The MOST annoying internet slang


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  • Premium Bananas
    Premium Bananas 5 hours ago

    Hahahahaha, I fucking love your rants. On fleek is the most stupid one I've heard. Addicting gets on my nerves too. Isn't it supposed to be addictive?

  • Sarthak Ray
    Sarthak Ray 7 hours ago

    This was so true and hillarios at the same time.

  • GummyPop
    GummyPop Day ago

    But alex you forgot the most annoying word that starts with a "Y" and no its not YASSS.

  • Toteododorora
    Toteododorora 2 days ago

    The "Yaaaaas" bit really hit me out of nowhere x'D I even cried a little, and then I rewatched it :P hahah thank you for that (I really needed a good laugh)

  • Anna Henry
    Anna Henry 2 days ago

    Agreed with everything

  • The BeastModeNerd49
    The BeastModeNerd49 3 days ago

    He forgot savage, shook, cringe, fam, yeet, lit, ight, slay, bruh, bro, bruh, ye, cray cray, hot, triggered, daddy, etc. Also anyone else love Alex’s blue eyes?

  • yohana saldana
    yohana saldana 4 days ago

    I already found those phrases annoying when people around my age did that and then I’d hear teachers, nurses, ect. Saying “It’s on Point” or “Eyebrows on fleek” It made me wince and want to cover my ears because It sounded even worse to be when those phrases were used by Adults because I had only heard teens and younger kids. Am I the only one?

  • Tara Rose Cardinal
    Tara Rose Cardinal 6 days ago

    Thank you sooooooo much for this😂

  • Je’Quan Gold
    Je’Quan Gold 6 days ago

    Haha had a science teacher named Pregitzer we called him Pregs or Pregers. And it's cool seeing the face behind the animation.

  • Lea Senic
    Lea Senic 6 days ago


  • Mary V
    Mary V 7 days ago


  • Hanan Alshreef
    Hanan Alshreef 9 days ago

    Although I disagree,but I “LOLED” so hard!

  • Marsipan mailen
    Marsipan mailen 10 days ago

    Your eyes are so pretty 👀. 👍

  • MirroredWalls
    MirroredWalls 12 days ago

    holy crap him eyes are so bright like what

  • AJcooper28
    AJcooper28 14 days ago

    Dude, the most popular slang in our school is "reeeeeee!!!". And they only scream it everyday. This is why I hate school.

  • Highkey_BTS_trashcan
    Highkey_BTS_trashcan 14 days ago

    I don’t say wifeu but I will say wifey

  • Heidi Kvapil
    Heidi Kvapil 15 days ago

    I love this! thank you! I’ve been trying to tell my brother this for a long time, although I have to admit I have just given in sometimes and just gone with the flow of garbage, even though half the time I did it was to make him laugh or purposely be awkward in trying to be hip in today’s slang😄(I kinda live under a rock and I'm generally awkward but I try)

  • Rex Torres
    Rex Torres 21 day ago

    #hashtag #goals #lol #😂

  • Mariñé Iguana
    Mariñé Iguana 22 days ago

    All those slang words annoy me too. Every. single. one. The ones I hate most is "lit" "Wilding" and "rip." I especially dislike "rip"

  • Priscila Klopper
    Priscila Klopper 25 days ago

    You should do more videos like this hahah.

  • Edgar G. Angel
    Edgar G. Angel 26 days ago

    You should of had this animated it would of been funnier.

  • Kat Dante
    Kat Dante 28 days ago

    dude... i cant stop staring at your eyes jesus they're gorgeous

  • Imperia Mai
    Imperia Mai Month ago

    My friends HATE that hash tag thing as well so I do it all the time just to meme on them

  • Jack Hinz
    Jack Hinz Month ago

    YEEESSSS. I’m currently in 8th grade and everybody tries to be cool by talking like TVclips like Jake paul(please let him die)and it drives me CRAZY!! It sounds like they just don’t care and then they make meme jokes when you get mad at them. All I can think is SPEAKE NORMAL YOU IDIOTS.

  • TJ
    TJ Month ago

    that was amazing.

  • doro626
    doro626 Month ago +1

    I haven't listened to the video yet, but I hate the word Chill ( as an adjective and not a verb). This party is chill, he's chill. Hate it. So I guess cool is too old for you young whippersnappers?

  • Aarohi Halbe
    Aarohi Halbe Month ago

    you're beautiful.

  • Stranger things 11 news

    Me too 😂 dabbing needs to stop ✋

  • Ava Stepanian
    Ava Stepanian Month ago

    "Dabbing.......stop!" THANK YOU🐲🐉

  • Invader
    Invader Month ago

    I only ever use the phrases in this video in an ironic sense to make fun of them. My friends call me an old person because I'm so anti mainstream culture.

