This is getting ridiculous, stop this.

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Unboxing a hectic mess of a video. THANK YOU FOR THE FAN MAIL! I APPRECIATE IT, JUST SAYIN' MAYBE A NICE LETTER OR FAN ART IS MORE THAN ENOUGH! // G-FUEL IT UP! Beatemups @ Checkout for 30% off!
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    All those asking what I use to make my videos, I made a list 😃
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  • BeatEmUps
    BeatEmUps  27 days ago +473

    G-FUEL IT UP! 'BEATEMUPS' @ Checkout for 30% off! - Buying supports the channel! 🙃

    • bstudi1
      bstudi1 2 days ago

      I need switch stuff lol. Feel free to send me some

    • Brummie Key
      Brummie Key 2 days ago

      Delete your po box address then loser.

    • Brummie Key
      Brummie Key 8 days ago


    • brutalhonesty07
      brutalhonesty07 14 days ago

      Okay just a suggestion, but toy donations during the holidays have been down for charity nationwide for record levels especially since ToysRUs and other classic retailers have disappeared.
      How about you stockpile all the excess gifts and make a video about donating piles of the stuff (after you check it and unbox it for safety and identifying it’s purpose) and make basket bundles to give away.
      Literally you can put smiles on tons of faces. Just a thought.

  • Doggos
    Doggos 2 hours ago

    Why hello Mickey Mouse

  • Biohybrid _
    Biohybrid _ Day ago

    I remember when you had 14k subs and now you're exploding!! It's crazy! Lol

  • David Lew
    David Lew Day ago

    Ya got some pretty sweet fans!

  • Morpheus2403
    Morpheus2403 Day ago

    you can send those packages to me, if you want

  • G0D _G8M3R
    G0D _G8M3R Day ago

    A lot of cool stuff in the box 📦

  • Brummie Key
    Brummie Key 2 days ago +1

    Damn right it's getting stupid now, please people, mainly young, STOP sending this LAZY E-BEGGING LOSER Anything else, and if you feel the need to buy gifts for someone, then I'm sure your local children's hospital Ward will appreciate it way more than this lazy scrounger ..just think about it, this ain't right.

  • Roko2ne
    Roko2ne 2 days ago

    Then give it to me

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur 3 days ago

    i get the feeling that feet comment is sarcastic and was directed towards people in a rude fashion

  • TriSigma
    TriSigma 3 days ago +1

    His tongue green

  • Gambi’s Tarantula
    Gambi’s Tarantula 4 days ago

    Because of you i want to get a NSW just to play legend of zelda breath of the wild and lets go pikachu. 🤣

  • kurbsyde
    kurbsyde 4 days ago

    Could always find a Charity you guys like and inform fans to donate to them instead? There's gotta be a Children's Hospital or somewhere game fans could donate towards? Many Children spend most of their young lives in Hospitals. I'd bet they would accept consoles and games to make their time there less stressful?

  • DJ Tundra
    DJ Tundra 4 days ago

    *sends more fan mail*

  • Wateri Oatmeal
    Wateri Oatmeal 5 days ago

    there are men in the box

  • Mathias M
    Mathias M 5 days ago

    He loves the gifts. (Dont) stop !!!

  • YouMakeMeFeel
    YouMakeMeFeel 5 days ago

    Your tonge is green and I just crushed on you.

  • Aviation boi
    Aviation boi 7 days ago


  • Mikhail Kuhn
    Mikhail Kuhn 7 days ago

    I died at 10:50

  • Cole Jester
    Cole Jester 8 days ago

    Is your tongue green because you ate a reptar bar?

  • toddbod94
    toddbod94 8 days ago

    I only slap like on Davie 504 videos

  • Aidan Mangan
    Aidan Mangan 8 days ago

    I love this intro

  • 808Local Boi
    808Local Boi 9 days ago

    Send me some grips to Hawaii please

  • SmileTOBY
    SmileTOBY 10 days ago

    I just GOT a communist ad...

    guys Call me счсд ычдт from now on

  • iTz Art3mis
    iTz Art3mis 10 days ago

    Just ordered my first Gfuel starter kit. I used your code so thanks a LOT! 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Leffted
    Leffted 12 days ago

    12 pounds of crack?

  • Taxi Huang
    Taxi Huang 12 days ago

    Does anyone notice that his tongue is green?

