Patriots drop Antonio Brown after accusations of sexual misconduct

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Less than a week ago, superstar Antonio Brown looked like he would be headlining a seemingly unstoppable offense for the New England Patriots. But on Friday, the defending Super Bowl champions cut Brown, after he played only one game for them, following accusations of sexual misconduct. Dana Jacobson reports.
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Comments • 733

  • Jordan
    Jordan 25 days ago

    joe mixon *slaps girl in the face on video* barely any backlash
    ab *acused of sexual misconduct* gets more hate than hitler

  • Aguvika
    Aguvika 25 days ago

    Former trainer? I assume she works for the league ?

  • LoneStarr Dripper
    LoneStarr Dripper 26 days ago

    When a black man is doing good for himself, accusations of sexual misconduct get the most attention...
    Tell me I'm wrong🙄

  • adrian ortiz obando
    adrian ortiz obando 26 days ago

    He is under investigation... Not declared guilty, or arrested in the act, or something like it..... WHY his team assumed he is guilty???

  • Penniless Jester
    Penniless Jester 26 days ago

    I’m with her and Hillary and aoc and Omar and tlaib

  • Jules G
    Jules G 26 days ago

    After accusations of sexual misconduct? That's a laugh - that scumbag old git Rob Kraft is a dirtbag who made all that go away for himself didn't he? 🎶Munee, Munee, munee! 🎵
    Gillette really have a star team there, top to bottom.

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas 26 days ago

    i have never seen a guy with more black privilege than antonio brown. must be nice. i dont have those advantages being white. he was due 5 million on monday. must be nice.

  • Lee-yallian Garises
    Lee-yallian Garises 26 days ago

    Who will protect our black athletes from this corrupt and vicious system? And why are these women playing along?

  • Leslie James
    Leslie James 26 days ago

    Antonio Brown made the fastest trip through Massachusetts of any Patriot since Paul Revere.

  • Donald Made IT
    Donald Made IT 26 days ago

    Were was all these allegations at before he got to the Patriots the nfl is dirty they setting this man up they just messing with him now

  • Deplorable Dee
    Deplorable Dee 26 days ago

    Things are looking better and better for the Seahawks!!!

  • Jenna Agee
    Jenna Agee 26 days ago

    So sick how this keeps happening

  • Kermit Pemberton
    Kermit Pemberton 27 days ago

    I agree timing of these money grabbers look suspect to me the NFL is doing to much if you ask me.

    STREET VETERAN 27 days ago +1


  • Reddog5546
    Reddog5546 27 days ago

    The raiders are going to win the superbowl this year

  • Questchaun
    Questchaun 27 days ago


  • Josh Dukes
    Josh Dukes 27 days ago

    Cleveland Browns need to scoop him up quickly

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 27 days ago

    Hey, heard there’s a few openings at the car wash.

  • Pipito Paerata
    Pipito Paerata 27 days ago

    Ratchet Rapist

  • Think4yourself ForOnce

    So she got sexually assaulted 3 times by the same guy. I’m not genius but after someone sexually assaults me the first time, I’m not giving them 2 more chances to do more of the same. Seems like a money scheme but we’ll wait for the facts.

  • Racheal Myers
    Racheal Myers 27 days ago

    lol dang sad

  • gsecc
    gsecc 27 days ago +1

    6ix9ine: "I told Brittany to come forward about Brown".

  • Gamers Hand
    Gamers Hand 27 days ago

    This Network hate men I'm just glad us regular folks are catching on Well this will definitely keep the thots, strippers, baby mama's, thirsty, and home wrecking chicks at bay. I say we start a app called Man Club that expose thirsty chicks so far I have every female on CBS 🤣 chicks that went after Supreme Court, R Kelly thots, and Bill Cosby harpies. 🤭

    • TheFoolinthe rainn
      TheFoolinthe rainn 27 days ago

      No, you don't need an app - regular honest awesome women don't make these silly headlines or need that type of attention.
      They're busy doing the right thing and living their r Lives - not looking for headlines, nor showing up at football players doors
      You know the media only puts out freaks... The idiots that get the headlines. Remember that when it comes to women in the headlines also.
      They're picking and choosing who's going to make money through Sensational headlines
      But this video isn't talking about women - these are girls. I hear a lot of men complaining about females
      - what I've learned is there messing with girls. Insecure children - just like pubescent boys
      Men and women are complementary opposites - 2 pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly - Pioneers that worked side-by-side to survive and settle our country.
      don't let them destroy that.
      And you ain't going to find that on an app LOL!
      I have yet to see a female in the media represent myself or any human worth knowing.
      I remember the media sensationalizes everything -
      You don't hear about
      the mom skipping meals saving to afford for her kids - you can go on a reality show and see those women with a closet full of shoes for themselves and their Nanny raising their kids - but that ain't real
      it's not interesting to see a mom working on their kids school projects ... or a mom's bread is rising on the stove while she's out in the woods taking down firewood to heat her kids home ... to save money to support them
      women have skills & dreams Beyond being a cockroach and reproducing.
      sacrificing their own dreams and careers to nurture and create life
      - they don't show up in the headlines.
      Just like the quiet Good Men doing the right thing .. saving to send his kids to college, keep his wife and family happy and comfortable, respect her work and support her goals,
      instead of out riding around on a Harley-Davidson looking at women ...
      You don't hear about the quiet heros, only cheaters and jerks
      Peace to you and yours

  • Mark W.
    Mark W. 27 days ago

    Not a big fan, however the allegations are not proven and seem to be voluntary if continued over and over.