  • Googli300
    Googli300 Month ago +1

    SO TRUE. Another thing I don't understand is the coolness (?) behind mispelling words. Okay, I have done that sometimes in purpose (or maybe a lot of times and I don't remember), at times I just write wrong because I really don't know how it's written or have forgotten how to write it right. Please, someone explain to me why the expression I'M SHOOK is so popular.
    I feel better for letting that out.
    Have a nice day! :D

  • susan bokomo
    susan bokomo Month ago

    His eyes🤤

  • Валерия Карреон

    5:27 *autistic screeching*

  • Esther u.
    Esther u. Month ago

    "I'm literally dying , I so hope so"!!!!!! : )

  • Sabrina Diaz
    Sabrina Diaz Month ago +1

    Tea ☕️ , I stan sis! QUEEN HUNTY 😭
    I hate all of this, it’s getting out if hand

  • Lily Ansah
    Lily Ansah Month ago +1

    When your one of those ppl who say lol irl 😬😗

  • Heri Djemima
    Heri Djemima Month ago

    Do a new girl tv show reaction

  • Fatima Kimil
    Fatima Kimil Month ago

    I fucking love you, your videos are great

  • Avion Baptiste
    Avion Baptiste Month ago

    I laughed so hard like #goals #yass#litfam#onfleak

  • Arliotis Jeneva
    Arliotis Jeneva Month ago

    I understand using these when texting as it’s hard to read emotion or POV but if you are someone who says it out loud you are very annoying

  • XxSasquatchGirlxX
    XxSasquatchGirlxX Month ago +1

    I just realized how much internet slang Ricegum uses. Not that I was a fan, just a hater.

  • Loren Kelly
    Loren Kelly Month ago

    The star wars joke had me in tears. 😂

  • Maria
    Maria Month ago

    That Video is soo Lit omg lol, LMFAO i cant haha and your Eyebrows are on Fleek man they are literally GOALS. I just have to Dab now hahaha, but YOLO right? And i have swag yaaaaaaas. bruh.

  • Pori
    Pori Month ago

    Wig snatched
    Lit fam
    Smol, precious bean/roll
    X is my son
    Stealing content and adding a caption at the top

    • Pori
      Pori Month ago

      Almost forgot: bois

  • Abigail Gregory
    Abigail Gregory Month ago

    When you say Yaaaaassss!😂😂😂😂 I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Kiana Barnett
    Kiana Barnett Month ago

    5:06 Lol this is lit. It's so bleughoh

  • Mirabela Žurauskaitė

    Your eyes are so beautiful (+-+)!

  • Bella Chan
    Bella Chan Month ago

    When I was young I always wanted to go to Japan for the cherry blossom trees, and sushi

  • Lanna Vicktory
    Lanna Vicktory Month ago

    Finally someone understands!!!! Haha I'm 13 I think these things are so stupid i just thought I was dumb!

  • Mia Lewis
    Mia Lewis Month ago

    I hate when people say hashtags:
    Cut to Cheryl saying “#riverdalestrong”

  • zer0luv
    zer0luv Month ago

    THANK YOU! 😁😙

  • Lumi’ s Doodles
    Lumi’ s Doodles Month ago

    I was lunch monitoring and a kid in the class was wearing a dabbing through the snow. I didn’t talk to that kid for the rest of the year

  • Raquel
    Raquel 2 months ago

    Wonder how many subscribers got affected :v

  • Ducky_Go_Quak
    Ducky_Go_Quak 2 months ago

    It might just be the lighting but are your eyes two dif colours?
    Cause it looks like ones blue and another's silver

  • 55dexter
    55dexter 2 months ago

    I agree with all of this, and I'm a teen! But you forgot the thing that anoys me most, yeet

  • MyfavoriteSound
    MyfavoriteSound 2 months ago


  • Wyatt Knight
    Wyatt Knight 2 months ago

    Also, the word "literally" has lost all meaning. The definition has changed from "the literal interpretation; word for word" to just a word you throw around all willy-nilly as a slight sentence enhancer. I am a grammar-nazi so this just sets me off the edge.

  • Wyatt Knight
    Wyatt Knight 2 months ago

    There is one "slang" I guess you can call it that I whole heartedly accept. "BOOP THE SNOOOOOOT!!!"

  • The BeastModeNerd49
    The BeastModeNerd49 2 months ago

    They also need to stop saying savage and slay, just stop

  • loungeblogger
    loungeblogger 2 months ago

    hey alex, you got so much swag your #boyfriendgoals yaaas!

