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  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
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    I like you all so much that I'm doing a Backpack Giveaway!
    Enter Now to Win and Good Luck!
    Also, Stay Tuned for The Final Word Review of the AmazonBasics 55L Pack. ;D
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  5 months ago +21

    Good Luck everyone, thank you all for entering.
    Btw, next week I will announce the winners of the Fenix Lanterns!
    Have a great weekend!
    - Luke

    • João Rabaça Teixeira
      João Rabaça Teixeira 4 months ago

      I'm looking forward to see if there is something shipping to Portugal :D

    • Ryan Heath
      Ryan Heath 4 months ago

      hey Luke! when are you announcing the winner for the backpack?

    • Wolf Pack
      Wolf Pack 5 months ago

      A good idea for a video in the future would be taking three of my opinion very good and reliable packs the 3Day molle II assault pack the molle II ACU medium pack and the ACU molle II large rucksack you could do a comparison video on which of these three would be the best as far as comfort mobility cost and how well they hold up out of the three of them thanks for all your great working reviews

    • Wander Paul
      Wander Paul 5 months ago

      Keep up the good work Luke. I love watching all your reviews. Greetings from Philippines.

    • Hiker Yoga
      Hiker Yoga 5 months ago

      Love your channel

  • John Hertzog
    John Hertzog 3 months ago

    Pretty much any of the AT .unfortunately I don't have any knowledge of the other parts of the country.Anyway Have fun and enjoy.

  • Suncoast Streetbob
    Suncoast Streetbob 3 months ago +1

    The Florida Trail

  • Betty Mead
    Betty Mead 3 months ago

    Red river gorge Ky. Thanks for the chance.

  • Miguel Valentin
    Miguel Valentin 4 months ago

    My favorite hiking trail is any one that I can get a chance to hike since I don't get to go out much anyway due to my wife's medical issues.

  • Love2Wander
    Love2Wander 4 months ago

    Anything in Joshua tree national park hke&ride trail.

  • Frederick Fichman
    Frederick Fichman 4 months ago

    I know it is quite a long way from where you live...but...if you ever come to the Tucson area, trying any one of the great trails up to Mt. Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains. Mt. Lemmon sits at 9,100 ft. in elevation. It can get up to 180 inches, not a typo, of snow at the peak. Yikes, this is Southern Arizona. But the hike is alpine and during the non-winter months plenty of wildlife: bobcats, a bear or two, and maybe even a mountain lion. So pack some repellant and some heat, if you know what I mean. Enjoy your channel and each new episode. Thank you for doing the work to bring it to us.

  • Nunpuia Ralte
    Nunpuia Ralte 4 months ago

    You must come here in Mizoram, the small corner of India

  • Rob Blake
    Rob Blake 4 months ago

    I'd like to see you do a video on hiking the 100 mile wilderness trail AT) in Maine.

  • Christopher Hellenstierna
    Christopher Hellenstierna 4 months ago +1

    , SWEDEN
    Höga Kustenleden (The High Coast Trail) is a 128 kilometer long hike that is divided into a total of 13 stages. The division is made to make it easier for you to plan your hike along the trail as each stage has at least one overnight accommodation under cover. It can be your basic rest cabin, campsite, boarding houses, holiday villages or hotels. The stages are also made so that you can get to each stage's start and finish by car. However, it is not possible to park at all places. No other place in the world can you experience the unique combination of coastal mountains, steep cliffs, rolling green valleys and a shimmering coast. In November 2000, the High Coast was brought up on the UNESCO's unique list of World Heritage Sites. Another plus is that you will be able to visit "Fjällräven" in Örnsköldsvik, being that you loved their hat. ;-)

  • Real Desjardins
    Real Desjardins 5 months ago

    Here is another trail about 500 klm and in Europe, more specific the Pyrennees. attach is a link that give you an overlook. I worked in the area for about a year and fell in love with those mountain, the small village. the gites (inn in the mountain) the sheppard the animal. there you can camp, or live in one of those gites or eat at the gites and sleep outside in your tent. For me it is a paradise of beauty and tranquility and hugeness unspoiled beauty. If you ever decide to go there I would even accompany you on the trail but you need 6 weeks to croos it all. Let me know.

