I Accidentally Became Famous In Another Country

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
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    Traditional Boat in St.Julians, Malta
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    McDonald's Earnings Fall Over Mad Cow Scare
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    President Obama Returns To The White House
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    White House
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Comments: 6 911

  • Kayla X Galea
    Kayla X Galea 4 hours ago

    Omg.Just saw this story and soooo soooo happy because I'm from Malta and Malta is not a really popular country. I'm very happy that finally someone mentioned it ❤

  • Alejandra Calvillo
    Alejandra Calvillo 13 hours ago

    WHO WAS THE GUY SHE HAD LUNCH WITH??? was heeee the new prime minister or wha

  • Amy O'Connor
    Amy O'Connor 20 hours ago

    Can anyone else see the smudge on the lens? #photographerproblems

  • PixelBox 21
    PixelBox 21 20 hours ago

    I actually live in Malta and it's true, it is very beautiful but I don't think it is underrated as it is one of the most toured country/island anywhere in the world. I would highly recommend people to visit malta.

  • DamonAndJo
    DamonAndJo 20 hours ago

    Such a great story teller 👏🏼👏🏾👏🏼👏🏾👏🏼👏🏾

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 23 hours ago

    It's the butterfly effect

  • Nur Afiqah
    Nur Afiqah Day ago

    help, my cheeks cramped from smiling too much xD

  • ColonicGerm 537
    ColonicGerm 537 Day ago

    Who else can't unsee that wee spot thing on the camera lense

  • Casey Kiriona
    Casey Kiriona Day ago

    my mother inlaw is named after malta :)

  • calvins vlogs
    calvins vlogs 2 days ago

    When in doubt think of oatmeal

  • A E O N' S C H I L D


  • rodrigo san roman
    rodrigo san roman 2 days ago

    half of the comments is how people are angry she said Europe is grey. other half what if she did not eat oatmeal/ ate something else. Just saved you a lot of time

  • rodrigo san roman
    rodrigo san roman 2 days ago

    There is a spot in the middle of the camera. I can not stop looking at it.

  • Chi Chung 정치영
    Chi Chung 정치영 2 days ago

    what a great story.

  • bianca poyser
    bianca poyser 2 days ago

    I checked my change purse and I realized that I’m broke enough to have a change purse. So that’s how I got here.

  • Chloe Nosrat
    Chloe Nosrat 2 days ago

    It all happened because you ate oatmeal that morning

  • hannah 01
    hannah 01 2 days ago

    yet again, another American with no understanding about any country that isn't America.

  • Jmmanuel Meier
    Jmmanuel Meier 2 days ago

    Cant stand this b*tch... So egocentric

  • aaa
    aaa 3 days ago

    I read the BuzzFeed article after watching this. It is indeed very annoyingly half-assed lol... But I think, or hope, the standards for BuzzFeed articles have improved since then.

  • Hannah Helvang
    Hannah Helvang 3 days ago +1

    *goes to google*
    *type in search*
    “What we found on small country’s you didn’t know existed”

  • Megan Hughes
    Megan Hughes 3 days ago

    My family live in Malta and it's really amazing!

  • NyxWanders
    NyxWanders 3 days ago

    When Europeans act like all of Americans are morons and end up getting butthurt because one woman calls Europe "grey." Dramatic much?

  • alacarteno
    alacarteno 3 days ago

    oh what i didn't expect her to have a boyfriend

  • Jennifer Currier
    Jennifer Currier 3 days ago

    I just loved this. Ignore the haters (hey friends: "all of Europe is dreary and grey" was a hyperbole, meant for comedic effect. Just like, I'm sure, "all Americans are ignorant" is a common one over yonder) because this is what I aspire to--accidental fame, preferably in the Mediterranean. GREECE I'VE BEEN WRITING ABOUT YOU.

  • Will Fieldsend
    Will Fieldsend 3 days ago

    OH MY GOD!!! Clean the camera lens. The mark on her face is soooo annoying.

  • MindTech
    MindTech 4 days ago


  • Bernard Hollands
    Bernard Hollands 5 days ago

    "dreary and grey like most of Europe" well she clearly has not been to Tullamore in Co.Offaly before pfft

  • E Sell
    E Sell 5 days ago

    This just made my day. Providence is always in play. Always.

  • Ella Cauchi
    Ella Cauchi 6 days ago

    I from and live in Malta. Malta is not just in Europe bu it's a Mediterranean country. Mediterranean countries are sunny with blue skies not grey accept on rainy day. We even have beautiful sunny days with blue skies in winter when it's cold. Americans think that Europe is one large country where it is all the same....same culture too everywhere . Americans needs to learn geography.

