The MOST annoying internet slang


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  • Rujuta Kapale
    Rujuta Kapale 2 days ago

    Dude....I love you

  • jaelynn morris
    jaelynn morris 4 days ago

    Those 93 people are jealous of his lovely blue eyes

  • ARCtrooperblueleader

    I love this channel. My favorite... by far.

    TARANNUM FERDOUS 11 days ago

    The yaaass part had me clutching my sides.

  • MacX85
    MacX85 13 days ago

    Man, you are easily annoyed. I find most of that slightly amusing.

  • Tinkerbell Kinder
    Tinkerbell Kinder 15 days ago

    You have really cool eyes

  • KkitKkat
    KkitKkat 17 days ago

    i agree we need another ecoli/plague. get rid of this crazy slang culture.

  • pand
    pand 17 days ago


  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas 21 day ago

    You missed Cringe

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas 21 day ago

    Some of the words were urban slang that reached pop culture that took it to an annoying level. Example "Bruh So and so was talking crap about you" "Nah he don't want none he shook" now its like shooketh, or whatever variation.(shook is a 90s urban slang) It's usually youth culture which is fine but when adults take it and use it a naseum its annoying. Like why are you 24 still saying hashtag Goals.

  • Luna Luni
    Luna Luni 27 days ago

    Your wookie/lama sound is awesome 🤣 I’d love to have it as my ringtone 🤣

  • Shin. Miyagami.
    Shin. Miyagami. 28 days ago

    You remind me of hot bob from Insatiable

  • leyenda61
    leyenda61 29 days ago +1

    U cray-cray. Just chillax and have a slice of 'za!

  • Ragini Barman
    Ragini Barman Month ago

    This is like oh God 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 haven't laughed this hard for long. Bskdjdn

  • That Guy Over There
    That Guy Over There Month ago +1

    I only dab when I try to make people cringe.

  • Alicia Escobar
    Alicia Escobar Month ago

    I love your videos and i agree yolo was a bad time im glad we stepped away from

  • John Olsen
    John Olsen Month ago

    *on fleek* You're just making up words now!

  • Joell Columb
    Joell Columb Month ago

    () ()
    bIg BOI

  • Joell Columb
    Joell Columb Month ago


  • Caitlin Rose
    Caitlin Rose Month ago

    We had a Dancing Competition at my Youth so a bunch of kids started dabbing,nay naying, the floss (idk how to say any of it🙄🙄🙄) to a MICHEAL JACKSON SONG #SHOOK
    I'm sorry but you don't do that!

  • sherin akter
    sherin akter Month ago

    you forgot cray-cray OMG that annoys me SOOOOO much

  • Aaizah Ali
    Aaizah Ali Month ago

    Context matters.

  • Shouvik Kar
    Shouvik Kar Month ago

    Yes you missed the animation.

  • Juliana Enkleze
    Juliana Enkleze Month ago

    I'm almost 15 and I've only use lol(rarely) and I hate the dab(and I'm from Africa), sue me.

  • Яна Захариева

    Dude I’m 16 and I can’t have a normal conversation with my peers because I don’t understand all of this shit they’re saying. I’m with you.

  • Sam Frye
    Sam Frye Month ago

    I use these words only because they sound funny if you use them in every day conversation too often though they can get annoying. I don’t understand how others can talk like that all the time but I’ll use them with friends to make jokes and whatnot

  • di misty
    di misty Month ago

    You could voice animations

  • Devin Yasas
    Devin Yasas Month ago

    3:41 #kawaii :D

  • Devin Yasas
    Devin Yasas Month ago

    3:41 @kawaii :D

  • Amanda Mullins
    Amanda Mullins Month ago

    The words "totes" and "cray cray" grate on my nerves.

  • On Dami
    On Dami Month ago

    hahahahahaha the "yaaasss" thing..i hate it !!!!! haahahaha

  • M. Evripidou
    M. Evripidou Month ago

    Im older thaan you. I 100% agree

  • Mr Pandanté
    Mr Pandanté Month ago

    That's the inter net hun.

  • J Diamond
    J Diamond Month ago +1

    THANK YOU for addressing dabbing. That is the absolute worst.