  • Jessie Kongelf
    Jessie Kongelf 5 months ago

    I hope this giveaway is still going on!
    If you’re ever up in Montana, I highly recommend the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park. It can get a little crowded during peak season, but 100% worth the views.

  • Chris Finn
    Chris Finn 5 months ago

    Head to Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada and hike the Juan de Fuca or North Coast Trail. Cheers!

  • Sally Newman
    Sally Newman 5 months ago

    Angel's Rest in Oregon!

  • Marc Rosbourgh
    Marc Rosbourgh 5 months ago

    Pine Mountain, Ga.

  • TheTahoeJohn
    TheTahoeJohn 5 months ago

    Luke, if you are looking for the hike of a life time, try the Tahoe Rim Trail. I know it is in no way close to where you are, but the views are among the greatest in the world.

  • Brad Ware
    Brad Ware 5 months ago

    I hope I'm not too late for the give away! If I am, oh well...
    I'm really wanting to go hit the Ozark Highlands Trail in a few weeks for a section hike...not ready to try a through hike of it just yet, but...who knows.

  • kyle pruett
    kyle pruett 5 months ago

    Thank you for doing this, have you ever checked out the Upper Peninsula of Michigan? It's a beautiful place with many places to camp

  • Ronda Kennedy
    Ronda Kennedy 5 months ago

    Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas is one of our favorites. Living in Louisiana, we have so much flat land, but just a short drive into Arkansas transforms the landscape for us. They have a hike down to a waterfall that is just beautiful. Thanks for the great reviews!

  • Robert Wallman
    Robert Wallman 5 months ago

    I wish you could make a paddle trip with kayak so I can get inspiration how and what I should pack nerjaga and my family should give us off on our next trip. Please visit sweden a small swirling river or a roaring river I would rest see you explore

  • Lucky Hiker
    Lucky Hiker 5 months ago

    Isle Royale in Michigan. . .but only if you want to bed down hearing the wolves howling! Seriously, it is great and I know you’ll love it.

    ONETIME OUTDOORS Dj 5 months ago

    That's very awesome of You Luke thank you for the great opportunity I can only recommend some of the trails I've been on and that is the Appalachian Trail and the C&O canal Trail I would love to do more Trails but I don't have the money to really travel but they are both good trails thank you and good luck to everyone

  • ThePelaajapoika50
    ThePelaajapoika50 5 months ago

    The Finnish hike trails are great. Greetings from Tampere, Finland!

  • Samuel Bodden
    Samuel Bodden 5 months ago

    Hello Luke, first thank u so much for all that u do. I am a recovering drug addict who has found strength in the outdoors as well as memories of camping and journeys of my childhood. You have helped me so many times to just take a trip or have a small adventure, instead of getting high....
    Again u r AWESOME and thank u for the positive and honorable energy u spread.
    I would REALLY love that pack so I suggest u guys try the bird trials in Silsbee TEXAS.
    S. Bodden...

  • Bluey Black
    Bluey Black 5 months ago

    The Wind Rivers in Wyoming! Very pretty

  • Saved4NewLife
    Saved4NewLife 5 months ago

    Would love to see more of the AT. I am from the Shenandoah valley in VA and feel that the AT has so much to offer spanning such a large area. Maybe you can do some of the trail further up north now that the weather is changing.

  • Derek small
    Derek small 5 months ago

    The AT in PA is very nice! Thanks for the chance!

