View from Above- Ireland

  • Published on Jan 14, 2016
  • Welcome to the View from Above! A series where we take you on a Journey to some of the most beautiful places on earth!
    In this episode we venture into the ancient, cold, wet, green and oddly cheery country of Ireland. Visit ancient monoliths, old churches, castles and modern cities. Sip traditional beers and whiskeys or get stuck in at one of Ireland’s many festivals. Ireland is shot using our top-end DJI unmanned aerial camera drones , giving you some of the most unique perspectives of this amazing country.
    Ireland has an ancient history. The first people on the island, arriving at some point in the Stone Age, were gradually replaced by a fiery culture of Celts around 1000BC. The Celts crafted beautiful monuments, with a unique architecture that was further modified by the influence of Roman expansion. Celtic kings and their subjects were also easily converted to Christianity by the first Christian missionaries, which is why Ireland is so well adorned with ancient churches. Ireland suffered regular invasion by the Normans and English before the King of England announced his annexation of the land. However, even after the union with England, relations with the Kingdom remained frigid, and were further antagonised by religious differences. After a partition of the state in the 20th century, and much civil violence, Ireland has reached a state of peace, and is now a wonderful destination for tourists from around the world.
    Most visitors’ first stopover while traveling Ireland will be beautiful Dublin. Hidden behind the old and mossy exterior is a wonderfully modern city with upmarket shopping and traditional pubs from which to sip on dark and heart-warming pints. Make sure to take a stroll in St. Stephen’s Green after visiting the mournful Kilmainham Gaol prison complex. Then, to cap it all, hit the streets for a pub-and-club crawl.
    Make sure you trip to Count Kerry in the country’s South West. Kerry is a beautiful and hilly corner of Ireland, a truly ancient land, where visitors can wonder around ancient castles like Killaha where Celtic kings used to roam.
    Natural monuments, like the cold, dark lakes of Cloon Lough and Lough Acloose are easily admired, and just as easily fished. When you’re all fished up head to Bridia Valley for some classic Irish country hiking, or head to the remote Valentia Island for a taste of good-old rural Irish living.
    Cork County also has its share of ancient castles. Just take a look at Three Castle Head to find out why. In fact, Cork is riddled with castles. Cork was also the last bit of Europe that emigrants would see on the way to the New World during the colonial era. The Mizen Head, and its lighthouse, was a particular spot that would stay in many Irish expats’ memories. On the top end of Ireland, in Count Donegal, lies Fanad Head, which also houses a lighthouse, but sees a lot less traffic. The northern county has many beautiful natural landmarks, like Murder Hole Beach and the Great Pollet Arch.
    Don’t visit Ireland without stopping off in the town of Galway. Galway looks onto the Atlantic Ocean, and every car enthusiast needs to drive along the Wild Atlantic Way. Galway is also home to Connemara National Park where one can grasp the full beauty of the Irish wild. When in town take the time to go and watch a traditional Irish dancing show, and a walk along Quay Street.
    Ireland is a beautiful country, both green and ferociously wild at times, but always comforting and heart-warming. A friendly people and a deep history are firmly fixed within the gorgeous natural landscape, begging the lurking visitor to come and visit this amazing land.
    View from Above could not have made these astonishing videos without the help of the DJI unmanned recreational drones. Witness these marvellous feats of modern technology on the website:
    Can we please have standing ovations for the gallant little drone, the DJI Phantom 3:
    And a courteous bow to the valiant and impressive DJI Inspire UAV:
    This amazing video was shot and edited by:
    Peter Cox
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    Holla, this is amazing video! I wanna make birthday video for my Irish friend. Can I share this video and put inside my video too? Please let me know! Thank you :)

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      Typical edgy good for nothing prick hiding behind a computer screen, travel the length and width of this nation and you will find nothing but nice people who are good craic and beautiful scenery

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    Beautiful mystical Ireland, when I hear O Carolins music it brings tears to my eyes, thinking of how much of our culture we lost due to the brutality of the English and the Scots.

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    Ireland is so beautiful. May you tell me the name of the song and the music composer? Thank you

    • Michael Halligan
      Michael Halligan 8 months ago

      Lucrezia Caminati... The music is nearly 400 years old. Written by the harpist O Carolin, he composed the music mainly for the last of the Irish Aristocracy. At that time Irish culture was being destroyed by the English and the Scottish.

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    • Michael Halligan
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      Music by Turlough O Carolin he wrote this in the circa 1760. Most of his music was written for the harp, his music like everything in Ireland has a mystical quality.☘️🎼🎼

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    • Michael Halligan
      Michael Halligan 2 years ago

      HiHiHaHa The fort is called Dun Angus, it is over 3000 years old, half of it has fallen into the Atlantic.

  • Saneman
    Saneman 2 years ago +1

    Mary Boyle was a victim of a child sex ring involving Gardai, Politicians, and local businessmen.
    Her uncle Gerry Gallagher was the facilitator and it was he that handed little Mary over to the ring to be raped and sexually abused.
    Mary's father knew of the abuse but Mary's mother warned him not to speak because she was getting screwed by one of the men abusing her daughter, the father however could not remain silent forever and was murdered to silence him.
    Sean McEniff told Gardai not involved in the ring to disregard Gerry Gallagher as a suspect.

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    • Michael Halligan
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      Arwens Child The music is by O Carolin and it's called O Carolins welcome. It was was written in the the late 1600, my favourite piece is farewell to the music; although It was really a Lament about the destruction of Irish culture by the Scots, and the English.

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