The MOST annoying internet slang

  • Published on Mar 28, 2017
  • rant video
    most annoying

    Just another video I filmed like 2 months ago and never actually uploaded haha.
    Another title could be: old man yells at cloud

    I have another video essay-type video coming on friday about the TVclip Commentary genre.
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  • I am Bluepelt
    I am Bluepelt Day ago

    I'd actually say that before memes were simple texts with pictures and "I haz a chezburger" cats.
    Now memes are.. evolving...
    We've got date boi, Ugandan Knuckles, Shrek, Rick Astley, Bowsette, Tide Pods, etc.
    Simplistic text memes aren't as common now I think.

  • I am Bluepelt
    I am Bluepelt Day ago +1

    You can say Waifu when talking about your favorite anime girl because Waifus are kind of like idols or bias in anime form.
    They don't really literally mean wife it's a term on its own in Otaku culture. It's not the same thing as going "UwU kawaii desu!"
    Waifu is literally a different term.

  • Breyani's Galaxy
    Breyani's Galaxy 2 days ago

    I love your channel! Funniest youtuber ever!

  • Έλλη Κωνσταντοπούλου

    I wish I had lungs 😂😂

  • Xehanort10
    Xehanort10 4 days ago

    0:58 Watching WWE put me off Twitter because the commentator Michael Cole's every third word is hashtag something.

  • Geckoguy YT
    Geckoguy YT 10 days ago

    the worst slang word is "bet"

  • Geogia PotatoPeel
    Geogia PotatoPeel 16 days ago +1

    I feel called out rn

  • Warren G
    Warren G 17 days ago

    When they write ppl, instead of just writing people. Saying sick, like this is sick man. as it somehow means good

  • Warren G
    Warren G 17 days ago

    6:05 lmfao omg

  • Zahra Mohseni
    Zahra Mohseni 18 days ago +1

    Oh my god you are so funny im crying!!!

  • Abi Weiler
    Abi Weiler 20 days ago

    He looks so different than I was expecting!!! He is hilarious!!!

  • Eloiza Galon
    Eloiza Galon 22 days ago

    I guess you're part of the JapanCircleJerk in Reddit haha

  • Julian James Henton
    Julian James Henton 23 days ago

    I hate inappropriate and sexual slang they are the worst on my list but the rest are:
    Yassss (I hate it- seriously my friend says “Yar” and “Yas” but he is a bad speller and he has always done it but he says “yay” not “Yassssss”
    I hate it when people say “Mood” or “thats a big mood” SO ANNOYING TO ME !
    I hate it when people say Lol out loud
    I hate “lit” and “slay” kind of annoys me but it is not the worst.
    I used to hate the idea of being “roasted” but I don’t mind it now.
    I these words too: Lads” “Lasses” “Bird” (She is my bird) “Bloke” I hate the word Lads and Lasses they are the worst. EW .
    I don’t mind dabbing craze. The goals thing annoys me too.
    Also the obsession with eyebrows drawing them on and people say “Eyebrows on fleek!” Nobody cares!
    Fam is annoying as is bruh
    Yes I hate a lot

  • Bloody Ellen Lost
    Bloody Ellen Lost 24 days ago

    FINALLY, SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT IT! I myself will never understand the purpose of slangs and memes and I'm 17. I'm supposed to be one of those kinds of teenagers but no, I would rather be myself and if it means being weird and acting weird; fine by me. I don't have any real life friends and that's because no one can understand me or just try to. That's fine by me. Dabbing is really getting to my nerves are I just feel like hitting those people with a frying pan and say 'How did you even pass kindergarten?' and 'Who raised you?'. I will never be able to understand why these slangs exist and what is their actual purpose other than being annoying as hell itself. Thank you, Alex, for just talking about it and showing how you really feel about these gremlin slangs. You have a brain and that's what people these days need. And this is coming out of a 17-year-old girl who's homeschooled and doesn't have any friends but only online.

    DEEPANSHU NAGPAL 28 days ago

    The funniest. 😂

  • aban ir
    aban ir Month ago

    You are amazing :D
    5:25 :))))

  • Sailor Namek
    Sailor Namek Month ago

    It throws me off every time I hear the Need to Breathe song come on, since you are not religious.

  • JR Deegear
    JR Deegear Month ago

    This is a new one. People Saying that they don’t subscribe to sometime as in “Oh I don’t subscribe to that lifestyle”

  • Meeqat Fatima
    Meeqat Fatima Month ago

    He really is stressed, or so says them hands.