  • Josh Joissaint
    Josh Joissaint Month ago

    On flea😂😂😂

  • Spud Matix
    Spud Matix 2 months ago

    Lmao!!! O fuck u got me with the YAAAAS X-D.... HATE THAT SHIT.... and yes I most definitely enjoyed this, it was LIT ;-P

  • Zealous Tipp
    Zealous Tipp 2 months ago

    You're triggered by words

  • Wulfeh
    Wulfeh 2 months ago

    Thank you for saying what we all are thinking.

  • Saur
    Saur 2 months ago

    dud, u old

  • Bobby Allen
    Bobby Allen 2 months ago

    nah. it's fine. yolo.

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 2 months ago

    I know this is an old video... So I hope you get this. But, I think it would be AWESOME if you did a video about "Urban Dictionary".
    I know you would make it HILARIOUS!!!!
    I love your videos!!!! I have been Bone watching them for the last four days. 😂😂😂

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 2 months ago

    I lose my mind when people misuse the word "literally"!!!! ESPECIALLY when they say, "I literally died..."
    Yet your still here to tell the tale...
    I overheard these millennials at Walmart the other day, and one of them said, "Oh my God!!!! I'm LITERALLY having a heart attack right now!!!!" So... As serious as I possibly could said, "Okay, sit down... Relax. I'll call 911!"
    Was given a VERY confused look from them, and was told with such confidence, "Ummm... It's a saying..."
    Me: "No... It's LITERALLY just the misuse of a word."
    They rolled their eyes, and walked away. Saying to each other, "She's lucky we're in Walmart, and not on the street. Where there ISN'T security..."
    In my head: Yeah... Okaaaaay.😂
    This has been one of my biggest pet peeves for a long time now. But, these millennials today. Are either redefining words, or just making words up all together.
    At one of my last jobs I worked at... Ever so often I would have to ask a girl, "What the hell does that mean?"🤔🤔🤔
    I mean, since when did "Becky" mean... You know... That...
    Most of the time being looked at like I'm a complete idiot, that didn't finish school, and why the hell I didn't read the "Urban Dictionary" everyday.
    Which brings me to... Why does "Urban Dictionary" even exist??? I mean ANYBODY can just go in, add a word, or add to the definition of a word, put it in a sentence, tell what form of speech it is, etc.
    Some words will have 100, plus definitions, and some of them not even being remotely close to the other definitions.
    You should do a video on that alone. "Urban Dictionary"...

  • yeet331
    yeet331 2 months ago

    your black

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63 2 months ago

    Dabbing is just Seig Heil for this millennium

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63 2 months ago

    I said the whole LOL thing before it became popular. I said OMG and LOL and FML and that stuff back when everyone had Myspace, talked on MSN or Yahoo. Everyone copied me lol.

  • Mitchell Moran
    Mitchell Moran 2 months ago

    It's fun, though, to say these stupid slang words in a tone which passive-aggressively makes fun of the people who use them. Only the word "literally" used wrong makes me irritated beyond what's normal.

  • Toxic Spleen
    Toxic Spleen 2 months ago

    You do sound curmudgeonly, #Alex

  • Michael Mello
    Michael Mello 2 months ago +3

    I’m a huge weeb myself but when my sister said to me that her new clothes were “super kawaii” (we’re really close) I slapped her. Like I didn’t even think about it, it was a completely instinctive reaction. And she wasn’t even mad, she totally got why I did it.

    • The Insufferable Insomniac
      The Insufferable Insomniac 2 months ago

      That is so lit. Thank you for making my night sir XD. Now to search some kawaii girls on hentai haven before going to sleep jk lol.

  • Ameena Israth
    Ameena Israth 2 months ago

    I was staring at his eyes the whole time lol

  • Martynas Andriušis
    Martynas Andriušis 2 months ago

    3:00 those people are called weeb trash. We are not too proud of them.

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 2 months ago

    Alex you're so kawaiii >

  • Anastasia Bonneville
    Anastasia Bonneville 2 months ago

    OMG couldn’t agree more

  • Brandon Kelly
    Brandon Kelly 2 months ago

    Agree with everything here man love this video. The biggest ones that annoy me is swag, hash tag, and actually I think the worst is SALTY. I CAN'T STAND WHEN SOMEONE CALLS ME SALTY. I'm just like um yea I am pretty salty... WHEN I SWEAT!

