11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones


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    • Timothée HAYES
      Timothée HAYES Month ago

      Chills, ignore the negativity. Besides, you are a hottie. They are jealous.

    • abigsass25
      abigsass25 Month ago

      Your voice is so weird talk your age

    • Señora de Mendoza
      Señora de Mendoza Month ago

      Darel Denton Look up John Wayne Gacy & see for yourself. 🤡👦

  • Love Juzeo
    Love Juzeo 19 hours ago

    God your voice sucks this is unwatchable...
    72 million views ...

  • Tracy Philip
    Tracy Philip 19 hours ago

    I can’t stand your voice DAMN!!!!

  • Charlotta Persson
    Charlotta Persson 20 hours ago

    läskiga saker med förfalskningar

  • Immy Lula
    Immy Lula 21 hour ago

    The narration 😲

  • craziezombies90
    craziezombies90 21 hour ago

    Just talk normal.

  • aalam18 saini
    aalam18 saini 21 hour ago

    I have the same thing in my backyard and it said its me The devil bye I'm just scared now

  • Snazzy Dazzy
    Snazzy Dazzy 21 hour ago

    Number 15. This video sucks.

  • khatrina beltran
    khatrina beltran 22 hours ago

    Why in the world do you have to speak that way??? It's so tiring and so so annoying 😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯

  • VintageTwinkies
    VintageTwinkies 22 hours ago

    Most of these are just dude trying to take a piss

  • VintageTwinkies
    VintageTwinkies 22 hours ago +1

    * b u r g e r k i n g f o o t l e t t u c e*

  • VintageTwinkies
    VintageTwinkies 22 hours ago +1

    With the first one i was
    *”that ain’t no creature or big foot, that just a hunter taking a piss”*

  • Fitn' 2 Grub
    Fitn' 2 Grub 22 hours ago

    Wow.. very cool video.. niceeeee 😃

  • Ken Rubenstein
    Ken Rubenstein 23 hours ago

    why must you sound like a prepubescent robot suffering from severe autism??????? WHY?!!!!!!!

  • DogeKingChris
    DogeKingChris 23 hours ago

    number 8 MANMADE

  • t o
    t o Day ago

    IT'S look like metatronscib

  • Mathieu Benoit
    Mathieu Benoit Day ago

    Ça prove rien

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker Day ago

    Legitimately aggravated at his tone

  • Clent Joseph
    Clent Joseph Day ago

    Comments about the video footage - 2%
    Comments about how annoying/depressing the narration is - 98%

  • I is pwabwo
    I is pwabwo Day ago

    Number1 they are literally hiding behind the pole

  • Claudia chavez
    Claudia chavez Day ago

    Are you a robot

  • Tina Quantick
    Tina Quantick Day ago

    George run it's a drone

  • Unknown Woman Species


  • Lori Greene
    Lori Greene Day ago

    Dude, I couldn't even get through the whole video because of the narration.

  • Migdalia Torres
    Migdalia Torres Day ago

    1.25 btw

  • Guy McRandomname

    Comments section:
    85% complaining about the narrator's voice
    10% theories about the things in the video
    5% saying his voice is fine

  • Zoey Pena hq&
    Zoey Pena hq& Day ago

    His voice makes this way more creepy

  • Im- Sythh
    Im- Sythh Day ago

    2:35 it’s called a bird

  • Dan Wendt
    Dan Wendt Day ago

    Speculation and conjecture with a helping of delusion .

  • MMr.Ramen nooodles

    Unplug your nose bro

  • peter lozada
    peter lozada Day ago

    First time talking???

  • Josephine Tapija

    Number 9 is a BIRD!!!!!!! LOL

  • Elyse Coutu
    Elyse Coutu Day ago

    Who doesn't have his voice?

  • Dylan Lyster
    Dylan Lyster Day ago

    For no.2 the blue light could be a beacon like on a tractor my dad has lots and thy act similar

  • ChanChan The Magic Mattress

    Burger King foot lettuce guy?

  • Luca Rado
    Luca Rado Day ago

    I'm sorry bud yr voice is ####### annoying

  • Fun Random ness
    Fun Random ness Day ago

    At number eleven I saw a person

  • Mikayla Stringer

    Is this burgerking foot lettuce guy??

  • saintdeathangel
    saintdeathangel Day ago

    Why is this dude talking like he ate a Scooby snack packed full of weed?🙄

  • diego soto
    diego soto Day ago

    its a bigfoot

  • Captains Call
    Captains Call Day ago

    I made it to #8 and then realized I was pounding my head against a wall

  • Aditya Agustian
    Aditya Agustian Day ago

    Narration voice like emo band songs.
    Respect -

  • Riserd Kolaj
    Riserd Kolaj Day ago


  • Madison Armbright

    on number 7 he puled out some type of rifle

  • Tom M
    Tom M Day ago

    I cannot stand to hear this guys voice again...

  • Ashtyr
    Ashtyr Day ago

    These would be better videos if someone else was speaking. Not to be mean, but his voice is annoying. Lol

  • Nazaneen Nazari (785NazNaza)


  • haha nibor
    haha nibor Day ago

    Last video that's you

  • Nicholas Dunkle
    Nicholas Dunkle Day ago

    You need to have someone else narrate. Your voice is sooooo Annoying

  • Brian Suhr
    Brian Suhr Day ago

    The voice is unreal on this guy i can't stand it. It makes me violent inside lol.