  • Jean-marie Varallo
    Jean-marie Varallo Month ago

    Is it bad that I'm a young teenager and all these things bother me. 😂😂

  • roflolcopter123
    roflolcopter123 Month ago

    LOL, I almost choked on my pringles chip because your llama YAZ was too friggin' funny. XD

  • MsMandymoo5
    MsMandymoo5 2 months ago

    It's so annoying seeing lol at the end of a sentence! That just bugs me.

  • Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

    I have tried these but I hate them, mostly I just act myself, I'm quirky and weird and that's how I act online and offline. Hell I still occasionally say indubitably XD

  • Taniya Chowdary
    Taniya Chowdary 2 months ago

    Those eyes 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • T C
    T C 2 months ago +1

    (#)lol should die. When people use it in real life... *shudder*

  • DoctorALLthat
    DoctorALLthat 2 months ago


  • Angel sarmah
    Angel sarmah 2 months ago +1

    Your eyes though

  • Shri Varshini
    Shri Varshini 2 months ago

    Someone: m literally dying
    Alex: I sure hope so

  • Deita Dieci
    Deita Dieci 2 months ago

    Everything is "is"

  • Blackfalcon Otaku
    Blackfalcon Otaku 2 months ago

    I hate the word wifu i am a anime fan and i look at them school actually has a large anime culture....i thank my oldest sister who founded all that 10 years before I got into school..........(i mean my school library has manga!)......:)and so i became "one of them"......=5/6 of the school are haters 0.75/6 are silent fans and 0.25 are us nerds.....though i make up a smaller minority now...... Kpop/KDrama nerds!

    • I am Bluepelt
      I am Bluepelt Day ago

      To me Waifu is a term on its own similarly to having an idol or a K-POP bias.
      It's not literally "wife" anymore.
      So it's not as cringy as someone going, " OMG KAWAII DESU! UwU =_= ^_^"

  • Blackfalcon Otaku
    Blackfalcon Otaku 2 months ago

    I say "..."........... like "dot dot dot".......... because I am a loser.......that is all I do..........and I'm the only one I know who does that.........

  • Turtle Tube
    Turtle Tube 2 months ago

    Old people are weared

  • Celia López Moreno
    Celia López Moreno 2 months ago

    I don't know about the others because I'm not very much into internet culture, but "lol" has transpired into (some parts in) Spain as a surprise interjection: "Lol, what a coincidence!" or "They jumped off the cliff!" "Lol!"

  • Knowledge Seeker
    Knowledge Seeker 3 months ago

    Sooner or later people will be having something like "laziness goals" or "relaxing goals" etc. 😂🤣

  • Atsuko Kirikya
    Atsuko Kirikya 3 months ago

    It was hilarious, but i agree with you on this "meme" thingie

  • Rebecca El-Helou
    Rebecca El-Helou 3 months ago

    You forgot slay. Yeah... people really have to stop saying that.

    • Xehanort10
      Xehanort10 4 days ago

      "You're killing it" is already there as slang for "You're doing great." Slay isn't needed.

  • Black Butterfly
    Black Butterfly 3 months ago

    Why am I here at 4 in the morning... haha

  • Los Diarios de Alejandra

    Omg I imagine you totally different... Kisses from Ecuador 🇪🇨

  • An Arber
    An Arber 3 months ago

    On another note, your eyes are bluer than sapphires. I’m shocked.

  • captain beastwinger
    captain beastwinger 3 months ago

    I hate modern swearwords who thought of the word fuck you it means sex you why is is fuck a swear word when someone says fuck you i laugh then say im sorry already have a girlfriend or im not gay or not insterested in a hooker and motherfucker why do people say you fuck your mother i just go whats wrong with your braindirty kid or jyou might have iligal sex with mom and siblings but i dont

  • Briana Patrick
    Briana Patrick 3 months ago

    I hate "sis" and everything similar to it.

  • Pranjal Shilkar
    Pranjal Shilkar 3 months ago

    'Yaaas' part thoooo 😂😂

  • Dee J
    Dee J 3 months ago

    I choked when you got to YAS.

  • Deiago Shaw
    Deiago Shaw 3 months ago

    Just found this channel this week and oh boy am I cracking up

  • Rania Ali
    Rania Ali 3 months ago

    Don't you do the same though with your movies/tv series? You take shows that were made by people and react to it, so doesn't that mean you steal content as well? xD
    no hate, I enjoy your videos just had to point this out

    • Xehanort10
      Xehanort10 4 days ago

      No because reviews, parodies and criticism are covered under the Fair Use law.