  • Rebecca Darmanin
    Rebecca Darmanin 6 days ago

    omggg i already saw this video haha but i just want to say that hey im from malta and its true we arent really known around the world and this video is so amazing thank you so so much!!

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle 6 days ago

    This was actually soooo interesting like. Wow.

  • Rey B
    Rey B 6 days ago +2

    So let me get this straight. She made an article praising and recommending a country she's never been?....talk about fake news.

  • gabby 844
    gabby 844 7 days ago

    OMG IM FROM MALTA lol. hope you liked it.

  • FeñaMusic
    FeñaMusic 7 days ago

    Wow... this is a gooooooooood story

  • Luke Zahra
    Luke Zahra 7 days ago

    Wait, do you by any chance know how to speak Maltese

  • malt sseser
    malt sseser 9 days ago

    Malta has become the jealousy of all European citizens.

  • Thunder Tom05
    Thunder Tom05 10 days ago

    Yay i live in Malta

  • Mills Obb
    Mills Obb 11 days ago

    My mum lived in Malta when she was a teenager

  • Sinra MC Pattiasina
    Sinra MC Pattiasina 11 days ago

    I'll go to Malta one day!!

  • Daniel Agius
    Daniel Agius 12 days ago

    Hello, im maltese, its true we have more sunshine than most of the other european countries, but we never saw such greenery and beauty of forests and mountains, lakes and rivers. Malta and the other countries are unted together. Thats what i like the most about Europe.

  • wanna_be artist
    wanna_be artist 13 days ago

    "dreary and gray like most of Europe"...jee...thanks. Do all Americans think that?

  • Not so good Russian Gamer.

    It's never "better" when buzzfeed was a thing.

  • peresso _
    peresso _ 14 days ago

    Buzzfeed please leave us alone thx

  • Ricardo vernaza zuñiga


  • ZayTube
    ZayTube 15 days ago

    I wanna try this now

  • Anouschka Vella
    Anouschka Vella 15 days ago

    I am Maltese too and Malta is a small but really nice country so more people should visit Malta

  • Toughcrazy123 MSP
    Toughcrazy123 MSP 15 days ago

    Well... Time to search up underrated countries, make an info page about it and BAM get famous there
    Edit: jokes

  • Miranda Dove
    Miranda Dove 15 days ago


  • Matthew Farrugia
    Matthew Farrugia 16 days ago

    Even i am maltese

  • DAPUNCHGUY Da boss
    DAPUNCHGUY Da boss 16 days ago

    I bet everyone is trying to get famous in a different country 😂

  • Isabella jellison
    Isabella jellison 16 days ago

    June 18 is my birthday yay it was included

  • Nicks GamingSide
    Nicks GamingSide 17 days ago

    i thought u were going to say
    the only reason i got famous was because of a bowl of oatmeal

  • Jennifer Blanco
    Jennifer Blanco 18 days ago

    What if she ate a granola bar for breakfast instead of oatmeal?🤔

  • Pahola RT
    Pahola RT 18 days ago

    America is not conformed only by the USA, America is a whole continent.

  • José Barbosa
    José Barbosa 18 days ago

    The tittle says “became” and at the beginning she said “almost” wow

  • Nishi Seesurn
    Nishi Seesurn 18 days ago

    Maaaan this is awesome 😂😂😂

  • The UniTella
    The UniTella 19 days ago


  • Hydras Farbror
    Hydras Farbror 19 days ago

    I still get mad when she said that Europe is grey. It have more beautiful nature then USA.

  • Arlee Pettitt
    Arlee Pettitt 19 days ago

    So who was Chris then

  • Nathan Peterson
    Nathan Peterson 19 days ago

    fidget spinners where a thing in 2014 but it just wasn't as popular

  • rachael hensley
    rachael hensley 19 days ago +1

    Dude, All the Americans in the comments are just trying to be nice and defend their country and agree that this country is pretty and all the Europeans are offended because one girl said it rains there more often than it does here so they are taking it out on Americans by saying that they are uneducated. I don't know man, I would take not knowing the weather in another country over living in it, if it were full of those sour, hypocritical attitudes. You should not be mad at someone for generalizing and then generalize a single country that is the size of Every country in Europe. That is an awful lot of people to generalize, and then you have to take in the fact that many Americans are not originally from America...

