11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones


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  • Chills
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  • tristan shaw
    tristan shaw 12 hours ago

    with the second last vid it seem like its a welders after flashs bec its given a blue glow off but the shape of how it shines that im still trying to figure out..

  • Danny Reload
    Danny Reload 12 hours ago

    Its like your mum had aids and your dad was a robot.

  • YouDid
    YouDid 12 hours ago

    I love the voice

  • Nick Bean Flashy Channel Tv

    Voice of the year👻

  • regret reloadin
    regret reloadin 13 hours ago

    8 looks like the devils symbol

  • Shawn Engelhorn
    Shawn Engelhorn 13 hours ago

    Quick question mister chills you ever try to fly a drone in a forest??????
    Think about it

  • Jevin Is Lame
    Jevin Is Lame 13 hours ago

    no. 15 burger king foot lettuce

  • Cody White
    Cody White 13 hours ago

    On 10 hell yes

  • tim fernandez
    tim fernandez 13 hours ago

    I would taken a fire hydrogen to throw put out the fire

  • Kawaii Cream
    Kawaii Cream 13 hours ago

    Your voice scares me more than these things

  • jas dud
    jas dud 14 hours ago

    Thumbs down for trying to be cool with your dumb voice.

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 14 hours ago

    Who taught this Mook how to speak ?
    I couldn’t stand it

  • Phil Creek
    Phil Creek 14 hours ago

    Do you talk like this all the time¿

  • im from the future
    im from the future 15 hours ago +1


    TIME LINE 15 hours ago

    Why you talking like a Roow booot !

  • ELi-MHB Fps
    ELi-MHB Fps 15 hours ago

    You sound funny lol

  • Graham Maddeaux
    Graham Maddeaux 15 hours ago

    This narrators cadence is the weirdest thing ever

  • Neri 4x4
    Neri 4x4 15 hours ago

    GUDDAMN IT... I have it in mute and in subtittles.... And THE VOICE passes through... 😌😭😅😢 Theres no escaping the voice...

  • Julia Majercakova
    Julia Majercakova 15 hours ago

    That is sooooo creepy😲😲😲😫😫😫😫

  • Polo Gang
    Polo Gang 15 hours ago

    This man voice ruins the vid

  • Reagan Woody
    Reagan Woody 15 hours ago +1

    His voice sounds fine be nice

  • tree Climbing
    tree Climbing 16 hours ago

    a SAM missile fired @ drone ?

  • ItsDbad
    ItsDbad 16 hours ago

    0:41 it's called a person

  • Gerbil Jerome
    Gerbil Jerome 16 hours ago

    Does anyone know how a drone actually works? all these vids ate recorded on real time.... meaning half these mutha fucka could have investigated further with the drone. ur not actually the drone.... why be scared. go see if that's big foot.... lol

  • Viggo Gaming
    Viggo Gaming 16 hours ago

    7 is a hunter

  • Patrick Szostak
    Patrick Szostak 16 hours ago

    I got a question equally to video number seven... Why he doesn't pursue the clown into the forest? BECAUSE ITS FUCKING SCRIPTED...

  • Patrick Szostak
    Patrick Szostak 16 hours ago

    Fuck. Just wanted to watch this kind of video again. But then I heard the voice...

  • Fur Q
    Fur Q 16 hours ago

    Who taught you talk ? it is beyond grating

  • YouWantSumMT2
    YouWantSumMT2 16 hours ago

    your voice is disgusting

  • Vinson
    Vinson 16 hours ago

    Did you go to school with Martin Short?

  • charlz M
    charlz M 16 hours ago

    Have to watch on mute🙄

  • PopcornMan145
    PopcornMan145 17 hours ago

    number 15 burger king foot lettuce

  • Chaos Honako
    Chaos Honako 17 hours ago

    Was this narrated by Steven Hawking?

  • Tanya  Becraft
    Tanya Becraft 17 hours ago

    the signs are were gonna kill u from the devil hand made

  • Ephemeral Supine
    Ephemeral Supine 18 hours ago

    Number 15.....

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 18 hours ago

    I made it to number 9. Your voice is unbareable.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 18 hours ago

    #11 looks like a guy peeing in the woods and looking over his shoulder 😂

  • chary361
    chary361 18 hours ago

    #1 looks like the person is just standing now sideways behind the pole and is just blurred. I like your voice. It sounds like a scared teenage kid.

  • russel quinagoran
    russel quinagoran 18 hours ago

    Hi mam hug you done hope you hug me back. Thank you

  • Alvi Jucom
    Alvi Jucom 19 hours ago

    that thing is from the alien crops

  • utubere tube
    utubere tube 19 hours ago

    You sound like a homosexual

  • Clash Rori
    Clash Rori 19 hours ago

    why so many dislikes?