  • Maleficent
    Maleficent 2 months ago

    totally enjoyed it ! you're not too old, you're a normal smart human being...aaaand with great power comes great responsability :))

  • pinkfeiry
    pinkfeiry 2 months ago

    *sniffs* i hate dabbing too

  • Sanae Arhmir
    Sanae Arhmir 3 months ago

    What's the name of the song playin at the end????

  • Lavania Del Rey
    Lavania Del Rey 3 months ago

    youve been in japan for so long youre starting to look japanese

  • Jemima TheKitten
    Jemima TheKitten 3 months ago

    the only acceptable way to say "yas" now is the way he says it when talking about the wookie orgie scene.

    i dont make the rules

  • Hannah Mary
    Hannah Mary 3 months ago +1


  • Crazy RaniRantan
    Crazy RaniRantan 3 months ago +1

    The awful part is, people are STILL dabbing for ironic purposes.

  • Shane Dawson The Diet Coke kween

    Yaaaaaaaaaassssssssss queeeeeeeeen. Lezz go hunty. #litfam. Your eyes are peng. Ya eyebrows on fleeeeeeek. I'm shookth to the coreth your soooo kawii. You're senpia. Love ya dad. Remember to dab on them haters

  • Pay and Bri Gaming
    Pay and Bri Gaming 3 months ago

    “YAAAASS is the sound llamas make when they’re mating” XD

  • Pushpa Rawat
    Pushpa Rawat 3 months ago

    So basically he is turning into an Asian

  • nan
    nan 3 months ago

    LOL #mood i think i'll make a video reaction of this vid!
    jk i feel ya every step of the road

  • Liquessen
    Liquessen 3 months ago

    Oh dear lord, I cringed every time one of my friend would SAY lol. Not even write it. Just say it. It was such a stamp of idiocy to me.

    • Liquessen
      Liquessen 2 months ago

      +Richie Garcia
      It is a bit funny, isnt it? How a mere word can be so annoying. Heh.

    • Richie Garcia
      Richie Garcia 2 months ago

      Liquessen you know the word “cringe” was featured in some comments about people making lists of the words they hate

  • Lxixi_Ftw
    Lxixi_Ftw 3 months ago

    This is it chief!~

  • winter richie
    winter richie 3 months ago

    I really hate when people say or write "my waifu" the most. yuck.

  • Tyler Winchester
    Tyler Winchester 3 months ago +1

    “We need another plague” I feel you

  • Craft Missie
    Craft Missie 3 months ago

    I relate to this so much! I actually don't used slang very often unless im around new people and I am nervous. and goals drove me up the wall!

  • Troy First
    Troy First 3 months ago

    Hahaha I’m too old to know what half of what you are talking about! But have to say I agree with what I could and think I would agree with the rest!

  • Vitaliy Flyak
    Vitaliy Flyak 3 months ago

    You are the best person on this platform

  • hafsa haqu
    hafsa haqu 3 months ago

    I hate the #goals and yaas too. So much.

  • Beryl 119
    Beryl 119 3 months ago

    OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO, I mean it's stupid and I so don't relate coz I use this slang but it's funny!!😂😂😂😂

  • ZenchyGaming
    ZenchyGaming 3 months ago

    “Dabbing... STOP...”

    *starts dabbing*

  • Sude23
    Sude23 3 months ago

    While I agree it’s annoying to see people do the whole relationship goals thing I have to admit that my life has gotten that pathetic that holding hands with someone would be a goal of mine, hahaha...

  • The Lit 1
    The Lit 1 3 months ago

    Stop the vid at 0:06

  • Zap Actionsdower
    Zap Actionsdower 3 months ago

    im here from 2018. just easing your suffering a little and letting you know that dabbing has in fact been killed off by us older folk, we saw the damage it was doing and did something about it (ie taking our kids to school and yelling out the window while dabbing our love to our kids) all is well again (ps we also killed off fidget spinners, youre welcome)

  • Zap Actionsdower
    Zap Actionsdower 3 months ago

    "omg, im literally dead" oh..if only that were true

  • Marta S
    Marta S 3 months ago

    I'm still laughing to the kchpch one.
    Two hours later...
    You made my day!