  • The Politically Incorrect Old Guy

    Table rock state park to the top and sleep on the bals

  • Rathwulven Bushcraft
    Rathwulven Bushcraft 5 months ago

    Well I still am kind of in love with the Wicklow Way in Ireland, check it out (there is some footage on my channel on that in case anyone is interested). :)
    Good luck to all other participants, I am also entering :)

  • Benjamin Bryant
    Benjamin Bryant 5 months ago

    Wallowa, Oregon. It brings back memories of a hike we had in Boy Scouts. Great place to hike and camp overnight. Hike to Aneroid Lake.

  • Ashlyn Posiak
    Ashlyn Posiak 5 months ago

    Zirkel wilderness here in Steamboat Springs! Lots of mountains, fun people and hot springs! :)

  • Chris Ford
    Chris Ford 5 months ago

    Mist trail! Yosemite National Park, I read it snakes through along two waterfalls! Vernal fall and the Nevada fall! It’s sounds amazing!

  • AdirondackBackWoods
    AdirondackBackWoods 5 months ago

    I agree the Adirondack mountains have quite a few awesome and beautiful trails, to pick one would almost be impossible.
    the views are one of a kind.
    good luck to everyone

  • Bee Gee
    Bee Gee 5 months ago

    Do Angel's landing in Zion national park Utah

  • J Selsor
    J Selsor 5 months ago

    Missouri has great hiking

  • sharon m
    sharon m 5 months ago

    I live in Trinidad and Tobago my favorite trail here is the Rio Seco falls in Matura in Trinidad but I would like to see you do any trail in Yellow Stone Park. But otherwise I enjoy any b trail you decide to do as I live in a different country. ☺

  • Ty Cole
    Ty Cole 5 months ago

    Great review! I'm glad you don't pull punches! (And the give away of a replacement pack is notable.) If you get to Oregon, the South Sisters hike near Bend is my favorite. Plus, it has Oregon's highest lake at the top! Can't wait to see what you think.

  • Bushwhacked Survivor
    Bushwhacked Survivor 5 months ago

    One of the most challenging hikes for me was Three Ridges in Virginia. Part Appalachian trail part Mulpin trail. Great views, nice camping areas. Watch out for rattle snakes though. I see one just about every time I go during warmer weather. I have not been to the summit for a while. Cancer keeps me limited on what I can do, but if your looking for a very challenging hike Three Ridges is calling for Luke and Susan. 14 mile loop. Blessings.

  • Joe Patterson
    Joe Patterson 5 months ago

    Hike Mt. St. Helens. 40 years later and the blast zone is still amazing to behold.

  • atv&hunting
    atv&hunting 5 months ago

    rockwood state park in morrison llinois.

  • Larry's Outdoors
    Larry's Outdoors 5 months ago

    Hike the unitas in utah

  • Montana Sasquatch
    Montana Sasquatch 5 months ago

    Living in Montana, it may be to far from you, but I would recommend the Highline trail in Glacier National Park. It has awesome views, but be sure to bring your bear spray!! By the way, have you ever had a Bigfoot encounter??? ;)

  • Hawkgazer Acres
    Hawkgazer Acres 5 months ago

    Long Trail / Appalachian Trail Loop.....Vermont. Killington section in a winter snow storm. Awesome!
    Thanks for all the great info.

  • SCH17JF
    SCH17JF 5 months ago

    Franconia Notch New Hampshire.

  • Jerzy Samolis
    Jerzy Samolis 5 months ago

    Two trails near menare the bluffs and ice age trail in Baraboo Wisconsin and an interesting recent project is the milenium trail in Illinois its frim my understanding and the parts I have hiked not something you can camp on but it runs a good length of Lake and cook counties.

  • Jovahs Angel
    Jovahs Angel 5 months ago

    Please enter me, thank you. Several nice trails in the San Francisco area; and around Muir Woods --- Giant Redwoods.

  • Green Papayas
    Green Papayas 5 months ago

    I'd like to enter, please. There are some scenic trails near Stateline, on the south side of Lake Tahoe (California / Nevada border).

