11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones


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  • Help Find Picasso
    Help Find Picasso 20 hours ago

    This wont stop being recommended to me, I never watch stuff like this.

  • kitty mom
    kitty mom 21 hour ago

    What the fuck is wrong with this dude talking? Did he for real say act she on? Instead of action... somebody throat punch this fool

  • amir
    amir 21 hour ago

    I don't enjoy ur narration

  • amir
    amir 21 hour ago

    I don't enjoy ur narration

  • Sophia Tucker
    Sophia Tucker 21 hour ago

    Non of these are scary and not everything is extraterrestrial

  • Therandomdude
    Therandomdude 21 hour ago

    7 cultists

  • D.R. Lee
    D.R. Lee 21 hour ago

    This narrator's voice drives me crazy, cannot watch the video with that mono up and down tone it was nerve racking,...😨😨

  • BossMan1250
    BossMan1250 21 hour ago

    wth - are people in capable of using their own voices these days... I can't even listen to this computer. dislike

  • shajara anacan
    shajara anacan 21 hour ago

    The one that in the field with kinda stars with the crescent moon
    Does it looks like a sigil of angels😂

  • the random
    the random 21 hour ago

    On 2 maybe they having a party

  • Luis Alejandres
    Luis Alejandres 21 hour ago

    It's funny how he didn't show the first one you have to subscribe to his thing so you can see the first fucking video it's probably some dumbass he sounds gay and retarded

  • Racoonroll
    Racoonroll 21 hour ago

    This voice makes me want to jump of a cliff

  • Illiamway Elielay
    Illiamway Elielay 21 hour ago

    I was the person flying the drone buy the clown. It was with the mavic pro 2. It was new so I did not want to loose it and the battery was low so I had to bring it back.

  • Bee Lopez
    Bee Lopez 22 hours ago

    number 8 looks like worship

  • Finn Gamer
    Finn Gamer 22 hours ago


  • James Fehr
    James Fehr 22 hours ago

    Your a horrible narrator.

  • ikkilip
    ikkilip 22 hours ago

    Jesus. Your cadence is the worst. Fuck you.

    BIGWILL65IMPALA 23 hours ago

    Voice is irritating

  • lsloan0000
    lsloan0000 23 hours ago +1

    Do you always talk like that? You sound like a stoned Canadian that constantly uses upspeak.

  • Y Brynecho
    Y Brynecho 23 hours ago

    This is just a load of BS with lousy narration. Get a life, Dude.

  • roBloX mAfF
    roBloX mAfF 23 hours ago


  • Charlotte Carlton-Moss
    Charlotte Carlton-Moss 23 hours ago

    I don't need to explain why I believe ghosts aren't real; it is YOU who needs to produce proof that they are.

  • Ashton Skyelar
    Ashton Skyelar 23 hours ago

    For number 8, I say it man made, we do have the technology for it. However it looks like a sigil of some sort so either someone is trying to fuck with everyone or possibly they actually made it think it would help their crops.

  • Jaykub Farley
    Jaykub Farley Day ago


  • Soochuri Kim
    Soochuri Kim Day ago

    Number 2 is a homeless community and the light could have been a flashlight

  • Mahmoud Abulkhair

    Burgerking foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your burgerking burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get.

  • Christina Watson

    Could not watch this to the end..his voice made me want to pull my hair out. 😮

  • iamknosound
    iamknosound Day ago

    B U L L S H I T

  • Jay len
    Jay len Day ago

    This dude sounds like he is singing!

