year ago

    Holy fuck the dance in the end

  • Romunderground
    Romunderground Year ago

    je kiffe ce mec, drôle et talentueux

  • Nick Benjamin
    Nick Benjamin Year ago

    Strait FUNK! YES!

  • Dane G
    Dane G Year ago

    This guy's bad ass like anybodies bidness! I'm a fan!

  • Miguel Miguel
    Miguel Miguel Year ago +2

    It upsets me when I can't play music loud enough.

  • John Sayers
    John Sayers Year ago

    So good

  • blue coture
    blue coture Year ago

    ~ i love this man !
    'put your pants back on'
    ... I think ill try to cover this song some day xD

  • Joseph Tanis
    Joseph Tanis Year ago

    I bet he did the key and peele music

  • Bando Bhris
    Bando Bhris 2 years ago

    A R T

  • Yael Cruz
    Yael Cruz 2 years ago

    Faltaba el comentario en español :v

  • Incarnate
    Incarnate 2 years ago +32

    All I understood was Salami

    • Luuk Perdaems
      Luuk Perdaems 2 days ago

      Put your pants back on!

    • Hayley B
      Hayley B 2 months ago

      You hear what you want to hear O_o

    • EL TIBU
      EL TIBU 6 months ago

      Incarnate - Stardust GDX that’s enough man

  • Cheezeblade
    Cheezeblade 2 years ago

    2:50 WATT the fuck is going on

  • sam wilson
    sam wilson 2 years ago

    This guy live talks in more circles than a sit and spin he's MF hilarious

  • eric snow
    eric snow 2 years ago

    Reggie is literally fucking life-affirming.

  • Zechariah Morton
    Zechariah Morton 2 years ago

    Bee's knees, man. I'm drunk and loving this

  • Joe Mcgowan
    Joe Mcgowan 2 years ago +1

    I. fucking. love. this.

  • Jonah Motley
    Jonah Motley 2 years ago