  • Roberto Maldonado
    Roberto Maldonado 5 months ago

    Washington. Ranger Creek and Buck Creek to Lonesome lake....

  • Michael Summerfield
    Michael Summerfield 5 months ago

    Try the Manistee River trail in northern Michigan (lower peninsula), it has some great trails, super places to hang a hammock, and beautiful scenery!

  • Jeff Nicholson
    Jeff Nicholson 5 months ago

    Knobstone Trail in Southern Indiana. 48 miles of OH YEAH!

  • Black Steel
    Black Steel 5 months ago

    Luke Susan..Paine circuit trek del panie chili 75 miles breath taking scenery pushed me to my limit..7 of us went 4 turn around great test

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 5 months ago

    The Buffalo River Trail is great and I just got back from a trip there, but I also love hiking the backcountry in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

  • Bill Bouley
    Bill Bouley 5 months ago

    (Sleeping Giant Provincial Park)
    Via Kabeyun is 22.7 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Shuniah, Ontario, Canada East of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dog friendly trail, but must be on leash. You will get to see vast beautiful views of the Famous Sleeping Giant. Well known for its beauty and size. Great trail, great views. A must see. This is probably in my top 5 hikes I've ever done. I think the distance probably turns many people away, but I promise the views make it worth it. The cliffs up there need to be seen to believe. I seen many pictures before going on the trek, but nothing prepares you for the real deal in person. The 1-2 km is almost straight ascent in my opinion wasn't bad, but I do a lot of hiking and am fairly endured. If you are going to do the trek, start early. This allows you the time to spend up top as well as tour over to Tee Harbour which is gorgeous. (You will see the signs for it, along the way) and get back to your vehicle by dinner. It took me and my wife 6 hours to complete this hike.

  • Fyrst Waffen
    Fyrst Waffen 5 months ago

    Would be nice to see you all plan a trip around and down the New River and tell everyone the New River story while camping on the banks of same...ATB Von

  • Doc JSeus
    Doc JSeus 5 months ago

    Luuuuukkkeeee! You guys should hit the Catskills, especially kaaterskill falls! Beautiful sights over there! Keep the vids coming, brother.

  • Doug Lamont
    Doug Lamont 5 months ago

    I really enjoy your chanel. Scott's trail to the PCT and camp just off the PCT in Linton Meadows. Then hike to the top of the South Sister, what a view. A trail/camp most memable of my youth, over 40 yrs ago. Maybe one day I'll be able to do it again. You going to kill another so called backpack, good shooting. I'll enter your backpack give away.
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  • Linda Bird Rutter
    Linda Bird Rutter 5 months ago

    Hey Luke! I've been waiting to do the hike at Tahquamenon Falls. It says that it's probably the most majestic of Michigan's waterfalls in one of the largest Falls east of the Mississippi, the upper Tahquamenon Falls drop nearly 50 feet and are more than 200 feet across. It also says there's a 4-mile hiking trail along the Tahquamenon River to the lower Falls for those who are looking for a bit more Outdoor Adventure. It also mentions in their website that there are a total of 25 miles of hiking trails throughout the 52,000 Acres of wilderness in the state park of Tahquamenon Falls State Park. From what I hear it's never disappointing for people to go visit this area. Excited for this giveaway, excited for a chance to win! 😎

  • Terry Faulkner
    Terry Faulkner 5 months ago

    If you're ever around the west Virginia panhandle try beaver creek state park in ohio. Beautiful area!

  • Fed Up
    Fed Up 5 months ago

    I live in eastern Canada and we have lots of awesome trails here, but they are similar to much of what you have already done. My suggestion for you is to go to Whistler, British Columbia. Amazing trails, and the most beautiful place I have even been. It's not cheap, but well worth the expense. The views from the mountain top are beyond spectacular. I know you live in the mountains already, but I don't think we have a lot of above tree line here in the east that can come close to what I'm talking about. Cheers!