  • sariusmonk
    sariusmonk 13 days ago

    The just kidding joke never gets old

  • Name_
    Name_ 13 days ago

    He has a green tongue in the beginning...

  • ElleNotTheMagazine
    ElleNotTheMagazine 13 days ago

    I loveeeee these type of videos

  • Björn Johansson
    Björn Johansson 13 days ago

    Oh i am so yealous of the last part! i love the wind waker game! i recently bought a Wii U only to play Wind Waker HD! Soo cool!

  • SumpanDanne
    SumpanDanne 13 days ago +1

    When you drink to much G-fuel your mouth turns green: 0:56

  • Logan Sproul
    Logan Sproul 14 days ago

    also 7:45 LETTUCE

  • Logan Sproul
    Logan Sproul 14 days ago

    Wood... do you refer to all bubble gum as "Hubba-Bubba?" Is that an Australian thing or a You thing? (asking bc it's very cute and also I'm a fan of linguistics)

  • Asher’s Randomness
    Asher’s Randomness 14 days ago

    “Our neighbors liked us for a while,now they don’t talk to us”-Wood 9-23-19

  • TheAtomicGnome
    TheAtomicGnome 14 days ago

    hair flip....sweet gear!

  • Kellie Krause
    Kellie Krause 14 days ago

    am i the only one who had problems with the po box.

  • John Raymomd
    John Raymomd 14 days ago

    Why doesn’t RGT85 get any presents ....I feel so bad for him

  • Creetura v
    Creetura v 14 days ago

    Wait what's that green thing on ur tongue?

  • sandeep varma
    sandeep varma 14 days ago

    I hope u won't receive anterex or some bio weapons in mail,😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Danielle Forster
    Danielle Forster 16 days ago

    All I’m wondering is what you ate before this video 😂

  • Begüm Örde
    Begüm Örde 16 days ago +1


  • Cho_bouPlayz
    Cho_bouPlayz 16 days ago

    The best part of being a TVclip

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 18 days ago

    Your tongue is green

  • Flesh-God
    Flesh-God 18 days ago

    I am new here! He adressed me! He validated my existence :D Now I have to subscribe.

  • Ry Stanley
    Ry Stanley 18 days ago

    In what world does anyone moan about getting awesome things they like....for free?!

  • Lucky Deelusion
    Lucky Deelusion 18 days ago

    I don't know!

  • Warr10rL0st
    Warr10rL0st 19 days ago

    The third calypso. He got u guys wrapped around his finger like little COVs lol. Dont forget to like, subscribe, and obey.

  • super mario gaming
    super mario gaming 19 days ago

    400 diffrent games

  • Miguel Dalusong
    Miguel Dalusong 19 days ago

    wood can you do a blog in Japan about handheld consoles? thanks!❤️

  • IronRangr
    IronRangr 20 days ago

    Bought some g-fuel. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Brian Holzwordt
    Brian Holzwordt 20 days ago

    Wood you have to use reverse psychology on your subs, or just not say anything unless you already knew all of this, and love the attention and the presents 🎁. You Zelder loving 🥰 punk

  • Sean Chiluisa
    Sean Chiluisa 20 days ago

    Hey so the artist's name is Jed Henry. He's an awesome artist: I first met in NY at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Saw him Again at NYCC and I own a bunch of his prints. I am no way affiliated with him. Just informing you all of who created the art. and on Instagram @thejedhenry

  • Crystal Wolfjebdvznbsbs

    Who likes this has a girlfriend

  • Dream Central
    Dream Central 20 days ago


    THUNDER LAGER 20 days ago

    Unlucky, dunno what I’d do with all that crap if it arrived. Have to hire a skip or start a bonfire

  • shane veale
    shane veale 20 days ago

    i think that it is an elephant

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 20 days ago

    wanna see me do it again?

  • Veqz
    Veqz 20 days ago

    isn't the blood orange g-fuel flavor the ONLY caffeine free one they have.... nice one Wood lol

  • Kittsunay
    Kittsunay 20 days ago

    Time to Double up I guess guys! MORE MAIL for Beatemups!

  • Andreas Ryge
    Andreas Ryge 20 days ago

    What a troll. Couldnt be more obvious he wants people to keep sending stuff. Money is king and mail = money.