7 Cool Gadgets For Kids & Smart Toys 2018

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • 1- 00:07 Play Impossible offered by First Democracy VC, a new equity crowdfunding portal .... amzn.to/2FIbPZs
    The Play Impossible Gameball is a multi-sport, mobile device-connected ball designed for indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Developed for children 5 to 15 years of age.
    2- 01:06 ROBOPAL: Enrich your coding experience with stories ... kck.st/2EJtYFI
    A hands-on learning robot and maker system that expands your child’s interest in coding, programming and creating in a fun way.
    3- 02:52 Pip - Digital Creation in your Pocket ...www.curiouschip.com
    Unleash your creativity! Invent, tinker and make with real code and hardware. Powered by Raspberry Pi. For ages 8 to adult.
    4- 04:59 Codey Rocky: Your new coding companion ... amzn.to/2Ip4viv
    Meet the robot that helps every child learn coding and AI
    5- 07:08 myFirst Fone - Smartest Wearable Smartphone with Care Call ... amzn.to/2FFCUwe
    3G Voice & Video calls help you stay connected with your loved ones. Receive real-time GPS location updates on iOS and Android devices.
    6- 09:12 Squaggle Kids Tablet. The best for your kids ... www.squaggle.com.au
    A tablet that's perfect for your kids, giving them quality edutainment apps and protecting them from inappropriate websites and videos
    7- 11:08 Coding-Block! COBL, Learn and Make Whatever You Want ... kck.st/2EKL7uK
    Educational tools for students who want to expand their coding skills and parents that want to give them interesting coding lessons.
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