  • I'm Your President
    I'm Your President 27 days ago

    Couldnt have happened to a better person.

  • Thatsno moon
    Thatsno moon 27 days ago

    So accusations r the truth now? Wtfff is Goin on

  • Deadly Ninja
    Deadly Ninja 27 days ago

    All players who make mistakes finna end up with clevland

  • jeannette
    jeannette 27 days ago

    Seahawks pick him up. MAGA

  • Taylor Craig Newbold
    Taylor Craig Newbold 27 days ago


  • Frank Me
    Frank Me 27 days ago


  • LotWizzard
    LotWizzard 27 days ago

    the gold diggers were waiting for bigger money

  • La Gom
    La Gom 27 days ago

    a violent rapist still has a career in the NFL... because its full of violent aggressive rapists and murders. "get your self a fall guy"

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V 27 days ago

    So the cheating Patriots aren't guaranteed to win the superbowl now?

  • The Dopamine
    The Dopamine 27 days ago

    Imagine if he made a comeback and won a superbowl not saying he will but just imagine that would be a 30:30

  • Jean Wissinger
    Jean Wissinger 27 days ago

    Guess being held accountable for your actions is news these days.

  • tinwoods
    tinwoods 27 days ago

    Crazy how many of you know-nothings are so violently defending this creep. Says a lot about each of you. Birds of a feather and all that.

  • ron ski
    ron ski 27 days ago

    Check out her guns

  • T& A
    T& A 27 days ago

    Accusations used to mean you were still innocent.

  • marky mark
    marky mark 27 days ago

    these women need to b investigated thoroughly and if found lying , prosecuted

  • Greg Van Gaasbeek
    Greg Van Gaasbeek 27 days ago

    When are the people involved in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring going to get arrested?

  • rebas04
    rebas04 27 days ago

    Anyone surprised? Maybe now ESPN can find something else to talk about besides the Patriots signing this shitbag

  • Blud Clot
    Blud Clot 27 days ago

    Another Anti-American who refused to Salute American flag Democrat.

  • bangsdagong
    bangsdagong 27 days ago

    ab is a spoiled child!! hes perfect for fake sports!!! the nfl and ab are made for each other!!!!

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford 27 days ago

    He deserves it 💯✔️😊...he THAT STUPID 💯✔️

  • G M
    G M 27 days ago

    Raped three times and of a sudden remembered. I guess SVU needed a good story for the last episode.

  • Butterscotch Lolly
    Butterscotch Lolly 27 days ago

    Women have all the power in the world now. So it's always believe her, but not the man. I'm not saying AB is an angel and he's gotten exactly what he deserves, but these allegations seem a little off and coincidental. Lastly, Brett Kavanaugh faces 2 allegations and still has a job in the Supreme Court whereas AB does not as an athlete. 🤔

  • mineboyminecraft gameboy

    Bruh all they want is his money

  • My Friends
    My Friends 27 days ago

    That's the end of his career!

  • SuperSaiyanBroly420
    SuperSaiyanBroly420 27 days ago

    That’s gay I had him in fantasy 🖕🏼🤮

  • Liam Hehn
    Liam Hehn 27 days ago


  • gαεllε
    gαεllε 27 days ago +1

    *this a damn shame*

    For a company to reprimand a man for women accusing him for raping him but not filing a criminal court case but a civil one. some people would say it would be wrong for me to compare this to the emmitt till case (bc brown didn't get murdered) but the two cases are oddly comparable. like the emmitt till case brown was accused of raping a woman and getting treated like a criminal for it. have we not learned from cases like this that an accuser (or two) is not good enough to criminally charge someone. its almost like this society is going back in time. smh

  • Tammy Center
    Tammy Center 27 days ago

    Reading these comments. OMG, did any of you actually learn how to form a sentence in school? This word salad makes no sense at all and makes you look extremely ignorant.

  • pat smith
    pat smith 27 days ago +2

    The NFL wanted to take on political/social issues, so be it.
    The last refuge from all this stuff is Professional Bowling.

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter
    Mr. Scoot Scooter 27 days ago

    3 times? You're a trainer working for an NFL team. 3 TIMES? Ever heard of "the police." Oh that's right, if you report it as soon as possible you probably wouldn't get any money.

  • BBB
    BBB 27 days ago +1

    What happened to due process in this country? If the allegations are true of course you can't defend that...if it's not he lost a year in the league and millions all because someone could've possibly lied we don't know yet

  • Lung Dong
    Lung Dong 27 days ago +1

    A.B. "thinking" with his little head.

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 27 days ago

    Nfl is full of horrible people

  • Wind
    Wind 27 days ago

    Shock? Plz everyone at this point was betting on how long he was going to last.

  • Philip Hernandez
    Philip Hernandez 27 days ago

    Damn lil shorty got raped😨

  • 1951RKP
    1951RKP 27 days ago +1

    What a loser. Could of had such a great career had he just used some common sense behavior.