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago

    The like buton

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago


  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago

    This guy has to be Canadian

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago


  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago


  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago


  • Sebastian Arredondo
    Sebastian Arredondo 19 hours ago

    I see it

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago

    Is this narrator a little slow ??? Befoiiiire

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 19 hours ago

    When you start talking about Bigfoot it immediately turns everything you say to bullshit

  • Raegan Scott
    Raegan Scott 19 hours ago

    I think it was an alien

  • Travis Parker
    Travis Parker 20 hours ago

    Play speed at 0.25

  • Luke Donovan
    Luke Donovan 21 hour ago

    Number 11

  • Luke Donovan
    Luke Donovan 21 hour ago

    It is a man

  • Znibro
    Znibro 22 hours ago

    This is interesting, you don't use a text to speech translator but you still sound like one - why?

  • Danie van der Spuy
    Danie van der Spuy 22 hours ago

    Put the speed to 1.25. So much better

  • Duane Schison
    Duane Schison 22 hours ago

    And for my Last Comment... Anyone who thinks Ghosts are real ..and I do not care how professional you may claim to be. You need professional Help. Is there any of you who can move inanimate objects with your mind? ..ohhhh you can can you? seek the same professional help. Try drinking some different water for a week. ..you know what it is? tooooo much television as a toddler that sparks the imagination over the rails

  • Costa del Artlepool
    Costa del Artlepool 22 hours ago

    Love your voice but didn't like the vid, so I'm out.

  • Duane Schison
    Duane Schison 23 hours ago

    The blue lights you see flashing in 9:11 is one of those christmas projector lights look em up....the tent colony of homeless people on that old river bank was probably cleaned out one night around 3 am by the local police .

  • Duane Schison
    Duane Schison 23 hours ago

    5:04 , that is a hazmat suit and a gaga counter

    • Duane Schison
      Duane Schison 23 hours ago

      wait..that was the dude who had the drone....

  • Jake Reynolds
    Jake Reynolds 23 hours ago

    Why do you talk like that bruh

  • Mastering Thunder
    Mastering Thunder 23 hours ago

    Your voice is so creepy

  • Nick Kane
    Nick Kane 23 hours ago

    straight valley boy voice wtf

    • Nick Kane
      Nick Kane 23 hours ago

      gaggggg me with a spoon

  • Kelly Higgins
    Kelly Higgins Day ago

    Its a sacrivas

  • The Mentalist
    The Mentalist Day ago

    You sound like you have a gigantic cock shoved inside your mouth

  • LightMango
    LightMango Day ago

    Number 4 is just a shark

  • LightMango
    LightMango Day ago

    Your voice is very dark

  • Tyler Timbs
    Tyler Timbs Day ago

    I like the videos but your voice man. Why are you making it like that

  • Christinson
    Christinson Day ago

    Burger King Foot Lettuce

  • The Mind Expansion Centre

    Oh fuck that voice is impossible to listen to. Barely made it past big foot

  • Rj delacruz
    Rj delacruz Day ago

    Useful tip: mute the volume and on the captions
    You're welcome

  • Ben p
    Ben p Day ago +1

    Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen Day ago

    Welcome to the "Land of the Easily Amused!"

  • MxrcyB
    MxrcyB Day ago

    This nigga looks weird asf

  • Johny Furry The Destroyer

    Number 11
    Burger King Foot Lettuce


    The voice is more scary than the vid

  • MVmiamigo
    MVmiamigo Day ago

    Absolutely HATE the narration.....android voice of adolescent child...yuk

  • kwa kian pin
    kwa kian pin Day ago


  • janet ross
    janet ross Day ago

    Why do you sound so pissed 😡

  • Pheno 864
    Pheno 864 Day ago

    Sub say 00

  • Bears On YT
    Bears On YT Day ago

    I only watch these. I do not listen to them.

  • Maximus Dascoulias

    7 is kkk meeting no doubt

  • Art C
    Art C Day ago +4

    The narration needs much work.

  • Just T Productions

    Number sieex

  • I live in a car
    I live in a car Day ago


  • Jamie Akridge
    Jamie Akridge Day ago

    7 was kkk

  • OldPlaces
    OldPlaces Day ago

    why does the narrator talk like he just downed a hand full of stupid pills?

    • Pat Reddy
      Pat Reddy Day ago

      Because he just downed a handful of stupid pills

  • Samuel Aviles
    Samuel Aviles Day ago +1

    Bro you need to work on your broadcasting voice.

  • Chance Olson
    Chance Olson Day ago

    It is a cool video. Practice your narration voice and it will be perfect 😉 Gotta rub some salt

  • FaZeM_FI0w3R5
    FaZeM_FI0w3R5 Day ago

    I love ur vids but ur voice

  • Potato Power
    Potato Power Day ago

    Hmm maybe that “technology” was a light??!! Good guess right?

  • tatii iii
    tatii iii Day ago

    When i was little i thought drones were aome sort of trolls😂😂

  • Kristy Shanklin
    Kristy Shanklin Day ago

    Dam son how did you find this

  • Jada Carpenter
    Jada Carpenter Day ago

    Burger King foot lettuce

  • Snazzy Queen Hayden

    Justin Brown lied about the camp thing

  • Lyle Cates
    Lyle Cates Day ago +1

    wow that's 12min Im never getting back

  • ChokeCJ
    ChokeCJ Day ago

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  • Jethro Andrada
    Jethro Andrada Day ago

    Wait, what? You said number sex? Wtf