  • P S
    P S 3 months ago

    The pictures on the left behind you are slightly malalaigned, and it is so distracting.... I just want to... Space them properly.... I'm sorry, what were you saying? ¬_¬

  • Rocky Bains
    Rocky Bains 3 months ago

    dem eyes tho

  • Greenfire316
    Greenfire316 3 months ago

    I can't stop laughing. On another note, your eyes are so blue.

  • Keone Jones
    Keone Jones 3 months ago

    Don’t forget “clout” and whatever these lil retards say nowadays.

  • Zach Starke
    Zach Starke 3 months ago

    I'm still in high school and this crap annoys me constantly, thank you for giving me faith 😁

  • Lemurioth
    Lemurioth 3 months ago

    You just made me wanna use "Yaas" because.... hell yeah i'd like to sound like a wookiee xD

  • Trishawishya
    Trishawishya 3 months ago

    Repeated Meme.
    That's all that is, a repeated idea.

    -The Doctor.
    ........he knew they were coming.

  • Lauren Kawai
    Lauren Kawai 3 months ago

    I say most of these things but most of the time I'm saying it ironically because I think it's funny that people actually talk like that. But then I worry that people don't know that I'm mocking other people and think I'm actually like that so maybe I should stop...
    The one I hate the most though is kawaii because as you can see, my last name is actually Kawai which obviously comes from that word so I worry that people don't realize it's my last name and think I'm actually one of those people that uses that term but doesn't even know how to spell it right. I used to be proud of my last name but now it's embarrassing...

  • The Mad Lolita
    The Mad Lolita 4 months ago

    Image with text=Macro. My only complaint here. Your point remains intact regardless

  • Ria Saloni
    Ria Saloni 4 months ago

    i say all of those like alot...but im so thinking twice b4 i say anything..u r soooo right..

  • ShadowolfGirl05
    ShadowolfGirl05 4 months ago

    Ik this isn't rly relevant but he has really nice eyes.

  • ianas pages
    ianas pages 4 months ago


  • Mariana godinez sansores

    You are so funny! I love your videos, I don't think you are too old for the internet, people is just too crazy and dumb these days

  • Nano Aura
    Nano Aura 4 months ago

    Good god I've never seen anyone who agrees with me with all this shit. Thank you for existing and I love you.

  • Komsun J.
    Komsun J. 4 months ago

    You speak like an Italian with your hand gestures.

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 4 months ago

    I heard this haha. I don't think I can go to any comment section anywhere without seeing 95% of this shit. If I read this is lowkey fire one more goddamn time lol

  • Elena MSP
    Elena MSP 4 months ago +1

    Omg I use slang but not that much. I hate it when people use so much slang I am like just stop!!!! Yasss girl this vid was lit, Ayeeee omg #COUPLEGOALS, Omg I am shook like omg, YASSS queen slay my existence, Omg mah weave was just snatched, omg like literally I am so shook, OH SHE THICCCCJSJ!!!! LIKE PLEASE STOP! I still have more like....Omg this is cringe a......f, Omg #TRIGGERED, Goals...and more. It’s so annoying. I only say omg a lot and probably like. Also I say lol a lot and I can never stop saying lol. I do also say yassss but I don’t over use slang as much as a lot of comments I see.

  • Jessica Gabriela
    Jessica Gabriela 4 months ago

    You have such a cartoonish voice. Super weird to watch you as a human. Thats the first video i watch without you in cartoon

  • Birdstar
    Birdstar 4 months ago

    OMG yasss kween this video was so lit, fam! *dabs* #ContentGoal I am SHOOKETH! And that styling was hella fleek my dude! YOLO 😱

  • Catherine McClain
    Catherine McClain 4 months ago

    My parents said "preggers" before that was an internet thing, so I think that is just old school slang creeping into the internet. I didn't even know it was something people said on the internet. I have the same feeling about most of the other things. However, when these things are used as a meme to make fun of those who do it seriously, it gets a pass from me.

  • Vidushi Khaitan
    Vidushi Khaitan 4 months ago

    Dude I literally do all of these