  • Brooklyn Olthoff
    Brooklyn Olthoff 2 months ago

    Was his outro song a Christian song?

  • CaspianDragon
    CaspianDragon 2 months ago

    I relate. Please people my age stop. Please. For goodness sake stop.

  • The BeastModeNerd49
    The BeastModeNerd49 2 months ago

    I died at the yaaasss part 😂😂😂😂

  • Kay Kay Awesome
    Kay Kay Awesome 2 months ago


  • Phanic! At My Chemical Pilots

    preggers sounds like a waffle brand

  • YR_1910
    YR_1910 2 months ago

    try being British their slang is next level i wanna rip ur throat out. ^___^

  • CottonTail Games
    CottonTail Games 2 months ago

    I totally agree

  • LifeLaughs96
    LifeLaughs96 2 months ago

    Who else has been bingeing Alex's videos after discovering him recently and feels reborn?
    BTW, I love these rant videos. I'm literally dying. 😂

  • Davey Dorner
    Davey Dorner 2 months ago +1

    I HATE IT when people you "savage" or "a beast" as a compliment!!! UGH!!

  • Victoria Valladolid
    Victoria Valladolid 2 months ago +1

    “I wanna hit you with a car!” - same.

  • Hanan Balushi
    Hanan Balushi 2 months ago

    Hashtag #bababababbaaaa

  • VC Parker
    VC Parker 2 months ago +2

    The dab must be stopped!!!
    Hit like to join the dab police.

  • Sarani Bhattacharya
    Sarani Bhattacharya 2 months ago

    Cover Taher Shah puleese

  • Ahouefa Dagnon
    Ahouefa Dagnon 2 months ago

    You said dabbing and my soul cringed

  • Yallen 22
    Yallen 22 2 months ago

    I feel like most otaku's don't understand how to use desu in a Japanese conversation

  • Olivia Moyle
    Olivia Moyle 2 months ago

    Lol bugs me too😂😂

  • Sam & Nikki Marie
    Sam & Nikki Marie 2 months ago

    “Yaaassss” has me dyingggg 😂😭😂😭😂

  • FeZe-_-Shotz
    FeZe-_-Shotz 2 months ago

    Lol who did this #LolLoveThevid

  • real awesome
    real awesome 2 months ago

    Im dying

  • hi guy
    hi guy 2 months ago

    just started watching the video and im guessing the word is lit

  • LuLu Fae
    LuLu Fae 2 months ago

    This video is perfection...everything I have ever ranted about in one video!

  • diamondfox gamergirl
    diamondfox gamergirl 2 months ago

    YASS!!!! #lifegoals


  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover 2 months ago

    I did half of this stuff but when I do it I just laugh at myself 😂😂😂😂

  • Scorpius Malfoy
    Scorpius Malfoy 2 months ago

    5:18-5:29 I'm literally ROTFLMAO

  • Potato Beans
    Potato Beans 2 months ago

    How are your eyes so blue?! Edit: Well, your right eye is (left if you look at the screen) ...Are your eye colors different?

  • Dysth Ymia
    Dysth Ymia 2 months ago

    1:19 i paused the video to laugh for a good minute before continuing.

  • metademetra
    metademetra 2 months ago

    My sister calls people with endearing personalities “bean.” I don’t get it.

  • Shmaples
    Shmaples 2 months ago

    I think it's silly that people using Japanese annoys you because people in Japan use random English ALL the time. Can we stop with this? Other languages are fun to use. Let's just get over it!
    Yes I am aware how old this video is.. and I love your channel but I felt compelled to comment this lol.. I mean HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Evelyn5000
    Evelyn5000 2 months ago


  • Andie Ricciutti
    Andie Ricciutti 2 months ago

    "I wanna hit you with a car...!"

  • Mathea Charles
    Mathea Charles 2 months ago

    "I want to hit you with a car"😂😂

  • Djamila Emrovic
    Djamila Emrovic 3 months ago

    I can‘t stop laughing😂😂😂

  • Annimon
    Annimon 3 months ago


  • lukke smith
    lukke smith 3 months ago

    alex , why do you look like the prank invasion guy?

  • Emmary Artistry
    Emmary Artistry 3 months ago

    Hashtag goals, your on fleek ... now that's just too far
    The only time I use any of the things you said in the video.. is when I'm making fun of it...

  • Zeyan Lingam
    Zeyan Lingam 3 months ago

    i died! dang! you're my new favorite! awesome. too good!!!

  • BennWaiting Beats
    BennWaiting Beats 3 months ago

    yo eyes blue as shit

  • Mischief Managed
    Mischief Managed 3 months ago

    Exactly! Why not *actually* laugh out loud instead of saying LOL.