  • gammaraider
    gammaraider Day ago

    OMG There’s a guy! And he’s standing amongst some shrubbery! In Ohio no less! OMG

  • StarLight Studio

    The signs in the fields are all made by humans, I have a video that explains the placebo effect. Also the sign in the video is made by humans because the stems are bent.
    A team to prepare the plan and the drawing. Then they ask farmers and one agrees. The team pays for the damage.
    The team wait for the night and get equipped with red light (for old see the night) and powerful spots with obviously cameras. They use two meters and boards with strings.
    They realize the drawings without leaving any traces, they make sure to minimize the traces made by humans to make believe that it comes extraterrestrials.
    They put powder to make it look like something from elsewhere.
    They are waiting for the day and the news begins to talk about it. Specialists, amateur / amateur and curious / curious come, the majority say it's extraterrestrials and others say it's human. Especially a specialist explaining in detail why it's human.
    The video is French made by French and is happening in France. We in France, we are not very stalled extraterrestrials because we are based on science.
    Besides, an exo conference explains why there will not be extraterrestrials who will come to Earth. The ex-conference is by Alexandre Astier. You find it on TVclip but paying.

  • Antoaneta Isakova

    Number 5 kinda looked like Samantha of that horror movie the rings or something like that.

  • lee knight
    lee knight Day ago

    I'll let you know what I think I think your stupid dumb voice ruined the video

  • Ich Trader
    Ich Trader Day ago

    Die deutschen Untertitel sind wohl von Stephen Hawking

  • Brandon Townsend
    Brandon Townsend Day ago +1

    The narrator is stupid as fuck

  • Lynn S
    Lynn S Day ago

    Your voice is scary why didn't u added your voice in one of the list ... 😆😆😆

  • Voodoo Ranger
    Voodoo Ranger Day ago

    Why do you talk like you're touched by god....

  • Last Game Otw
    Last Game Otw Day ago


  • BananaBoy
    BananaBoy Day ago +2

    I wont even listen to this Guy for 1 hour for 2 million

  • lia lia
    lia lia Day ago

    Number 15,burger king foot lettuce

  • Taylor Kennedy
    Taylor Kennedy Day ago

    Number one is a sign that blends in to the pole when the angle changes and you only see the profile of it

  • lia lia
    lia lia Day ago +1

    7 maybe he a professor looking for poisoned berries!?

  • Sledhead 225
    Sledhead 225 Day ago

    I hate this guys voice

  • Oliver da Cunha Kryner 7C Bavnebakkeskolen

    bruh thats not scary

  • Prince Tapfuma
    Prince Tapfuma Day ago

    was the narration also recorded by a drone?? pathetic

  • • Marrean •
    • Marrean • Day ago

    nO. sEx

  • • Marrean •
    • Marrean • Day ago

    wow no. 7 is CREEPY

  • XTS Electric
    XTS Electric Day ago

    Number 15

  • Saskatchewan12
    Saskatchewan12 Day ago

    Thats 11:59 I will never get back

  • Hi I’m Wiki :p

    At 0:58 it’s just a guy just peeing on the trees

  • FoggiestPython
    FoggiestPython Day ago

    Burger King piss nachos bro your voice makes me mad

  • James Reid
    James Reid Day ago

    Your voice scares me

  • Matthew Kimmel
    Matthew Kimmel Day ago

    The narrator's voice is the most horrific thing on this whole vid.

  • Shannon Daugherty

    OMGGGGGG!!!!! Talk freaking normal dude!

  • Renjith R
    Renjith R Day ago

    You asked for Dislike bro. All Clips are useless and none of them was scary, wasted my 12 minutes.

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey Day ago

    I don't like synthetic voice overs they are really insufferable but for your voice it would be a welcoming adaptation cause your voice is like a carot greater to the ear drums both sides wrecked oouch oouch

  • Timtomas Domogma

    Your voice like gay

  • Unknown Anonymous

    Number sex

  • Kirsty B
    Kirsty B Day ago

    Stupid video.

  • I'm Hungry
    I'm Hungry Day ago

    R u depressed?

  • Jacob Daniel
    Jacob Daniel Day ago

    your voice hurts my insides

  • Todd Roy
    Todd Roy Day ago

    oh my god....this guys voice is irritating

  • Sebastien Russell

    Not sure how a dude in a tractor is scary.. but that narration .. now that's scary.