  • Rujuta Kapale
    Rujuta Kapale 3 months ago

    Dude....I love you

  • JaeLynn Morris
    JaeLynn Morris 3 months ago

    Those 93 people are jealous of his lovely blue eyes

  • ARCtrooperblueleader
    ARCtrooperblueleader 4 months ago

    I love this channel. My favorite... by far.

  • MacX85
    MacX85 4 months ago

    Man, you are easily annoyed. I find most of that slightly amusing.

  • Devan Kinder
    Devan Kinder 4 months ago

    You have really cool eyes

  • KkitKkat
    KkitKkat 4 months ago

    i agree we need another ecoli/plague. get rid of this crazy slang culture.

  • pand
    pand 4 months ago


  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas 4 months ago

    You missed Cringe

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas 4 months ago

    Some of the words were urban slang that reached pop culture that took it to an annoying level. Example "Bruh So and so was talking crap about you" "Nah he don't want none he shook" now its like shooketh, or whatever variation.(shook is a 90s urban slang) It's usually youth culture which is fine but when adults take it and use it a naseum its annoying. Like why are you 24 still saying hashtag Goals.

  • Luna Luni
    Luna Luni 4 months ago

    Your wookie/lama sound is awesome 🤣 I’d love to have it as my ringtone 🤣

  • Shin. Miyagami.
    Shin. Miyagami. 4 months ago

    You remind me of hot bob from Insatiable

  • leyenda61
    leyenda61 4 months ago +1

    U cray-cray. Just chillax and have a slice of 'za!

  • Ragini Barman
    Ragini Barman 4 months ago

    This is like oh God 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 haven't laughed this hard for long. Bskdjdn

  • That Guy Over There
    That Guy Over There 4 months ago +1

    I only dab when I try to make people cringe.

  • Alicia Escobar
    Alicia Escobar 4 months ago

    I love your videos and i agree yolo was a bad time im glad we stepped away from

  • John Olsen
    John Olsen 4 months ago

    *on fleek* You're just making up words now!

  • Joell Columb
    Joell Columb 4 months ago

    () ()
    bIg BOI

  • Joell Columb
    Joell Columb 4 months ago


  • Caitlin Rose
    Caitlin Rose 4 months ago

    We had a Dancing Competition at my Youth so a bunch of kids started dabbing,nay naying, the floss (idk how to say any of it🙄🙄🙄) to a MICHEAL JACKSON SONG #SHOOK
    I'm sorry but you don't do that!

  • sherin akter
    sherin akter 5 months ago

    you forgot cray-cray OMG that annoys me SOOOOO much

  • Aaizah Ali
    Aaizah Ali 5 months ago

    Context matters.

  • Shouvik Kar
    Shouvik Kar 5 months ago

    Yes you missed the animation.

  • Juliana Enkleze
    Juliana Enkleze 5 months ago

    I'm almost 15 and I've only use lol(rarely) and I hate the dab(and I'm from Africa), sue me.

  • Яна Захариева

    Dude I’m 16 and I can’t have a normal conversation with my peers because I don’t understand all of this shit they’re saying. I’m with you.

  • Sam Frye
    Sam Frye 5 months ago

    I use these words only because they sound funny if you use them in every day conversation too often though they can get annoying. I don’t understand how others can talk like that all the time but I’ll use them with friends to make jokes and whatnot

  • di misty
    di misty 5 months ago

    You could voice animations

  • Devin Yasas
    Devin Yasas 5 months ago

    3:41 #kawaii :D

  • Devin Yasas
    Devin Yasas 5 months ago

    3:41 @kawaii :D

  • Amanda Mullins
    Amanda Mullins 5 months ago

    The words "totes" and "cray cray" grate on my nerves.

    • Xehanort10
      Xehanort10 4 days ago

      Especially totes because you hear that a lot in films and TV series with cheerleader characters in them talking about how much a boy they fancy is "totes cute."

  • On Dami
    On Dami 5 months ago

    hahahahahaha the "yaaasss" thing..i hate it !!!!! haahahaha

  • M. Evripidou
    M. Evripidou 5 months ago

    Im older thaan you. I 100% agree

  • Mr Pandanté
    Mr Pandanté 5 months ago

    That's the inter net hun.

  • J Diamond
    J Diamond 5 months ago +2

    THANK YOU for addressing dabbing. That is the absolute worst.