  • Noodle Dragon
    Noodle Dragon 19 days ago


  • Marina
    Marina 19 days ago

    90% of the comments are people mad at all Americans .. yikes 😬

  • Glitter Bananas
    Glitter Bananas 19 days ago

    "All because, I didn't know what to write for work that day" no, it's because you had oatmeal for breakfast!

  • Enchanted
    Enchanted 19 days ago

    So the prime minister has to start a crowdfunding campaign because he can't aford to get you to malta himself? I call bs

  • MrSmellyFoot
    MrSmellyFoot 19 days ago

    I'm from Malta 🇲🇹

  • Rome Blanchard
    Rome Blanchard 20 days ago

    This proves that some americans (other nationalities) needs to know more about geography.

  • grinmark Jon
    grinmark Jon 20 days ago

    Write something about Latvia please! Actually i was born in 18 june.😅

  • Poopy Pants
    Poopy Pants 20 days ago +1

    Im gonna do what she did

  • Chekmark 1
    Chekmark 1 20 days ago

    June 18th is my birtdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • Felix eRroR
    Felix eRroR 20 days ago +1

    Lol when she says Europe is all black and white and foggy and stuff yet Spain, France, Italy

  • teekay nhla
    teekay nhla 20 days ago


  • Loresk Canada
    Loresk Canada 20 days ago

    I really liked this buzzfeed video

  • Erick Singer
    Erick Singer 21 day ago

    What's that white thing at the center of the video? Is that a lint on the lens or something / due to post-production?

  • SeeMann
    SeeMann 21 day ago


  • Samantha Scardino
    Samantha Scardino 21 day ago +1

    Reply to my comment with what state/country you live in. (Or you don’t have to)
    I’m from California🌴🦋☀️

  • Quite the spicy Memé

    Take a shot every time she says Malta

  • rawdps
    rawdps 22 days ago

    I was scratching my screen cuz I thought there was something on it. It appears to be a smudge on the lens or some light thingy

  • abby casteris
    abby casteris 22 days ago

    I'm an American and I HATE how little I and most American know about the rest of the world it legitimately annoys me that we don't have to learn about other countries in school

  • featherqueen31
    featherqueen31 22 days ago

    I mean, this place looked like an iPhone background!

  • aa jaaa
    aa jaaa 22 days ago

    Saying that Europe is gray and rainy is offending me plz say that you are sorry

  • alwayscathryn
    alwayscathryn 22 days ago

    Omg! That’s where Malteses come from!!!!

  • Ambra Keegan
    Ambra Keegan 22 days ago

    malta is fully one of the most common holiday destinations in the UK

  • Pink Kawaii Puppy
    Pink Kawaii Puppy 22 days ago

    imagine if this was made into a short commercial advertisement for oatmeal

  • Donald J.Trump
    Donald J.Trump 22 days ago

    The cannons are empty

  • Donald J.Trump
    Donald J.Trump 22 days ago +1

    Jien nghix f'malta

  • Dans Parodys
    Dans Parodys 23 days ago

    Europe is quality.

  • Starblaev Doll
    Starblaev Doll 23 days ago

    This is the weirdest story I’ve ever heard

  • vik
    vik 23 days ago


  • Uchiha Avenger
    Uchiha Avenger 23 days ago +1

    Europe is dreary and grey? Girl you do realise the UK isn't the only country in Europe? 😭😭😐

  • Annika Elstermann
    Annika Elstermann 23 days ago

    "What is Malta?" Oh man.

  • 3zk1I_
    3zk1I_ 23 days ago

    Did she... just call europe... GRAY? (grey)

  • Mudkip
    Mudkip 23 days ago


  • Jesslyn Carissa
    Jesslyn Carissa 23 days ago +1

    June 18 is my birthday

  • hannah
    hannah 23 days ago

    Find me a comment that’s not about how she said Europe is dreary and grey and not about oatmeal

  • Aiden Hein
    Aiden Hein 23 days ago

    She Says: The Day Was June 18 2014
    Me: that's My Birthday! I Was Seven By Then!

    TRILL 23 days ago


  • Iven Azzopardi
    Iven Azzopardi 24 days ago

    Come on malta lets be famous

  • Graces Logic
    Graces Logic 24 days ago

    "Dreary and grey like most of Europe?" Are you kidding me. Have you ever seen Italy, or Spain, or Sweden? Sort out your mess of a country before insulting an entire continent you know nothing about. Or just shoot something, you guys are good at that.

  • ruby
    ruby 24 days ago