  • Kevin Kuruvilla
    Kevin Kuruvilla Day ago

    how tf are these even scary ?

  • Amanda White
    Amanda White Day ago

    The cops are from aliens

  • Emilio Palmqvist Lindeqvist 7A

    weird voice

  • Peyton Zaragosa
    Peyton Zaragosa Day ago

    That my mom in the forest

  • potato boi
    potato boi Day ago

    this bigfoot has put his feet in the burger king foot lettuce

  • Ayaana Brown
    Ayaana Brown Day ago

    8:22 the way this man dashed🤣🤣🤣

  • InCube
    InCube Day ago

    5:05 "Shouldn't be here this deep in the woods".... literally at the edge of woods like 2 meters deep. FFS

  • Samantha Reeve
    Samantha Reeve Day ago

    Your videos are great but your voice is super annoying and creepy!
    You actually sound as if you are a bit slow or something...
    Try using some more emotion.... care about whatever you are speaking about dude! FEELINGS! 👏

  • MissFireBox
    MissFireBox Day ago

    Get another narrator so I can enjoy this.

  • Debera Lund
    Debera Lund Day ago

    BTW- would you like to take V.O. lessons? I teach. You need.

  • Jay Lewis
    Jay Lewis Day ago

    I think this voice is pretty cool for this type of video...lol...makes it creepy even if the content is not

  • Christina MacDonald

    8from fortnite

  • Rahsaan Green jr

    Bruh these comments😂😂😂

  • gerald gabad
    gerald gabad Day ago

    at number 7 sadako's tribe.

  • Kara Lempert
    Kara Lempert Day ago

    Would have loved the rest of the video but the voice is torture

  • Julian Vega
    Julian Vega Day ago

    1. Jake Paul's "Everyday Day, Bro"

  • An Internet user that could be anyone

    Your voice sounds like becky with a deep voice changer

  • Tiny_ Niix
    Tiny_ Niix Day ago

    Okay with no.3 either it was set up or it was one of the clowns that chase you. It happened to me and a friend. We were on my uncles farm and one snuck through the fence to chase us. Luckily he was nice and after he saw how terrified we were he said sorry.

  • Tiny_ Niix
    Tiny_ Niix Day ago

    No.8 lmfao that was most definitely a farmer, I mean did you see the streak as if they left.

  • Tiny_ Niix
    Tiny_ Niix Day ago


  • Jacey Evans
    Jacey Evans Day ago +1

    God that voice

  • Kyhm Pajar
    Kyhm Pajar Day ago

    Annoying voice

  • Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler Day ago


  • Trevor Wight
    Trevor Wight Day ago

    In the number one video the person just walks behind the street lamp I think


    I just gotta mute the commentary. His voice is annoying AF.

  • Default Dance
    Default Dance Day ago

    bruh, i can clearly see the guy standing beside the street lamp, he blends in

  • MadHacker YT
    MadHacker YT Day ago

    8th one is way to perfect to be made by humans

  • Hungermemes Gaming


  • Muhammed Naufal
    Muhammed Naufal Day ago +1

    please do something with your voice. great video btw, minus the narration voice

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie Day ago

    #2 looks like a rainbow family camp.

    DEFAULTY BOI Day ago

    *why does this have so many dislikes?????????????????*

  • Daniel Bente
    Daniel Bente Day ago

    Bro.. Your voice makes me want to cute my ears off and shove ice picks in my ear drums

  • Damian Johnston
    Damian Johnston Day ago

    I like to smell trees

  • Ted Entz
    Ted Entz Day ago

    Alright video but the narrorator sucks

  • Lynette Williamson

    Sorry Dillan your voice is a turn off

  • brocolli potato
    brocolli potato Day ago

    WhY Do yOu TAlk WiTh ThiS iNtonAtioN??
    Your intonation is annoying :(

  • Patrick Bak
    Patrick Bak Day ago +1

    Bro your voice... holy mann

  • best duks
    best duks Day ago

    Dude was high

  • Jasiv Garaper
    Jasiv Garaper Day ago

    Scary narration

  • Herminia Metran
    Herminia Metran 2 days ago +1

    Dude u talk funny lols

  • Purrito Kitty
    Purrito Kitty 2 days ago

    number two is a homeless camp

  • Purrito Kitty
    Purrito Kitty 2 days ago

    the first on is a bear

  • Cøokie Sama
    Cøokie Sama 2 days ago

    *Your voice is scarier part.*

  • PopTart Kittenz
    PopTart Kittenz 2 days ago

    guys relax, its just a hobo!

  • kBLOX YT
    kBLOX YT 2 days ago +2

    Why are u so depressed

  • María Castro
    María Castro 2 days ago

    l like the vedeos do the good vedeos.

  • Ghost in the Robot
    Ghost in the Robot 2 days ago

    Kawaii Leonard got a damn YouYube channel now!!!

  • Ritik Khilnani
    Ritik Khilnani 2 days ago

    *think about this in the narrators voice* I. Was flying my drone. In the woods. When. I saw. Some burgers. So I went. To Burger King. And asked for some foot lettuce.

  • Marie Camille
    Marie Camille 2 days ago

    you sound like you hang out with way too many teenage girls.

  • Vika R
    Vika R 2 days ago

    I think some lost person in the midlle of nowhere..in his mind..