  • Josh Joissaint
    Josh Joissaint 5 months ago

    On flea😂😂😂

  • Spud Matix
    Spud Matix 6 months ago

    Lmao!!! O fuck u got me with the YAAAAS X-D.... HATE THAT SHIT.... and yes I most definitely enjoyed this, it was LIT ;-P

  • Zealous Tipp
    Zealous Tipp 6 months ago

    You're triggered by words

  • Wulfeh
    Wulfeh 6 months ago

    Thank you for saying what we all are thinking.

  • Saur
    Saur 6 months ago

    dud, u old

  • Bobby Allen
    Bobby Allen 6 months ago

    nah. it's fine. yolo.

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 6 months ago

    I know this is an old video... So I hope you get this. But, I think it would be AWESOME if you did a video about "Urban Dictionary".
    I know you would make it HILARIOUS!!!!
    I love your videos!!!! I have been Bone watching them for the last four days. 😂😂😂

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 6 months ago

    I lose my mind when people misuse the word "literally"!!!! ESPECIALLY when they say, "I literally died..."
    Yet your still here to tell the tale...
    I overheard these millennials at Walmart the other day, and one of them said, "Oh my God!!!! I'm LITERALLY having a heart attack right now!!!!" So... As serious as I possibly could said, "Okay, sit down... Relax. I'll call 911!"
    Was given a VERY confused look from them, and was told with such confidence, "Ummm... It's a saying..."
    Me: "No... It's LITERALLY just the misuse of a word."
    They rolled their eyes, and walked away. Saying to each other, "She's lucky we're in Walmart, and not on the street. Where there ISN'T security..."
    In my head: Yeah... Okaaaaay.😂
    This has been one of my biggest pet peeves for a long time now. But, these millennials today. Are either redefining words, or just making words up all together.
    At one of my last jobs I worked at... Ever so often I would have to ask a girl, "What the hell does that mean?"🤔🤔🤔
    I mean, since when did "Becky" mean... You know... That...
    Most of the time being looked at like I'm a complete idiot, that didn't finish school, and why the hell I didn't read the "Urban Dictionary" everyday.
    Which brings me to... Why does "Urban Dictionary" even exist??? I mean ANYBODY can just go in, add a word, or add to the definition of a word, put it in a sentence, tell what form of speech it is, etc.
    Some words will have 100, plus definitions, and some of them not even being remotely close to the other definitions.
    You should do a video on that alone. "Urban Dictionary"...

  • yeet331
    yeet331 6 months ago

    your black

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63 6 months ago

    Dabbing is just Seig Heil for this millennium

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63 6 months ago

    I said the whole LOL thing before it became popular. I said OMG and LOL and FML and that stuff back when everyone had Myspace, talked on MSN or Yahoo. Everyone copied me lol.

  • Mitchell Moran
    Mitchell Moran 6 months ago

    It's fun, though, to say these stupid slang words in a tone which passive-aggressively makes fun of the people who use them. Only the word "literally" used wrong makes me irritated beyond what's normal.

  • Leo Ofori
    Leo Ofori 6 months ago

    You do sound curmudgeonly, #Alex

  • Michael Mello
    Michael Mello 6 months ago +4

    I’m a huge weeb myself but when my sister said to me that her new clothes were “super kawaii” (we’re really close) I slapped her. Like I didn’t even think about it, it was a completely instinctive reaction. And she wasn’t even mad, she totally got why I did it.

    • Zoey Vaughn
      Zoey Vaughn 6 months ago +1

      That is so lit. Thank you for making my night sir XD. Now to search some kawaii girls on hentai haven before going to sleep jk lol.

  • Ameena Israth
    Ameena Israth 6 months ago

    I was staring at his eyes the whole time lol

  • Martynas Andriušis
    Martynas Andriušis 6 months ago

    3:00 those people are called weeb trash. We are not too proud of them.

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 6 months ago

    Alex you're so kawaiii >

  • Anastasia Bonneville
    Anastasia Bonneville 6 months ago

    OMG couldn’t agree more

  • Brandon Kelly
    Brandon Kelly 6 months ago

    Agree with everything here man love this video. The biggest ones that annoy me is swag, hash tag, and actually I think the worst is SALTY. I CAN'T STAND WHEN SOMEONE CALLS ME SALTY. I'm just like um yea I am pretty salty... WHEN I SWEAT!

  • Maleficent
    Maleficent 6 months ago

    totally enjoyed it ! you're not too old, you're a normal smart human being...aaaand with great power comes great responsability :))

  • pinkfeiry
    pinkfeiry 6 months ago

    *sniffs* i hate dabbing too

  • Sanae Arhmir
    Sanae Arhmir 6 months ago

    What's the name of the song playin at the end????