  • Shameena Skys
    Shameena Skys Day ago

    Why every one is blaming his sound. I dont found it creepy.

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Day ago

    The thing that de materialise it just hid behind behind the light

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Day ago

    And you call that clown running at full speed I can run faster bro

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Day ago

    And with that "witch" she was taking off a hoodie

  • dylan alberts
    dylan alberts Day ago

    it's just his voice.

  • dylan alberts
    dylan alberts Day ago

    all of you are low lives.

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Day ago


  • Blue PlushieCookie

    Whos watching while looking at the comments because they're scared

  • Jacob Vangchhia
    Jacob Vangchhia Day ago

    I was hoping this to be exciting but then his voice made me pause.

  • Get On Our Level Bitch

    The whole video I had the speed up to 1.25

  • puneet Kumar
    puneet Kumar Day ago

    Some one pee there

  • Get On Our Level Bitch

    What is wrong with your voice
    Take some pills

  • Elias Mathusalem

    soyboy voice

  • SodaPop Gen
    SodaPop Gen Day ago

    You somehow managed to make this video less about cryptids and more about your weird fuckin voice. I hate you

  • Rudiclesze 420
    Rudiclesze 420 Day ago

    Omg this guys voice again -_-

  • Luke Stinnett
    Luke Stinnett Day ago

    The voice makes this almost unbearable

  • ele fish
    ele fish Day ago

    Number 8 Pokémon moon

    • ele fish
      ele fish Day ago

      And also five point star

  • Puppy wants to hit 1000 subscribers

    My man sounds like a drunk dude, and high as fuck

  • Dan Dalandan
    Dan Dalandan Day ago

    in every videos that you'd made id always got excited everytime number seven ends because i knew what is coming the number SEX ,id always wait for you to pronounce it.. deym...

  • luther donselaar
    luther donselaar Day ago +1

    omg this is stupid all those ufo's and stuff are probs just birds theres like a ninety nine point nine nine nine percent chance its a not a ufo

  • TeEr EXCLU channelz

    Number7 I think it is ET

  • Annika Fuller
    Annika Fuller Day ago

    I think that Eric guy should of done that

  • Mark Daen
    Mark Daen Day ago +1

    Number 15.......

  • Mud-Lust
    Mud-Lust Day ago +1

    how in the actual fuck do you have 2.5M subscibers

  • carrie mccoy
    carrie mccoy Day ago +1

    Oh my gosh some your stuff is so stupid clearly in the Drone video of Bigfoot is that Bigfoot that look like a person I didn't see anything in that other one besides would look like maybe a malfunction of some sort and people do that stuff to their crops all the time so come on are you like stupid or something

    • Malakai Brown
      Malakai Brown Day ago

      He doesnt realise there is something called a prank

  • YouTube Family
    YouTube Family Day ago

    i dont like the way you speak im not trying to be mean

  • Lan Bon
    Lan Bon Day ago

    his voice is so hawt

  • SmolKatStalker of 2018

    Sorry i got lost while looking for food

  • SlippyStingray
    SlippyStingray Day ago

    Ur the foot lettuce guy

  • bbyjungoo
    bbyjungoo Day ago

    he sounds like the burger king foot lettuce guy

  • McKnight
    McKnight Day ago +1

    That tractor guy is a hero and it isn’t really scary. More admirable

  • NathanGChannel
    NathanGChannel Day ago

    Are you retarded?

  • Brandon Perry
    Brandon Perry Day ago

    Like your videos..... But I can't deal with your voice.. the way you talk makes me want to just... Punch a baby

  • John Snow
    John Snow Day ago

    This audio combined with the music is scarrier than the whole video

  • Tiger 16
    Tiger 16 Day ago +1

    On number 1 the picture is so blurry the guy could have been right behind the streetlight,

  • biggingeririshballs

    o dear God what is that voice. please stop